The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1097

Chapter 1097 When Would You Fight?

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Countless looked at the battlefield in King Li’s Palace, watching two people fighting on stage while the spectators were unusually silent.

Everyone was drawn to what was happening in the battlefield.

“Some power indeed.” Many gasped. With battles getting that far, it was almost exclusively clashes between titans at the pinnacle of their training. All remaining mighty ones were frighteningly powerful.

There was only one person who took to the air in the battlefield, whose palm was infused with the might of the great path, booming in the air and down on his opponent. The one at the receiving end was unable to hold out for long and was quickly thrown off.

“18 consecutive victories.”

Many were astonished at the scene happening before them.

A lithe figure clad in golden, elegant robe was seen on the platform. His eyes were condescending as he stood tall in the air.

18 consecutive victories. That young man had fought round after round without breaks, regardless who he would have been fighting. It was confidence like no other indeed.

Furthermore, there was already top notch forces of the Upper Worlds extending their invitation to him.

That man was from the County of Shangqin, named Qin Cang.

Qin Cang finally turned around and flashed, returning to the County of Shangqin’s corner. Many sighed a breath of relief. There were many who found themselves utterly incapable of showing their prowess with him around, as they would have probably just ended up being overwhelmed.

Unsurprisingly, Qin Cang might have actually been the one of the strongest persons below Saint Plane in Dali.

“Spectacular.” Even King Li came to praise him by then. Many nodded in agreement. Qin Cang was indeed very powerful and had already touched the great path. His Voidwalk and Mudra of the Void techniques were also extremely formidable and there were hardly anyone capable of fighting him.

His 18 consecutive victories made the massive number of spectators around the platform in King Li’s Palace silent.

“What do you think?” By then, the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind, who had not been speaking for quite some time, asked Ye Futian.

He knew that Ye Futian had already been able to touch the great path. Finally someone who you’d find worthy of fighting, no?

“He’s okay,” Ye Futian said plainly. He watched Qin Cang fight as well. Qin Cang was the first among the fighters who fought, to have touched the great path.

Cultivators like that were but a handful even if one were to look throughout the entire Lower Worlds of Dali.

That was prowess at the pinnacle right below Saint Plane after all.

Being able to touch the great path unaided meant that they were having half of their being breaking into Saint Plane.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind smiled, finding it amusing that even someone as powerful as Qin Cang was only able to make the young swordsman say ‘he’s okay.”

Just how powerful the mighty ones needed to be in his eyes?

Yet another person emerged on the platform at that moment. Many gasped in shock, as it was apparent that many recognized the one who walked out.

“Zuo Zhengdao of Dongyang,” Many said. He was indeed Zuo Zhengdao of the County of Dongyang, and he was very renowned in his home county indeed.

“Is he really that famous?” Some asked curiously. It was only natural that not all from the Nine Counties of Dali knew of Zuo Zhengdao.

“He was known to be the number one figure below Saint Plane in Dongyang.” Some sported solemn looks. Zuo Zhengdao walked onto the platform after Qin Cang walked out. It was apparent that he intended to fight Qin Cang some time later.

Those two mighty ones would have probably fought at least once later.

Many mighty ones hesitated somewhat seeing Zuo Zhengdao being of such renown. However, a mighty one from the County of Nanyue emerged on the platform. His eyes were brimming with vigor as he gazed his opponent. It was precisely because his opponent was so powerful and renown, that he deemed that he would have earned greater prestige when he defeated said opponent.

Doom. That mighty one from the County of Nanyue stepped out and the air shook. Boundless heavy pressure emanated from him, shrouding Zuo Zhengdao’s surroundings. However, Zuo Zhengdao simply stood calmly where he was, with his eyes fixed on his opponent.

The mighty one from the County of Nanyue continued to walk. Every step seemed to be stepping onto the minds of the spectators, imbued with extremely overbearing pressure of the rules.

“This guy really is formidable.” Many whispered deep down to themselves. That man who emerged from the County of Nanyue was definitely no weakling.

The people from the County of Nanyue all knew who he was—a very renowned figure.

That mighty one from the County of Nanyue walked step by step diagonally above Zuo Zhengdao, like some kind of celestial god and looking extremely overbearing. He lifted his hand and threw a palm attack below, with power capable of pulverizing mountains and rivers.

At that moment, Zuo Zhengdao burst with extremely dazzling glimmer all of a sudden. Golden divine fires burst from his body and he was basked in it like some god of war. He simply lifted his hand after seeing his opponent making a move on him. He pointed a finger in the air and tore through his opponent’s attack.

The palm attack crumbled within mere moments and the underlying rules were nowhere to be found. The power of that one finger burst with dazzling light and continued shooting upwards at his opponent’s body. The one on the up side threw palm attacks in a frenzy, but quickly found Zuo Zhengdao flashed at the very next moment. His finger was pointed forward yet again. Their surroundings became basked in his power. His opponent was quickly shrouded in divine light and looked terrified.

“I yield.” He shouted, feeling as if he was going to be destroyed at the very next moment.

Zuo Zhengdao’s opponent’s body was thrown off with a boom. His clothes were torn apart and blood was seen at the corner of his mouth, while his hands were still twitching.

“The power of the great path.”

Many saints looked at the scene and thought Zuo Zhengdao’s power to truly be adequate to fight Qin Cang toe-to-toe.

The mighty ones of the Nine Counties felt pressure on their shoulders.

Zuo Zhengdao continued to score consecutive victories in the following battles. No one was able to fight him. He ended up bagging 18 consecutive victories, just like Qin Cang, before walking off.

“Who in the County of Yan would be able to fight them?” The County King of Yan asked. Both Qin Cang and Zuo Zhengdao were very formidable, and as the County King of Yan, he naturally hoped that there would have been one such formidable figure emerging from the County of Yan.

A figure rose and walked up to the platform. He was none other than Li Hanxing of the Ziwei Sword Clan.

Many mighty ones from the holy lands of the County of Yan looked startled. The County King of Yan then asked, “So Li Hanxing has been able to touch the great path then?”

“You’d know soon enough, my lord,” The Sword Saint of Ziwei replied. The faces of the other sword saints froze. If the Sword Saint of Ziwei was putting it that way, then it was extremely possible that Li Hanxing had indeed been able to touch the great path.

The following battle was as they had speculated. Li Hanxing burst with frightening sword will and none who emerged were able to withstand his sword attacks.

Three extremely formidable fighters emerged one after another in the battles, and their emergence had brought the event to its climax.

“What do you think now?” Huanxue asked for Ye Futian’s opinion, something she would not have done otherwise. Ye Futian never thought much about the swordsmen of the County of Yan prior after all.

However, it became evident at that moment that Li Hanxing had indeed been able to touch the great path, but he had been keeping a low profile all the while. Ye Futian was the complete opposite, so much so that he was considered a freak.

I wonder if he is feeling ashamed of himself now.

“No comment,” Ye Futian replied. Huanxue glanced at him. It seemed hopeless to have him admit to anything.

She wanted to see how he would have joined the fight instead.

Li Hanxing returned to the corner belonged to the Ziwei Sword Clan and the County King of Yan said with a smile, “Seems like Li Hanxing is truly the number one below Saint Plane among the swordsmen of the County of Yan.”

Many nodded in agreement. Li Hanxing had been able to touch the great path and possessed formidable sword techniques to boot, so much so that he had earned the approval of the County King of Yan. That meant that he deemed both princesses beneath Li Hanxing in terms of combat prowess.

Every single battle that was fought after that was extremely spectacular ones. While there was not another top notch figures who had touched the great path emerging, but every single combatant had been of formidable combat prowess. Every single battle had been a clash between titans.

As the battles raged on, many came to realize where they stood. Those of insufficient strength dared not even step foot onto the platform. The same could have been said for even those from holy lands.

Nie Yun of the Sword Clan of the Gale stepped onto the battlefield as well, but he lost to a top notch figure from the County of Xichu in a battle.

There were no other new challengers from all holy lands going up onto the platform after that. Those who had never lost in their prior battles began to fight other powerful combatants. Other than to fight for the chance to train in the Upper Worlds, they were also doing so to hone their own martial will.

Chi Xiao and Chi Yao from the Crimson Phoenix Sword Clan lost one after another.

Kai Huang of the Juque Sword Clan lost afterwards as well.

As the battles continued, Li Hanxing became the only one among the swordsmen of the County of Yan who had yet to lose a battle.

Even the two princesses had lost to the most powerful figures from the County of Changhe. However, Li Hanxing quickly stepped into the battlefield to avenge the princesses and defeated the ones who won over the princesses. That act earned him some points with the swordsmen of the County of Yan.

Li Hanxing became the only hope for the swordsmen of the County of Yan by then.

“Splendid.” King Li praised. There were hardly anyone who stepped onto the platform by then. Zuo Zhengdao was standing tall on the platform and it seemed as if no one dared to challenge him.

Li Hanxing eventually rose from the corner of the County of Yan. He moved alongside his sword and stepped onto the platform, standing opposite Zuo Zhengdao.

Loud cheers and roars were heard in the King Li’s Palace.

Is the battle between fighters at the pinnacle about to begin?

Even Lu Chuan and the other top notch figures from the Upper Worlds came to pay close attention to the battlefield, looking forward to the upcoming battle.

“Who do you think would win this battle, sir?” Princess Li You asked Lu Chuan, who was at his side, with a smile.

“Zuo Zhengdao seems to have better chances. But then again, Li Hanxing has a fair chance as well,” Lu Chuan replied.

“Li Hanxing has exceptional talents and if he were to train in the Sword Mountain of the Upper Worlds, his way of the sword would definitely be able to reach higher heights.” Li You’s smile looked gentle and pretty.

The battle on the platform began.

Zuo Zhengdao was basked in divine light like a golden divine furnace, looking indestructible and invincible, and his fingers seemed to be swords themselves.

Li Hanxing’s sword will of Ziwei seemed like the stars and every sword will was imbued with supreme offensive powers. Both figures fought on the platform. Violent auras swept through the place and the King Li’s Palace was surprisingly quiet. Everyone was paying close attention to the clash of the titans on up there.

Both men traded blows using pure offensive skills and clashed untold amount of times. Li Hanxing’s sword finally broke with a boom. His body was thrown behind and blood spilled from his mouth.

Zuo Zhengdao’s shirt was torn at the same time as well.

However, it was clear that Li Hanxing lost the fight.

The people of the County of Yan had their eyes fixed on the battle and were all gasping. Li Hanxing’s swordplay was superb, yet he still proved inadequate to beat Zuo Zhengdao. Li Hanxing then walked off the stage dejectedly.

Qin Cang then emerged and asked Zuo Zhengdao if he needed rest. Zuo Zhengdao replied that he would like to continue.

The vast royal palace was completely silent when the battle raged on. Everyone kept their eyes at the two violent figures, as if the spectators have all stopped breathing altogether.

“The battle between supreme ones below Saint Plane indeed.” The County King of Yan praised.

Mighty ones from all over the Nine Counties were gather at King Li’s Palace by King Li, with the mighty ones from the Upper Worlds coming down to witness the battles. That very battle before them were indeed one fought between titans.

Qin Cang eventually won against Zuo Zhengdao. It was a fight that seemed to prove that he was indeed the peerless one below Saint Plane.

Countless eyes gazed at the two combatants with reverence. Despite having lost the fight, Zuo Zhengdao remained standing proud.

Qin Cang remained standing where he was after Zuo Zhengdao walked off the platform. No one else went up the platform after that.

King Li then asked personally, “Is there any from the Nine Counties of Dali who would like to fight?”

No one else answered. There was simply no one who dared to fight him, after seeing what he was capable of.

“Are you still going to keep your sword sheathed?” The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind asked Ye Futian in a low voice. Many from the County of Yan turned to look at Ye Futian without caring much. That guy had been extremely boisterous, but after seeing that battle between titans, they deemed him to cowardly to emerge and fight.

Ye Futian took one look at Qin Cang. He smiled and shook his head lightly, before drinking from his cup.

“No one else would challenge Qin Cang after this battle. You wouldn’t have another chance if you were still going to keep your sword sheathed. Regardless if you win or lose, it’s best to have those from the Upper Worlds see what you are capable of,” the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind added. Even the people from the holy lands of the County of Yan turned to look at the sword saint with startled looks.

It seemed that he placed a lot of trust in the Seventh Swordsman.

Ye Futian put his cup down and looked at the platform nonchalantly, saying, “No one from the Nine Counties of Dali is worthy of having me draw my sword. I shall leave it at that.”