The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Rush

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The left over Saint level cultivator cried out in rage. His hands turned into swords, and he pointed one of them towards Gu Dongliu, and the other at Yu Sheng.

His sword will billowed and wrapped around his body. He took a step forward, and the celestial shadows around Gu Dongliu were pierced by his sword will. He spat up blood as his Nine Word Seal collapsed wildly.

Yu Sheng gave a great cry, and dark golden light flowed out from him. A terrible demonic vortex appeared and sucked up the sword will. He was using this devouring magic to demonize the power of the Great Path.

The Saint level cultivator retreated from Gu Dongliu and raised his right hand. He pointed up into the sky and suddenly nine overlapping swords burst out from his fingertip. They shot forward as one, shooting directly towards Yu Sheng.

Boom! Yu Sheng’s was violently sent shaking backwards.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The power of the swords was unmathed. They went forward together, cracking open Yu Sheng’s body. His extremely violent demonic body seemed about to collapse, and his garments flapped wildly in the wind, exposing his deep bronze skin and powerful muscles. There was blood all over him as the sword will pierced through his body.

However, even though this was happening, Yu Sheng still stuck to his opponent. He did not retreat, and his Battleaxe of Judgement cut through the billowing power the was coming towards him. It gave off pressure that pressed down on everything as it continued to cut forward, not giving his opponent a chance to rest and catch his breath for even a moment.

The Sword Saint cried out in anger, and bright and dazzling swords shot out of his eyes. They pierced into Yu Sheng’s eyes, and they became filled with blood. He closed his eyes, but the sword will still plunged wildly into him, cracking his body open from the inside.

It was at that moment that Ye Futian, who had just slain another Saint level figure, rushed over to where Yu Sheng and the Saint were fighting. Time and space once again seemed to be restricted, and the swordsman’s face suddenly changed.

His partner must have just been directly killed by the Halberd of Time and Space on the spot. There was no need to say just how powerful that meant Ye Futian’s combat ability was.

Crack! Crack! Crack! His body seemed to be cracking open. He transformed himself into a sword, and suddenly a burst of sword will shot up into the clouds as both and he Yu Sheng rushed up into the sky, with the swordsman pushing Yu Sheng along at the tip of his sword.

The Inexhaustibly Sharp Sword pierced through the demon body, but Yu Sheng’s powerful from had still not once been knocked back by his opponent’s sword. His battleaxe was still pressed up against his opponent’s sword.

A suffocating, destructive pressure descended upon them as Ye Futian’s Halberd of Time and Space fell. The Sword Saint had not been able to make Yu Sheng retreat before Ye Futian arrived. He could only pull back his right hand and thrust it towards the Halberd of Time and Space. Nine swords overlapped once again and shot out towards the halberd.

The Halberd of Time and Space descended with all the power of heaven behind it. It sliced through the air and fell upon his opponent’s sword. There was a loud noise, and the Halberd of Time and Space seemed to slow because of this, but then it continued forward.

Boom! Shock waves swept out in succession. Ye Futian felt the one sword turn into nine and shoot forward, blocking the power of the Halberd of Time and Space.

In that moment, as the three of them confronted each other, they formed a strange balance as they all stopped their in the air.

But in between the three of them an incomparably violent airflow swept up. Even Huang Jiuge’s bow could not have pierced through that airflow, and any attacks would be impossible.

The Sword Saint cultivator’s hair danced wildly in the wind. At that moment he was under terrible pressure. Were these two really only on the Sage plane?

Even those who had recently reached the Saint plane would probably not be like this.

Moreover, the power of his swordsmanship was formidable indeed. His sword will had entered his opponent’s body but had not been able to destroy it. What level of body was this?

Would a Saint level swordsman fall at the hands of Sages today?

This was an incredibly shameful way to go. He never would have imagined it.

“I’ll kill you!” he cried. He transformed into a formless body, seeming to find some hidden reserve of strength to put into his flowing sword will. His every breath, every thought, every drop of blood were bent towards this sword attack.

Buddha and demon were one in Yu Sheng’s body. Up in the sky, 1,808 Buddhas flashed into appearance. And right above him appeared a demon head that covered him. The power to control all the demons of heaven and earth was a terrible sight to behold. He had gathered the power of demons and Buddhas into one body.

The flow of sword will continued forward, smashing into the image of the demon Buddha, completely destroying it. The Saint’s sword was incredibly poowerful.

But the arm that held the sword also trembled slightly. It had just suffered an incomparable amount of power as well.

In the other direction, the powerful flow of sword will rushed into Ye Futian, and an extremely destructive light bloomed from his body. It rushed into his mind, and even attacked the Saint’s will. But when the Saint felt the spiritual will, his heart trembled fiercely. He seemed to have felt a spiritual willpower that could not be found even on the Saint plane.

The divine light shone, and a terrible space vortex appeared in front of the Halberd of Time and Space in Ye Futian’s hands. The dazzling, flowing light shot forward, slicing through the sword will and entering his opponent’s body bit by bit.

The three cultivators were all being subjected to tremendous amounts of power.

“You must have come from Dali Sword Mountain. Sword Mountain is sending many Sword Saints to kill me these days. I will remember this,” spat Ye Futian in a cold voice. “Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.”

As he said this, the infinite power inside Ye Futian went into his arms. In that moment, an incomparably brilliant light burst forth from his right hand and entered into the Halberd of Space and Time.

“Destroy!” he yelled. He seemed to have given up on protecting his body as he gathered all his power into the halberd. Suddenly, a rumbling sound shook the heavens and the earth as the shrieking sword will was shattered. The Halberd of Time and Space opened up a gap and continued forward bit by bit, cutting through the shattering sword will until it pierced the palm of his opponent’s hand. Blood flowed from the wound instantly, just like the previous Sword Saint.

He gave a bitter cry as billowing sword wills burst from his body. They flowed towards Ye Futian, but on the other side Yu Sheng was pressing him fiercely. Another sound rang out as his battleaxe cut through the sword and into his other arm. In a flash his sword will was mixed with his blood, creating a shocking sight.

His cry of rage shook the heavens and the earth. Both his arms were cut through at the same time, and a look of despair came over the Sword Saint’s face. Would he really be killed by two Sages?

His blood fell all around as his two arms were cut off. Then, the Halberd of Time and Space and the Battleaxe of Judgement cut into his body. In a flash, the Sword Saint’s face grew deathly pale, and the sword will that had been flowing around him wildly weakened, although wisps of it still swirled around him. But blood was flowing from his mouth continuously, and his breathing weakened.. But his eyes were still firmly open, as if he would still bear a grievance even in death.

Boom! There was a loud noise as the Saint’s body was destroyed. He had been slain.

The two Sword Saints who had pursued them had both been slain.

Ye Futian’s eyes were extremely cold. He was covered in blood. During the battle he had seemed to have no problem, but he knew how things really were, and so did Yu Sheng.

“Let’s go,” said Ye Futian, and suddenly the group continued on through the sky. Before long, a group of cultivators came over to them. They were the Saint level figures who garrisoned Emperor Xia’s City, and they rushed over as soon as they saw them.

As he saw them approaching, Ye Futian, who’s breath had grown very weak, said, “Emperor Li’s Realm has launched a surprise attack. I must ask you elders to go to Xuanji Mountain to rescue them.”

They nodded. “Alright.” Their figures flashed, moving quickly in the direction of Xuanji Mountain.

Ye Futian and the others all stopped; they were no longer fleeing. The Saint level cultivators of Emperor Xia’s City had rushed to their defense, so there was no need to flee anymore. And if Cao Kong attacked them, they would not be able to escape.

He did not know how Yaya, Wuchen and his master were doing right now.

According to his previous estimation, Li Yao would probably not dare to act against Xia Qingyuan. The message that Xiao Sheng had sent was probably only Li Yao pretending to act against Xia Qingyuan in the hopes that she would rush to Xuanji Mountain earlier.

Now, it was only her and those beside her who could help Yaya.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine,” came a warm voice from beside Ye Futian. He turned and saw Yao Xi’s perfect face appear before his eyes. Her eyes were warm and soft, but there seemed to be a trace of worry in them. “You should rest and recover, Lord Ye,” she said,

“Thank you, goddess,” whispered Ye Futian.

“I will keep your secret, Lord Ye,” said Yao Xi. Ye Futian nodded slightly. He and Yao Xi had no quarrel with each other, and had a pretty good relationship. She had no reason to betray him.

Moreover, Yao Xi was a smart person. Seeing today’s battle had probably reminded her of something. If she wanted to spill his secrets, she should consider whether or not she could bear the consequences.


At that moment on the battlefield, the sword matrix spanned across the sky. Yaya had turned into a sword and integrated herself into the matrix. While using the power of the matrix, her ability to counterattack was at its peak.

But even so, the magic giant of Lihen Heaven had still not retreated even a little bit. In fact, he was still attacking wildly. He stood their in the sky like a majestic demon king. His head scraped the sky and his feet trampled the earth. His overbearing attacks rumbled wildly. The sword matrix in the air kept launching attacks against him, but he still stood their without retreating.

The entire sword matrix had even been knocked far away by his mighty attacks, and had left Xuanji Mountain far behind. Of course, at this point Xuanji Mountain had already been razed to the ground.

“You may have once been at the peak, but that was in the past,” came a mighty voice that shook the heavens and the earth. A giant fist smashed down, and suddenly the cracks in the sword matrix grew wider, and it was shattered. A group of figures fell powerlessly to the earth, with blood streaming from their mouths.

“Cao Kong!” came a voice from far away. As the voice echoed, a fist shot across the distance, covering the sky. Demonic power rolled off of Cao Kong’s body as he matched fists with his new opponent. The air seemed about to shatter as Cao Kong was forced backwards. He swept his gaze over the battlefield.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng must have already killed them?

“Let’s go,” shouted Cao Kong, and his voice filled the sky as it rolled out into the distance. The cultivators from Lihen Heaven whoe were fighting heard his voice and shot up into the air, leaving the battlefield and starting to scatter.

Cao Kong had given the order to scatter, which meant that Xia Qingyuan must have arrived. Their opponents’ battle matrix was now stronger than theirs. If they didn’t leave now, they might never be able to.