The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098 One Sword Attack

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The corner of the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind twitched when he heard Ye Futian’s words, and wanted very, very badly to just clap him to death right there and then.

The sword saint had waited for so long and brought him all the way to King Li’s Palace just to see his sword at work, while letting the Sword Clan of the Gale get glorious for a bit on the side.

The fights were about to end and Ye Futian told the sword saint that none of those who fought was worthy of having him draw his sword.

“I knew it. He wouldn’t have dared to make a move and was just bluffing all the while. I sure as hell don’t know what you’re thinking, father,” Huanxue quipped, feeling furious at Ye Futian’s reply.

Just admit that you’re a coward already. None of the cultivators from the Nine Counties of Dali being worthy of having you draw your sword, you said?


Many eyes turned to look at Ye Futian and they all had the urge to beat him up, deeming him to be the epitome of a coward.

Qin Cang and Zuo Zhengdao were both of the pinnacle of their training below Saint Plane. Even Li Hanxing of the Ziwei Sword Clan had been a top notch figure as well.

Just what the hell is wrong with this Seventh Swordsman guy? Not worthy of having him draw his sword eh?

Many swordsmen from holy lands of the County of Yan turned to look at Ye Futian with condescending eyes, snorting at his boisterous bluff. Even the County King of the County of Yan spoke, “Your way of the sword might have been superb, but that doesn’t change the fact that you really are arrogant.”

Seeing how the mighty ones from all over the Nine States of Dali fought that day, he had to acknowledge how exceptional those of the younger generations were, despite being a very high level saint himself.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind was the one who brought him there and the sword saint had high hopes for him. The County King saw fit to give him respect where it was due, for none other than the fact that he was a genius swordsman from the County of Yan.

However, Ye Futian’s actions proved somewhat disappointing.

But then again, he would not have been petty with a member of the younger generation.

“As a cultivator of the sword, are you telling me that you won’t even admit that you lack the guts to draw your sword?” Chi Yao of the Crimson Phoenix Sword Clan said plainly. Seeing how he had been dropping big words prior, he probably knew that coming out to fight at that point would have been an action to invite insult.

Yan Qingyi, Yan Ziyi and Kai Huang of the Juque Sword Clan all simply glanced at Ye Futian with scoffing eyes. However, they said nothing and simply pretended he did not exist.

As for Li Hanxing, he did not even bother to look at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian saw the reactions of the people around him and thought everything went as expected. He did not mind the thoughts of those people and said plainly, “I said before I came, that I was on this trip to King Li’s Palace just to see if any among the cultivators of the Nine Counties are worthy of having me draw my sword. I didn’t say that I would definitely fight. As for my strength, have it your way. The path of the sword does not need opinions of others after all.”

“Whatever,” the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind said plainly. Since Ye Futian put it that way, he saw no reason to force the young swordsman. But still, he apparently looked rather displeased.

Despite having spent 30 years practicing the sword and had supreme talents, but having such personality meant that it would have been near-impossible for him to stand around for long in the Upper Worlds.

He simply has too much ego.

Ye Futian took note of the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind’s expression and thought it was indeed for the best.

After that battle in Lihen Heaven back then and having experienced the Swordmaster of Lihen borrowing his sword to Ye Wuchen, his mindset changed somewhat. Despite having a grudge against the regime that was Dali Dynasty, he did not intend to shift his frustration towards the cultivators of Dali.

A person’s place of birth was something predestined.

He personally experienced how different Dali actually was from what he had imagined, after entering Dali.

At the very least, both the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind and the County King of Yan actually seemed to be decent people. Being someone of such an attitude, saints with irritable temperaments would have made a move against him.

Saint Ji of the Nine States back then was a good example of someone lacking such bearing.

As such, he did not wish for something he would have done in the future to one day, get the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind tangled in his mess.

Qin Cang stood tall on the platform alone and no one dared to fight him.

No one else in Liwang City and the Nine States of Dali were able to fight him.

Qin Cang of the County of Shangqin was about to make it to the Upper Worlds, and it would have probably been a matter of time before he ended up achieving great things. He was destined to be someone whose name would have been heard far and wide.

Be it Qin Cang, Zuo Zhengdao or Li Hanxing, their future lied in the Upper Worlds of Dali Dynasty.

King Li swept his eyes at the crowd and said, “If no one else would come out and fight, then this shall be the end of the battles.”

The battles between the Nine States were concluded that day.

Countless were heard talking for quite a moment.

“Thank you all for your hard work,” King Li smiled as he said to the County Kings of the Nine Counties and those from the holy lands.

“You, King Li, and the cultivators from the Upper Worlds hosted the event personally. It was not hard for any of us at all.” Many were seen cupping their hands at King Li.

King Li nodded with a smile, saying, “The banquet shall continue. Be at ease and enjoy yourselves.”

Many rose at that moment. The lords of holy lands whose students had been selected, brought their selected students and greeted those from top forces of the Upper Worlds.

They were also getting ready to send them to the Upper Worlds.

The lord of the Ziwei Sword Clan rose and brought Li Hanxing there.

“Let’s head there together,” the County King of Yan smiled and said. Many saints walked together towards King Li.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind did not join them. The students from the Sword Clan of the Gale had been average in their performances and he did not see fit to join the fray. He was rather disappointed that Ye Futian did not fight.

However, Ye Futian was seen standing up and walking down.

He seemed to be following right behind the swordsmen of the County of Yan, which the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind found rather peculiar. What is he up to this time?

At the corner where King Li was seen, Princess Li You smiled and said to Lu Chuan, “What do you think about the geniuses of the Lower Worlds of Dali in this event, sir?”

“They’re fine.” Lu Chuan nodded and did not hold them in too high of a regard.

While there were few who performed rather admirably, but he did not see any supremely powerful figures that h wished to see.

But then again, those handful would have emerged to be extraordinary cultivators once they were further nurtured in the Upper Worlds.

“What are you doing following us?” A voice was heard below the steps. Many turned around and saw quite a number of swordsmen of the County of Yan heading towards the direction of the ones from Sword Mountain, led by the County King of Yan. Li Hanxing was among those swordsmen as well.

However, there was an unusually handsome figure walked behind those swordsmen, seemingly heading towards the same direction.

Yan Qingyi’s brow twitched seeing that and said to Ye Futian.

“I’m not following you,” Ye Futian replied plainly.

The County King of Yan turned around to look at Ye Futian. Kai Huang of the Juque Sword Clan then jabbed sarcastically, “You didn’t even dare to fight in the prior battles, and now you actually have the gall to come right behind us swordsmen from the County of Yan?”

Ye Futian glanced at him and remained standing where he was. He looked straight ahead of him and ahead of the swordsmen of the County of Yan, he saw a group of people who stood upright quietly somewhere, as if they were all swords.

Those people were from the Sword Mountain of the Upper Worlds.

“My name is Seventh Swordsman. I have heard that the Sword Mountain was the number holy land of the sword in the entire Dali Dynasty, as such, I came to ask for a challenge,” Ye Futian said with a brimming voice, which pierced through the space like a sword.

The chatter around them gradually subsided within mere moments, and their surroundings turned dead silent before long.

Countless eyes turned to look at one direction at that moment. Ye Futian was seen standing upright like a sword, as if he was the only one worth being noticed in all of the heavens and the earth.

Someone from the Lower Worlds actually skipped the entire event of battles and went up to challenge the swordsmen of the Sword Mountain.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind stood up from far away, who was speechless after hearing Ye Futian’s voice.

Did he really think that no cultivators throughout the Nine Counties of Dali were worth having him draw his sword?

So he actually went up to challenge the Sword Mountain instead?

Someone who spent 30 years polishing his art of the sword is actually this arrogant?

The eyes of the swordsmen of the County of Yan froze and looked at Ye Futian with baffled expressions.

He is actually challenging the Sword Mountain?

“How insolent,” The Sword Saint of Ziwei said. The Seventh Swordsmen did not participate in the battles prior and Ye Futian was actually coming up to challenge the students of the Sword Mountain, when his student, Li Hanxing was going to greet them. What is he trying to pull here?

Even the likes of King Li and Lu Chuan turned their eyes to look at the handsome figure standing alone.

“We have not seen you fight in the battles before. Why do you come to challenge the Sword Mountain instead?” Princess Li You turned her eyes at Ye Futian. It seemed baffling that someone just appeared out of nowhere to challenge the number one holy land of the sword in the Upper Worlds.

Ye Futian turned to look at Li You calmly and said, “I have watched the battles and saw none of the cultivators of the Nine Counties were worthy of having me draw my sword. As such, I’d like to try my hand against the Sword Mountain instead.”

“Insolence.” Li You’s expression changed somewhat. His father was the one who managed all of the Nine Counties of Dali. His father had called all cultivators of the Nine States there to hold the event as the Upper Worlds were recruiting, and yet, Ye Futian claimed that none of the cultivators of Dali were worthy of having him draw his sword.

Lu Chuan looked at Ye Futian with puzzled eyes. Throwing such words in such an occasion was not action that could have been amply described by the word ‘insolence’ alone.

The swordsmen of the County of Yan stopped and looked at that lone figure.

A figure stepped out at that time, and it was none other than the strongest swordsman below Saint Plane of the Juque Sword Clan, Kai Huang.

Every step he took was imbued with frightening power and he pressed onto Ye Futian. His Life Spirit burst forth and a huge sword appeared. Terrifying sword will was shot at Ye Futian within moments.

Voom. Kai Huang stepped into the air and heavy swords lined up around him. The raging pressure was transformed into torrential sword aura.

The heavy swords streaked through the air ferociously with a boom.

Ye Futian looked up at him and stood quietly where he was. Sword will coursed about his body and the huge swords, which were shooting down at him, stopped all of a sudden before him, as if they were all blocked by a powerful sword will.

Boom. Kai Huang took a huge sword and charged straight at him.

Ye Futian waved his hand and a heavy sword appeared right before him as well. Extremely heavy pressure burst forth. He pushed with his hand and the heavy sword shot forward, clashing with Kai Huang’s sword.

A low rumble was heard and Kai Huang charging figure was stopped altogether and it seemed as if his sword was suspended as well, feeling terrifying pressure bearing on his entire being.

Ye Futian slapped on the heavy sword, which flew and with sharp, piercing noises, Kai Huang’s sword was broken inch by inch, until Ye Futian’s heavy sword punched right through his defenses and landed on his body. Kai Huang was thrown far away within an instant, throwing up blood from his mouth.

“The power of your sword is too weak,” Ye Futian said plainly. He never moved an inch throughout the fight, and launched only one single attack with one single clap.

‘Too weak’, had been his appraisal of Kai Huang before.

Crack… Towering sword will shot to the air at the moment. Lin Ya of the Sword Clan of the Storms brought terrifying sword will of the storms down from above, as if the air was about to burst.

Lightning crackled about Ye Futian and a sword of lightning appeared before him.

He took one step forward and charged into the massive bolts of lightning. One sword attack and the surroundings seemed to have split open. The lightning was nowhere to be seen anymore.


A rumble was heard and at the very next moment, lightning crackled all over Lin Ya of the Sword Clan of the Storms. His clothing was all torn and his face looked burnt.

“You lack explosive power.” Ye Futian’s voice was heard from midair. That was how he evaluated Lin Ya before.

Yan Qingyi and Yan Ziyi took one look at each other and the sisters flashed about, turning into mirages. Sword will filled their surroundings, as if countless specters lashed out at Ye Futian with boundless sword will.

Ye Futian’s eyes were as pointed as swords, as he calmly glanced at the two of them.

He stepped out and disappeared from where he stood right away. Dazzling flash of the sword was seen in the air and thousands of sword aura were launched.

One sword was all it had taken to break all of their spells. The swords of both Yan Qingyi and Yan Ziyi were nowhere to be found. A corner of their dresses were torn.

They stopped moving and looked down at their torn corner of their clothing, while their arms were shaking.

It still took just one attack.

None of the swordsmen of the County of Yan had been able to withstand more than one sword attack!