The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 Ulterior Motives

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A strange expression came over Ye Futian’s face. He was shocked.

Yan Yuan was the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, and a Saint at the third tier of the Divine Path, Unblemished Holiness. According to the records at Emperor Xi’as Palace, it was highly likely that he was at the peak of this level.

Li Xuan was of the blood of Dali. He had been brought here to the Upper Worlds by Li Xuan’s sworn brother Lu Chuan to cultivate. No matter which way he looked at it, Yan Yuan should be trying to mediate a solution, not asking him to use his sword. If he used his sword, there was only one possible outcome: both he and Li Xuan would die.

Ye Futian glanced over Yan Yuan and saw that he was wearing only a simple robe. His was like brilliant jade, and his figure was slender and elegant. At that moment, his eyes were calm, without even a hint of disturbance. It was like what he had said was the most normal thing in the world. But Ye Futian and even those people in and around Dali Academy who were watching did not know why he had told Ye Futian to use his sword.

“He wants to kill you, and now you have him. You can’t escape, and he can’t guarantee your life. With such a deadlock, why are you still hesitating?” Yan Yuan looked at Ye Futian as he spoke. It was as if he were trying to provoke him.

“What you have said makes sense,” answered Ye Futian. His sword will shrieked, and his arm moved slightly as he continued pressing the point of his sword into Li Xuan’s throat. That action caused Li Xuan to go pale.

“Wait!” he cried out. Ye Futian’s sword stopped, and he looked at him. Li Xuan’s face was extremely dark as he stared at Ye Futian. “You may not be able to trust me, but can you trust Dali Academy?”

“I can,” answered Ye Futian without hesitation.

“Brother Yan.” Li Xuan turned his gaze to Yan Yuan. He was scared enough that he was willing to concede and turn over negotiations to Yan Yuan.

“Seventh Swordsman, what will it take to make you put down your sword?” Yan Yuan asked Ye Futian.

“Guarantee that I will live.” Ye Futian’s words were simple yet forceful. He was using his sword to preserve his own life.

“That is simple enough.” Yan Yuan turned towards Li Xuan and said, “Li Xuan, I can make this guarantee for you on Dali Academy’s good name, but if you can’t do this, then what should we do?”

Li Xuan stared at Ye Futian and saw his cold eyes. He knew what kind of beast this Seventh Swordsman was. He would not do anything by half measures. He would not put down his sword.

“I swear on my life.” Li Xuan’s voice was hoarse but icy.

“Excellent.” Yan Yuan nodded. “In that case, I swear on the honor of Dali Academy that if you put down your sword, Li Xuan will not pursue this matter any further. Otherwise, it will be equivalent to Li Xuan trampling on the good name of Dali University. He has offered up his life as a guarantee. Is this enough for you?”

“It’s not just Li Xuan. If the man behind him pursues this matter, it will be equivalent to Li Xuan doing so,” said Ye Futian. A surprised look came over the faces of everyone watching. This swordsman’s combat ability was extraordinary, but they had not expected him to be so careful. He had not given Li Xuan any chance to get revenge.

“Very well.” Li Xuan’s voice was still hoarse.

Ye Futian stared at him and saw that Li Xuan’s eyes were full of cold, murderous intent. But Ye Futian did not care.

“Put down your sword,” said Yan Yuan.

Ye Futian pulled back his sword, and suddenly, the Saint from before flashed over behind Li Xuan, looking at Ye Futian coldly. He was at fault for what had happened. Ye Futian had fled the battle under his attacks and had instead attacked Li Xuan.

His opponent was quite skilled at spatial swordsmanship.

“Let us end the matter here,” said Yan Yuan, then he turned to leave as if nothing had happened. The other Saints of Dali Academy left with him. Li Xuan had sworn it on his life. He would certainly not dare to do anything.

Many of the disciples of Dali Academy watched Yan Yuan leaving and admired him in secret. Yan Yuan telling Ye Futian to use his sword had been a case of making concessions to gain advantages. Since neither of them had been willing to step back, he had to see who would be more firm, and who would compromise. Obviously, Li Xuan had compromised first and had asked him for help.

Li Xuan may have sworn on his life, but it was something that he had sought help from Yan Yuan about. No one had made him do it, so even the Prince Regent could find no fault with what had happened. Li Xuan had lost this conflict without a doubt. He did not dare to trade his life for his enemy’s.

After pulling back his sword, Ye Futian turned to leave. He no longer defended himself. From what he understood of the Imperial Adviser and Dali Academy, even a grandson of the Prince Regent, or even a Prince, would not dare to besmirch Dali Academy’s reputation. Li Xuan had sworn on his life. If he acted against Ye Futian now, he would be seeking his death.

Yan Yuan may have left as if nothing had happened, but Ye Futian did not think that Yan Yuan had handled the situation so well. What it truly that easy to become a top figure at Dali Academy?

“Seventh Swordsman.” At that moment, a voice rang out, and a group of figures flashed over towards him. At their head were Li Yang and Li You.

“My Prince, My Lord,” Ye Futian called to them.

Li Yang and Li You looked at Li Xuan and saw him looking back at them. The Prince Regent and King Li were both of the Four Kings, but the Prince Regent was the elder, and so King Li had to call him Uncle. Thus, from the point of view of seniority, Li Yang, Li You, and the Prince Regent’s grandson Li Xuan were of the same generation. Moreover, he was the direct descendant of two kings, giving him double status.

“Is everything alright?” Li You asked Ye Futian.

“Everything is fine,” Ye Futian answered.

At that moment, Li You’s face grew a bit ugly, and not only because of Ye Futian’s talent. Ye Futian had come from the Lower Worlds. Her father, King Li, was the master of the Lower Worlds. Lu Chuan and the people of Sword Mountain had chosen Ye Futian. In some sense, King Li’s Palace had formed some level of relationship with Ye Futian. Thus, Li You had always been good to Ye Futian because he had come from the Lower Worlds and had outstanding talent. But she knew that the Seventh Swordsman had almost died at Li Xuan’s hands.

The most powerful figure from the Lower Worlds, who was controlled by her father, had almost died so unexpectedly. She was naturally out of sorts. But she still said nothing. She heard Li Xuan say, “Li Yang, Li You, is he one of your people?”

“Master Seventh Swordsman has been invited by Lu Chuan to come up from the Lower Worlds. He is the most powerful figure in the Lower Worlds under our control. Master Shadow Bearing Sword Saint of Sword Mountain invited him to Sword Mountain to cultivate,” she said coldly. “Li Xuan, you almost became a murderer back there. Why?”

Everyone who heard Li You’s words looked shocked. No wonder this swordsman had been so strong and could get to Li Xuan even under the assault of a Saint. He was the foremost figure of the Lower Worlds; the one who Lu Chuan and the others had brought to the Upper Worlds.

Many people knew about Lu Chuan’s affairs in the Lower Worlds. This was why everyone had a look of wonder on their faces. They had thought that this was just a simple surprise attack. However, no, it seemed not to be that simple.

Who was Yan Yuan? He was Lu Chuan’s sworn brother, and the two of them had a close relationship. They valued each other greatly. Since Seventh Swordsman was the one that Lu Chuan had brought to the Upper Worlds, Yan Yuan had probably realized this as soon as he heard his name. However, Yan Yuan had just barely told Seventh Swordsman to use his sword.

From Yan Yuan’s perspective, he was just a mediator and was not trying to help either side. He was trying to solve the issue. But which one of them had Yan Yuan secretly been biased towards? Or maybe he was not biased at all.

What was interesting was whether or not Li Xuan had known that Seventh Swordsman was the person whom Lu Chuan had brought to the Upper Worlds.

If he did know, then that was food for thought.

“That’s how it is?” Li Xuan looked at Li You. “No wonder he had the guts to come to Dali Academy and taunt us. And his swordsmanship is indeed quite good.” On saying this, he placed a hand on his neck to wipe away the blood. There was still pain there, and a feeling of coldness.

“However, I may have promised not to pursue this matter, but he better not do anything else improper, otherwise once I get my hands on him…” Li Xuan’s face was cold. He did not hide his murderous intent at all. “No matter who he is. So, you better keep your distance from him, so you don’t get hurt.” On saying this, Li Xuan cast a cold glance at Ye Futian then walked away. The murderous intent was clear for all to see.

Today, the point of this swordsman’s sword had pricked his throat, threatening his very life. This matter was not over; he would watch this Seventh Swordsman.

Li Yang and Li You looked a bit angry as they watched him leave until he disappeared.

“Master Seventh Swordsman, let us take you back,” said Li You.

Ye Futian nodded. “Thank you.” He was not under threat anymore, but he still did not refuse Li You’s kindness. As for seeking the Path, after the surprise attack, he no longer needed to continue to do so. The group of them left, and the disciples of Dali Academy and the cultivators around the academy dispersed. They all went to look up a certain name: Seventh Swordsman.

Ye Futian flew through the air with Li You and the others. “Who is Li Xuan?” he asked. He had looked up the top powers in Emperor Li’s Realm in the scrolls, but it was impossible to know everyone in the Imperial Family. From the moment that Yan Yuan had told him to use his sword, he had realized that his opponent was not a Prince. He must be another descendant of the Imperial bloodline. But he still did not know his actual identity. He was not of the blood of King Li.

“He is the grandson of the Prince Regent,” said Li You. “Li Xuan always does things very casually and is a bit wanton, but I would never have thought he’d try to kill you.”

“The grandson of the Prince Regent,” Ye Futian thought to himself. No wonder he dared to be so wanton. He had nothing to be afraid of.

“Tell it to me straight. He must have known that I came from the Lower Worlds part of Emperor Li’s Realm, ” said Ye Futian. Li Xuan had not seemed like a man of noble birth to him. He had seemed more like an assassin.

Li Yang and Li You looked surprised when they heard Ye Futian. They looked at each other. If Li Xuan had known, then that could be punishable by death. His Majesty highly regarded the Imperial Adviser, and the people of Dali Imperial City said he only answered to one man. Obviously, in their hearts, he was only inferior to His Majesty.

It was public knowledge that King Tiandao was not happy with this, and thus he was always in conflict with the Imperial Adviser. Everyone in Dali knew this. But the Prince Regent was still very low-key, and over the past few years had gotten involved in very few external affairs. The people of the Prince Regent’s household definitely would have ideas of their own.

Lu Chuan had brought Ye Futian to the Upper Worlds. If Li Xuan knew Ye Futian’s identity but had pretended not to know as he tried to kill him, then he definitely had ulterior motives. He may have been deliberately trying to stir things up!