The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146 One Step Back

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Li Yao looked toward the Dali Imperial Advisor, who was standing in front of him.

This man was like a natural barrier that no one was able to cross.

The Imperial Advisor wanted to protect the Seventh Swordsman.

Li Yao didn’t understand it. Yuan Jin was also Imperial Advisor’s disciple. Even though he didn’t study with the Imperial Advisor for long, neither did the Seventh Swordsman. The Imperial Advisor didn’t know the real identity of the Seventh Swordsman, but he still wanted to protect him.

Li Yao just couldn’t understand.

It was not until he told the Imperial Advisor about Ye Futian’s identity that the Imperial Advisor came to realize the reason why Ye Futian was requesting to leave.

Because Ye Futian had let it go.

The Imperial Advisor knew it was he who influenced the Seventh Swordsman and taught him to let the past go. The Seventh Swordsman even revealed some of his own secrets and put himself in danger to heal Fei Xue until he made up his mind to leave.

Was it because of gratitude or vengeance?

It was not easy to draw a conclusion.

But the Imperial Advisor could see a rare virtue from the Seventh Swordsman.

Ye Futian was Ye Futian in Emperor Xia’s Realm, and the Seventh Sword was the Seventh Sword in Emperor Li’s Realm.

Vengeance was vengeance, but gratitude was gratitude.

The Seventh Swordsman was able to tell the difference; why couldn’t the Imperial Advisor do so?

The Imperial Advisor was the destined one, born with the ability to predict destiny; he was able to influence the fortune of Dali Dynasty.

The great Law was boundless was the belief he held.

The Seventh Swordsman inadvertently became his disciple less than one year ago. Still, the Imperial Advisor had a hunch that he would probably become the most eminent one among all his disciples in the future.

“Good. As the Imperial Advisor of Dali, you keep me from capturing a spy from Emperor Xia’s Realm. Are you trying to betray Dali?” the Prince Regent’s voice echoed in the sky, reaching very distant areas. Numerous people heard what he said.

The people of Dali’s hearts trembled.

Was the venerated Imperial Advisor a defector to Dali?

The ordinary people on the ground didn’t know what had happened, and the Prince Regent’s words were appalling to them.

Even King Li was in shock. He stared ahead and felt that the Prince Regent was too ruthless.

If the Seventh Swordsman really belonged to Emperor Xia’s Realm, it was likely that Imperial Advisor protected him purely out of a master’s care for his disciple.

In Dali, the Imperial Advisor was very trusted and respected by people, and he couldn’t possibly commit treason. However, the Prince Regent, who had retired for many years, suddenly convicted him of treason, which might destroy the Imperial Advisor’s reputation in Dali.

But did the Prince Regent really care about Ye Futian?

Not at all. The Prince Regent had no idea how outstanding Ye Futian really was. All he knew was that among all cultivators below Saint Plane, Ye Futian was the strongest. But he was at most a sage, and the gap between Ye Futian and the Prince Regent was still huge.

The Prince Regent’s intention for this accident was to frame the Imperial Advisor, or at least undermine the reputation Imperial Advisor had established and Emperor Li’s trust in him.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the last name of Dali Imperial City’s owner was “Li.”

The Imperial Advisor could work for the dynasty, but he was not supposed to surpass any members of the Li clan in power.

“I will request to meet His Majesty after this affair is resolved,” said the Imperial Advisor calmly. He stood there firmly, his body as the center. The colossal pattern that fell from the sky dome to the ground sealed the world and devoured all the roads, sucking up life forces in the space.

The true dragon roared above the sky. Hundreds of thousands of divine dragons howled. They rushed forward and tried to shatter the Imperial Advisor’s barrier.

Numerous people looked at the shocking scene in the sky, their hearts racing.

The Prince Regent and the Imperial Advisor, two legendary figures of Dali Dynasty, were fighting.

What did they fight for?

Ye Futian didn’t have a chance to witness the battle, but he knew that unless Emperor Li came to the Lower Worlds in person, he was safe under the Imperial Advisor’s protection.

Emperor Li didn’t know what happened in the Lower Worlds, and even if he had known, would he enter the Lower Worlds just to arrest a young person of the Sage Plane?

What would the people of Dali Dynasty think of him?

If the Seventh Swordsman had killed Li Yao, Emperor Li might do it.

Even so, Ye Futian was not satisfied in his knowledge that he was safe, but rather, he felt burdened.

He had given up killing Li Yao and made up his mind to leave Emperor Li’s Realm because he didn’t want to involve the Imperial Advisor’s Residence in it. Still, he had never expected the Imperial Advisor to fight for him personally.

Li Yao wasn’t killed, so things weren’t that serious. But in the end, it would still affect the Imperial Advisor.

Now Ye Futian knew the Imperial Advisor didn’t really care about repercussions since he had already taken action.

Imperial Advisor didn’t care about fame and what people thought of him.

Yan Yuan was in the ultimate status of the third Saint Plane Unblemished Saint Plane, so he could cross the Void at a very fast speed. He was able to cover a very long distance in one stride.

They didn’t spend much time coming to the border of Dali Dynasty of the Lower Worlds. On the border, many people were standing on a mountain. The Demon Beast, which shared a mind with Ye Futian, was there, too. Those people had received his message and were waiting for him.

“Your people?” asked Yan Yuan.

“Yes,” said Ye Futian, nodding.

Yan Yuan teleported to the front of the mountain and slightly pushed forward with his hand. Suddenly Ye Futian’s body floated up and landed on the mountain.

Ye Futian turned around and looked at Yan Yuan.

“Brother,” Ye Futian called.

“Master said you are the Seventh Swordsman in Dali, but after you cross the border of Emperor Li’s Realm, I am no longer your Brother,” said Yan Yuan. “The next time we meet, I don’t have to show mercy to you.”

Ye Futian recovered his original countenance and his silver hair. His eyes were dark and bright.

Although he didn’t have the Seventh Sword’s stunning looks, Ye Futian was more spirited and full of charisma.

Ye Futian didn’t mind his words and put on a smile, saying, “The next time we meet, whether you want to show mercy or not, I will.”

Yan Yuan took a long look at Ye Futian, turned around and walked away, saying, “No need.”

Seeing the statuesque person leaving, Ye Futian bowed at Yan Yuan and said, “It was my great honor to have entered the Imperial Advisor’s Residence. If, one day, the Imperial Advisor’s Residence faces difficulties, I will definitely come back to help.”

That figure was silent as he walked further and further away.

After a while, a voice came.

“No need.”

The short reply put a bright smile on Ye Futian’s face.

It was fortunate for the world of cultivation to have the 33 Strokes Swords master of Lihen Heaven in Emperor Xia’s Realm and Dali Imperial Advisor in Emperor Li’s Realm.

It was also Ye Futian’s fortune to meet these two elders who truly changed his state of heart.

“Goodbye, Brother,” Ye Futian said and then turned around.

The name “The Seventh Swordsman” was well known all over Dali Dynasty of the Lower Worlds.

He has been famous when he was still in the Lower Worlds; he was the man with a sword who defeated all others in the Dali Nine States.

No one had expected that he would still be peerless after he entered the Upper Worlds. He was considered the strongest below the Saint Plane. The Imperial Advisor took him as a direct disciple. Emperor Li betrothed his own daughter to him, but he declined.

What was more amazing was that the Seventh Swordsman belonged to Emperor Xia’s Realm, and after his identity was exposed, the Imperial Advisor escorted him out in person.

What a dreamy story.

What kind of being was he? A man with so much talent and charisma.

In Dali Empire, the atmosphere of Emperor Li’s Imperial City was very depressing.

The Imperial Advisor, Prince Regent, Li Yao, Yan Yuan, and others had returned from the Lower Worlds. Rumors of what had happened spread across the city.

People were in shock.

The strongest cultivator of Sage Plane, the Imperial Advisor’s disciple—the Seventh Sword—was Ye Futian from Emperor Xia’s Realm.

This name sounded unfamiliar to many in Emperor Li’s Realm. Still, people who experienced the Empty Realm Battle all knew that it was Ye Futian who contributed to the victory of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

A peerless talent.

He changed his profession to study swordsmanship and gained fame in Dali Dynasty, but nobody had even figured out he changed his identity.

Emperor Li had been unaware when he met Ye Futian in person. What tricks had he used that deceived everyone?

What was more astonishing was that after his identity was uncovered, the Imperial Advisor helped him leave. His charisma was truly amazing.

With these experiences, the Seventh Swordsman was a real legend.

At this moment, the people of Dali Imperial City fixed their eyes on Emperor Li’s Palace.

Would Emperor Li rage at the Imperial Advisor?

Although no one would believe that the Imperial Advisor committed treason, and Emperor Li could understand and trust the Imperial Advisor, it was inevitable for His Majesty to be concerned.

In Emperor Li’s Palace, the Dali Imperial Advisor, the Prince Regent, Yan Yuan, Li Yao were all present; they stood there without a word.

Emperor Li stood on the stairs and looked down at them.

“Your Majesty, the Imperial Advisor let the spy of Emperor Xia’s Realm go and even stopped us from capturing him. I suspect he has committed treason. Your Majesty, please convict him for his crime,” the Prince Regent said loudly. He knew he couldn’t destroy the Imperial Advisor by using the thing that happened today. Others knew this as well.

But even though he couldn’t destroy the Imperial Advisor, Prince Regent still wanted to sow the seeds of alienation in His Majesty’s heart.

Emperor Li was the ruler of Dali Empire; he allowed no betrayal.

“Your Majesty, the Seventh Swordsman cultivated in the Imperial Advisor’s Residence, so he was my disciple. He never did anything improper during his stay. As his master, when I saw His Highness go to capture him, I asked Yan Yuan to escort him to safety. Your Majesty, please convict me of my crime,” said the Imperial Advisor. He confessed.

“I know that Imperial Advisor cherished him as a talent and didn’t have the heart to see him arrested, but the Seventh Swordsman belongs to Emperor Xia’s Realm, and he will be a potential danger after he goes back,” said Emperor Li. “How will you deal with him if you meet him in the future?”

“He was my disciple—the Seventh Swordsman—in Dali. Since I have escorted him out, from now on, he will no longer have any relationship with me,” replied the Imperial Advisor.

Emperor Li nodded and looked at the Prince Regent, asking, “Do you have anything to say, Uncle?”

“Your Majesty, the Imperial Advisor emphasized their master-student relationship and deliberately ignored mentioning his own defects,” said Prince Regent. “Your Majesty fully trusts and reveres the Imperial Advisor. When he decided to establish Dali National Academy, Your Majesty made all efforts to support him educating talents. But isn’t he helping Emperor Xia’s Realm now?”

“I am willing to resign my position as the dean of Dali National Academy. Yan Yuan followed my orders and was involved in the issue today, so he will also go back to Imperial Advisor’s Residence for cultivation to avoid bringing controversy to the Academy,” said the Imperial Advisor. It shouldn’t have been considered a severe misdeed, but rather something brought about by negative influence; there was no choice but to give up something.

The Imperial Advisor had sensed the result before the actual events occurred, and now what he was doing was following the trend of things.

“Since the Imperial Advisor said so, Uncle, how about putting an end to it? Let someone else take over the job of Dali Academy,” Emperor Li said to the Prince Regent.

Since Emperor Li had given his opinion, the Prince Regent immediately understood what to do next. He took a bow and said, “Always regard your wisdom.”

“You may leave,” announced Emperor Li. The Imperial Advisor, the Prince Regent, and others soon all left.

Li Yao turned around and looked into the distance, perplexed.

He was the most pitiful one in this incident!