The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1105

Chapter 1105 Do Not Care About The Rules

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Someone had come and was standing outside Dali Academy, challenging people to fight and talking about seeking the Path. Although many people inside Dali Academy scorned him, they did not care about him and thought that he was nothing more than someone who was trying to please the public with his claptrap. He was doing this because all he wanted to do was enter Dali Academy to cultivate, nothing more. But some powerful figures walked out of the academy and gave a bit of attention to him. If he wanted to seek the Path, they would fulfill his wish.

Before long, someone else had moved against Ye Futian. A student from Dali Academy who was good at manipulating space rule power attacked him directly, turning himself into a shadow and moving extremely quickly. It was nearly impossible even to get a glimpse of him. His attack power was extreme.

Ye Futian was still only using one sword at a time. His swordsmanship was about to reach its peak, and his speed at drawing his sword, when combined with his natural speed, was simply frightening. He was able to block the disciple of Dali Academy’s attack completely. In the end, his sword slashed through the air, and the disciple of Dali Academy fell in defeat.

Many people decided then and there that this swordsman who had come seeking the Path was incredibly powerful. And why did he have seven swords in front of him? Could it be that they represented seven different kinds of swordsmanship?

For each fight, he only drew one sword. Did that mean he was not using his full power in any of the battles?

Before long, the third challenger attacked, seemingly to confirm everyone’s suspicions. Ye Futian still only used one sword to defeat the man from Dali Academy who was attacking him. This swordsman who had come seeking the Path had won three times.

For a time, the disciples of Dali Academy all had solemn expressions on their faces. It seemed that this swordsman had not just come to boast emptily, but had truly come to seek the Path and to use the disciples of Dali Academy to hone his swordsmanship.

At that moment, a young man wearing golden robes stood among the crowd. His features were sharp as a sword. His deep eyes flashed with different kinds of light that constantly changed.

“Seventh Swordsman.” His eyes flashed with cold light as he smiled. He looked at the figures behind him and then strode forward out of the crowd. A strange look came over the faces of the disciples from Dali Academy as they saw him come forward. For a time, all became quieter. This person was at least moderately famous in Dali Academy.

“Your swords are not bad.” The man who had walked forward swept his gaze over Ye Futian’s swords. “But what gives you the guts to dare to come to Dali Academy and taunt us? I will give you ten seconds to get out of here.” When they heard this, everyone looked a bit confused. They had thought he had gone forward to fight. They would never have imagined he would directly ask the swordsman to get out of there. But when they remembered who he was, they all felt relieved. This was just his usual style.

His surname was Li. This was the surname of the Imperial House in Emperor Li’s City. He was Li Xuan, a third-generation member of the house of the Prince Regent and the Prince Regent’s grandson.

When he heard what Li Xuan had said, Ye Futian’s eyes grew as sharp as swords. He swept his gaze over his opponent. He was familiar with his golden robes; he had seen then in Emperor Li’s Palace. Seeing his opponent’s arrogant demeanor, he could sort of guess at his history.

He was a prince of the Li house. Of course, in Emperor Li’s City, and particularly at Dali Academy, there was nothing strange about running into someone from the Imperial Family.

“If you can defeat me while I wield the sword in my hand, then I will get out of here,” Ye Futian said to Li Xuan.

Li Xuan looked at Ye Futian with a bit of mockery in his eyes. His look was full of contempt. He was like someone who had been destined to rule others, mocking a toy that he held in his hand.

Boom! A violent aura burst forth from Li Xuan, and a group of golden afterimages appeared, stretching out his body. It was like there were countless Li Xuans who had all appeared at the same time. The foremost Li Xuan appeared right in front of Ye Futian and reached out for him. At that moment, all the swords in front of Ye Futian trembled and resonated together. Not only that, but Ye Futian also felt like his swords were about to be shattered into pieces. Moreover, the space where he was standing was subjected to a ferocious binding power and a terrible shattering power. It seemed like he was about to be crushed.

Ye Futian drew his sword, and in a flash, lightning swept out, raging wildly in the air like the light of catastrophe. His sword had given birth to the ultimate catastrophe. Purple lightning appeared before Ye Futian, and space itself seemed to split as his power collided with the oncoming attack.

Boom! Crack! There was a loud noise as his opponent’s arms seemed to turn golden and slammed into his sword. The sword struck his hand, but he felt the almost saintlike power of his opponent.

Boom! His opponent’s arms continued forward and smashed everything, including his sword. His arms seemed to have been forged out of divine implements. He had come seeking the Path, but Li Xuan had not taken this as a training battle. Otherwise, he would not have used the power of a divine implement.

When he felt the terrible destructive power in his opponent’s hands, Ye Futian left behind many afterimages as he retreated. At the same time, his will spread out from him, and sword will shrieked as a great sword appeared in his hands.

Boom! Ye Futian suddenly stopped retreating, then stepped forward. Li Xuan felt as if he had stepped right on his heart. In the next moment, the great sword whistled forward. It was incomparably heavy as it smashed into his hand.

A loud noise rang out as the great sword left a mark in Li Xuan’s hand. Even though he had a divine implement there, his arm still trembled violently, and he felt like it was going to break off. He was thrown backward, but Ye Futian continued forward with the great sword following behind him. Li Xuan’s heart beat wildly as heavy sword wills struck towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Violent impacts rang out one by one. Li Xuan was driven backward, his feet scraping along the ground until he finally stopped. The great sword disappeared, and Ye Futian gave him a cold look. Li Xuan lowered his arms, but they were still trembling slightly. That had obviously been extremely difficult for him to bear.

A figure appeared behind Li Xuan, but he seemed not to see it. He was just looking up at Ye Futian. A sarcastic look flashed in his eyes, and his mouth curled into a wicked grin. He spat out a command, “Kill him!”

“Kill him!” These words that came out of his mouth had a chilling effect. This was not a joke. Even many of the people from Dali Academy were shocked by what he had said.

This swordsman had directly challenged Dali Academy, but had phrased it as “seeking the Path.” Even though that was a little bit disrespectful, Dali Academy could defeat him in battle to save face. Just giving him a beating would be enough to get their revenge.

And ordering a Saint level figure to kill him after being defeated was not something to be proud of. After all, Li Xuan was someone of particularly high status. Being a disciple of Dali Academy proved you were of high status, and moreover, Li Xuan was a member of the Imperial family. What Li Xuan was doing went beyond what was right and proper. But it seemed that his opponent had been reckless and arrogant all along. For someone of Li Xuan’s status, killing a mere swordsman who had come seeking the Path was not something that he would be held accountable for.

The Saint level figure behind Li Xuan suddenly moved to carry out his order. He moved so quickly that it seemed as if there was no distance between them. In a flash, Ye Futian felt a powerful force bearing down on him. A giant golden hand pressed towards him, seemingly invincible. As the hand pressed down, it was like the apocalypse. Ye Futian felt like everything in the area was going to be crushed, and it was difficult to even breath.

A Saint level cultivator had directly gotten involved. And he was definitely a killer. There was no trace of hesitation. If Li Xuan had ordered him to kill, he would kill.

Although he had been full of confidence and carelessness ever since he had come to Emperor Li’s Realm, Ye Futian had not meant to offend anyone too much, nor had he intended to create any conflicts of interest between himself and them. He had seemed wild, but in reality, he had been quite cautious to prevent powerful Saints from acting against him. He had come to Dali Academy, not admitting that he challenged them, but instead saying that he had come to seek the Path. It was all very regular.

The students of Dali Academy were known as the best and the brightest of Emperor Li’s City. The foremost holy land in Emperor Li’s Realm would naturally want to save face, and thus would not try to do anything to him. But there could always be some accident or some person who did not care about the rules and had no morality at all.

An example was Li Xuan. This was the first time that Ye Futian had met him, but his eyes were already full of mockery and scorn. After he had been defeated, he had immediately asked his Saint to kill him.

As far as Ye Futian was concerned, things had gone from bad to worse. He had already attracted the attention of a powerful figure, and he had not even reached the true center of the Dali Dynasty yet. Without revealing his identity, there would be those who would try to kill him.

At that moment, his will flared up wildly, and a great sword appeared before him and shot towards the giant hand that was pressing down towards him.

Boom! There was a loud noise that seemed so violent that it would shake the sky until it collapsed. The golden hand that smashed through the air destroyed everything in its path, including the great sword. It continued downward, and Ye Futian was sent flying, giving off a muffled cry. But he had withstood the assault.

His eyes went cold, and a terrible storm of sword will erupted around him as he glared at his opponent.

When facing Saint level figures in Emperor Li’s Realm, he could not use the Halberd of Time and Space as he had in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Otherwise, he would be revealed. Nor could he use other extremely powerful divine implements. If a lone swordsman who had come from the Lower Realm brought out an extremely high-level divine implement, there would be something wrong with that. And so, Ye Futian could not even draw upon the power of a divine implement to fight this Saint.

Ye Futian stared at his opponent, then glanced at Li Xuan far away. He stood there calmly, quietly watching the battlefield. Or rather, he was watching Ye Futian.

The Seventh Swordsman had come outside Dali Academy to seek the Path? Who did he think he was? Even though the Lower Realms had shown their unparalleled strength at Emperor Li’s Palace, now that one of them had fallen into his hands, he would not be polite!