The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 For What Do We Fight

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Yan Yuan looked up in the direction of the voice, and said clearly, “Yan Yuan thanks the Prince Regent.”

Afterward, he stepped forward and walked straight past Li Jing.

Li Jing did not stop him. The Prince Regent himself had spoken, so the others would not stop them.

Furthermore, unless the Prince Regent came out personally, other people in the Residence perhaps would not be able to stop Yan Yuan.


Yan Yuan threw out his palm, and the pagoda made a crystal clear sound. Immediately following, a divine implement was shattered, and the pressure on Ye Futian disappeared instantly. He looked at Yan Yuan and called out, “Brother.”

Yan Yuan nodded gently and said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Futian hastened his steps and followed Yan Yan, who had turned to walk away.

Mr. Nan Zhai and Mu Chunyang cast a glance at the rest of the people, and Mu Chunyang said, “If anyone disagrees with Imperial Advisor’s Residence, please be open and upfront. The disciples of Imperial Advisor’s Residence respect the Prince Regent, so I hope that the people of the Residence will not shame the name of the Prince Regent.”

Having said that, the four stepped directly into the void and left.

It seemed as if Dali Imperial City was a place that they could come and go at will.

Everyone at Prince Regent’s Residence looked at the sight of Yan Yuan and the others leaving, and they were feeling quite revolted.

Some of the elders of the palace, who were of the Saint Plane, had experienced the prosperous days when the Prince Regent’s Residence was in charge of the kingdom.

However, the people of Dali Dynasty had long forgotten its glorious past. They only knew of the Imperial Advisor of the Dali Dynasty, who was just beneath one person, but above all the rest.

As to the disciples of the Imperial Advisor who dared to be so forthright, that after having killed the grandson of the Prince Regent, they dared to defy other’s opinions and forcibly taken the one who murdered Li Xuan.

This was why many of the Sovereign Family had objections toward the Imperial Advisor of Dali.

The Imperial Advisor had already wielded power that surpassed the power of the Sovereign Family.

But for this, the Prince Regent had never expressed any opinions. In the past few years, he had not bothered with the matters of the kingdom. Many people had said that the Prince Regent was ready to retire and focus on cultivating in peace.

At this time, Li Xu had gotten up from the ground; the corner of his mouth was still bloody. Even as a cultivator of Saint Plane, he could not hold back his emotions at this moment. Great hatred filled his heart. His brother Li Xuan was killed, and now they trespassed and wounded him, destroyed a divine implement, and took away the Seventh Swordsman.

This was what Yan Yuan had done this day.

Li Jing did not say anything, but turned around and walked away.

After a while, Li Jing appeared in another courtyard. It was very quiet. An old man sat quietly on the ground, his back facing Li Jing, his eyes closed in meditation. There was not the slightest sense of majesty from his person, not at all like the Prince Regent, whose power was once toppling the kingdom.

“Father,” he called. Li Xuan, who was slain, was his son, and Li Xu, who was wounded, was also his son.

The Prince Regent was still sitting with his back facing him, and there was not a trace of disturbance about him. He said, “Losing is losing. If you lost, you must admit it. Li Xu and Li Xuan did not complete their mission and left evidence behind; that’s why they have to pay the price.”

In the eyes of the Prince Regent, there was neither right nor wrong, only success or failure.

Li Xu and Li Xuan wanted to kill the disciple of the Imperial Advisor, but not only did they not succeed, but they were also killed by the target and left evidence behind. This was undoubtedly a failure.

Both the Prince Regent’s Residence and the Imperial Advisor’s Residence were in service to Emperor Li. The struggle was like a game. The two sides that played had to abide by the rules of the game and not cross the boundaries. Li Xuan did cross that boundary, so he could only die in vain.

Otherwise, the dispute between the Imperial Advisor and the Prince Regent, vying for power in the face of the Emperor, that would also be a disgrace to the Prince Regent’s Residence.

Yan Yuan dared to be so aggressive and arrogant as to come to the Prince Regent’s Residence to take away the prisoner, precisely because he had reason on his side, with all the advantages, so he was not afraid of contention.

Li Jing understood this. But the one who died was his son, so it was natural that he was angry.

“Father has stopped inquiring about the matters of the dynasty for many years. Now, when this matter comes out, how will the world view Prince Regent’s Residence?” Li Jing asked. Even he could not understand his father’s mind.

“What does the view of the world has anything to do with the Prince Regent’s Residence?” The voice of the old man was still calm. It was as if he had experienced a lifetime’s worth of trials.

“Li Jing, you must remember that Prince Regent’s Residence or the Imperial Advisor’s Residence both serve His Majesty. That is all. What is the status of my position, and what is the status of the Imperial Advisor? Today, the Imperial Advisor is more useful to His Majesty. Whoever disregards the rules is disregarding His Majesty. Do you understand?”

Hearing this voice, Li Jing’s heart trembled, and he looked at his father.

The old man in front of him seemed to see things more clearly than anyone else.

So over the years, he had stopped inquiring about matters of the outside world and no longer fought for anything.

Many people thought that he had chosen to cultivate in solitude instead.

But in fact, he had already seen through everything.

Whether it was the Prince Regent or the Imperial Advisor, they were all for the sake of the emperor, nothing more.

“Remember, some things cannot be obtained simply because you fight for it. The kids thought they were sharper than me; do you think I need them to remind me of anything?” The Prince Regent continued to speak. His extreme coolness was nearly frightening to behold. Even though his grandson had died, it did not seem to upset him much.

“One day, when His Majesty thinks that I am useful again, I will be present again,” the Prince Regent continued. “Do you understand?”

Li Jing sighed in his heart; it was very cruel but very realistic.

“Go back,” seeing that there was no response from Li Jing. The Prince Regent dismissed him lightly. Li Jing turned to leave.

After he left, the Prince Regent opened his eyes, and they were extremely sharp.

When he got into a match with someone on the level of the Imperial Advisor, it was not a simple matter of who suppressed whom, but whoever made the wrong move first.

What Li Xuan did was making the wrong move, and it was beyond stupid.

Therefore, death was his destination.

Yan Yuan and the others traveled in the air after they left Prince Regent’s Residence. Mr. Nan Zhai asked Ye Futian, “How is your injury?”

“I’m fine,” Ye Futian responded. All this was still owing to his strong physique that was comparable to that of the Saint’s. If it were not so, he was probably already disabled.

“That’s good to hear,” Mr. Nan Zhai nodded.

“Senior brother, I killed Li Xuan. Will it involve the Imperial Advisor’s Residence?” Ye Futian asked.

“Don’t worry. Whether you killed Li Xuan or not, there is no impact on the Imperial Advisor’s Residence,” Yan Yuan replied.

Ye Futian looked up at Yan Yuan and was somewhat puzzled.

“The world said that the Prince Regent no longer concerned himself with matters of the state and thought that he resides in solitude. But this once-powerful Prince was far more clever than the world imagined; Li Xuan had overstepped the boundaries. His death was unimportant.” Yan Yuan continued, “He thought that he could change things, but what went on between our Master and the Prince Regent was not something the younger generation could resolve. He lacked self-awareness.”

Ye Futian seemed somewhat befuddled, but still nodded. Yan Yuan turned his eyes toward him. “Li Xuan thought that he could fight for something, but younger brother, you must remember, the best fight in this world is just to cultivate.”

Ye Futian looked at Yan Yuan, and for a moment, it seemed that time and space had turned back to many years ago.

His Third brother once told him that whatever was the biggest in the world could claim the truth. If there was anything bigger than the truth, then it had to be a fist.

In the world of the cultivators, the best fight was cultivation.

These two conclusions had the same meaning.

Therefore, the disciples of the Imperial Advisor’s Residence seemed to have no contention with the world and were cultivating in peace.

They did not deign to jump up and down and all around like Li Xuan.

This was probably a difference in realms.

The news that Yan Yuan had taken Ye Futian from Prince Regent’s Residence quickly spread out, causing huge waves instantly. Many people of the Dali Imperial City felt that they were indeed the chief disciples of the Imperial Advisor and had trespassed in the Prince Regent’s Residence to take away their person.

Below the Nirvana Saint Plane, could there be a second?

Yan Yuan and the group returned to Dali Academy. Although the people of Dali Academy were excited, they were not too shocked.

Since the Senior Brother himself had gone, then they would naturally bring back their person.

The Dali Academy belonged to those who were friendly toward the Imperial Advisor. As for Yan Yuan, who managed Dali Academy, all of them worshipped him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Seventh Swordsman,” Li Yao called when he saw Ye Futian returning safely.

“Gratitude for all the troubles Your Highness went though on account of me,” Ye Futian bowed slightly.

Li Yao waved his hand. “Your safe return was the most important thing; it was too impulsive of you to have killed Li Xuan.”

Li Xuan, after all, was a royal descendant. If the people of Prince Regent’s Residence were mad enough to kill Ye Futian first, then it would have been too late to do anything.

“Your Highness, if I did not subdue Li Xuan, I would be a dead man already. Since it was destined that one man must die, then this was the only way it could be.” Ye Futian responded.

Li Yao said nothing more. He added, “Since you have returned safely, I shall be leaving.”

Once finished, he bowed to Yan Yuan and the others. “Senior brother, I am leaving now.”

“His Highness, return safely,” Yan Yuan said.

“Brother, you have suffered some injuries, rest early,” Yan Yuan said to Ye Futian.

“Yes, Senior Brother.” Ye Futian nodded and turned to leave.

“I am leaving too,” said Lu Chuan, who was next to him. He left with Ye Futian. He walked next to Ye Futian. “What you did was a little too risky.”

“With the Master and Senior brothers around, what do I need to be afraid of?” Ye Futian laughed.

“You are not the least bit humble,” Lu Chuan smiled and said, “but you weren’t wrong. No matter what you did, the brothers will always be there for you.”

“What if I did something wrong?” Ye Futian said.

“As long as it is not a great mistake that betrays the Master, then it is the same, just like the day when the Master promised to accept you as a disciple.”

Ye Futian was silent, thoughtful in his heart.

“Do you know anything about the fourth senior brother?” Lu Chuan suddenly asked.

“What of the fourth brother?” Ye Futian asked. He had always been curious about Wang Zhong; he and the other disciples of the Imperial Advisor seemed out of place.

“The Master has the ability to make Death Warriors. The father of the fourth brother was a Death Warrior, and he died many years ago. The fourth brother always hated the Master, but the Master still accepted him as a disciple and passed on his martial arts to him.” Slowly Lu Chuan said, “The Master is like this. He doesn’t even care. Maybe one day, when the fourth brother turns on him, he will still be indifferent.

“Of course, if there is such a day, I, along with our other brothers, will definitely do things for the Master that he does not want to do.”

Ye Futian was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Wang Zhong to have such a story. He glanced at the Lu Chuan, who was next to him, and said, “I believe that the fourth brother will not do this!”