The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1058

Chapter 1058 Interlocking Links

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Jia Loufeng turned to face Ye Futian as he came towards him. He stepped forward and reverted to his original form.

Suddenly, a dazzling royal golden Roc appeared up in the sky, radiating brilliant light. His body was covered with divine golden feathers which were filled with Saintly power.

This was the top divine implement of the Golden Roc Clan: the Garuda’s Wings.

In terms of speed, even Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan were no match for him.

The Golden Roc had the reputation of being unparalleled in terms of speed in the Demon World.

“Follow me.” Jia Loufeng’s arrogant eyes were exceedingly cold. As a demon of Jialou Royal Clan, he had always had intentions towards Princess Kong Xuan. And since he was proud and confident, he would not wait until the future like Gongsun Zhong, but would instead go directly to His Majesty to ask for her hand in marriage. The younger members of the Demon Peacock Family and the Golden Roc Clan could produce extremely powerful demons if their powers were merged.

The Jialou Royal Clan was worthy of a match with the Demon Peacock Clan.

Ye Futian and that beast had been humiliating Kong Xuan for many days. He should have acted earlier. But now Her Majesty had decided to send a powerful battle matrix to pursue them.

Woosh! Golden brilliance bloomed as Jia Loufeng sped over, piercing through the air in an instant. He disappeared from where he had been and crossed dozens of miles in a flash, appearing in the sky far away.

The group of figures reverted to their original forms as golden Rocs and followed him across the sky, all of them moving incredibly fast.

Kong Xuan’s form shone with light of nine different colors. As she moved forward, numerous cultivators from top families in the Demon World went with her, rushing to pursue Ye Futian.

In the past Ye Futian had always evaded their pursuit, as they only had a few people who could truly chase him. And they had not dared to pursue him too far, fearing an ambush by Emperor Xia’s Realm. All they had been able to do was ignore him. But now that Emperor Xia’s City was engaged in battle they would not have time to ambush them.

The black wind condor’s body grew larger, and its wings grew more brilliant, each feather turning a dark gold color. It continued to streak across the sky, disappearing into the distance. But even so, it left an extremely powerful aura behind it.

Ye Futian naturally knew that the demonic beast pursuing him was Jia Loufeng of the Jialou Royal Clan. After dominating a demonic beast he had become familiar with the news of the Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm. This news helped him to finalize his plans.

In order to complete his plan, just dominating ordinary demonic beasts would not be enough. He needed a powerful demonic beast from a top clan, one of the top figures of the Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm.

Jia Loufeng could without a doubt become an important link in the chain.

As he felt the pressure behind him, the Halberd of Time and Space appeared in Ye Futian’s hands. Behind him, Jia Loufeng was tearing across the sky, his golden feathers shooting out brilliant light. Each feather had turned into a sharp, unbreakable knife that cut through the air as they slashed towards Ye Futian and the black wind condor. That whole area of the sky seemed like it would be buried in them.

Ye Futian clutched the Halberd of Time and Space tightly. It made time and space seem to cease their flow all around him. An invisible spatial light curtain appeared, like a wall of time and space. As the golden feathers struck towards him, they could not pierce the brilliant curtain.

Woosh! Jia Loufeng’s figure flashed, and another feather streaked through the air. It pierce through the spatial light curtain, and a golden line appeared in the air. It looked like a beam of light as it shot towards Ye Futian. It was unbreakable, and it seemed there was nothing it could not break.

Ye Futian glanced at the feather that was coming towards him and struck out with the Halberd of Time and Space. It collided with the feather, and brilliant light cracked the air around him. The feathers burst off of Jia Loufeng’s body, each one turning into an image of a giant Golden Roc.

These images of Golden Rocs attacked, seeking to completely destroy the space where Ye Futian was. An immense pressure pressed down on the black wind condor. This kind of attack power would have been dangerous even for Ye Futian.

The light of the Divine Path that the Halberd of Time and Space spat out burned even brighter as time and space seemed to flow even slower. The images of Rocs also seemed to be slowed, but countless golden claws still lashed out towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian raised his arms, and he moved fast as lightning as he struck out with the halberd again. The space around him trembled violently, and in the next moment many of the images of Rocs were shattered into nothing.

Ye Futian continued forward, and the Halberd of Time and Spaced struck towards Jia Loufeng himself. A terrible storm swept up in front of Jia Loufeng, and his feathers whirled around wildly in it, forming a brilliant golden spear. It gave off a light that sent cracks through the air.

Jia Loufeng gripped the spear that had formed out of his feathers with his talons and struck out towards the oncoming Halberd of Time and Space. A fearsome space storm that could tear through anything whipped up as the spear and the halberd strove with each other. The storm turned into a vortex around them from which an ear splitting noise emitted.

Boom! There was a loud noise as their weapons collided. Jia Loufeng was thrown backwards, and his spear turned back into feathers that scattered over his body. Amidst the dazzling light he stared at Ye Futian. This man’s attack power was simply frightening.

Ye Futian alighted on the black wind condor’s back and swept his gaze over Jia Loufeng’s pursuing figure. The black wind condor continued to streak across the sky.

Jia Loufeng flapped his wings and flew up into the air above Ye Futian. His aura flared as he continued to stare at Ye Futian.

The group of figures persisted in their long-range raid, crossing countless miles. Along the way, Jia Loufeng would make surprise attacks on Ye Futian from time to time. Even if he couldn’t stop him, he could still hinder him.

A mountainous area appeared before them. The black wind condor shot downward and entered into a canyon.

Jia Loufeng followed him, flying in the air above the canyon.

Boom! There was a loud noise as the black wind condor pierced directly through a huge mountain, flying inside of it.

The light from Jia Loufeng’s feathers cracked the mountain, and pierced into it, shattering everything that it touched.

After a while they burst out the other side of the mountain, and continued on their way through the endless mountain range.

When they reached the hinterlands of the mountain range, they continued forward. Ye Futian sat with his back to Jia Loufeng. A strange light suddenly bloomed in his eyes, gradually becoming boundless and deep. His eyes were like an abyss, so deep that you could not see the bottom.

He held the Halberd of Time and Space in one hand, and the will of the Great Path of Space covered everything around him.

Jia Loufeng felt a strange aura. He looked at the figure on the back of the black wind condor. At that moment, he saw Ye Futian gradually turn around, and his strange gaze suddenly pierced him. A powerful spiritual storm plunged into his Spiritual Energy. It seemed like he was about to be captured.

In that moment he felt like he was in great danger.

Ye Futian appeared like a god in his mind as a frighteningly powerful storm drowned his spiritual will. He felt himself drawn into Ye Futian’s eyes.

In that moment his will formed a divine bird that firmly protected his mind. The terrifying storm swallowed up everything, including the protective divine bird. Ye Futian’s mark was left upon it, and it was swallowed up into the storm.

Woosh! Jia Loufeng felt that something was wrong, and he turned around to flee.

It had not been easy for Ye Futian to lure him here, so he would certainly not let him escape. The light from the Halberd of Time and Space covered a vast area, and the whole mountain range seemed to be fettered by it. Jia Loufeng’s feathers managed to cut through the bindings, but his speed was still affected, and he could not move as fast. He felt like time and space had turned into a swamp around him.

Woosh! A bolt of golden lightning swept flashed over, and afterimages of Ye Futian’s figure were left behind as Ye Futian descended before Jia Loufeng. He struck out with the halberd, piercing through the air as he integrated the many halberd combat styles he had learned into the First Move: Extreme Shadow.

The feathers of the Garuda’s Wings turned into a spear, and Jia Loufeng gave a long roar. The spear and the halberd collided. There was a loud noise and Jia Loufeng retreated. Ye Futian flew up higher and began to circle around. More afterimages of him appeared, and a terrible storm swept across the land, and suddenly he lashed out with the halberd again.

The two men clashed in the sky, colliding many times in a single instant. Jia Loufeng continued to fall back. Ye Futian gained an even stronger advantage, and was able to stab out with the halberd countless times in moments.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The sky seemed about to split as thousands of halberd techniques were melded into the Second Move: Annihilation.

The Halberd of Time and Space fell, and the space around them seemed like it would be destroyed, but the Garuda’s Wings protected Jia Loufeng’s body. He spun around, his countless feathers fluttering as he tried to turn the tables by attacking Ye Futian.


A dull sound rang out. This was different from the halberd’s previous strikes. Jia Loufeng felt like all of his organs had shattered, and golden blood flowed from his mouth.

But what was even more frightening was that Ye Futian’s stormy eyes were still attacking his Spiritual Energy, and swallowing it up bit by bit. A powerful fear took it them, and he felt as if he himself would be swallowed up. He felt that he had no will of his own, and that he would be dominated by his opponent.

Thump! Thump! Thump! There was a series of dull sounds as Jia Loufeng’s body crashed into the mountains. The mountains cracked under the strain. Even with the Garuda’s Wings protecting him, he still felt like his organs were shaking.

Terrifying lightning curled around his body, piercing into his mind and destroying his willpower’s resistance bit by bit.

Divine light bloomed within his will, and he still managed to fight off the invasion. He was of the Jialou Royal Clan. How could he be dominated?

At that moment, heaven and earth resounded as the whole area seemed to crack. Ye Futian struck out with the Halberd of Time and Space yet again, and Jia Loufeng did not even try to resist it this time. He just covered his body with the Garuda’s Wings.


There was a loud noise as a mountain shattered. Blood flowed swiftly from Jia Loufeng’s mouth, and his will seemed to shatter just like the mountain. He finally could be strong no longer.

The storm swallowed up the protective divine bird, and Ye Futian’s mark was branded in his mind. In that moment, he felt that his life no longer belonged to him. He gave up all his resistance and lowered his proud head.

The wind was howling far away. Ye Futian stepped onto the black wind condor’s back and shot up into the sky.

Kong Xuan and the others reached the place and saw Jia Loufeng lying smashed into a mountain, with blood streaming from his mouth. Her face was extremely cold. “Jia Loufeng,” she said.

A demonic light flashed in Jia Loufeng’s eyes, and he seemed to return to normal. He turned to face Kong Xuan and said, “Princess, his attack power is too strong. I need several top figures from the royal clans to pursue and capture him.”

He looked at the figures beside Kong Xuan.

“Fine.” Kong Xuan nodded. She saw Jia Loufeng’s wounds, but did not think too much about them.

Jia Loufeng’s figure flashed and the Garuda’s Wings unfurled. He wrapped several cultivators within them and brought them up into the air. This kind of method of carrying them was not very respectful, and would certainly not be suitable for Kong Xuan!