The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1116

Chapter 1116 Apprenticeship

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Dong Chen was just underneath the might, and the pressure he felt was naturally the strongest.

The radiance on his body was still brilliant, and the thousands of fingers of catastrophe pointed to attack the invisible ancient bell of the Great Path.

But at this moment, the bell and the tripod both hummed. The bell shattered the souls of men, annihilating the divine spirit; The tripod crushed everything, oppressed the physical body, the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant suppressed the Great Path.

Both of Dong Chen’s hands made the mudra, and suddenly, there was a crisp clinking sound from his body. There was a terrible radiance shining upon him. and suddenly the battle form of Vajra appeared, which grew larger and larger reaching as high as hundreds of meters, just like the battle form of the Great Path.

Moreover, the battle form of Vajra gave birth to many arms, and the will of the Great Path flowed, and all the arms simultaneously struck. The immense palms contained horrific mudra method.

The elders of the Dali Academy nodded slightly. Dong Chen was the premier disciple below Saint Plane in the Dali Academy. Now he combined the battle form of will and two other magical means to create a perfect blend of power, exploding amazing power.

Dong Chen, whose comprehension of the cultivation had always been strong, so he could understand the true meaning within.

The Tripod of Dragon and Elephant dropped down and wiped out everything. The great palm of Vajra blasted upon it, and caused a violent hurricane. The clothes of those who were around watching the battle had fluttered uncontrollably, and the might of the Path blasting toward them. Those sages whose realm were lower were blasted backward, and it was difficult for them to remain standing.


Di Hao was still moving forward, and the bell rings shook the sky. The Tripod of Dragon and Elephant, like a divine tripod, with golden rays came out of it, just like the light of the Great Path, directed toward Dong Chen.

At this moment, everyone seemed to be able to perceive just how strong the oppressive force that Dong Chen was enduring; that immense and incomparable Vajra battle form seemed to be on the verge of being crushed.


A loud bang, and numerous lines of light appeared on Dong Chen’s battle form, extending along the battle form toward the arms. Above the sky, numerous arms blasted out at the same time, creating an extremely brilliant golden pattern from which endless brilliance exuded, and collided with the light from the divine tripod; the two forces were jousting with one another.

Di Hao stretched out both of his hands, his robe fluttered, and a mighty aura bloomed from him, which then turned extremely sharp. With his body as the center, there was a sudden storm of sword will, and behind him a glorious golden sword appeared.

“He is also good at swordsmanship?” Everyone looked on with shock.

Di Hao had already released three major life spirits, all of them were martial spirits.

Bell, tripod, sword.

At the moment, he stood on the forum platform like the king of the divine soldiers.

When the sword will was whistling, the infinite sword will once again gathered in front of him. Under the gaze of everyone, the Sword of Kasyapa that was previously used by Seven Sins was once again manifesting.

“Sword of Kasyapa, Di Hao knows it too.” Many disciples of the younger generation were trembling in their hearts and extremely shocked.

Moreover, the Sword of Kasyapa from Di Hao was even stronger than that of the Seven Sins.

Many people showed a look of curiosity. Everyone had thought the battle of the swordsmanship had ended, but no one expected Di Hao was also good at the sword.

However, the sword spirit was only one of Di Hao’s life spirits; of which he had three major ones, and each one of them was extremely aggressive.

If Ye Futian claimed that his previous fight with Seven Sins, there were flaws with Seven Sins, then Di Hao, was undoubtedly, perfect without any faults.

The bell rings suppressed the spiritual willpower, the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant suppressed all things, and now with the rebirth of the swordsmanship, how tyrannical was this strength!

The people of Daoli Mountain appeared calm without any look of surprise. Naturally they knew how strong Di Hao was.

Even Seven Sins, was observing the battle calmly. His own strength was already incredibly strong, there were few rivals below the Saint Plane who could be his equal, and in the entire Dali Imperial City there were hardly anyone who could counter him. This was why he could defeat number two of the Dali Academy, Zuo Zong, with overwhelming advantage.

However, Di Hao was someone that he admired greatly, and was also someone that he felt he could never surpass.

With Di Hao around, everyone else could only fight for the second spot.

Although he was very strong, if he had fought with Di Hao, he would be defeated very badly. Whether it was from the beginning or allowing him to release the sword of the peak, he would be crushed either way. There was no need to stop him from gathering the Sword of Kasyapa as the Seventh Swordsman had done.

“Imperial Advisor, Dong Chen seemed to be under great pressure,” Li Xun said to the man next to him, “I had no idea that uncle had adopted such a powerful godson.”

The Imperial Advisor of Dali looked at the battlefield quietly. The strength of Di Hao was indeed at the apex below Saint Plane. Such ability was nearly invincible.

Swords of Kasyapa now gathered and manifested. Unlike Seven Sins, Di Hao could gather multiple Swords of Kasyapa, and in an instant the swords whistled in the sky.

The bell was still ringing, and the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant was still in a deadlock with Dong Chen, and with such terrifying swordsmanship suppressing, it could only be imagined just how much pressure Dong Chen was facing.


A loud bang, and the many arms of Dong Chen were unleashed at the same time, and the currents upon his body were extremely aggressive. He then went in the direction of Di Hao, not only did he not retreat, but instead he headed toward the other.


Di Hao’s fingers pointed toward the front, and the Sword of Kasyapa penetrated the void, reaching the limit of speed.


At this moment, there were many afterimages appeared in front, and they were all images of Dong Chen, and these images seemed to be as real as could be.


The Swords of Kasyapa whizzed by, and all the afterimages were shattered, and yet other images were constantly condensing and appear, and seemed to be increasing.

Not only that, but above these condensing illusions, there was also an extremely powerful spiritual will.

Di Hao actually felt threatened. Suddenly the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant flew back, and appeared in the area above him. The vastness of the might descended. He continued to move forward, and the bell and the tripod sounded at the same time.

His palms pushed out, and the Swords of Kasyapa that were whistling suddenly ran through the void, and madly slaughtered in the space, wanting to smash and pulverize the space, and destroy all the images of Dong Chen.

Above the Sword of Kasyapa, there was a great murderous intent hidden within; this wasthe powerful murderous will that Di Hao had refined from his experience on the battlefield.



The Vajra battle form exploded from an afterimage, blocking the sword will that was madly attacking. At the same moment, the battle form rushed forward and directly oppressing Di Hao’s true location.

Di Hao showed no fear. The Tripod of Dragon and Elephant descended from the sky, destroyed everything, and blasted toward the battle form. The many arms of the battle form raised up to support the Tripod of Dragon and Elephant.

Dong Chen’s body carried the radiant glory with him as he moved forward. He was surrounded by a sacred light, as if it was not below the Saint Plane any longer, but had already entered the presence of the Divine Path.

Di Hao’s hands closed together, and the swordsmanship surrounding him hummed together. The Sword of Kasyapa broke through from the sky. With the body of Dong Chen as the center, it was attacking instantly, fast as can be.

Many disciples of the Dali Academy clenched their fists tightly, and revealed a look of worry on their faces. At this moment, the Sword of Kasyapa and millions of sword will came together, shattering the void and was completely indefensible.

But Dong Chen did not pay any attention to it and just continued moving forward.

When the sword came for the attack, it passed through his body.


Just as the sword about to descend on Dong Chen, it stopped abruptly. The glory on Dong Chen shrouded the space within it. The sword screamed wildly, and Di Hao stepped forward again, his fingers extended, continued the command for the sword to attack. .

A loud sound was heard, and in this moment, Dong Chen’s body split once again, producing bodies outside of bodies, colliding directly with the Swords of Kasyapa, and was crushed by the swords.

Buzz! The might of Great Path descended in front of Di Hao, and a phantom image penetrated the attack of swordsmanship and came in front of Di Hao.

Dong Chen’s body seemed to be unreal. His fingers pressed down toward Di Hao, who was in front. In an instant, heaven and earth were suffocated, everything seemed to be at a standstill, with only this one finger existing.

When this one finger went down, the Great Path descended, and Di Hao only felt that his soul was going to be broken.

He knew that Dong Chen’s strongest attacking technique was the God Destroyer. The powerful spiritual will that he released was shattered. The invisible force enveloped his body and seemed to take apart his soul.

Dong! A glorious ancient bell surrounded his body, as if it was one with his body, and like Dong Chen, one of his fingers also pointed forward.

With this finger, the heaven and earth resonated, the Great Path connected, sharper than sword, and contained supreme Way of suppression.

The fingers of the two men collided together, and suddenly formed an atmosphere of total destruction. The flesh and the spiritual will seemed to be crushed.

Bell, tripod, and the sword all hummed, intending to shatter the Great Path.


A loud bang, the light of destruction swept out, and the people only saw the two bodies were shocked backward at the same time.

Di Hao retreated unsteadily, and let out a groan.

Dong Chen’s body flew backwards. It seemed that there was a murderous sword will that penetrated the body, and inside the body there came a roaring sound. Puh! He spat out a mouthful of blood, looking pale.

“Dong Chen, defeated.”

The hearts of the people trembled; Dong Chen, the first person below the Saint Plane from Dali Academy was defeated.

Di Hao of Daoli Mountain, godson of King Tiandao, the first person below Saint Plane in Dali Dynasty.

“Much obliged,” Di Hao put his hands together and bowed. His clothes fluttered, as he said to Dong Chen. Although he had won, but he still respect Dong Chen’s strength.

Dong Chen also saluted, then retired, without say anything more. Defeat was defeat.

In this battle, he had shouldered great responsibility, but he still lost.


Daoli Mountain came to seek the Way, and triumphed over the first holy land of cultivation in Dali Dynasty, the Dali Academy.

After the shock, many people looked at the Imperial Advisor, only to see him sitting there, looking casual, and no one had any idea what he was thinking.

“This battle can be said to be the battle of the peaks below Saint Plane in Dali Imperial City.”

Di Hao took a few steps forward, looking at the Imperial Advisor of Dali, and bowed gently, saying, “I heard that the Imperial Advisor wanted to take on apprentices, so I came from Daoli Mountain asked to be instructed by the Dali Academy; I would like to be accepted under the Imperial Advisor as an apprentice.”

When Di Hao finished speaking, everyone was stupefied in a moment. Dong Chen came to the Dali Imperial City when the Imperial Advisor had wanted to accept disciples, and everyone thought that Dong Chen would become a disciple of the Imperial Advisor.

In the eyes of many, Di Hao’s arrival was undoubtedly to provoke trouble.

But at this moment, Di Hao claimed that he had come to Dali Dynasty to seek the Way, and that he wanted to be the apprentice of the Imperial Advisor to continue to cultivate.

How could the people not be shocked.

Dong Chen was even more pale, but he sighed. He was defeated and had no qualification whatsoever to apprentice under the Imperial Advisor.

Once again everyone looked to the Imperial Advisor; as the first person below Saint Plane, Di Hao had requested to be his apprentice.

Would the Imperial Advisor agree?

The Imperial Advisor of Dai was also surprised by Di Hao’s request, but he soon recovered. Obviously, this was also not unexpected.