The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103 The Chosen One

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In Emperor Li’s City, there was a very famous main street called Emperor Li Avenue.

This avenue was the absolute center of Emperor Li’s City as well as the busiest ever place of the boundless Emperor Li Dynasty.

On both sides of the Emperor Li Avenue, that was to say the outlying district of the Emperor Li’s Palace, located residential villas whose owners were probably the most prominent figures of the Great Li Dynasty.

There was a joke that even the Doctrine Saint of the first level of Saint Plane must behave himself and act humble when walking on the Emperor Li Avenue.

Because any young person that came out of the revenue might become a figure that ordinary saints didn’t want to mess up with.

It sounded like a joke, but if one knew whom the villas near the Emperor Li Avenue belonged to, he might not feel it funny.

The Emperor Li Dynasty ruled over both the Upper and Lower Worlds, and its control to the Great Li was much firmer than in the Emperor Xia’s Realm; the neighborhood of the Emperor Li Avenue was where the true corridors of power in the Great Li located.

There was one advisor and four kings in the Great Li, and on the two sides of the Emperor Li Avenue, three kings and the advisor lived here.

Advisor referred to the Imperial Advisor of the Great Li, and the Imperial Advisor’s Residence was in the district of the Emperor Li Avenue.

Besides Imperial Advisor, three out of the four powerful kings also had mansions here.

The King Li Residence was one, but King Li only assisted Emperor Li to govern the Lower Worlds. He had supreme power in the Lower Worlds, but in fact, King Li was considered as the weakest among the four kings; his influence in the Upper Worlds was far less than other kings’, and so was his strength.

The other three kings were legendary beings of the Nirvana state, all in the ultimate level of Saint Plane.

Prince Regent, the uncle of today’s Great Li Dynasty ruler Emperor Li, once had been in power before Emperor Li was enthroned and now assisted the emperor to rule the Great Li Dynasty. As a venerable senior politician of the Great Li, even though he had retired from politics, Emperor Li still remembered his accomplishments and had not deprived him of the title of Prince Regent.

Among all royal members, Prince Regent had an extremely high rank and numerous followers; even Emperor Li attended his celebrating birthday parties in person. So you would know, the Xiao Clan in Emperor Xia’s Realm was not comparable with him.

In addition to Prince Regent and King Li, another king also had his mansion located in this district.

King White, the head of all three forces in Emperor Li’s Realm, ranked even higher than the Sacred General of Tian in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Few could compare with King White in terms of noble status in Emperor Li’s Realm.

However, the Imperial Advisor was one of them.

So was King Tiandao, the most powerful among the four kings, and the one who was in charge of the Western Army for Emperor Li.

People in the Great Li said that among the four kings, the King Li ruled the Lower Worlds but was the weakest, Prince Regent had the most prestigious status and was most respected, but speaking of power and strength, King Tiandao was the strongest. He was Emperor Li’s elder brother; if succession to the Great Li throne had been decided by birth order, King Tiandao would have been the one who inherited the throne.

Once King Tiandao had been considered to be the one who inherited the Great Li Dynasty, but later Emperor Li caught up from behind and became the one who sat firmly on the throne.

The reason was that Emperor Li was qualified to do so. He made his breakthrough and entered the Renhuang Plane successfully; there was no voice against him in the Great Li.

In the world of cultivation, real strength spoke loudest.

Of course, even so, King Tiandao’s power in the Great Li was still terrifying; it was only him who dared to directly challenge the Imperial Advisor.

In order to revive the spirit of Martial Arts, the imperial Advisor established the prominent Dali National Academy. Emperor Li devoted all his efforts to promote it, and royal members all joined the Dali Academy to cultivate. The Imperial Advisor of the Great Li served as the dean in person and cultivated numerous excellent figures for the Great Li Dynasty. It was now considered as the top one cultivation holy land in the Great Li.

The Dali National Academy was also located on the Emperor Li Avenue.

King Tiandao envied that Emperor Li paid too much attention to the Imperial Advisor and was afraid the Imperial Advisor would gain a status second only to the one on the throne, so he also established Daoli Mountain on the land of the West.

Now Daoli Mountain had become a holy land of the West and cultivated numerous outstanding figures for the Western Army, as if it was trying to compete with the Dali National Academy.

So, people of the Great Li said, inside there was the Imperial Advisor, and outside there was King Daoli. Even though they two had conflicts, the displeasure would not affect either their positions in the Great Li capital or the contributions they had made to the Great Li.

Emperor Li was also fully aware of their achievements, but he intentionally let alone their competition because such benign rivalry would be no harm to the Great Li.

In fact, he hoped King Li was also capable to build up a holy land such as the Dali National Academy or Daoli Mountain.

It was just that the gap between the Lower and Upper Worlds was way too huge. Even the whole Upper Worlds was not able to compete with Dali National Academy or Daoli Mountain.

But now, Ye Futian had been arranged by Princess Li You, the daughter of King Li, to stay on the busiest street of the Great Li, Emperor Li Avenue, where numerous top figures lived.

In Emperor Li’s Realm, the Avenue referred not only to the street itself but also to the neighborhood around the street.

At this moment, Ye Futian lived alone in a villa on the Emperor Li Avenue and concentrated on cultivation. Li You had thought about arranging a maid to take care of him, but he declined. Since it might be an inconvenience during his cultivation, and according to the Seventh Sword’s personality, he was supposed to act in this way, Li You did not mind.

Ye Futian squeezed his eyes shut, and his soul traveled an infinite distance away, to Emperor Xia’s Palace where Black Wind Condor was with Xia Qingyuan.

Files were pilled up high in front of Black Wind Condor. He flipped them page by page and carefully browsed these files which recorded all had happened in the Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Soon, Ye Futian came to know where he was, the very center of the Great Li.

After finishing reading, Black Wind Condor flapped its wings; a wind rose up and closed the files. He lifted his head and looked at Xia Qingyuan with a pair of pitch-black eyes.

“You live on the Emperor Li Avenue?” Xia Qingyuan asked, staring at Black Wind Condor. It was so fast; last time he said he was in the Palace of King Li in the Lower Worlds of Great Li, and now he had already reached the center of the Great Li.

“Yes,” Black Wind Condor nodded, and said in Ye Futian’s tone, “Lü Chuan, people of Sword Mountain and the Prince and Princess of the King Li residence all value me and are not suspicious. The daughter of King Li has arranged me to stay in the district of Emperor Li Avenue. Maybe I will start my cultivation from now on.”

“You really have some abilities,” Xia Qingyuan said coldly, “you haven’t told me what you want, when you will come back.”

“In the Great Li, nothing is in my control. What do you expect me to do? Now I can only do what I can do and see how it goes, but don’t worry, Princess, now my identity is as a swordsman-in-training, and I have no conflict with anyone else; nobody is targeting me. There is not much difference between cultivating in Emperor Xia’s Realm or in the Great Li. As for how long, maybe one year, maybe ten years, I have no idea, either,” said Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan became even colder after hearing what being said from the Black Wind Condor’s mouth. This bastard was going to stay for ten years there?

He didn’t even stay that long in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

“Whatever you want to do, don’t be rash. And, be careful of the Imperial Advisor,” Xia Qingyuan reminded him, “it is said that the Imperial Advisor of the Great Li is extremely knowledgeable and skillful. He cultivates in tens of thousands of ways, even including Astrology; he was able to see the past and the future. Maybe it is just an exaggeration, but my father said he is really very dangerous. Even though your illusion could dupe my father, you should still always be careful.”

“Thank you for your care, Princess,” Ye Futian said.

“Care?” Xia Qingyuan looked at the Black Wind Condor’s eyes with coldness and said in an aloof tone, “I just don’t want you to die outside. No one will bury your body.”

“Sorry for bringing concern to you, Princess. Time to go. I will come back if anything happens.” After he said that, Black Wind Condor’s eyesight changed. Xiao Qingyuan knew Ye Futian had left; frost spread all over her face as if her mood was not good. He would come to her if anything happened?


Releasing the coldness from her body, she moved her palm and struck it on the head of Black Wind Condor, directly crushing him to the ground.

“Eeeeeee…” the Black Wind Condor let out a piercing cry and climbed up, staring at Xia Qingyuan in anger.

“What are you looking at?” Xia Qingyuan asked with coldness.

“Not looking at you anyway,” the Black Wind Condor said, but obviously there was a lack of pride in his voice. He turned around and strutted away, unwilling to submit and kept groaning to himself, “the Princess Peacock is much cuter than you.”

Lord Condor had some nostalgia when he thought about the time he flirted with Kong Xuan in the Empty Realm. This princess was too fierce to mess up with.

“Xiao Qing,” Xia Qingyuan called the name. Suddenly strong gusts of wind rose, and from the sky, a Cyan Argusianus Holy Beast swooped down on the Black Wind Condor.

“What…” said Lord Condor. Panicked, he let loose his wings and ran for his life; she was such a bully.

Soon, the poor Black Wind Condor was ridden by the Cyan Argusianus and beaten like hell.

The sound of screaming and pleading echoed in the Princess’s mansion.

Lord Condor swore, one day, he would ride on their backs, too.

The Imperial Advisor Residence, Emperor Li Avenue, the Great Li.

Lü Chuan had been waiting in the front of a palace since he came back.

At this moment, a figure in a Taoist gown showed up; it was the Imperial Advisor who came back from the Imperial Palace.


“Mister Advisor.”

Lü Chuan and others made salutes in a differential manner.

“How was your trip?” the Imperial Advisor asked.

“Master…” Lü Chuan told him everything that had happened in the Lower Worlds from beginning to end and said, “it seems that the Seventh Sword is wholeheartedly pursuing swordsmanship and has an extreme personality. The Sword Saint of Shadow Bearing wants to recruit him, so I didn’t get involved, but if the Seventh Sword chooses not to join Swrod Mountain, do you think we should invite him to cultivate in the Dali National Academy, Master?”

“Let Sword Mountain move first,” the Imperial Advisor said, “and, you spread the word that I will recruit one more direct disciple.”

Lü Chuan paused a second; other people also got strange looks in their eyes. The Imperial Advisor was the dean of the Dali National Academy, but in fact, he only had very few direct disciples, and his disciples were all extremely prominent figures.

In the Great Li, as long as one could become a disciple of the Imperial Advisor, his future was destined to be a brilliant one, but of course, there were exceptions such as Xiang Yuanjin who died on the battlefield of the Empty Realm.

“Yes, Master,” Lü Chuan bowed to him, “now I should leave if you excuse me.”

“All right,” the Imperial Advisor nodded, so Lü Chuan and others left.

After they were gone, the Imperial Advisor of the Great Li looked up to the sky. The positions of celestial bodies had changed; the fate of the Great Li was also revolving around a star, transforming.

He thought to himself, “the chosen one has showed up!”