The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 Xuanji Mountain

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Li Yao and his people did not make another move in the mountains. He looked at Xia Qingyuan and said, “Xia Qingyuan, Dali Dynasty and Emperor Xia’s Realm are neighbors. Why do we need to keep fighting each other? If you’re willing to join hands with me, both imperial realms would allies from here on out. We would be able to fight for resources of great paths elsewhere by then, and that goes without saying the Empty Realm as well.

Xia Qingyuan frowned hard. She did not pay much attention to Li Yao’s provocations. In such pointed exchange of words, women were always in a disadvantage, just like how Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor went about provoking Kong Xuan back then.

“Any of the saints around making any moves?” Xia Qingyuan continued asking the Sacred General of Tian telepathically.

“There are several more saints showing up here.” The Sacred General of Tian continued to guard Xia Qingyuan by her side. Regardless of what happened, he placed the safety of Xia Qingyuan before anything else.

“Xia Qingyuan, if you intend to ascend the position of Renhuang in the future, I wouldn’t stop you if you were to be my wife. I wouldn’t even need you to train at Emperor Li’s Realm. On the contrary, I’d gladly assist you with all my might,” Li Yao continued saying.

The way he provoked Xia Qingyuan resembled how the Black Wind Condor provoked Kong Xuan back then.

Things continued to be at a stalemate for quite some time. Those saints continued to be active in surrounding areas but did not cross the border. That was the same with Li Yao.

That made Xia Qingyuan frowned hard. Ye Futian and the Black Wind Condor back then had their own agenda when they provoked Kong Xuan, and that was to lure her demonic beasts out of their lair, in order for Ye Futian to enthrall them.

What is Li Yao doing all this for then?

He did not seem to have any intentions of invading their turf. Even at that very moment, Xia Qingyuan still did not think Li Yao would have dared to make a move on her. It would have been possible for him to still have the Empty Realm in mind, but making a move against her would not have been something Li Yao could have decided for himself, unless that was Emperor Li’s orders.

If Emperor Li were to decide to move against them, he would have done far more, just so to ensure the greatest chance of success in just one go.

What is Li Yao really up to then?

“They are buying time.” Xia Qingyuan seemed to have realized something all of a sudden and then gave her orders, “Cultivators around the mountains are to retreat hundreds of miles away from here immediately. Any who disobeys the order are to be killed with extreme prejudice.”

Her voice was extremely cold. Li Yao’s eyes were fixed at Xia Qingyuan as he said, “Xia Qingyuan, Empty Realm might have been ruled by Emperor Xia’s Realm now, but there are still cultivators from other realms around. Don’t you think you’re going too far.”

“Move.” Xia Qingyuan did not bother with Li Yao. She realized that Li Yao was only there to keep a close eye on her.

“Acknowledged.” The mighty ones in the mountains received their orders and burst with terrifying aura. Li Yao then said, “Well if you insist, I shall take my leave.”

He turned around and left as soon as he finished. All the other saints retreated as well.

None of them had been people from Emperor Li’s Realm. However, the crown prince of Emperor Li’s Realm seemed to have been very charitable that day, asking for them to take a stroll there and reward them adequately for doing so. They were only asked to take a stroll there and they needed to pledge to nothing. No one would have refused such offers.

As such, they really came to take a stroll with Li Yao at the mountains. They thought Li Yao intended to woo Xia Qingyuan and simply had them around to buff up his entourage. But from how things proceeded, it seemed that Li Yao had other agendas in mind instead.

But then again, none of that had anything to do with them. They finished what they were supposed to do, and so they were to simply leave after taht.

None of them did anything but talking strolls around the place. Is Xia Qingyuan really going to kill us for doing so?

Li Yao blitzed away at frightening speeds and was out of sight within a heartbeat. He did not look like an invader at all. It was clear that he sensed that Xia Qingyuan knew something, and so he ran away as quickly as possible, for fear that Xia Qingyuan would have came for him next.

“Depart immediately and look for Ye Futian.” Xia Qingyuan was unable to spare any time to pursue Li Yao. She realized what Li Yao was truly up to by then.

But then again, Ye Futian was guarded by the mighty ones she sent personally and there were also saints from the Nine States around. Even if those from Emperor Li’s Realm intended to make a move against him, they would have still been in for a very tough fight.

A group flew at very high speeds.

Powerful aura filled the place everywhere in Xuanji Mountain. Ye Futian and his people were not all that obvious on Xuanji Mountain, but it seemed that there were countless pairs of eyes watching them.

A group of people appeared above Xuanji Mountain at that moment. They tore to the skies and one of them said loudly, “The princess is attacked. Li Yao led mighty ones and surrounded the Sacred Mountain. You are to reinforce her at once.”

Many looked up at the sky and were surprised to find the one saying that to be Xiao Sheng.

The mighty ones behind Ye Futian were startled all of a sudden. They were being pinned down by the enemy, but said enemy simply watched them without doing anything. So they’re after the princess by doing all these?

“Let’s go.” They took flight in a heartbeat, but then saw silhouettes appearing in all directions at Xuanji Mountain from the dark. Terrifying auras swept the place and demonic might of overwhelming magnitude was sensed.

“You all could leave, but leave Ye Futian and Yu Sheng behind.” A cold, overbearing voice was heard.

“Cao Kong.” A cold voice was heard. That overwhelming demonic might shrouded the environment. It was an extremely renowned practitioner of demonic arts in Dali Dynasty after all, and he was extremely formidable.

Cao Yuan, one of the people who perished in the flag battles of the Battle of Empty Realm was a descendant of his.

The mighty ones from Emperor Xia’s Realm looked grim. Other than Cao Kong, there were also other practitioners of demonic arts and swordsmen about, who were probably people from Dali Sword Mountain. It was almost impossible for the guards to just take Ye Futian and his people to break out from such a barricade in a short span of time.

“What are you all waiting for? If something were to happen to the princess, who would shoulder the responsibility?” Xiao Sheng shouted in the air, “Those by Ye Futian’s side are to remain behind and escort him back to Emperor Xia’s City.”

The guards were troubled, not knowing if they should leave or they should stay.

If they were to leave, the enemy might have made a move on Ye Futian.

But if they were to stay, they had to consider Xiao Sheng’s status. There was no doubt his words would have proven true, if he were to send word personally. While none of them would have believed that Emperor Li’s Realm would have dared to make a move on the princess, but they were none who dared to bet on it.

They needed to make their choice between the two options.

“We’ll head back. The ones from the Nine States, stay here,” a voice was heard saying, making the decision. A group of people then took to the air, heading faraway.

Xiao Sheng scanned below and saw Gongsun Ni and Gongsun Xuan on Xuanji Mountain. He then said, “People of Divine Cloud Valley, come with me.”

“Alright.” Gongsun Ni nodded. There was no need for them to stay behind if all the enemy wanted was Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Furthermore, Xiao Sheng might have been her future husband anymore.

“Sister,” Gongsun Xuan called. It was apparent that Ye Futian’s side was more lacking in terms of powers then. There were several saints behind her, making it possible for them to join hte fight.

“Let’s go.” Gongsun Ni did not bother with Gongsun Xuan’s thoughts. It was more dangerous to stay behind, and she naturally felt so as well.

Gongsun Xuan was exasperated and followed suit, turning to look at Ye Futian and said, “Be careful.”

They met up with Xiao Sheng and the mighty ones from the Xiao clan soon enough, leaving that side at extreme speeds, heading for the mountains.

Only saints from the Barren State, as well as Saint Xia, the Glass Saint and the Moon Saint—whom Ye Futian was more friendly with—were left at Ye Futian’s side by then.

While Saint Xia was actually concerned for the princess’ safety as well, but things did seem more dire where they were at the moment. If their enemies intended to take down the princess, he would not have been of much help anyway.

“All who do not have anything to do with this, leave.” A shout was heard. The entire Xuanji Mountain was shrouded by terrifying demonic might. Cao Kong had agreed to move against Ye Futian not only because Li Yao bided him to do so. In truth, even the crown prince did not have the right to just command the top notch figures of the Demonic clan. He was doing it because of Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. Li Yao was right about one thing—Ye Futian would have posed a great threat in the future. It was naturally best to take him out while he was still at Empty Realm.

If Ye Futian were to be allowed to return to Emperor Xia’s Realm, it would have been a lot more difficult to kill him in the future. Even if they were to succeed doing so, it would have been impossible for them to leave alive.

As such, they chose to make a move there.

There were many saints from other realms at Xuanji Mountain, but they naturally would not have wanted to be a part of the conflict between Emperor Li’s Realm and Emperor Xia’s Realm. One figure after another took to the skies and left. Within mere moments, there were only a handful of extremely formidable saints who did not bother about the conflict remaining at the mountain. The others who remained were none other than Ye Futian and his people.

Towering demonic might pinned them down from above, as if the enemy was trying to bring the sky down on the entire Xuanji Mountain. The previously misty mountain turned to look like doomsday, where demonic clouds rolled about and the face of an ancient devil appearing in the sky, throwing a palm attack on the mountain. The huge mountain quickly crumbled, with cracks appearing nonstop as it headed straight for the spot where Ye Futian and the others were at.

Yaya looked at the sky and burst with terrifying sword will from within. A sword diagram appeared right above them, shrouding everyone within. Devastating light pulse on the sword will, tearing everything around apart as boundless aura of the sword shot upwards.

The huge palm blocked out the sky as it came crashing down. The sword diagram crumbled with a loud rumble. The palm continued to bear on them and Yaya transformed into a sword and shot upwards. Her finger pointed at the palm and boundless sword will lashed out, shattering the palm. Yaya grumbled and looked ashen after doing that.

“Take him away,” Yaya then ordered the village chief.

“But, madam.” The village chief looked pale. He naturally sensed the aura about Cao Kong. That demonic figure was a Holiness of Nirvana.

It was someone who his mistress would have only been able to defeat at her prime. While she had indeed been growing at frightening speeds in the past several years, but she had a long way to go before reaching the height of a Holiness of Nirvana.

Boom. There were steps thumping down. It seemed as if a devil had descended on top of Xuanji Mountain.

“Get going. I can’t do this for long,” Yaya said. She made for higher altitude as boundless sword will coursed about her body. Terrifying phenomenon appeared in her surroundings as boundless sword will was gathered, turning into a sword diagram with her at the center, standing tall in the air. At that moment, Yaya seemed to have turned completely into a sword. Boundless sword will flowed at her direction from faraway. A terrifying sword matrix seemed to have coalesced there.

“The Sword Saint of the Void.” Cao Kong uttered a name and continued to step below.

“Let’s go.” The village chief looked grim. He took Ye Futian and streaked through the air, heading outside Xuanji Mountain. All the others retreated as well.

But then again, their enemy was there to hunt down Ye Futian, and there was no way they would have simply let them leave like that.

Li Yao never brought much of anyone to where Xia Qingyuan was, as she had never been the target. All forces that he was able to muster were all used right there!