The Legend Of Futian Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Fight While Holding Hands

Yu Sheng became the center of attention with one battle. Of the most popular contenders for the Fenghua Rank, Yun Di was the only one in the Seven-star Glory Plane because he had very high demon-training talents. He could control all demons under the Dharma Plane, and even demons of the Dharma Plane would be affected. He was also a Mandate Sorcerer with high combat abilities. With his first battle, he summoned countless beasts and was brilliant. However, this was all done to make someone else look better in comparison. Everyone thought of the thanks Yu Sheng had said. He was such a jerk!

Cen Xia's heart trembled. It seemed that Yu Sheng had only shown the tip of the iceberg at the pretest in the Cangye College. Was this his true power? This was crazy.

The people of the Demon Clan in the air looked aghast. They had put so much hope in Yun Di but he was defeated in the first round. The opponent was even on the same plane. With this, they knew that Yun Di's name would not appear in the Fenghua Rank. Someone of the same plane was more outstanding than him.

At this moment, the emperor sat in the royal seat. He noticed Yu Sheng look over as if observing him. There was no reverence at all. Yu Sheng seemed to just want to see what the emperor was like.

"As expected, different from everyone else," the emperor said with a chuckle. He naturally would not be angry at Yu Sheng for a look. He was the emperor and had the tolerance of an emperor.

The point of the Fenghua Banquet was to find the most impressive of the younger generation in Cangye Kingdom. This was why he ordered that anyone who hurt the attendees of the Fenghua Banquet would be executed. He would not do so either, of course. Otherwise, how would he be able to continue the banquet?

The nearby nobles heard the emperor's words and realized that he thought highly of Yu Sheng. From the youth's aggressive performance, they could see that he was practically born for battle. Only Ye Futian was not surprised. How could anyone of the same plane defeat Yu Sheng?

"Yu Sheng, Yun Di, pass," the elder from Cangye College announced. He kept the bookmarks with their names and put away all the rest. This was expected. Yun Di had lost but he wouldn't end here.

Yu Sheng started back. He looked up into the sky and then pushed off from the Fenghua Platform. He shot up into the sky like a sword.

"Wind." Ye Futian reached out. Wind blew past and wrapped around Yu Sheng. Using this gust of wind, Yu Sheng landed onto the Black Wind Eagle. Many people looked in the direction of the Eagle. This way, they also saw Ye Futian and the veiled Hua Jieyu. The three all looked familiar. No one knew who they were or where they came from.

The dean continued to name people and the battles went on. Outstanding figures continued to appear but there were no collisions like Yu Sheng and Yun Di.

As the battles continued, Ye Futian finally heard his name. However, the name after his was Hua Jieyu. He was stunned. They had been put into the same round.

The two met eyes and smiled. Then the wind wrapped around them and took them downward. They descended upon the Fenghua Platform like a pair of ethereal lovers, instantly attracting the gazes of many. They were with Yu Sheng and Yu Sheng's battle had been too amazing.

In the air, Bai Qiu from the Qin Clan looked at Ye Futian. They had met three days ago. He had invited Ye Futian to be his musical attendant but was rejected. Now, he realized that Ye Futian had a reason for the confidence. If Yu Sheng was this powerful, Ye Futian couldn't be much worse.

Lin Yueyao, known as the number one beauty of Cangye, also looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. She was also curious because she had heard what Ye Futian had said to Hua Jieyu that day. Though the girl was veiled, her figure and aura were both amazing. Her facial features must be beautiful as well. However, Lin Yueyao didn't believe Hua Jieyu could be prettier than her.

The Demon Clan though did not look friendly. It was clearly because of Yu Sheng. Coincidentally, there were two disciples of the Demon Clan in this round. The emperor had ordered that conflicts from the Fenghua Banquet could not be avenged for in private. However, there was no problem in doing so during the banquet.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu walked to a place and Ye Futian sat down. His Guqin Spirit appeared and fell behind him. Hua Jieyu stood quietly beside him as if she didn't care for the battle.

Music rose. The graceful melody traveled from the Guqin Spirit behind Ye Futian. It made one feel comfortable as if it wasn't a musical spell for battle.

The two Demon Clan disciples walked towards them. One held a flute, which he brought to his lips and played. There was instantly an eerie sound. Glory Plane demons rustled in the air again, making all the masters of the demons upset. Did they bring their beasts here just so the Demon Clan could use them?

However, though the demons seemed to riot, they didn't leave. Spiritual Qi gathered before the flutist and transformed into a vague demon. It charged toward Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. His tactics were similar to a conjurer's but were not as powerful as the demon a conjurer could draw.

Hua Jieyu reached out. An invisible spiritual storm appeared instantly, stopping the demon created by Spiritual Qi. Then she clenched a fist and the demon scattered into the Spiritual Qi again.

"You fight and I'll support," Ye Futian murmured. One needed to show their talents to pass the Fenghua Banquet, so avoiding the fight was unrealistic. Ye Futian couldn't perform by himself either. That way, Hua Jieyu would be unnecessary.

"Okay." Hua Jieyu nodded lightly. Music flowed into her ears endlessly but they were not offensive spells. They were supplementary spells. Hua Jieyu felt her spiritual energy increase at that moment. She walked before Ye Futian, a glint appearing in her pretty eyes. Following that, there was a shocking amount of Spiritual Qi around her.

Boom! The two Demon Clan members felt their bodies stiffen. A gust of huge power dropped directly onto them, forcing their bodies to fly up involuntarily.

"This" The others preparing to fight on the platform were shocked. They all looked at the Demon Clan members. Then they saw wood elemental Spiritual Qi turn into vines that swept toward the two, hurling them into the air.

"Deal with these two first," someone on the Fenghua Platform murmured. Everyone looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. Then, aggressive auras exploded towards the two. The strong figures of the Fenghua Platform vaguely surrounded them. But Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu didn't seem to notice. Ye Futian continued to play his guqin; the wood elemental Spiritual Qi around Hua Jieyu grew more violent until it was about to turn into a storm.

The next moment, she released the Lock of a Thousand Vines. Endless vines swept in all directions from Hua Jieyu's side. The Lock of a Thousand Vines was a pretty powerful controlling spell of the wood elemental sorcery. Many people would cultivate it but different people had different power.

Hua Jieyu's spiritual energy was terrifying. With this, she was able to control the Spiritual Qi of all elements. Thus, she could naturally release spells of any type of element.

Many of those who saw the incoming vines flashed or used spells and martial arts techniques to hack at the vines. However, with Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu's teamwork, the Lock of a Thousand Vines became extremely strong. Many people were curled up and thrown into the distance. However, some powerful figures also used extremely strong momentum to rush up for close-range fighting. Long-distance fighting was definitely a disaster when faced with two spiritual sorcerers.

When two figures approached, Hua Jieyu reached out her slender hands and they were instantly immobilized. She slowly floated up, shining like a fairy. The two powerful cultivators were unable to break free from the invisible strength. With rustles, the vines snaked toward them and tossed them out.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. Just surrender," Hua Jieyu said softly. Still hovering in the air, another sharp metal elemental storm burst around her. It gathered into swords and spears, dancing around her. Everyone understood that Hua Jieyu had not shown her true powers yet. If she used an offensive spell after releasing the Lock of a Thousand Vines, it would be a catastrophe for many. They all felt despair. The power of a musical sorcerer and an offensive spiritual sorcerer working together was terrifying.

"Her spiritual energy seems powerful," many murmured as they gazed at Hua Jieyu. Ye Futian's musical spell had also increased her power, resulting in the current situation.

Many people began to give up and leave, depressed. They used to say they were geniuses and were the strong ones in their planes. Now, they knew they were just a big fish in a small pond.

"Ye Futian, Hua Jieyu, pass," the Cangye College elder announced. Ye Futian did not fight but it was clear from how he helped Hua Jieyu that he could do much more.

Ye Futian bowed slightly to the emperor and prepared to leave with Hua Jieyu.

"You should join the Qin Clan," someone in the air said. Ye Futian looked up and saw Bai Qiu. "I had misunderstood you before and wanted you to be my musical attendant. I realize you're more talented than I had imagined. I doubt you would be satisfied with being a musical attendant. With your current attainments, you might be equal to me after one or two years in the Qin Clan," Bai Qiu said.

Many people looked over at him. It seemed that Ye Futian's musical sorcery had impressed Bai Qiu and made him want to have Ye Futian for himself. He even said that Ye Futian might be equal to him in one or two years. That was an extremely high praise for Ye Futian!