The Legend Of Futian Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Lin Yueyao

Bai Qiu's words immediately made Ye Futian the center of attention. Even though, the two young men were the same, they both came in hopes of attending the Fenghua Banquet. However, despite this, many people only signed up to attend the banquet for the experience. How many people could actually display outstanding skills?

The Cangye Kingdom had no shortage of genius cultivators and now, they were all gathered here in the imperial city, the City of Cangye. But in the end, only ten people would be chosen by the emperor to be on the Fenghua Rank.

Bai Qiu of the Qin Clan, Zuo Qianfan and Yu Jiang of the Cangye College, the incredibly skilled Young Lord Ye Wuchen from the Ye Palace, the Hua family's daughter, and Yun Di of the Demon Clan. These people were the ones who would stand out the most at the Fenghua Banquet.

Of course, Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty could not be forgotten. She was known as the one of peerless beauty.

Because of this when Bai Qiu asked Ye Futian to be his musical attendant, no one thought of it as demeaning. As the Cangye Kingdom's most outstanding young man, Bai Qiu was destined for a bright future. Even his musical attendant would have a chance to be a big shot in the future. This was an opportunity not everyone had. To offer Ye Futian such a position, it was evident that Bai Qiu was impressed by his gifts.

Even Cen Xia looked at Ye Futian in surprise. Ye Futian and his friends were all Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivators. They came to sign up for the Fenghua Banquet and each showed their impeccable gifts. If Ye Futian was able to follow Bai Qiu into the Qin Clan, it would only do him good.

However, standing beside Cen Xia, Yu Sheng and Hua Jieyu did not think this way. They stared at Bai Qiu, shocked. To them, who knew Ye Futian, Bai Qiu's words were nothing but a joke. He wanted Ye Futian to be his musical attendant?

"Where did he get that confidence from?" Yu Sheng could not help himself.

Cen Xia glanced at Yu Sheng but did not say anything.

On the battle platform, Ye Futian was taken aback. Cen Xia had said that Bai Qiu was a prodigy from the Qin Clan, a Dharma Plane Musical Sorcerer. It was no wonder that he was so confident.

Since the Qin Clan is so well-known in the Cangye Kingdom, then their musical sorcery should not be any less inferior to that of Elder Qin, but this did not mean that he would be willing to join the clan. He had only signed up for the Fenghua Banquet as a musical sorcerer because of Elder Qin. He was not going to let the elder down. However, to become Bai Qiu's music attendant The meaning of these two words should be similar to that of a study attendant: a servant who takes care of others.

"I don't have such a habit," Ye Futian smiled at Bai Qiu and calmly answered.

"Your music is pure and you possess an extraordinary mindset but your music is still not perfect. It is obvious that you don't have a good teacher. Why not try it out?" said Bai Qiu. His gaze was calm. In Bai Qiu's opinion, if Ye Futian could cultivate under his guidance for a couple of years, he was bound to improve. This was his reason for extending such an offer.

"No need," chuckled Ye Futian. As a prodigy from the Qin Clan, Bai Qiu was indeed exceptional. What Ye Futian played on the guqin was not any specific musical piece but something he came up with on the spot. So, of course, it was not perfect.

Bai Qiu did not say much else. To him, this was only a small episode before the Fenghua Banquet.

Many of the females present looked toward Bai Qiu and thought he was indeed a gentleman, just as the rumors had it.

Ye Futian returned to stand beside his friends. Just then, Cen Xia's name was called. The trio was not in a rush to leave, so they decided to stay behind and watch Cen Xia's performance. It was an interesting duel.

When Cen Xia stepped off the battle platform, Ye Futian gave her a compliment, "You're very powerful."

"You guys are not so bad yourselves," smiled Cen Xia.

"All we have to do now is to show up outside of the imperial palace in three days to attend the Fenghua Banquet, correct?" asked Ye Futian.

"That's right. In three days, everyone will gather for the banquet and the emperor will grace us with his presence," nodded Cen Xia.

"See you in three days," Ye Futian said his goodbye and left.

Watching them leave, Cen Xia smiled. Three days later, young cultivators from all over the kingdom would gather outside of the imperial palace. Even though Cen Xia had incredible gifts, she only wanted to participate in the banquet. She had no hopes of stealing the spotlight. Those three were mere Seven-Starred Glory Plane cultivators, so even if they had great gifts, they would only be heads in a crowd.

Ye Futian followed the main road out of the Cangye College campus. Along the way, many more young cultivators arrived. He knew well and clear those who had the courage to sign up for the Fenghua Banquet would not be too weak.

Stepping out of Cangye College, there were many elders waiting outside. They had come from all over the kingdom with their juniors. Even if the younger cultivators were unable to become the star of the banquet, it would be a once in a lifetime experience.

From the skies, a Black Wind Eagle headed down for landing and stopped in front of Ye Futian and his friends. The three of them stepped on to the eagle and the creature lifted them away. Just as they took off, many others did so as well. They were all headed in one direction. There, a group of figures was approaching. They all seemed to be surrounding a single person. That person seemed to steal everyone's attention. Very quickly, the trio also had their attention stolen, looking over to the crowd in the skies.

Far away, a magnificent Purple Gold Roc soared through the sky. It was an Arcana Plane beast. Its entire body was enveloped in a purple golden light, its wings spread out wide, creating great winds every time it flapped its wings.

"Purple Gold Roc" Ye Futian's eyes sparkled. It was an extremely rare beast. The roc possessed powers of three elements: thunder and lightning, metal, and wind. The beast had great growth potential and fearsome speed as well as extremely powerful attack abilities. Rumors said that the Purple Gold Roc was a distant relative to the Golden Roc and had the blood of the Golden Roc running through its veins.

On the Purple Gold Roc stood a beautiful young woman. She had an alluring body and beautiful skin. A sweet scent radiated from her person, and her eyes were captivating. In addition to the red dot in between her eyebrows, drawn on with cinnabar, she was a beauty only seen in drawings.

"So beautiful. Who is she?" asked someone in the skies.

"Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty, Lin Yueyao," answered another, gaze never leaving the young woman.

Lin Yueyao, also known as the Cangye Kingdom's number one beauty, was at the most beautiful age of 18.

"Such a beautiful girl," Ye Futian complimented the nearing figure.

"Yeah, you like?" asked a voice beside him. Ye Futian turned his attention over to Hua Jieyu who was smiling at him.

"But she's still nowhere as beautiful as my Fox." Ye Futian smiled. Hua Jieyu glared at him shyly, feeling satisfied with his answer. Although, she had to admit the young woman was indeed very beautiful.

The Purple Gold Roc called as it approached. The figure on its back looked towards Ye Futian and as if she could hear what he had said, she smiled. It was as if her eyes could speak. One look was enough to get one's heart beating. Fortunately, Ye Futian was used to this type of teasing from Hua Jieyu. Lin Yueyao's look had no effect on him.

With countless eyes glued on her, Lin Yueyao landed and walked into Cangye College. Many people followed after her.

"I want that girl as my wife," said a young man. Everyone around him looked at him as if he were an idiot. He wanted to chase Lin Yueyao? What a dreamer. Maybe if he got on the Fenghua Rank, Lin Yueyao would spare him a glance.

"Haven't gotten enough?" Hua Jieyu laughed at Ye Futian whose gaze had followed Lin Yueyao.

"Fox, why don't you remove the veil. I wonder what kinds of expressions they will make when they find out that my girlfriend is way more beautiful in comparison to their number one beauty." Ye Futian smiled. Hua Jieyu gave him a light pinch but, on the inside, she was melting at his words. He was such a sweet-talker.

Standing behind the couple, Yu Sheng averted his gaze. Ye Futian was still the same, shameless.

The Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings and flew away.

Not long after, they arrived at a lodging nearby.

In a court within the lodging, Hua Fengliu was basking in the sun. Nandou Wenyin was with him. The two of them together was a beautiful sight.

"You guys came back so quickly. Did it go well?" asked Hua Fengliu.

"Yes. Now we just have to wait three days for the start of the Fenghua Banquet," nodded Ye Futian. Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin were not surprised. With Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, and Yu Sheng's gifts, any one of them would be able to make it past the preliminary round without any problems.

"Master, Masteress, doesn't it feel like we're a family out on vacation? Parents, daughter, and son-in-law," smiled Ye Futian.

Hua Fengliu laughed. It actually did feel that way.

"Then what am I?" just then, Tang Lan appeared and asked coldly.

Ye Futian stood frozen. "Uhm"

"A concubine?" Tang Lan asked Ye Futian.

"Uh" Ye Futian did not know what to say. Beside him, Yu Sheng threw him a look of pity, and walked over to Yi Qingxuan. There was no right answer to her question.

"Tang Lan, if you're willing, I don't mind," said Nandou Wenyin. Ye Futian blinked. Nandou Wenyin was actually willing to agree to it?

Ye Futian looked at Hua Fengliu and thought, Master's charisma is so much stronger than mine.

"Do you really think that's what I'm after?" Tang Lan asked in a cold demeanor.

Hua Fengliu coughed and glared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian chuckled and looked at Hua Jieyu. She smiled and asked him, "If I also don't mind you taking a concubine, would you want to?"

"No, I only like you," answered Ye Futian. He wasn't stupid. If he had said yes, that would be the end of him.

"Hmph." Hua Jieyu smiled lightly. "That's more like it."

Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin watched the young couple as they bickered, and a soft smile spread across their faces. After all that had happened in the City of Donghai, they knew how difficult it was for Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu to be together. As parents, they only wished that the young couple could continue to stay by each other's side.

"Alright, go cultivate now. The Fenghua Banquet is only three days away. It will be gathering of the best of the best in all of the Cangye Kingdom. It won't be like how it was at Donghai Academy," said Hua Fengliu. Donghai Academy was only a prefecture academy in the Nandou Nation.

"Okay," Ye Futian nodded his head lightly. Naturally, he also understood that even though both his natural gifts and combat skills were very strong, amongst the people attending the Fenghua Banquet, there would be many Dharma Plane cultivators. He had to go above and beyond to get the emperor's attention. It was his only way of getting on the Fenghua Rank!