The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 The Seventh Swordsman

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The Yan sisters, the daughters of the County of Yan.

Kai Huang and Lin Ya, both of whom were number ones of the Juque Sword Clan and the Sword Clan of the Storm in the County of Yan respectively.

None of them were able to take more than a single attack from him.

In just one instant, the vast space turned dead silent.

The minds of the swordsmen of the County of Yan were rattled. Their eyes were pointed as they looked straight ahead at Ye Futian.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind went out of his way to introduce Ye Futian, claiming that he had bested Nie Yun with just one attack with his sword. Many thought Ye Futian would have been extraordinary, so much so that even the County of King shared that opinion.

Yet, when it came to the battles, Ye Futian had been all talk and no show. No one else paid him any attention by then, especially after his wildly insolent words, which made him looked more like just an unruly jerk.

And then, he finally drew his sword.

One attack on one opponent. That was all.

The very reason why he acted as such in the prior battles, was not because he was unable to draw his sword, but that no one was truly deemed worthy enough for him to do so.

As such, he skipped the battles altogether and came to ask those of the Sword Mountain, the number one holy land of the sword in all of Dali instead.

The Sword Saint of Fierce Wind stood far away, with his eyes fixed on the lone, proud figure standing high in the air. His handsome figure emanated intense sword will, which had the bone-deep pride weaved into it. That pride was that of a swordsman.

That was probably the true Seventh Swordsman, a swordsman who ventured outside of the Mountain of Hidden Swords, a swordsman who was little else than a swordsman. He sought to further his way of the sword and nothing else. He cared little for the opinions of others, for his concern was reserved for his sword, and his sword only.

Thus, he did not play according to the rules of Dali and fought in the battles, as he simply deemed that no one fighting in those battles had been worthy of fighting him.

Huanxue watched the dazzling flashes of the sword by the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind’s side and was utterly speechless.

“If he was so capable with a sword, why did he not fight earlier?” Huanxue said in a low voice, seemingly finding the state of affairs unacceptable.

“Cutting edge geniuses were mostly stubborn and lonesome. True extraordinary figures are the ones with the right to break all rules.” The sword saint replied, “Maybe, he truly is one of those people.”

If Ye Futian had been able to hear the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind’s comments about him, he would have thought about how successful that image that he fashioned had been. At the very least, in the eyes of the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind, that was the Seventh Swordsman that he would have wanted the people of Dali to see.

An insolent, arrogant, stubbornly prideful swordsman of extraordinary caliber, who saw everyone else to be beneath him.

In the world of the Seventh Swordsman, there was no place for overbearing authority and rules. There was only the way of the sword.

With the imperial advisor of Dali ordering to gather geniuses from all over the Lower Worlds personally, a student of the imperial advisor coming all the way to the Lower Worlds, and King Li hosting an event to gather mighty ones of all Nine Counties to King Li’s Palace, there was no doubt that Dali Dynasty would have been able to stomach a stubborn yet extraordinary swordsman like him.

“All of you, stand down.” A elder of the Sword Mountain said to the people of the County of Yan. The County King of Yan led the swordsmen and stepped aside, except one.

The one person was Li Hanxing of the Ziwei Sword Clan, who was ranked third in the battles prior, and was taken in by the Sword Mountain to be their own.

“So you skipped the battles altogether and challenged those from the Sword Mountain, because you thought that none in the Nine Counties of Dali were worthy of having you draw your sword?” A saint of the Sword Mountain asked Ye Futian.

“Indeed.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Yet, the few moves that you have just showed remained inadequate, to have the students of the Sword Mountain accept your challenge.” That sword saint gazed at Ye Futian and said. If he intended to break the rules, then he needed to bring corresponding prowess for doing so.

Li Hanxing walked up to Ye Futian as soon as the saint finished talking.

Li Hanxing was too from the Nine Counties of Dali, but Ye Futian claimed before that none were worthy of having him draw his sword.

He glanced at Li Hanxing and sensed the sword will on his would-be opponent. He then turned his eyes to look at Zuo Zhengdao and Qin Cang, saying, “I said that none who fought in the battles were worthy of having me draw my sword. If you want to see me in action, then all three of you shall move against me at once.”

Everyone was speechless after hearing that.

The three he meant were naturally the top three strongest figures who fought in the battles.

Qin Cang of the County of Shangqin, Zuo Zhengdao of the County of Dongyang and Li Hanxing of the County of Yan.

All three of them were figures at the absolute top who had been able to touch the great path. They were the three strongest figures below Saint Plane in all of the Nine Counties of Dali.

Even at that very moment, Ye Futian still claimed that they were not worthy of having him draw his sword, and he had all three of them gang up on him instead.

His unbridled nature ignited the blood of countless. They thought before that the battles were already over when Qin Cang proved invincible in all of the Nine Counties of Dali.

No one would have expected that the Seventh Swordsman, a nobody at that moment, emerged out of the blue and challenged those from the Sword Mountain.

Qin Cang, Zuo Zhengdao and Li Hanxing all looked at Ye Futian. All three of them have already proven that they were the strongest in all of the Lower Worlds of Dali.

At that moment, Ye Futian walked out. Is he trying to just step on us to prove his superior talents?

Li Hanxing took to the air and a sword appeared in his hand. Stars dazzled and the skies were lit up. Sword will circled around him and the will of the great path strewn about. Countless sword flashes of the stars rained down on Ye Futian like swords of meteors, whooshing loudly as they bombarded the ground from above.

Ye Futian gave him a cold look and burst with terrifying sword will about him, emanating the will of the great path as well.

“Interesting.” King Li chuckled. The Seventh Swordsman only emanated the will of the great path at that moment, as if none of the swordsmen from the County of Yan before were worthy of having him do so.

The light of the sun seemed to have burst from behind, emanating scorching heat like that of the sun as well. A scalding Sword of Blazing Sun appeared before him, pulsing with the will of burn everything down.

At the very next moment, their surroundings became covered with freezing ice. A Sword of Freezing Ice appeared right after.

Storms raged after that and howled in the air, as the Sword of Raging Storms appeared.

Lightning flashed about like the light of calamity of doomsday, as the Sword of Blitzing Thunder appeared.

And finally, the Heavy Sword of the Stars materialized with powerful might.

The five swords lined up and hovered right before Ye Futain.

The swordsmen of the County of Yan was astonished once again. The pupils of the Sword Saint of Fierce Wind dilated. Ye Futian claimed in the County King’s residence that blazing sun, freezing ice, raging storms, blitzing thunder…there was no art of the sword that he was unable to train with.

Those big words have proven true after all.

Li Hanxing’s expression changed somewhat when he saw all that. He flashed like a comet and drew his sword, which rained down on Ye Futian like meteor shower.

“Blazing Sun.” Ye Futian’s will merged with his surroundings and the Sword of Blazing Sun shot out as he willed it. It seemed as if the light of the sun dazzled in the air, devouring the stars and within an instant, the rain of swords burned.

That sword continued its way forward, charging through the rain of swords and headed towards Li Hanxing.

Countless swords, which had been raining down, merged into a single blade and clashed with the Sword of Blazing Sun, intended to destroy it from within.

“Freezing Ice.” The second sword was launched, emanating cold that was seemingly about to freeze souls. The Sword of Freezing Ice streaked forward, conjuring frost as it went along. The flow of sword wills around it slowed down and Li Hanxing seemed to have been covered with a sheet of frost.

Li Hanxing’s body spun and threw a dazzling flash of the meteor. Countless sword will in the air melded into a beam of dazzling light as it tore through space.

Ye Futian remained standing where he was silently. His moved his hand and had both Swords of Raging Storm and Blitzing Thunder shot out. They streaked through their air. The Sword of Raging Storms cut right through Li Hanxing’s sword and the Sword of Blitzing Thunder closed in. Li Hanxing’s face turned pale.

Boom! A rumble was heard as his body seemed like it was about explode. The lightning flashes consumed his body and that mighty one from the Ziwei Sword Clan sported startled looks.

However, Ye Futian’s sword did not destroy Li Hanxing and had simply sent him flying far away. He then spitted quite a bit of blood.

Ye Futian, on the other hand, never budged throughout the fight.

Zuo Zhengdao made his move right afterwards, turning into a beam of burning golden light, heading towards Ye Futian like a god of war. His moved like a bolt of lightning and was emanating overbearing will of the great path throughout his body, intending to crush everything in his path.

The four swords appeared and yet, Zuo Zhengdao did not flinch at all. He turned into golden lightning and continued to streak through the air.

The swords came soon enough and the wills of the great path from both sides clashed. The space was rattled and Zuo Zhengdao looked like a true god of war, with the swords seemingly incapable of breaking through him. He actually intended to take Ye Futian’s swords head-on.

That scene excited countless. Zuo Zhengdao might have proven capable of fighting Ye Futian toe-to-toe after all.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian finally moved. He stepped out and the air seemed to rattle as he did, with his immediate vicinity shrouded in his might.

Many saw Ye Futian took one sword with both hands and descended from above. The heavy sword was brought down as their surroundings howled.

Zuo Zhengdao felt the looming pressure and his expression finally changed. He roared angrily and turned into a golden god of war, continuing to charge into the air.

Ye Futian’s sword came.


A stifling rumble was heard and as expected, Zuo Zhengdao’s body dropped from the sky.

Boom…the platform was shaken as Zuo Zhengdao’s body hit the ground below, feeling as if his internal organs had all been ruptured as blood came spilling from his mouth.

Qin Cang took to the air and his body disappeared from where he stood right away. He appeared right above Ye Futian at the very next moment, shooting out with his palm attacks right onto Ye Futian.

Ye Futian threw his hand at the attacks, cutting through the palm strikes as if his hand was a sword itself.

However, Qin Cang disappeared right away and appearing somewhere else, again, throwing down his palm attacks.

It all happened in an instant, and the spectators saw the space being filled with Qin Cang’s silhouette everywhere. Every single attack seemed to be imbued with the power of the great path, tearing the air apart as they flew at Ye Futian.

“Return.” Boundless sword will circled around Ye Futian, capable of tearing anything that had gotten near apart.

His body spun at the very next moment. Countless flashes of the sword howled at the same time in an instant, shrouding the sky and the flashes of the sword were seen everywhere.

Boom, boom, boom…the huge palm attacks continued to rage on. Sword will filled the air in that very next instant. Regardless how Qin Cang dodged, he was forced to take Ye Futian’s sword head-on.

Raging aura coursed around his body, merging with the great path. His palm attacks shot in a frenzy to resist the sword wills, tearing them apart.

Yet, at the very next moment, he saw a mirage and sensed extremely scorching sword will.

He roared and his hands were thrown out with earth-shattering might. A sword was lashed out, cutting through space and shattering the palm attack. The flash of the sword emerged and his face was frozen with shock. His heart raced and he felt as if he was about to asphyxiate.

The flash of the sword came and went before him in an instant. Time and space seemed to have been halted. Qin Cang’s body shuddered as he extended a trembling hand, touching his brow from top to bottom, finding a shallow gash.

The sword was not brought down on him.

Qin Cang took one look at the streak of blood on his fingertips and looked up at Ye Futian. He thought that he had been invincible below Saint Plane in all of Dali. He also proven that with his efforts in the battle.

Yet, there was an extraordinary swordsman appearing out of nowhere right before him.

“None in all of the Nine Counties of Dali are able to take on your sword indeed.” Qin Cang turned around and left, looking somewhat dejected.

Countless eyes gazed at that handsome swordsman standing in the air at that moment.

None in the Nine Counties of Dali were able to withstand a single attack from his sword.

Ye Futian did not concern himself with the opinions of the people. He turned his eyes at the ones from the Sword Mountain and said, “I, the Seventh Swordsman, wish to challenge the Sword Mountain.”

The Seventh Swordsman seemed to have seen nothing, but the way forward with his sword!