The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1070

Chapter 1070 The False Saint

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Divine calamity from the heavens penetrated through Yuan Jin’s body. He was standing tall in the air as his long hair billowed, looking like a god.

It seemed as if the powers within all 81 mighty ones became his. The divine calamity was actually incapable of shaking him at all, making him actually far more powerful than how Douzhan had been, when Douzhan had been enduring divine calamity.

His body seemed to have grown huge and saintly might emanated from his body. It was the true might of the saints and he had broken through the bondage of rules using divine might, breaking through his semi-saint status into that of a saint.

“Brother.” Li Yao’s expression was a shaken one as he turned around to look at Yuan Jin.

While they had indeed lost in that year’s Battle of Empty Realm, but Li Yao never blamed Yuan Jin for it. Despite Yuan Jin being tasked as the advisor by his side, but he was ultimately the supreme commander nonetheless, making it his responsibility as well. No one would have expected Ye Futian to have beast-taming abilities of ferocious magnitude, forcefully taking control of the demonic beasts and laid a trap out for them. They had indeed lost and there was nothing more to say about it.

Even the likes of crown prince had to pay utmost respect to the imperial advisor in the Dali Dynasty. Yuan Jin was a student of the imperial advisor and Li Yao called him a brother in training, affording Yuan Jin the same level of respect as to his teacher. Among the mighty ones participating in the Battle of Empty Realm that year, Li Yao, the crown prince of Dali Dynasty, was not the most powerful; the most powerful one was Yuan Jin.

And at that moment, Yuan Jin was borrowing the might of divine path and breaking into sainthood. It was done using secret arts to break through the limits of the great path. As such, Yuan Jin had became a false saint and had to suffer the punishment, barring him from ever being able to become a saint in this lifetime.

It would not have mattered with the suicidal warriors, as they were ultimate meant to die in battle anyway. They would not have been called such to begin with otherwise. But Yuan Jin was a student of the imperial advisor of Dali Dynasty and had a great future ahead of him. Becoming a saint would have only been the beginning. He might have even been able to make it to the second or third steps, even ultimately becoming a Holiness of Nirvana, the last plane in Saint Plane.

However, what happened right there and then meant that Yuan Jin’s hopes of becoming a saint had effectively been shattered.

Cold, murderous intent was seen in Li Yao’s eyes as he looked at Ye Futian, who was coming for him. If Ye Futian would have simply cut down their imperial flag and end the Battle of Empty Realm right there and then, Yuan Jin would not have had to suffer all of that. Yuan Jin, a person of supreme talents who was there as Li Yao’s advisor, had forever been barred from becoming a saint, all due to Ye Futian.

Worse still, their army was being slaughtered as Yuan Jin was suffering such a fate. Ye Futian and his party continued to press forward, heading straight for Li Yao.

However, Ye Futian caught sight of the battlefield where Yuan Jin was in as well. Light of catastrophe of the great path advent on Yuan Jin, and there was no way Ye Futian would have missed it.

True might of the divine path burst from Yuan Jin’s body in that battlefield. His body grew to imposing size and his arms were outstretched. The diagram behind him seemed to have became that of the great path and shooting light of the great path. Boundless golden threads shot out from Yuan Jin’s arms and streaked through the air, shrouding everywhere in his immediate vicinity.

“Retreat,” Xia Qingyuan shouted. Yuan Jin’s training had already been at the pinnacle level below Saint Plane. At the moment, he was borrowing the power of 81 semi-saints in his control and broke through the bondage of the great path, using the path’s power and became a false saint. However, there was no doubt that the power he unleashed was that of the saint.

Whooshing, stabbing sounds continued to be heard. One figure after another from Emperor Xia’s Realm was pierced through by the golden light and be torn to shreds. A rain of blood was falling in the sky.

When the difference in power reached certain levels, it became something that could not have been compensated through sheer numbers, especially when the battlefield had turned chaotic at that moment. The mighty ones from Emperor Xia’s Realm were unable to fight using top notch matrixes and the entire battlefield was already in shambles.

“Kill them all.” A cold line was uttered by Li Yao. The mighty ones from Emperor Li’s Realm were all in a frenzy from all that killing. They continued to slaughter their way through the enemy without a care.

Voom. A gale blew and Yuan Jin’s body flashed. Powerful might of the saints appeared and a huge golden mirage streaked by at speeds that could not have been tracked using the naked eye.

Divine fires erupted in their surroundings and the Divine Armoring Cauldron burst with dazzling light. Golden spears burst from within and Gongsun Zhong took one of the spears and lashed out, tearing everything before him. Yet, Yuan Jin’s imposing golden form simply whacked forward with his hand. A golden diagram was pinning down and spinning in a frenzy, swallowing the spears and headed straight for the weapon Gongsun Zhong wielded.

The golden diagram seemed to have been halted for a brief moment with a rumble, before continuing to press forward, tearing everything apart. Countless threads shot from within the diagram. Gongsun Zhong backed away hastily and the Divine Armoring Cauldron burst forward, clashing straight into the diagram. Doom…the Divine Armoring Cauldron was sent flying and ramming straight onto Gongsun Zhong’s body, causing him to spit blood as his body was sent flying faraway.

Yuan Jin did not bother with him and his imposing form continued to press forward, paying no heed to the enemy forces before him. He simply swatted about with his hand at any incoming mighty ones, spewing golden threads with the power of light of calamity, penetrating through their bodies within an instant. He then only needed to pull with his hand to spray the place with rains of blood. Conventional figures at the pinnacle of Sage Plane was utterly incapable of doing anything against the might of the divine path.

Calamity of the great path rained on him from above, but it seemed as if Yuan Jin was feeling nothing when he was basked in the light of calamity of the divine path, and simply continued pressing forward.

The power between the saints and sages was at a fundamental level. Despite many having became top notch sages and had even emerged into being semi-saints, but they were still incapable of withstanding true saint powers.

Yuan Jin continued to press forward and burst his way through the enemy forces, heading straight for Xia Qingyuan.

“Protect the princess.” Tian Ji’s stout frame was seen standing before Xia Qingyuan. Many mighty ones around them showed up to guard Xia Qingyuan. While all of them knew that the princess was extremely formidable, so much so that she was probably more powerful than they were, but it was nonetheless their duty to protect Xia Qingyuan.

“Make way.” Xia Qingyuan uttered coldly. It took her only one step to streak through the crowd before her and made it to the forefront.

The simple clothing that Xia Qingyuan wore and her hair billowed in the wind, making her look dashing. Despite having worn men’s clothing, she was nonetheless strikingly beautiful.

“Princess,” Tian Ji shouted.

“Heed my orders. All of you, stand down.” Extremely cold and imposing intent emanated from her body, which was seemingly infused with the might of Renhuang and looking imposing.

Many were stunned by the bearing she exuded and backed away unconsciously.

Not even the likes of Tian Ji dared to continue standing in Xia Qingyuan’s way in that moment.

The princess was determined to fight, and no one was to stand in her way.

It also seemed that only the princess would have been able to fight that incoming monster.

Xia Qingyuan’s Lotus Life Spirit burst forth, making her look even more dazzling. A golden lotus hovered from within her body, emanating towering aurora as she merged with her Life Spirit into a single entity.

The world in that instant was covered in aurora as the lotus bloomed, looking peaceful and tranquil. The calamity of the great path showering down from the heavens that made the place looking like doomsday, seemed to have been blown away by the dazzling scene before them.

The lotus gave birth to the path’s powers, while said powers gave birth to calamities, and calamities in term gave birth to the sword. Will of Calamity Swordsmanship burst from the beautiful petals of the lotuses in the surroundings. The light of calamity of the great path above coursed about, seemingly conjuring boundless swords heading straight for Yuan Jin.

The space seemed to have been placed in lockdown, making the place stifling with the pressure all over it.

Yuan Jin halted in his steps. His ethereal form coursed with boundless golden threads that blocked out the sky, which then shot for Xia Qingyuan.

In that moment, two powerful forces clashed with each other in the air. The top notch sages in the surrounding battlefield all felt that stifling pressure and burst with their own powers to resist it.

High-pitched noises were heard as the two powers battled in the air. Xia Qingyuan was bathed in the light of divine Renhuang. She brought all of her powers to bear without reservations at that moment, fighting a saint before her as a sage.

“You borrowed powers to become a saint, and you’re nothing more than a fake.” Xia Qingyuan’s eyes glared at Yuan Jin before her. Her finger pointed below her and countless lotuses rose to the air spinning. 3000 calamity swords burst into a rain of swords. What was even more terrifying was that the sword at her fingertip burst and tore through space.

“The power of a false saint is nonetheless the power of a saint. If you want to fight, then I shall oblige, Xia Qingyuan.” Yuan Jin swatted with his hand and diagram of divine path spun forward. Countless golden threads flew about and clashed with the frightening rain of swords.

Boom. The sword clashed onto the diagram with a loud boom. However, Xia Qingyuan commanded more than one sword with her fingertip. One sword after another shot through the air. One sword seemed more powerful than the one that came before, growing to such massive powers that it tore the space around them apart.

However, one beam of diagram after another shot from Yuan Jin’s palm, shining onto the diagram before him and continued to stack. When the diagram was cracked being penetrated by the swords, it was instantly patched up.

The diagram of the great path continued to spin like a ring of stars and even grew in size.

Yuan Jin lifted his hand and swatted again. With a loud bang, devastating light burst from the diagram, blowing up the lotuses around until the force reached Xia Qingyuan, who was being shielded by the petals of the golden lotus, before the ferocious attack was stopped. Even so, Xia Qingyuan continued to be forced backwards. Her barrier of swords had been punched through and she looked rather pale. Blood was seen at the corner of her mouth.

Yuan Jin had already been half way into Saint Plane and was an Edge of Pinnacle below Saint Plane, before he forced himself into becoming a false saint.

“Princess.” Many mighty ones stepped forward. They were only at the edge of the battlefield when they sensed the formless killing intent from within. There were some who, before even entering the battlefield, got penetrated by the frightening powers within, spewing blood right there and then.

They did not even have the right to fight in that battle.

“Get the battle matrix ready,” Tian Ji shouted.

“You may have been of supreme talents, but you still have never touched the great path.” Yuan Jin continued to press forward in Xia Qingyuan’s direction, bringing even more terrifying aura to bear.

Dazzling light of the golden lotus burst and bringing rebirth to the boundless lotuses in their surroundings. The petals blossomed and the sword will shot to the skies. Her eyes remained adamant as she set her sight forward.


Yuan Jin felt something at that very moment, turning around to find a figure streaking through the air and extreme speeds.

Ye Futian.

Good time for you to show up indeed.

There were mighty ones from Emperor Li’s Realm intending to stop Ye Futian in his tracks, but that silhouette did not even slow down. Blood splashed in his tracks and he did not even brandish his Halberd of Time and Space yet.

High-pitched noises were heard, seemingly like sonic booms. Countless mirages seemed to have been conjured as he moved like a bolt of lightning, shooting straight for Yuan Jin. Towering might filled the place as if their surroundings were about to come apart, before Ye Futian came before him.

He clenched his weapon tight and terrifying aura of space-time grinding to a halt around him.

Yuan Jin swung his hands about seeing Ye Futian coming for him. The light of the great path burst and tore through the air, shrouding Ye Futian altogether.

The stopped space-time seemed to have been broken through as the light of great path shot through Ye Futian’s defenses, drowning him within an instant and piercing into his body.

“You have a death wish.” Yuan Jin uttered a single line and with a single flick of his wrist, the power that punched into Ye Futian’s body burst. However, he sensed the veins within Ye Futian’s body roared in that instant. Despite bring the might of great path to bear, it was insufficient to just destroy his body right there and then. It seemed that there was a holy power within that felt like green and filled with life.

Yuan Jin frowned and pulled with his hand, but he was still unable to destroy Ye Futian’s physical body. In that very instant, Ye Futian came right before Yuan Jin and brought the halberd down with the might of the heavens.

Their surroundings seemed to have been stifled and the great path seemed to be about to shatter.


A loud boom was heard. Many fixed their eyes forward in shock. Ye Futian’s halberd was lodged into Yuan Jin’s body.

One attack was all it had taken to cause Yuan Jin’s body to rupture. His body was sent flying and his internal organs seemed to have been torn apart. He lifted his head to look at Ye Futian, who was before him, while spitting blood!