The Legend Of Futian Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Goal

In the Guqin Gardens, Yu Sheng and the others waited anxiously. Right now, the car was ready with demons to pull it. Tang Lan had prepared it. After arranging everything here, she went to aid them and coincidentally ran into the three being pursued.

Several figures dropped from the sky. It was Nandou Wenyin, Ye Futian, and Hua Jieyu. When Hua Fengliu saw that his wife and daughter were there, his heart trembled. Holding onto Yu Sheng, he tried to get up and walk to them.

"Jieyu, what's wrong?" Hua Fengliu asked when he saw Ye Futian holding her.

"Dad, I'm okay." Hua Jieyu smiled at Hua Fengliu.

"Where's my father?" Yi Qingxuan asked Ye Futian. She didn't see Yi Xiang anywhere. Other than him, everyone else was back.

"Senior Yi helped me stop the pursuers. He has high cultivation and won't have any problems," Ye Futian said to Yi Qingxuan, seeming to comfort himself while comforting her.

"How can Headmaster Yi stop Minister Hua and the others? How did you all come back?" Hua Fengliu asked. Yi Xiang and Ye Futian couldn't bring the women back by themselves.

"Master, Grandmaster" Ye Futian's eyes were red and he felt depressed.

Hua Fengliu's insides trembled. Understanding instantly, he thought of the past and looked up to the heavens, tears in his eyes. His master had used his life to save Hua Fengliu's disciple, wife, and daughter.

"There's no time for tears. Let's go," Tang Lan said.

They all knew she was speaking the truth. Hua Fengliu nodded. Pushing aside Yu Sheng, he knelt onto the ground and kowtowed to the distance. He hated that he was powerless and that his master had died for him.

Ye Futian walked up. He handed Hua Jieyu to Nandou Wenyin and knelt down as well, kowtowing toward where his grandmaster had last been.

"Grandmaster, I will go to the School of the Emperor Star to find you in the future," Ye Futian said. Then he helped Hua Fengliu up and walked toward the car.

After everyone climbed onto the demon and car, Tang Lan asked, "Where to now?"

"To the East Sea first," Ye Futian said. The East Sea was boundless and going there was definitely the best choice.

"What about my father?" Yi Qingxuan's eyes were red. She was extremely worried.

"It's actually easier for Senior Yi to escape alone. He'll be okay," Ye Futian assured her again.

Yi Qingxuan nodded. She knew they couldn't remain any longer. At this time, Yu Sheng grasped her hand with his big hand, giving her strength. Then the demon jumped into the air and pulled the car through the clouds.

After they left, Minister Hua and Nantou Tai arrived at the Guqin Gardens with their men. Seeing the empty garden, Minister Hua's face darkened. "Where's Xia Feng and Han Mo?" he asked coldly.

"They probably continued chasing. Earlier, Yi Xiang had stopped me but Han Mo and Xia Feng continued on. I don't think there should be any problems," School of the Emperor Star headmaster Yan Shao said.

"Then what's with all those bodies beside the road?" Minister Hua's voice was frigid. He had seen Xia Fan's body and Xia Feng's men. There were even people at the Arcana plane who had died. According to Yan Shao, Yi Xiang was busy with him. Of those who had continued fleeing, only Nandou Wenyin was at the Arcana plane. How could they have killed all those men? Furthermore, Han Mo, Xia Feng, and the Nandou clan had all been chasing after them. Unless someone was helping them in the background

"We can only wait for Han Mo and Xia Feng's news now," Nandou Tai said. He looked unwell too. If the youth survived, he would definitely take revenge for everything that happened today.

In addition, only he knew what Minister Zuo's prediction of Hua Jieyu's fate was. Earlier, when the decree had come, he had mistakenly thought that the empress fate meant becoming the queen. When he saw Ye Futian's brilliance, he thought of the minister's decree given to Ye Futian and realized he was wrong.

"Go, instate citywide control and plant men at all the exits, especially in the sky," Minister Hua ordered. However, he knew deep down that if Xia Feng and Han Mo couldn't keep up, it would be very hard to capture them.

If they'd really escaped, he wouldn't be able to answer to Emperor Luo. Minister Hua had come to deal with two youths himself but they'd escaped. He would be too ashamed to report this.

They waited for a long time but Han Mo and Xia Feng didn't return. The Nandou clan members were gone too as if they'd vanished.

When night fell, Nandou Tai returned to his home, Yan Shao returned to the Donghai Academy, while Minister Hua went to Xia Feng's house. Still, there was no news of him.

Nandou Tai learned from his clan members that Minister Zuo had visited. After hearing what happened, he had left while laughing wildly. He'd sighed that fate couldn't be changed and took his men back to the Imperial City. This made Nandou Tai feel as if a huge boulder was weighing down on his heart.

Not only would there be no crown princess, but the Nandou clan had also lost Hua Jieyu. Because of Hua Jieyu's refusal, Emperor Luo would probably be angered by the Nandou clan too. This was why Minister Hua forced him to make a prompt decision. He must do the immoral thing of killing his family so the emperor wouldn't find him disloyal.

The big figures who had come to congratulate them had already returned to their houses. They'd also heard that Minister Hua hadn't caught the three and found it odd. How could Ye Futian escape from a group as formidable as Minister Hua's? This was not something that followed logic.

On the last day of year 10000 of the Divine calendar, unpredictable events happened in Donghai City.

Minister Hua had come with the emperor's decree to the Nandou clan to make Hua Jieyu the Crown Princess. Everyone had gone to congratulate them. They all thought that the Nandou clan would return to the stage of the Nandou Kingdom, rather than being stuck in Donghai City. However, there was a change. A seventeen-year-old youth broke in, displayed ultimate glory with twin spirits and full elemental talent. Not only did he go against the royal order, he tried to convince the Nandou clan to do the same. The Nandou clan decided to kill him once and for all. He should have died but he left with his life. Minister Hua couldn't catch him.

Finally, he took away Hua Jieyu, who should've become Crown Princess. No one knew where he would go but everyone knew that one day, he would return.


Year 10001 came. The first day of the new year, countless rumors spread throughout Donghai Academy.

Apparently, Crown Princess Hua Jieyu almost committed suicide for Ye Futian.

Apparently, the genius who had fought before the School of the Emperor Star had twin spirits and cultivated all elements. He had defeated all the strong figures under the Dharma rank and even Zhuo Qing couldn't fight him. He'd always been hiding his true abilities in Donghai Academy.

They also heard that Elder Qin of the School of the Emperor Star had played his last song to save Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. The Emperor Star would no longer Elder Qin. Yi Xiang had gone against the royal order for Ye Futian too.

Xia Fan, son of East Sea prefecture chief Xia Feng, had been killed by execution. Xia Feng was gone, as well as School of the Emperor Star vice-headmaster Han Mo and countless strong men of the Nandou clan.

Yesterday, it was as if a terrifying storm had swept through Donghai City. This storm ended with Ye Futian and others disappearing.

Outside Donghai Academy, two beautiful figures stood there, gazing at the academy. It was Lin Xiyue and Xiao He. Yesterday, Lin Xiyue's father had been at the Nandou clan too and witnessed everything.

"I can't believe his talent is that high." Xiao He sighed. After hearing what had happened, the two girls were all shaken.

"I plan on attending Donghai Academy's Spring Quarter Examinations and enter to cultivate," Lin Xiyue said.

"Why do you suddenly want to go to Donghai Academy?" Xiao He asked in confusion.

"After the Spring Quarter Examinations, the Imperial City will hold the Tingfeng Banquet," Lin Xiyue said calmly. "The students of Donghai Academy will attend, and I want to go see too." There was another reason she didn't say aloudif she cultivated at the academy and he returned one day, she would see him.

"Oh, the Tingfeng Banquet. Wouldn't all the geniuses of the 36 academies of Nandou Kingdom go? I wonder how many there will be." Anticipation filled Xiao He's eyes. "But if he didn't leave, he would definitely shine the most brilliantly at the banquet."

"Of course." Lin Xiyue nodded lightly. Based off of his talent displayed yesterday, it would be hard to find someone who could beat him in the Nandou Kingdom. He had twin spirits, a full elemental talent that included the spiritual element, extremely powerful martial arts cultivation, and was a strong music sorcerer. Lin Xiyue never thought that the sunshine boy she met on a ship would be so amazing.

At the same time, there was another ship in the East Sea. A group stood at the bow. Their clothing fluttered in the sea breeze. This group with an extraordinary presence was Ye Futian and the others.

A demon descended from the sky. The Black Wind Eagle landed before Ye Futian.

Ye Futian walked forward and said to Yi Qingxuan who was at the front, "I sent the Black Wind Eagle to investigate the situation in Donghai City. I'm sure Senior Yi is okay. Don't worry."

"Okay." Yi Qingxuan nodded, though she was still worried.

"Futian, where do you plan on going to?" Tang Lan came up and asked.

Ye Futian gazed at the endless sea. "Does Nandou have any neighboring rivals?" he asked.

"If you go north from the East Sea, you'll arrive at the border of the East Sea Prefecture," Tang Lan said. "That is the border with Cangye Kingdom. The two kingdoms are rivals with war at year 300.

"Then let's go north." Ye Futian gazed in that direction and said, "We'll go to the Imperial City of Cangye Kingdom." He had planned on attending the Tingfeng Banquet of Nandou but Emperor Luo's decree had ruined everything. Since he could not stay in Nandou Kingdom, he would go to the Imperial City of Cangye Kingdom.

"Okay." Tang Lan nodded. With the shocking talent Ye Futian had displayed yesterday, there were no worries of finding a place to establish himself. It would be easy to find support if he searched for it.

Choosing Cangye Kingdom, he was obviously going in order to take revenge on Nandou Kingdom!