The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 This Man Was A Defender

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Ye Futian’s heart slightly trembled; he looked toward Yan Yuan and didn’t know how to feel.

Just now, he thought that Yan Yuan had come to capture him.

However, Yan Yuan said he came to see him off per the Imperial Advisor’s request.

Obviously, Li Yao remembered something in the Imperial Advisor’s Residence after Ye Futian left, which was he stopped Ye Futian.

The Imperial Advisor had also figured it out.

“Thank you, brother.” Ye Futian nodded and didn’t decline Yan Yuan’s support.

At this moment, he was the Seventh Swordsman; he was not Ye Futian.

Li Yao’s face took on a strange expression. The Imperial Advisor asked Yan Yuan to see him off? What was his intention?

Did it mean that the Imperial Advisor had found out what had happened, but he still let him go anyway?

Li Yao was almost certain that Ye Futian and the Seventh Sword were the same person.

“Let’s go,” Yan Yuan came next to Ye Futian and said. They stood on the Teleportation Matrix and uttered, “Launch the Matrix.”

Li Yang and Li You were perplexed. Why was the atmosphere so weird?

The Seventh Swordsman wanted to go outside to cultivate, and it seemed that Li Yao didn’t allow it, but the Imperial Advisor’s chief disciple Yan Yuan came to see the Seventh Swordsman off.

The matrix emitted dazzling light; the formidable Will of the Law erupted from it.

“I will see the Seventh Swordsman off, too,” said Li Yao. He looked ghastly and walked straight to the Matrix with his people.

He had no time to hesitate at this moment.

Before he entered the Matrix, he passed a message to a subordinate, and the person didn’t enter the Matrix and went in a different direction instead.

“I will go with you,” said Li You. Confused, she also stepped into the Matrix; she wanted to figure out what had happened.

A dazzling beam of light soared up, and in the extremely strong light, all the people vanished from where they were. They arrived at King Li’s Palace, the Dali Dynasty of the Lower Worlds.

Li Yao and Ye Futian stood together. There was a short distance between them. At the moment, they had their own thoughts and didn’t look at each other.

In King Li’s Palace, a lot of people came to them. Many Wills were sent here. A voice sent greetings from a distance, “Li Yao, Your Highness, Sir Yan Yuan, how do you do? What brought you to the Lower Worlds?”

A mighty figure stepped outside a palace and came in front of the Matrix. The voice came from King Li.

All his people bowed and saluted, “We are here to meet Li Yao Highness, Sir Yan Yuan.”

King Li noticed Ye Futian and greeted him, too, smiling.

Once the Seventh Swordsman gained fame in the Lower Worlds and entered the Upper Worlds with Lü Chuan and people of Sword Mountain. Now he had become the Imperial Advisor’s direct disciple and was famous in Dali Imperial City. King Li was, of course, happy to see him have such achievements.

However, King Li soon realized the atmosphere was somewhat quite strange; everyone was silent.

“Yan Yuan Brother, you have come to the Lower Worlds with the Seventh Swordsman. Are you planning to keep escorting him?” asked Li Yao. He already knew the answer based on Yan Yuan and the Seventh Swordsman’s attitudes.

“I want to escort him a little longer. Please return, Your Highness,” Yan Yuan said, taking Ye Futian to stride down the Matrix.

“What if I want him to stay?” Li Yao said. The people behind him came forward immediately and blocked Yan Yuan and Ye Futian’s way.

“Your Highness…” King Li and Li You were stunned. What had happened?

Weren’t Li Yao and the Seventh Swordsman good friends?

Besides, Li Yao was also the Imperial Advisor’s nominal disciple, so he was supposed to respect Yan Yuan, but why were they almost hostile to each other?

“I apologize that I can’t obey your rule, but my master’s order is first,” said Yan Yuan. He threw his sleeves and took a step, jumping into the air.

“Stop them!” Li Yao ordered. People behind him all dashed forward toward Yan Yuan and Ye Futian.

“Uncle, please help me stop Sir Yan Yuan and the Seventh Swordsman,” said Li Yao to King Li.

King Li was confused and hesitated for a while.

Catching the Imperial Advisor’s disciples?

He had to hesitate even though it was the prince who gave him the order.

“Uncle, the Seventh Swordsman is a spy from Emperor Xia’s Realm. We must arrest him,” said Li Yao. How had he treated the Seventh Swordsman since he entered Emperor Li’s Ream?

Li Yao treated him as a confidant, gifted him the Sword of Kasyapa, and took care of him as much as he could.

But now, he realized the Seventh Swordsman was actually Ye Futian—the foe he was most eager to kill. How did he feel?

As if he was wrapped by Ye Futian around his finger.

The Imperial Advisor was the pillar of the country, but he was also trying to help him?

“Okay, I see.” King Li was shocked by what Li Yao just said. The Seventh Swordsman was a spy from Emperor Xia’s Realm?

It was from his palace that the Seventh Swordsman entered the Upper Worlds.

Releasing abundant life force, King Li also immediately led his people to chase them.

“Sir Yan Yuan, please stop,” King Li shouted, his voice resonating throughout the sky, but Yan Yuan’s speed was faster, and no one was able to catch up with him.

“Please forgive me for this offense.” King Li saw this and moved his fingers into a claw and swung in the air. Suddenly the might of Law shrouded the place. A blurred image of a giant holy dragon showed up above the clouds, and it raised a terrifying sharp claw and smashed toward Yan Yuan and Ye Futian.

Yan Yuan drew a circle using his left hand, and suddenly, numerous Swords of the Great Laws floated up and scattered all over the space with his body as the center.

“Go.” Yan Yuan threw down his sleeve and unleased the swords, which all aimed at the dragon and stabbed through it.

People on the ground looked up to the upper sky, shocked,

Wasn’t that person King Li?

Who was fighting with him?

“When I am determined to leave, you will not be able to keep me. Please stop here, Your Highness,” Yan Yuan said. A dazzling beam of light flared up from his body and shook the sky and earth. It was still expanding, speeding up, outpacing anyone else.

Witnessing the scene from a distance, Li Yao’s face was ghastly white. Yan Yuan was considered the strongest cultivator below the Saint Plane of Nirvana, and he did deserve the title.

If there was no saint of the fourth Holy Plane Nirvana present, who would be able to stop him?

“Follow him!” Li Yao let out a shout. King Li and others fixed Yan Yuan as the target of their Wills and continued chasing after them.

At the same time, in the Prince Regent’s Residence, Emperor Li’s Realm.

The Prince Regent was usually not interested in such matters, but this time, he opened his eyes, and anger flared up in his eyes.

He could understand that the Imperial Advisor was detached from worldly complications, which made him a real saint. It was his virtue, but this was also his flaw.

How could he make a mistake like this?

If he had been in the Imperial Advisor’s position, he would have captured the Seventh Sword.

The Prince Regent stood up like a giant dragon waking up from his slumber. Suddenly, his will engulfed his villa and spread even further. The next moment, he jumped into the air and disappeared from the Prince Regent’s Residence like a furious dragon having stormed into the Ninth Sky.

Many people of the Prince Regent’s Residence looked up to the sky, full of excitement.

The Prince Regent was finally ready to take charge.

The life force was so powerful that even the people in extremely distant places were able to perceive it. Of course, the Dali Dynasty Imperial Advisor was able to sense it in his residence.

The Imperial Advisor looked up in the sky and told Fei Xue, “I will see him off.”

After saying so, he took a stride and vanished into the air.

In the Lower Worlds, Yan Yuan took Ye Futian, and they kept going; they were swiftly crossing the Empty Realm.

At the moment, Ye Futian kind of felt bad. He didn’t expect Li Yao to figure out his identity before he left; he had already given up his plan.

And he would accept it if the Imperial Advisor’s Residence had just ignored him, but now Yan Yuan was escorting him to leave in person and even had a conflict with Li Yao.

Didn’t it mean that Ye Futian had the involved Imperial Advisor’s Residence in his own issues?

Ye Futian couldn’t understand how Li Yao figured it out.

Li Yao hadn’t even perceived it when he met Ye Futian outside the Imperial Advisor’s Residence.

Was it because he told Li Yao he would go outside to cultivate, which made Li Yao suspicious?

He knew what happened in Emperor Xia’s Realm, and Li Yao might know Ye Futian was not in Emperor Xia’s Realm, but how could he know it was him?

The only possible reason was that Li Yao knew he was going back.

But since Xia Qingyuan promised to send people to meet him, these people should have been reliable and shouldn’t have attracted anyone’s attention.

What went wrong?

He looked at Yan Yuan next to him and asked, “Does Master know who I am?”

Yan Yuan took a look at him and said, “You are the Seventh Swordsman, Master’s direct disciple.”

Ye Futian’s stare froze for a moment, and then he seemed to have understood. He nodded. “I see.”

He was the Seventh Swordsman. In Dali Dynasty, he was just the Seventh Swordsman, the Imperial Advisor’s direct disciple. That was all.

That was why the Imperial Advisor sent his chief disciple Yan Yuan to escort him out.

Their speed was so fast that others behind them were falling further and further behind, but these people’s life forces were still fixed on them, and they refused to give up.

A gust of depressing air befell the earth from the upper sky.

Numerous people on the ground looked up but only heard a continuous deep roaring sound.

“What is that?”

“A miracle.”

Numerous hearts trembled. People looked up to the sky, bewildered. Tens of thousands of golden dragons marched forward grandly, enveloping the sky.

What a thrilling scene.

Yan Yuan sensed the force and took a glance at the numerous holy golden dragons above. His life force had reached the climax at this point, and he was ready to take action.

“Yan Yuan, keep going,” a voice came from the figure that was standing above the sky. Suddenly, numerous dragons ceased their advance and let out a thundering roar.

The figure appearing ahead stood still in the upper sky. It was as if no one could cross his shield as long as he was there.

Yan Yuan said nothing and continued going forward.

“Master,” Ye Futian murmured. The next moment, he saw a boundless, astonishing pattern form around the Imperial Advisor’s body. It was like a sacred matrix containing the Five Agents of Yin and Yang and the Law of Sky and Earth. All the spirits of the world were suddenly sucked up. The magnificent matrix was erected in the upper sky and formed a barrier, blocking everyone’s way.

“Imperial Advisor, your disciple is a spy of Emperor Xia’s Realm. Do you still want to keep me from capturing him?” the Prince Regent said loudly, his voice resounding between the sky and earth. It was as if he raised his voice intentionally so that everyone could hear it.

“The Seventh Swordsman is my disciple. What did he do that let Your Highness come to arrest him in person?”

“He didn’t do anything, but he belongs to Emperor Xia’ Realm. Do you still want to be on his side?” asked Prince Regent.

“My disciples are my disciples, regardless of their origin or background. All I know is the Seventh Swordsman is my disciple. Since he is my disciple and didn’t do anything wrong, I will not allow anyone to harm him, even if the one who wishes to harm him is the Prince Regent,” the Imperial Advisor announced. King Li and others gradually all arrived, but none could pass the Imperial Advisor’s barrier.

At this moment, the man who stood in front of them was the Imperial Advisor, second only to Emperor Li in Dali Dynasty. Who dared to step forward!