The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1106

Chapter 1106 Use Your Sword

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The Saint level cultivator saw Ye Futian block his attack and could not help but feel slightly surprised. Those at the level of the Divine Path were so powerful. Ye Futian was just an enlightened Sage. The gap between them should have been enormous.

He stepped forward, and the majesty of the Great Path swept down, pressing on Ye Futian. Even the many cultivators who were surrounding them and observing the battle could feel the invisible force. But since they were outside of Dali Academy at the moment, the Saint controlled the scope of his power. He did not dare to let loose and break anything. He flooded his will into his hand, and another palm print smashed down from the sky, even stronger than the last one.

Ye Futian looked up and felt that the palm print crashing down above him would crush everything in the area. A suffocating pressure descended. If it had been someone at the peak of the Sage level facing this, they would probably have trouble even moving.

But he did not retreat. Ye Futian moved his hands, and suddenly, his sword will transformed, forming numerous great swords. A dozen or so swords appeared before him, and each one was filled with vast power.

Boom! Ye Futian took a step into the air, and suddenly, one of the great swords cut through the sky, piercing through the void as it swept through everything. It rushed towards the oncoming handprint to withstand its mighty power.

Boom! He took another step and clapped his hands together with enough force to collapse mountains. Suddenly, all the great swords shot through the air one by one, each one following the last. The palm print descended, and a loud sound rang out. The great sword at the front was immediately destroyed. The giant hand pressed down with incredible speed, and booming sounds rang out continuously as the air itself trembled violently. Great sword after great sword was destroyed, but the hand did slow a bit, and slight cracks appeared in it.

Rumble! Woosh! Ye Futian took a step forward. The last great sword shot through the sky and finally sliced through the hand. But at the same time, the Saint stepped forward and descended directly above Ye Futian. This swordsman might be so strong that he could destroy a Saint-level palm print, but destroying a palm print was all that he had managed to do. The Saint’s hand pressed down like a millstone, and suddenly, a frightening golden storm appeared, destroying everything below it.

“Go.” Ye Futian pointed up into the sky, and suddenly, all the sword will surrounding him shot up into the air. The swords shone brightly, and everything between heaven and earth seemed to be filled with swords. There was no trace of Ye Futian.

“Illusory Swords?” The Saint level cultivator was uncertain. The golden storm continued to press downward, and the illusory swords were violently destroyed.

Devastating pressure descended on Ye Futian that tried to shock him back down to the ground. But as he fell back, Ye Futian reached out with his hand, and suddenly another sword appeared. As he pulled out the sword, his figure disappeared from where it had been. He firmly cut through the pressure that was coming from his opponent and managed to escape.

At that same time, Li Xuan felt a strong sense of threat descending. In the next instant, he saw Ye Futian waving his blade of light off in the distance. In a flash, he appeared before him, swift as a cloud and smooth as water. This was spatial swordsmanship.

Sword will billowed from Ye Futian, and Li Xuan went flying backward. But he could not outrun a sword. He could only stretch out his hands and clap them in front of him. His eyes were cold. Did he want to take care of him in a single instant?

A divine implement protected his body, and a divine implement also covered his hands as he grabbed Ye Futian’s sword. The sword slammed into his hands. Li Xuan tried to yank it away, but he only saw golden light flashing by. The sword pierced through his hands and cut open his defensive light curtain, plunging towards his throat.

In a flash, Li Xuan felt a bit of coldness at his throat. He suddenly stopped moving his hands. His body stayed in that strange posture as he stiffened up. At the same time, the Saint stepped forward and landed close beside them. He had felt it when Ye Futian had slashed him with his sword, but it had only slowed him down a little. As long as Li Xuan could block his sword, it would give him enough time. But clearly, Li Xuan could not block even a single blow.

As the disciples of Dali Academy beheld this scene, they all looked shocked. While facing that assault of a Saint level cultivator, he had fled the battlefield and with a single sword stroke, had gained mastery over Li Xuan’s life and death. That sword could truly be called amazing. This swordsman who had come to Dali Academy to seek the Path was truly formidable.

“Let him go.” The Saint stepped forward. Ye Futian did not turn to look at him. Sword will billowed out from him as the tip of his sword touched the skin of Li Xuan’s throat. With only a slight movement, he could pierce through his throat and end his life.

Li Xuan tilted his head slightly. His face did not seem too disturbed as he felt the coldness at his throat. He slowly put down his hands and lowered his head, but he still stared at Ye Futian with eyes full of coldness and pride. He was indeed worthy of being called matchless in the Lower Realms. He had defeated the swordsman of Sword Mountain and was able to control him with a single sword. That was amazing.

“My name is Li.” Li Xuan stared at Ye Futian as he said this. “That is a good sword you have there. Take it away from me, and I will let you leave.”

Ye Futian kept his sword in place. He looked at Li Xuan and said, “Why did you attack me?”

“How could I let Dali Academy be so easily humiliated?” said Li Xuan proudly.

Ye Futian saw that his opponent had remained calm all along, especially when giving the order to kill him. This was not because he had taunted Dali Academy. Moreover, he had come seeking the Path and had said nothing humiliating. If Li Xuan were genuinely thinking of Dali Academy’s honor, he would not have had a Saint try to kill him after losing.

Li Xuan was lying. But this was his first time meeting him, and there was no conflict of interest between them. Then why would he try to kill him?

However, judging by Li Xuan’s attitude, it would probably be impossible to ask him the reason. And in any case, it would be meaningless to do so.

“Let him go.” The Saint stepped forward again. His aura was frightening. Sword wills swirled around Ye Futian, and he moved the sword forward, pressing it bit by bit into Li Xuan’s throat. He looked back at the Saint and said, “If you take another step forward, I can’t promise you that my sword won’t pierce through his throat.” Blood trickled down Li Xuan’s neck. He felt the coldness there, and his eyes changed a little bit, going very cold.

“If you don’t take your sword away, I can’t promise that you will leave here alive today,” Li Xuan said. As he said this, his throat grew colder, and the sword pressed further in. His skin crawled, and his face went a little pale. He gazed fixedly at Ye Futian.

“I promise that you will die before me,” said Ye Futian coldly. “Also, someone who called in a Saint to help him after he had already lost’s promises have no weight. So, you can shut up now.” Li Xuan obediently shut up. The sword was already in his throat; if it went any further, it would kill him. He could do nothing but close his mouth.

All was suddenly silent outside Dali Academy. A group of figures flew through the sky. The headmaster of the academy had heard the news and had hurried over. As the people arrived and saw the scene before them, their faces changed. Although this Li Xuan was not an outstanding cultivator there at Dali Academy, he was still surnamed Li. If he died here, it would certainly bring them no end of trouble. But that swordsman’s sword did not move even a hair. He stood there still. They seemed to have entered a stalemate.

Ye Futian did not know what would happen after he let Li Xuan go. So, before he could guarantee his safety, his sword would not leave Li Xuan’s throat.

“Li Xuan has wronged you in this matter, but why don’t you let him go first?” the Saint of Dali Academy said to Ye Futian.

“I have heard that Dali Academy is the best holy land for cultivating in Dali. That is why I came here to seek the Path. However, after I defeated this man, he ordered a Saint to kill me. I had no choice but to do this. I ask you, elder, if I let him go, will you swear on the honor of Dali Academy that you will guarantee my safety?” asked Ye Futian.

The Saint was silent for a moment after Ye Futian had said his piece. Li Xuan had a special status. He was a descendant of the Prince Regent. If he wanted to retaliate against Ye Futian, the Saint would have no power to ensure Ye Futian’s safety. He naturally did not dare to swear this on Dali Academy’s good name. Thus, he could only be silent.

“When a man is angered, the bloodshed he causes spreads far beyond him. And if you cannot guarantee my safety here, then you will be burying Li Xuan with me,” continued Ye Futian. He kept waiting.

Li Xuan’s face finally darkened. Was what the Seventh Swordsman meant was that if no one could absolutely guarantee his safety, he would kill him?

Many of the people in Dali Academy secretly praised the swordsman. When he was angered, he would spread bloodshed. Li Xuan’s actions had indeed been too much. If this swordsman had been a little bit weaker, he would be dead. However, other than the most powerful figures of Dali Academy or a great figure from the Prince Regent’s household, anyone who tried to guarantee Ye Futian’s safety would be talking nonsense.

“Are you the Seventh Swordsman who came up from Emperor Li’s Palace with Lu Chuan and the others?” asked one of the elders of Dali Academy.

“Yes,” answered Ye Futian. A look of surprise suddenly came over everyone’s faces. The one who Li Xuan had tried to kill was the foremost of those chosen from the Lower Worlds by Lu Chuan. It was said that Sword Mountain wanted to take him as a disciple. Some people reported this within Dali Academy. This was going to be troublesome.

Outside the academy, all still seemed very calm. Two people stood in the middle of it all, not moving a muscle. At that moment, a line of figures stepped forward.

“Greetings, Brother Yan.” The disciples of Dali Academy bowed to the one who was coming one by one, their gazes full of respect. Those who had come from afar to visit the college also gazed worshipfully at him.

It was the great disciple of the Imperial Advisor: Yan Yuan. Now, the matter that was facing Dali Academy was basically up to him to decide. The Imperial Advisor was a headmaster of Dali Academy. All the cultivators of the academy could thus call Yan Yuan their sworn brother.

Yan Yuan already knew what was going on. He walked in front of Li Xuan and Ye Futian and looked at the two of them. Then he said to Li Xuan, “Li Xuan, you were the one who started this. How do you plan to solve it?”

“Brother Yan, if he removes his sword, I won’t kill him,” said Li Xuan.

Yan Yuan looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian said, “I don’t believe him.”

“He doesn’t believe you. How can you assure him?” Yan Yuan asked Li Xuan.

“If he doesn’t believe me, what can I do?” Li Xuan’s face grew ugly.

“Since there’s no way to solve this, we’re at a stalemate. So, Seventh Swordsman, use your sword,” continued Yan Yuan. As he said this, everyone’s gaze froze on him. He had asked the Seventh Swordsman to use his sword.

Li Xuan went pale. Did he want the two of them to die together? How could the Seventh Swordsman’s life be worth as much as his?