The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Rewards And Punishments

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When Ye Futian arrived at Emperor Xia’s Palace, there was a maid waiting outside ready to lead the way.

However, she did not take Ye Futian to the palace of Queen Xiao, but to Xia Qingyuan’s living quarters instead.

On the stone bridge, Ye Futian saw Xia Qingyuan standing there, and at the pavilion next to the lake across, there was a graceful and elegant figure standing quietly, the back facing Ye Futian. Slender hands waved above the lake, seemed to be feeding the goldfishes in the lake.

“Princess,” Ye Futian bowed slightly to Xia Qingyuan and greeted her.

Xia Qingyuan looked at him and whispered, “my mother wants to see you, come with me.”

As she was telling him, she walked toward the other end of the stone bridge, and Ye Futian followed behind her. They stopped at the lakeside pavilion, where an enchanting mist permeated the air so that the lake appeared as if a fairy pool out of this world. Although the figure standing in front of the lake was just a view from the back, it still exuded an air of noble holiness.

She turned around slowly, revealing the unparalleled beauty of Emperor Xia’s Realm, upon which mortals dared not cast their eyes.

However, Queen Xiao at the moment had a gentle smile on her face, and did not seem to be unapproachable. But that temperament was from deep down inside and cannot be concealed. Even just standing in front of her was enough for most people in Emperor Xia’s Realm to feel a touch of pressure.

“Ye Futian greets Her Royal Highness the Queen,” Ye Futian bowed and paid his respect.

“No need for protocols,” Queen Xiao said softly, “I heard Qingyuan speaking of the battle for the Empty Realm, and she credited you especially as the one who single-handedly helped Emperor Xia’s Realm to win the victory of the once every ten-year battle for the Empty Realm, and with the least injuries among all previous battles. To win with the least cost was indeed precious.”

“That was our duty as subjects of the realm,” Ye Futian said with bowed head.

“Provided one has the required ability to do so,” Queen Xiao said with a smile, “in every battle for the Empty Realm, how many cultivators of Emperor Xia’s Realm desired to achieve glorious deeds, and yet there were few who could have done as you did, even though Qingyuan participated this time in the battle, the victory of the battle for the Empty Realm was still uncertain. After all, our opponents were also of royal principalities. Your achievements also meant that you were the most outstanding in this battle for the Empty Realm.”

“The praises of the Queen I dare not accept,” Ye Futian said.

“Excessive modesty is akin to insolence; you quite deserve the praise,” Queen Xiao continued, “and, I already said no need for protocol, so why are you continuing to bow your head and not looking at me? Do you think I’m old and ugly?”

Ye Futian sighed in his heart. Queen Xiao said absolutely nothing of the matter of Xiao Sheng, but instead praised him continuously, even with humor and playfulness. After all, as the first beauty of Emperor Xia’s Realm, who would dare to dismiss Queen Xiao as old?

This Queen was even more difficult to deal with.

Looking up, Ye Futian beheld the beauty that could fell a city, replied, “I dare not.”

Queen Xiao’s eyes fixed on Ye Futian and said, “At the Xiao clan, you were not so restrained, actually you were quite comfortable doing what you wanted. You then entered Lihen Heaven, got to the 33rd layer of heavens, and defeated Wang Chuan in front of the Swordmaster of Lihen. At the moment, you are quite unlike the you from before; you are acting this cautiously was it because you have something against me?”

“The Queen is most distinguished and noble, I dare not disrespect,” Ye Futian said.

Queen Xiao casted a stern look at Ye Futian and said, “then how come I heard that you were quite unscrupulous with my daughter?”

Ye Futian looked totally confused; this…

He glanced at Xia Qingyuan, who was next to him, and saw that she was just standing there quietly, without expression.

“Forget it, you cherish the words like gold, more precious than old me,” Queen Xiao said mildly, “but Qingyuan trusted you, and His Majesty have granted you additional title, presumably he wished that you would become a helper in the future for Qingyuan. At the 33rd Layer of Heaven in Lihen Heaven, although the Swordmaster Lihen borrowed the sword from Ye Wuchen, there was hidden intention to protect you.”

“So many people valued you. I’m sure you won’t let them down. Although Qingyuan had already rewarded you for the battle for the Empty Realm, but it was not comprehensive. I heard that Qingyuan had promised to have Divine Cloud Valley craft implements to the people of Nines States; I will personally give them an order to expedite the work so they will not dare to delay. In addition, I also heard that you have traveled to Xuanji Mountain with the intention to trade methods of cultivations. To avoid such troublesome process, Qingyuan had allowed you the freedom to enter Emperor Xia’s Palace, and I will personally allow you to enter the Golden Hall of Lotus in the Palace, all except for the ninth floor, you may come and go as you wish. In addition, you may select ten scriptures of methods, copy them, and pass them on to your close associates at the Holy Zhi Palace.”

Queen Xiao looked at Ye Futian and said, “this way, you don’t have to go to other places to trade for cultivations in the future and your friends would also have enough powerful methods to support their cultivations and continue to move forward. After all, they have contributed greatly in this battle for the Empty Realm by taken Emperor Li’s City and took their imperial flag, so this is rewards to their achievements.”

When Xia Qingyuan heard Queen Xiao’s words, she casted a glance at her mother. A strange color flashed past her clear eyes.

The Golden Hall of Lotus in Emperor Xia’s Palace could be said to be one of the most precious places in the entire Emperor Xia’s Realm, comparable to any treasured ruins, and many people even thought that it was hands down, the most precious place of all.

Even her, from the beginning of her cultivation, besides what was taught her by the Emperor her father, most of her time was spent in the Golden Hall of Lotus, seeking enlightenment.

In Emperor Xia’s Palace, there were some who were of extremely powerful Saint Plane. They were not part of the royal family, but they were willing to enter Emperor Xia’s Palace to serve her father. Some of them did so also for the Golden Hall of Lotus.

Even with her position as the princess, she did not possess the power to reward others the privilege to enter the Golden Hall of the Lotus to cultivate.

There were only three people with this power, and they still require the consent of the Emperor.

One could only imagine just how tremendous this reward really was.

It would be fine if Ye Futian was the only one to be given this reward, but her mother had said that Ye Futian could take out the transcript of methods of the Golden Hall of the Lotus to allow his close associates to cultivate, which meant that this could be passed on to the cultivators of the Holy Zhi Palace of the Barren State. This kind of bestowment was extremely rare to say the least.

This also meant that the Emperor had also agreed.

Queen Xiao had already received the permission of Emperor Xia.

Ye Futian clearly understood the weight of Queen Xiao’s reward to him. He could enter the Golden Hall of Lotus at will, which meant that except for the highest level, he could cultivate with any methods he chose, and he could also teach the ten methods to the people of the Holy Zhi Palace, which was equivalent to giving them a holy land of heritage in the Barren State.

Such reward was not inconsiderable.

“Many thanks to the Queen,” Ye Futian bowed, ” I would also thank the Queen on behalf of the people of the Holy Zhi Palace for this handsome reward.”

Ye Futian secretly sighed inside. Was this the compensation from Queen Xiao to the people of the Holy Zhi Palace?

In this battle, many people from the Holy Zhi Palace were injured, Queen Xiao must have known it.

“All right, you may go now,” Queen Xiao said again.

“Yes,” Ye Futian put his hands together and turned to leave.

Xia Qingyuan took a step, wanting to catch Ye Futian for a few words, but then she heard Queen Xiao called out, “Qingyuan.”

Xia Qingyuan stopped and looked at Queen Xiao, and heard her said, “come and chat with me.”

Xia Qingyuan looked at the departing Ye Futian, then nodded gently and walked over to Queen Xiao’s side, saying, “anything else, Mother?”

“Do you disapprove of my decision?” Queen Xiao said.

Xia Qingyuan understood the intention behind her mother’s decision. She never once mentioned Xiao Sheng, nor did she plead for him. The only thing she did was to pile reward upon reward to Ye Futian, but Ye Futian was a smart guy, he would not have mistaken her intentions.

“Ye Futian is now coming to the Upper Worlds to cultivate. In the past, those close associates of his were great talents themselves. Following him in cultivation, they would experience wider perspective. For them, what is the most lacking?” Queen Xiao said to Xia Qingyuan, “it is far simpler to ask for Xiao Sheng’s life, but to these people of the Barren State, isn’t it more important to cultivate? To Barren State, could Xiao Sheng’s life be equitable to these?”

Xia Qingyuan had to admit that Xiao Sheng’s life was indeed not worth the rewards that her mother had bestowed on Ye Futian.

If the choice was given, anyone would choose these resources for cultivation.

“Of course, I am only doing this because your father and you both valued Ye Futian, so I am just following your lead. Otherwise, Xiao Sheng’s life is not worth all these efforts, and your father would never allow me to do so.” Queen Xiao said, “but he is, after all, your uncle’s flesh and blood, it doesn’t matter to the others, but it’s different for your uncle.”

“Qingyuan, let this be the end of the matter. I have already told your uncle that Xiao Sheng would never be allowed to step into the palace again, and the heir of Xiao clan would never be him.” Queen Xiao added.

Xia Qingyuan looked at her mother, then nodded gently. What her mother had done was even too grave for her to comment any further.

After Ye Futian left Emperor Xia’s Palace, news quickly spread from the palace that Queen Xiao had permitted Ye Futian freedom to enter the Golden Hall of Lotus inside Emperor Xia’s Palace, the most prestigious holy land for cultivation in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

In addition, Queen Xia had personally ordered that Divine Cloud Valley to create divine implement for the people of Nine States.

Not only that, but Ye Futian was also permitted to take the ten methods from the Golden Hall of Lotus and pass it on to the people of the Holy Zhi Palace.

In addition, there was also the punishment that was dealt to Xiao Sheng.

Xiao Sheng was tempted while in the Empty Realm, secretly sent commands and dispatched personnel, causing Ye Futian and the others to be ambushed. Going forward, Xiao Sheng of the Xiao clan was not allowed to step into the palace, and the cost for Divine Cloud Valley to recreate divine implements for the people of the Nine States would also be paid for by the Xiao clan.

Once these two news came out of Emperor Xia’s Palace, many people were staggered by Queen Xiao’s handling of the matter. The first beauty of the Emperor’s Xia’s Realm had chosen to use reward so that Ye Futian had nothing to say.

At the same time, everyone understood that Xiao Sheng’s future was probably over. With such stain, and the palace had ordered him not to enter the palace ever, from then on, the focus of the Xiao’ clan would no long be Xiao Sheng. Unless his own talent was unusually genius that he would never need the spiritual resources of the Xiao clan to cultivate, and rise up on his own against the odds.

However, even if he was outstanding in talent, how could he compare with Ye Futian? This had already been proven in the Empty Realm, not to mention, at present, Ye Futian was well-regarded by Emperor Xia and the princess, and all the advantages were on his side. What did Xiao Sheng have to fight against him?

Before, there were rumors that when Xiao Qianhe and Xiao Sheng left the palace, Xiao Sheng’s face was gloomy. Now everyone understood that the rumor was likely true. After coming out of the palace, Xiao Sheng knew his ending. The punishment may have seemed not much, but in truth it had destroyed his future!