The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 The Trend

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Many turned their eyes at Xia Qingyuan with puzzled expression.

When the great armies were clashing, Ye Futian refused to fight outside and went to Demon Peacock City to flirt with Kong Xuan. Xiao Sheng, Gongsun Zhong, Xuanyuan Ao and the others were the ones who fought valiantly. Furthermore, there was still Tian Ji, who was the princess’ guard. If she wanted to make someone her lieutenant, Ye Futian never seemed to be even a likely candidate.

Other than having sent Yu Sheng and the Black Wind Condor at the flag battles, Ye Futian had done next to nothing. There was no way anyone would have been alright with the princess making him her lieutenant.

They recalled Emperor Xia appointing Ye Futian as her valet and wondered if it had been of the princess’ own will.

Did Ye Futian somehow end up wooing the princess?

If one were to pay close attention to Ye Futian’s face, the charming features below his silver hair, he was indeed very handsome nonetheless.

Many thought such ideas to be rather ridiculous. She was Xia Qingyuan, the princess of Emperor Xia’s Realm and a renowned chosen daughter after all. If something like that were to truly happen with her, it would have been a disgrace to Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“Princess.” Gongsun Zhong stepped forward at that moment and bowed. “He was not around when the fighting happened, he made enemies out there, and he had no merits in the battlefield to speak of. Such an appointment would have earned the ire of many.”

Gongsun Zhong was no doubt speaking the minds of those who were present. He was baffled as to why the princess acted as she did.

“Princess, Gongsun Zhong’s words might have been severe and despite Brother Ye’s exceptional prowess, it was difficult to appease the crowd by appointing someone with no merit as your lieutenant,” Xiao Sheng spoke up as well. He sounded rather calm and amicable, but his mind at the moment, was nonetheless cold as ice.

Xia Qingyuan was his cousin as her mother, Queen Xiao, was of the Xiao clan. He fought at the front lines in the battle and led the mighty ones of the Xiao clan valiantly in battle.

He was doing all of that for good reasons.

It was so that that cousin of his would have taken him seriously, enabling him to counsel her by her side. If there were to not be a lieutenant and the princess were to be the sole supreme commander, then no one else would have anything to say about it. But if there were to be a position of lieutenant, then he deemed it no else fit for the position but him.

However, Xia Qingyuan chose to appoint Ye Futian instead. One could have guessed what was going on in his mind at the moment.

“Princess, please choose your candidate wisely,” Tian Ji spoke softly as well, being concerned that the decision would have affected morale.

Xia Qingyuan then scanned the crowd. She had predicted all of that to happen. Ye Futian was finished with his work at the Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm’s forces. If she were to put Ye Futian to work at such an important position, it would have alerted those from Emperor Li’s Realm and Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm. She should not have made such a decision, but she naturally had her own reasons for doing so.

“Capable ones shall be promoted to positions of importance in the war between the three armies. Ye Futian had claimed all three victories for us and fought single-handedly with the forces from the Demon Peacock City, killing many mighty ones from their side. I ask you all this, who here dares challenge the Demon Peacock City alone but Ye Futian?” Xia Qingyuan’s voice was cold, and many were dumbfounded by her words.

The way they saw things were different from Xia Qingyuan. Her words were hard to retort and from her perspective, Ye Futian’s strength was indeed undeniable. He had provoked Demon Peacock City all on his own after all.

It was said that the ones from Demon Peacock City then hated him to the bone. Their forces pursued and fought him many times, yet they failed without exception and many demonic beasts lost their lives doing so.

Killing demonic beasts from Demon Peacock City was naturally also considered solid results in the war between all three imperial realms. As such, no one dared claim that Ye Futian had not done anything anymore.

Still, it was undeniable that Ye Futian’s methods seemed rather reckless.

Gongsun Zhong’s face was grim. He then said all of a sudden, “I dare to do so.”

Everyone present turned their eyes at Gongsun Zhong, including Xia Qingyuan.

Gongsun Zhong then lifted his head and gazed at Xia Qingyuan, saying, “If you were to give your orders, I would have no problems heading there at all.”

“Well then.” Xia Qingyuan then said while looking at Gongsun Zhong straight in the eye. “I now order Gongsun Zhong to head to Demon Peacock City as our envoy, to bring word to Princess Kong Xuan, that our people serve their respective masters during the Battle of Empty Realm. I shall reprimand Ye Futian for whatever trespasses he made, and I hope that she would not hold on to the matter any further. Furthermore, Ye Futian is exceptionally talented and he has shown extreme admiration for Princess Kong Xuan, claiming her to be of exceptional appearance and tremendous combat prowess. He came to admire her greatly and hoped that he had a chance to get to know her further after the battle is over. As for the Battle of Empty Realm, the forces of Emperor Li’s Realm were considerable, and we would be willing to join hands with Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm’s forces, to take out Emperor Li’s City.”

Everyone was stunned hearing Xia Qingyuan’s words, but quickly realized what Xia Qingyuan was up to.

The princess intended to ease the confrontation between both sides, and to hint on Ye Futian’s admiration for Princess Kong Xuan of Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm, which had been what led him to become so reckless in his actions.

With that said, she had appointed Ye Futian as lieutenant precisely for that matter, allowing them to ease the confrontation between them and Demon Peacock City, then take on Emperor Li’s Realm together.

Many came to regret their earlier thoughts as they realized that they have misunderstood the princess’ intentions. Xia Qingyuan was simply doing what she did for the greater good of their realm’s forces.

But then again, their opinions towards Ye Futian remained unchanged. They thought him unhinged for having the princess pick up the pieces for what he did, cleaning up after him. Furthermore, the princess’ words stated that the fellow was after Princess Kong Xuan’s beauty after all.

Despite being enemies, but it was undeniable that Kong Xuan’s exceptional bearing and appearances rivalled that of Xia Qingyuan back in Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm.

They were rather concerned. Despite the princess’ mild-mannered tone, but they worried if Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm would have taken that as an insult, and came to resent Emperor Xia’s Realm even more.

They hoped that Kong Xuan would have been more reasonable. At the very least, they hoped that even though they may not have ended up being allies, she would not have blamed Emperor Xia’s City for what Ye Futian pulled.

Many then turned their eyes back at Gongsun Zhong with puzzled expressions.

He dares to do so?

He is really asking to be allowed to walk to his own grave?

Ye Futian had offended Demon Peacock City a great deal and one could have imagined how much Kong Xuan have hated Ye Futian. Although Gongsun Zhong would have only been visiting Demon Peacock City to bring word of Xia Qingyuan’s good will, one would have still wondered if Kong Xuan would have ran amok and ordered him killed.

Worse still, the possibility of such things happening was very great.

By the way, why is Gongsun Zhong willing to take such a fall in Ye Futian’s behalf?

Many felt lucky for not having acted on bravado when the princess asked. The way the princess gone with her business was indeed unpredictable.

Gongsun Zhong stood where he was without making a sound. No one was able to make anything out of his expression. His eyes were on Xia Qingyuan when he said, “If this is your orders, princess, then I shall see it through.”

“Delay no more. Depart immediately. Would you need to bring anyone else with you?” Xia Qingyuan asked.

“That won’t be necessary,” Gongsun Zhong shook his head as he said. If Ye Futian was able to get to the sky above Demon Peacock alone with only his beast, he would have been able to do the same as well.

As someone from Divine Cloud Valley and lauded as the heir to the place, he definitely had the greatest number of divine implements on him, and furthermore, all of them would have been of great powers.

“Very well then. Deliver my words as they were. Do not change a single word.” Xia Qingyuan then said, “Off you go.”

“Indeed.” Gongsun Zhong cupped his hands and appeared well-mannered, before taking to the air and disappeared right before everyone.

No one knew what Gongsun Zhong would have felt at that moment.

Xiao Sheng took a look at Xia Qingyuan and felt some pity for Gongsun Zhong. He naturally knew what was going on in Gongsun Zhong’s mind. However, he did not expect the man who had just left to be the one to suffer the wrath of Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm’s forces in Ye Futian’s place. He found that he was getting increasingly incapable of understanding how his cousin does things.

His father had been correct. The princess was already her own woman. When they were going about business outside, he could have only seen her as the emperor’s daughter and not his cousin.

He finally experienced what all of that meant.

Gongsun Zhong delivered his words at the sky above Demon Peacock City. The Roc of the Jialou Royal Clan, Jialou Feng, went up before everyone else at Gongsun Zhong, intending to kill him, just as Gongsun Zhong delivered his message. Despite claiming to be there as an envoy, the mighty ones of Demon Peacock City remained unflinching, intending to kill the envoy where he stood right there and then.

However, Gongsun Zhong was nonetheless the successor to Divine Cloud Valley and brought extremely powerful divine implements with him. Be it attack, defense, or speed types, he had it all. He was still able to escape despite being pursued by the mighty ones from Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm, but he was nonetheless injured.

It was apparent that the people from Demon Peacock City had intentions of making peace with them. The proposal of an alliance against Emperor Li’s Realm was entirely out of the question.

After Gongsun Zhong left, Jialou Feng spread its wings and dropped to the ground slowly. There were also other great monsters royalties appearing before Kong Xuan. Jialou Feng then said, “Your highness, Emperor Xia’s Realm is just too much. Ye Futian and that wretched beast have insulted you over and over again, and they dared to claim that all of that was done out of admiration. This is an insult like no other. Xia Qingyuan is mocking us from Demon Peacock Emperor’s Realm.”

“That might not be an insult. Xia Qingyuan’s attitude seems rather neutral from Gongsun Zhong’s message. That might actually be an act of goodwill and they do not want to make enemies of us. Xia Qingyuan would probably keep him leashed when he returns. The war between Emperor Li’s Realm and Emperor Xia’s Realm had resulted in great losses in Emperor Xia’s Realm’s part, and they were probably doing they did, due to not wanting to offend us too gravely,” A descendant of the Great Bull King clan elaborated.

“So are you proposing that we accept Xia Qingyuan’s goodwill then?” Jialou Feng’s proud eyes glanced at the one who spoke earlier.

“I’m definitely not. It is precisely due to Xia Qingyuan suing for peace, that we know that Emperor Xia’s City is now in a rather dire state.” The green bull then smiled and said, “Your highness, what Ye Futian did before was unforgivable and we definitely need to cut him down to stain our flag. With Xia Qingyuan now suing for peace, why not make things more difficult for them instead, by taking Emperor Xia’s City once and for all?”

“Emperor Li’s Realm’s forces fought several times with those from Emperor Xia’s Realm. Both sides suffered quite a bit. With Emperor Xia’s Realm’s forces retreated and preparing to recuperate for the time being, and now that us from Demon Peacock City being the strongest, it is indeed a good chance for us to kick Emperor Xia’s City out of the game.” Many demonic beasts offered their counsel.

Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan nodded and nodded, finding all of their words to be logical.

That was indeed a good opportunity.

Kong Xuan recalled Ye Futian’s face and her eyes turned cold, feeling very eager to tear him to pieces.

“Who among you would be willing to head to Emperor Li’s City as our envoy?” Kong Zhan then asked. With all of them having analyzed things to such detail, he naturally knew what to do next.

“I shall go, your highness,” Jialou Feng then said.

“Well then, I’m pleased that you offer yourself to the task. You’re capable enough and I do not need to worry about your safety as well.” Kong Zhan agreed right there and then. Jialou Feng was of formidable powers and had unparalleled speed. If it intended to escape from a place, none below Saint Plane would have been able to catch up to him.

“Be on your way then,” Kong Zhan said.

Jialou Feng flashed and took to the air, heading straight for Emperor Li’s City.

At that moment at Emperor Li’s City, Li Yao felt pleased at the reports from his people.

Is Xia Qingyuan balking already now?

That Ye Futian had been an idiot. He actually went to take on Demon Peacock City all on his own. And now, Xia Qingyuan has to get moving to ease the tension for him. Still, Gongsun Zhong the envoy almost ended up killed on the spot. Kong Xuan was indeed very angry about the whole deal.

“Your highness, Jialou Feng from Demon Peacock City has come to visit, claiming to be an envoy to Demon Peacock City,” Someone came and reported.

A smile was seen in Li Yao’s eyes when he heard that. He then smiled at Yuan Jin, who was at his side, and said, “Brother, it is just as you predicted. Things go in our favor without us needing to do anything indeed.”

“It shall suffice with their attitude.” Yuan Jin’s expression was calm, as if everything went as he planned it.

“Send it in,” Li Yao stood and said. With how things were then, he deemed it wise to just follow the trend, to wipe out Emperor Xia’s City first!