The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Li Yao Received A Message

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Emperor Li’s action indicated that he thought highly of the Imperial Advisor.

Of course, there was no doubt that His Majesty betrothed the princess to the Seventh Swordsman because he was indeed an excellent man. He was the best swordsman in the Lower Worlds; he defeated Di Hao and survived in the hands of Demon Saint; he killed Li Xuan in public; he had outstanding talent, courage, and charisma, and he was also handsome and the right age.

Many people thought from this perspective and secretly admired this abrupt but wise decision of betrothal. Princess had a noble lineage, but the Seventh Swordsman as the Imperial Advisor’s disciple was extraordinary, too. In Dali Dynasty, perhaps no one was more suitable than him.

Many royal clan members raised their head, shocked at the words, but who dared to question Emperor Li?

Ye Futian was also stunned in the crowd.

He would never have expected that the first day he came to court with Imperial Advisor and met Emperor Li, Emperor Li would betroth Princess Li Xiao to him; this was ridiculous.

He let Ye Futian marry Li Xiao and become the Emperor’s son-in-law?

Not to mention whether he was willing to marry or not, the reason he came to Emperor Li’s Realm was… And if he married Li Xiao…

Numerous pairs of eyes fell upon the Imperial Advisor. The Imperial Advisor took one step forward and bowed to Emperor Li, saying, “It is the Seventh Swordsman’s honor to obtain Your Majesty’s grace. I took the Seventh Swordsman as my disciple, and I am aware that although he has an exceptional talent, his personality was unruly and disdainful. I am afraid he may bring offense to Princess. How about we ask about his thoughts? Otherwise, if Princess has discontent in the future, it will totally be my guilt.”

“The Imperial Advisor’s words make sense,” Emperor Li said, nodding. He turned to Ye Futian and said, “The Seventh Swordsman, are you willing to marry?”

Ye Futian lowered his head and stepped forward; he had no choice.

Who dared to refuse the marriage Emperor Li arranged for him? It was Emperor Li’s blessing, and he was supposed to bow and express gratitude for it.

Any inappropriate reply might bring trouble.

But of course, according to what Ye Futian knew, even if he declines it, Emperor Li would not be angry at him as the Imperial Advisor’s disciple.

“Your Majesty, I deeply appreciate your blessing. I have met Princess once; her beauty and wit are indeed unparalleled, and I am afraid I don’t deserve someone like her. Besides, I am already emotionally attached to someone in the Imperial Advisor’s Residence. I don’t dare to disgrace Her Highness,” Ye Futian slowly said.

One that didn’t know the truth would assume he was sincerely afraid he didn’t deserve Princess.

However, many royal clan members had participated in the recent hunt and still remembered how he bluntly treated Princess and asked her if she could bear his sword.

And now he claimed that “her beauty and wit were unparalleled” and “he didn’t deserve her”?


Life was nothing but a play.

But even though they all knew it, no one dared to expose it. Otherwise, the Imperial Advisor would be offended.

Also, everyone had to rethink the intention behind the Emperor’s betrothal. Who dared to spread rumors in such a situation might pay for their senselessness at the price of death.

Obviously, Emperor Li did so because he thought highly of the Imperial Advisor.

Besides, who was the “someone” in the Imperial Advisor’s Residence he was emotionally attached to?

It was evident to everyone he referred to the Imperial Advisor’s daughter.

The Seventh Swordsman had only been in the Imperial Advisor’s Residence for a few days, and now he wanted to become the Imperial Advisor’s son-in-law?

However, what else could Ye Futian say? He was sorry for Fei Xue, but at least, Emperor Li couldn’t say anything about this reason.

Both the Imperial Advisor and Yan Yuan took a look at him after he finished speaking; they knew he used Fei Xue as an excuse.

Emperor Li took a glance at Ye Futian and said with a careless smile, “Okay. Imperial Advisor, if in the future these two young people have this thought, I can arrange marriage for them.”

The matter of Li Xiao had come to an end. Emperor Li valued the Imperial Advisor, and since the Seventh Swordsman was emotionally attached to Imperial Advisor’s daughter, he would not step in and bring embarrassment to the Imperial Advisor.

And instead, he promised to arrange the marriage for them, which showed his magnanimity.

Others would just let it be since Emperor Li himself no longer mentioned it.

Everyone knew how politically stupid it was to give pressure to the Imperial Advisor’s Residence by such a thing; nobody would do it.

“I am so thankful for your kindness, Your Majesty. I never ask about affairs between young people, but if one day the thing is decided, I will report to Your Majesty,” said the Imperial Advisor, bowing. He knew what Ye Futian said was untrue, but he had to admit it had effectively solved the crisis since Ye Futian didn’t want to say yes.

“Good,” Emperor Li said, nodding. He then turned to others and asked, “Is there anything to report today?”

“Your Majesty, I have one issue to report,” said King Tiandao, who stood in the front line.

“What is your matter, my Brother King?” asked Emperor Li. King Tiandao was Emperor Li’s full brother and was conferred the title of King Tiandao, so Emperor Li called him “Brother King”; the way he addressed him indicated how intimate they were.

It seemed that the Emperor Li equally respected imperial Advisor and King Tiandao.

“The martial power of Dali Dynasty has reached an unprecedented level. Numerous top figures came out of Imperial Advisor’s Dali National Academy and my Daoli Mountain, and the number of upper Plane cultivators in Dali keeps increasing. If the Imperial Advisor can provide help to the Army and we build a Saint Plane Iron Troop together, it must be invincible,” King Tiandao said in a solemn voice. “Therefore, I earnestly request Your Majesty to allow the Imperial Advisor to enter the Army and build an Iron Troop for the prosperity of Dali Dynasty.”

“The Imperial Advisor has put much effort and work in teaching cultivators for years in Emperor Li’s City. I often send people to learn Matrix methods from the Imperial Advisor and use the knowledge to train the Army. Brother King, you are too straightforward; you want the Imperial Advisor to join the Army,” said Emperor Li, laughing.

King Tiandao said, “Your Majesty, these years, the Imperial Advisor has put much effort into his job, and his contribution to the Dynasty has been significant. However, nowadays, everything in the Imperial City runs smoothly, and the status of Dali Academy is unshakable. I heard that now the Imperial Advisor seldom takes up matters of Dali Academy. Since the Third Prince has made a breakthrough in the Unblemished Saint Plane, I suggest the Third Princess take charge of Dali Academy for the Imperial Advisor and handle issues in the City; Prince Regent and King White can also maintain the City’s stability.”

“The Imperial Advisor and his disciples all have military ability and wisdom. If they can enter the Army and cooperate with me, we can build an unparalleled troop,” continued King Tiandao.

Suddenly everyone’s expression turned serious; all the top figures of the Dali Imperial City gathered in front of the staircase, but no one let out a sound.

King Tiandao wanted to enlist the Imperial Advisor and his disciples in the army and let the Third Prince be in charge of Dali National Academy. Didn’t it mean asking Imperial Advisor to hand over the enterprise he had been devoting many years to?

However, everything in Dali Dynasty was supposed to belong to the royal clan.

How could the Imperial Advisor say no if the Third Prince came to take charge?

“I can get your point, brother. If the Imperial Advisor and King Tiandao cooperate, indeed, an unassailable army can be established on the land of Dali,” said Emperor Li, smiling. He turned to ask the Imperial Advisor, “What do you think of King Tiandao’s opinion?”

The Imperial Advisor made a fist salute and said, “Nowadays, Dali National Academy is indeed running in good condition, and I am not engaged with the job; Yan Yuan is in charge of running it. If Your Majesty would like to appoint the Prince and others to the board of the Academy, I can relax more and will be delighted to do so.

“As for entering the army, I am studying the new Matrix Method, and if there is an outcome, I will send it to the Palace and then to the Army,” the Imperial Advisor continued, “but directing the army is not my field. I am afraid I will disagree with King Tiandao if we work together.”

“Is there anything in the world the Imperial Advisor is not good at?” King Tiandao said after listening to the Imperial Advisor. “And, Imperial Advisor, you don’t need to worry about disagreement. As long as you are willing to join the Army and build it well with me, I don’t mind serving as the Imperial Advisor’s assistant.”

“Your Highness is so dedicated to strengthen the army; are you preparing for the war?” the Imperial Advisor questioned him.

“Dali Dynasty is powerful enough to start a war. Why can’t we do it?” replied King Tiandao.

“A war between Realms will cost too much, and once it explodes, the number of casualties will be uncontrollable even if the scale is not large. Dali is far from ready for it,” said the Imperial Advisor.

“Exactly. That is why we need the Imperial Advisor’s support,” said King Tiandao.

Emperor Li didn’t speak, so the argument was only between the Imperial Advisor and King Tiandao.

Prince Regent just stood there quietly and didn’t say a word. It was as if all that had happened was none of his business.

“Please stop arguing, both of you,” Emperor Li said, laughing. “Imperial Advisor is right. Wars are costly; once the war begins, the situation will be out of our control. This issue requires further thought and discussion. How about King Tiandao and Imperial Advisor talk after the meeting?”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” King Tiao and Imperial Advisor said, nodding and ending the quarrel.

“Does anyone else have anything to report?” Emperor Li asked and turned to others. Some reported some unimportant issues.

However, Ye Futian was still slightly agitated; did King Tiandao try to provoke a war?

Was he aiming at Emperor Xia’s Realm?

At the thought of this, he delivered the message to the Condor and let him pass it on to Xia Qingyuan.

But soon, the Condor’s message for help came to Ye Futian’s mind, which made Ye Futian feel curious. After taking a look at what had happened on that side, he said to himself that this guy deserved it. Didn’t he know it was suicidal to irritate Xia Qingyuan by the things that happened today in the Court?

One could imagine how Xia Qingyuan’s mood was like when she found out Ye Futian almost became Emperor Li’s son-in-law. He came to Emperor Li’s Realm for revenge, and now he would become one of them?

Ye Futian perceived how violent the scene where Xia Qingyuan and the Cyan Argusianus beat the Condor was, and paid a silent tribute for him in advance.

This was what his loose lips deserved.

Ye Futian could hear Black Wind Condor’s dreadful shrinking even from the infinitely far distance.

This time, Xia Qingyuan, that woman, really had no mercy.

In Dali Palace, after Emperor Li announced the end of the Court meeting, the crowd dispersed. Li Yao took a look at Ye Futian and felt pity for him; if Ye Futian had agreed to become the son-in-law, his power in Dali would have definitely reached its apex.

However, he declined the chance; he was, as usual, very special.

Li Yao didn’t come to talk to Ye Futian, but rather, he walked to King White and King Tiandao.

Not long ago, he received a message, and now he needed King White and King Tiandao’s backup; otherwise, the manpower he was able to manage would be not enough!