The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 : Number One Below Saint Plane In All Of Dali Dynasty

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Ye Futian’s body had sword will circling him as soon as he finished talking. He turned his eyes at Di Hao, looking calm and without a hint of irritation.

So the students of Daoli Mountain are unable to sit well with the imperial advisor taking me in as his student, eh? Futian thought. Well then, we’ll have to fight it out.

A bolt of lightning streaked through the air. Ye Futian shot to the sky like a sword. It was not Dali Academy, and there was no battle platform. As such, there was no need for restraints, and one could have fought in the sky to their heart’s content. There was not even any need to suppress one’s power.

Di Hao looked up slightly after seeing what Ye Futian was doing. He stepped out and took to the air as well. The sound of the bell resounded with a big dong, shaking the eardrums of those below. Ye Futian felt his brain being shaken. A formless sound wave swept past and invaded his spiritual will right away. It was an overpowering move that caused his mind to be rattled. It was a sound wave attack of the great path, one which had no form. Ye Futian did not stop but continued flying upwards instead, shooting into the clouds. Di Hao pursued him, and both of them were flying at blitzing speeds.

All three of Di Hao’s Life Spirits—the sword, the cauldron, and the bell— appeared. Super-powerful will of the great path swept through the air. He stepped in the midair, and the sound of the bell resounded throughout the sky, covering all of their surroundings. Formless ancient bells appeared around Ye Futian and bombarded him with the undying sound of the bell.

Ye Futian’s pupils turned extremely demonic. It was as if his eyes were able to see through everything. The formless bells were unable to escape his eyes. A sword appeared in his hand, and lightning storms rained down from above, which were fused with his sword like the calamity of the world.

“Attack.” Ye Futian lashed out with his sword.

Dong… The sound of the bells rang throughout the air as the bells exploded and crumbled one after another.

Boom… The cauldron behind Di Hao grew in a frenzy to hundreds of meters tall, raining down, suppressing the will of the great path. Their surroundings resonated with his power as one cauldron after another came into being, sealing the space that Ye Futian occupied right away. Extremely dazzling light was seen coursing all over Ye Futian’s body. Sword aura howled and circled about him. One heavy sword after another appeared, and every single one of them emanated terrifying power.

The sword spirit appeared before him dazzlingly. He held it with both hands, and boundless sword will flowed about, fusing into the sword spirit and transforming it into a hundred meter-tall sword that weighed thousands of pounds.

“Down,” Di Hao said coldly. The cauldrons dived and pressed onto Ye Futian like the might of the heavens.

Ye Futian burst with sword will, and the heavy swords shot up to the sky, clashing with the cauldrons. Loud rumbling noises that shook the heavens were heard. Di Hao stepped out, and the bells rang in unison. That cauldron shot up and came right above Ye Futian. Boundless light of the great path rained down on Ye Futian. Countless shadows of the cauldron came down as well, making the space stifling.

Ye Futian swung his hand about, and the heavy swords hovered in midair, letting out high-pitched ringing sounds. He shot out with his hand and clapped on the heavy sword. One shadow of the heavy sword after another shot up, clashing with the cauldrons that were raining down. At the same time, Ye Futian pushed the heavy sword while he streaked forward, mowing down everything that was standing in his way.

The hundred meter-tall gigantic sword pressed forward with immense might, bombarding the cauldron spirit. It burst with extremely dazzling glimmer, as devastating might of the great path washed all over the sky.

Di Hao looked at the one who attacked his Cauldron Spirit with a sword and continued to move forward. Sword will howled behind him, and the Swords of Kasyapa coalesced, pulsing with light out to tear everything apart. The swords rang loudly as they were being pointed at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped out, and the air trembled. His aura was towering as he clapped the gigantic sword before him. Power from within his body burst, and the cauldron spirit was thrown far away with a loud boom.

“Go.” Di Hao uttered a single word. The Swords of Kasyapa shot through the skies as they spun, tearing through the space at great speed, arriving right before his opponent. Ye Futian stepped into the air at almost the same moment, throwing out his sword right before him. A terrifying screen appeared in front of that heavy sword in an instant, ramming straight at the Sword of Kasyapa but unable to penetrate it.

The light of stars dazzled on the screen, protecting Ye Futian behind it. Di Hao’s expression was cold. He stepped once again, pointing with his finger, coalescing even more swords forward. The cauldron in the air was dropped yet again. Ye Futian did not bother with that falling cauldron. He stepped forward once again, wrapping up the Swords of Kasyapa as he pressed on. His power of the swords becoming even more frightening as he streaked through the air.

Boundless light of the sword from Ye Futian flowed into that gigantic sword before him. He eventually slapped with both of his hands, and with a loud boom, the gigantic sword shattered the Swords of Kasyapa, ramming ahead straight at Di Hao.

Di Hao shot up and evaded the attack in an instant, but Ye Futian did not bother with it. He stepped forward and held the sword with both hands, flipping his entire body behind. He gathered overwhelming strength and swung the sword out with massive force. He melded extremely overbearing power from his whole being into that chop within that very instant. The enormous golden cauldron spirit came at him again as the heavy sword was swung.

Clang… A terrifying rumble was heard, and the cauldron spirit rattled violently. Di Hao grunted midair. He extended his hand and summoned the cauldron back to the air. Ye Futian stepped forward and spun, throwing out another chop with the heavy sword.

Clang! Yet another rumble was heard as the cauldron spirit was pinned down. Its sound resounded throughout the space as it kept rattling. Di Hao’s face was rather ashen. That was his Life Spirit. Furthermore, the power of the sword around Ye Futian was still growing.

Sword will continued to course about Di Hao’s body. The Sword of Kasyapa was circling around him before shooting down through the air, heading straight for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian stepped around in the air and brought his sword down again. So long Di Hao refused to come down, Ye Futian would make do with pummeling his Life Spirits.

Di Hao descended. Endless killing swords shot through the air, intending to kill Ye Futian. However, when Ye Futian brought his heavy sword down, the entire space seemed to have been placed in a lockdown. That sword as not sharp at all, but it brought with it boundless heft.

Boom. Despite his formidable powers, Di Hao was thrown off by the attack.

The Swords of Raging Storms manifested around Ye Futian and flew straight at Di Hao, who looked troubled as he pointed forward, sword spirit in hand, intending to mow everything down.

At that moment, Ye Futian streaked through the air and brought the heavy sword down from above. Di Hao disappeared from where he stood, turning into a beam of dazzling light. However, Ye Futian disappeared alongside him after having him targeted. That sword attack moved along the space with Ye Futian, heading straight for Di Hao, just like that attack that he swung at Seven Sins three days ago, ignoring the movements in space altogether.

Di Hao was brought down by the attack from above. His body dropped to the ground in a straight line. Ye Futian did not stop right there. He took one step and dove down. However, the heavy sword in his hand transformed in a heartbeat, dispersing into a sword filled with the will of the great path of space. It followed Ye Futian down. He launched yet another attack at Di Hao, tearing through the space as he went.

Countless people from below looked up. They were only able to see countless beams of the sword flashing where Ye Futian was, shooting in different directions. It seemed as if there were nothing but the aura of the sword in that space. A beam of the sword flashed as it dived, making it seem as if the space was being bisected. It was as if the place was being cut down by the heavens.

At the very next moment, a beam of light shot down, and with a loud boom, two silhouettes were found on the ground, bursting with sword aura. Everyone turned their eyes in that direction. Sword will filled that space and rang. When the sword aura was dispersed, two silhouettes were seen.

Di Hao and Ye Futian appeared clearly. In that instant, the place was dead silent without a hint of sound, other than the reverberation from wind and sword will howling. The hearts of many seemed to have stopped, and the mighty ones were ashen as they stared at the scene before them.

How is this possible? The tip of Ye Futian’s sword was pointed at Di Hao’s throat. Di Hao’s clothing was in a mess after being torn apart by the sword aura.

“Seventh Swordsman.” The faces of the spectators were filled with fright and awe. He had defeated Di Hao with his swords.

The Seventh Swordsman had defeated Jian Wu of the Sword Mountain three days ago, making his name known throughout Emperor Li’s City. However, Di Hao had defeated Dong Chen and became known as the most powerful person below Saint Plane in all of Dali. Yet, the imperial advisor chose the Seventh Swordsman to become his student instead.

As such, Di Hao came there.

No one expected Di Hao, who had defeated Dong Chen and was known to be at the pinnacle below Saint Plane in all of Dali, was defeated by the Seventh Swordsman. Everything looked surreal.

“That is something.” Li Yao, Lu Chuan, and the others were rather impressed. When the Seventh Swordsman had defeated Jian Wu and became known as the number one swordsman below Saint Plane, he did not make any other moves after that. No one would have expected that he was more powerful than Di Hao.

As for Li You, she was already gasping. Her eyes were locked onto Seventh Swordsman, and she was utterly speechless. That swordsman from the Lower Worlds remained peerless even in the Upper Worlds.

None below Saint Plane in all of Dali Dynasty was able to win against his swords.

“You have a problem?” Ye Futian asked, his eyes locked onto Di Hao.

The imperial advisor decided to take Ye Futian as his student, and Di Hao showed up to provoke Ye Futian. What do you mean by this? he thought.

You think I don’t deserve that? How about now? Do you have a problem?

Di Hao was speechless. Losers had no right to speak. He had defeated the most powerful student of the Dali Academy, Dong Chen. He did not pay the Seventh Swordsman any heed even when Ye Futian defeated the Seven Sins that day, as his target was Dong Chen alone. No one would have expected that after defeating Dong Chen, he, who was lauded as invincible below Saint Plane, would have ended up being defeated by the Seven Swordsman. The Seventh Swordsman did not belong to any force before, even he was chosen by the imperial advisor. So the imperial advisor’s eyes were really that sharp, then?

“Number one below Saint Plane in all of Dali Dynasty, huh? You should take my swords into consideration before claiming to be that,” Ye Futian said and sheathed his sword. He let go of Di Hao and stepped back, before saying to Lu Chuan and the others, “Let’s go.”

Lu Chuan nodded and walked with Ye Futian, passing by Di Hao. Di Hao remained standing where he was, as did those from Daoli Mountain. All of them were speechless.

Countless watched Ye Futian and his party leave. Their hearts were still racing from the stunning scenes they witnessed. No one would have expected that the title of number one below Saint Plane in all of Dali Dynasty had shifted to someone else so quickly.

The Seventh Swordsman would come to be renowned throughout the world, as the personal student of the imperial advisor, and the number one below Saint Plane in all of Dali Dynasty. His future became something foreseeable. No one would dare doubt how the imperial advisor chose his students. Many were impressed and came to wonder if the imperial advisor had long known that the Seventh Swordsman was capable of beating Di Hao.