The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147 He Was Back

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It was in Emperor Xia’s Realm of the Upper Worlds.

Outside Emperor Xia’s Palace, a group of people came over.

Below the palace, numerous people looked up and saw the young man at the front. They murmured, “It’s Ye Futian.”

Ye Futian hadn’t been seen for many days. People said he was cultivating in Emperor Xia’s Realm, but now he came from outside the palace.

Where did he go?

People of Emperor Xia’s Realm hadn’t heard about Ye Futian for a while; the last time people talked about him was when Long Ling’er and Phoenix were in trouble.

Someone walked out of the palace to meet him.

That person was the little princess, Xia Qingyuan.

Did Princess come to welcome him in person?

What kind of reception was this!?

Did Ye Futian go outside for cultivation instead of cultivating in seclusion?

A broken black shadow whipped in the wind, fast as lightning, and flew directly to Ye Futian. It was the Black Wind Condor.

Black Wind Condor rushed in front of Ye Futian and said to him, its eyes watering, “Master, finally, you are back.”

These past days, Black Wind Condor was in hell.

Ye Futian put his hand on the Condor’s head and said, “I am sorry to have made you suffer.”

“Yes, yes.” The Condor kept nodding; he had suffered a lot indeed.

Sir Condor made up his mind that one day, he must ride on that Pheasant. He would not call himself “Condor” if he couldn’t get revenge on it.

But Sir Condor didn’t expect to take revenge on Xia Qingyuan; he just hoped his master could whip her harshly for him one day.

Sensing the thought in Black Wind Condor’s mind, Ye Futian gave a knock on the Condor’s head. This brat held too many grudges.

Ye Futian looked up and saw Xia Qingyuan standing outside the palace, so he walked up to Xia Qingyuan and saluted, “Your Highness.”

Xia Qingyuan looked at Ye Futian. She had already known about how Ye Futian’s identity was exposed, and he was chased in Dali.

She raised her head and looked at others, saying, “Thank you all for your effort. Please stay in the palace and wait for my order.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The people nodded. Xia Qingyuan was expressionless. She looked at Ye Futian and turned around to enter the imperial palace. Ye Futian followed her.

They walked into the palace, followed by the Black Wind Condor. “Since Sir Condor’s Master has returned, will that woman beat me again?” he thought.

People who saw them from a distance felt they looked like a couple.

They came to the Princess’s Palace. Xia Qingyuan said, “I will investigate all the people in the Lower Worlds and anyone who knew about this affair.”

Ye Futian told her through the Black Wind Condor on his way back that someone might have revealed that he was returning to Emperor Xia’s Realm, which made Li Yao suspicious.

The people who went to pick him up were all direct descendants of the Xia Clan, and they entered the Lower Worlds through the Matrix in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Xia Qingyuan had never considered the possibility that it was leaked to Emperor Li’s Realm. The situation was worse than what she had expected.

The whole thing seemed confusing from the beginning.

“Your Highness, could you please let your people in Emperor Li’s Realm collect information for me?” said Ye Futian. Although he knew nothing serious would happen to the Imperial Advisor’s Residence, he was still worried and wanted to know what had happened.

“All right.” Xia Qingyuan nodded.

“Where is Xiao Sheng?” asked Ye Futian.

“He is in the Xiao House. I have asked people to watch over him. I am sure he doesn’t have contact with the outside world, even with other people of the Xiao House,” said Xia Qingyuan. “Does it mean that we have been wrong since the beginning?”

They had watched Xiao Sheng since the beginning.

But from what had happened then, they could deduce that Xiao Sheng couldn’t do so many things. But Xiao Sheng wasn’t involved at all? Impossible.

It was more likely that someone else helped Xiao Sheng in the beginning.

If so, who would cooperate with Xiao Sheng?

It only could be someone close to the Imperial Palace. In other words, there was a traitor among all direct descendants of the Xia clan.

“Last time Your Highness said there was a clue. How is it going now?” asked Ye Futian.

“I learned that when Xiao Sheng was a child, there was an old servant taking care of him, and the servant went outside for cultivation after Xiao Sheng grew up. During that period, he came back and met Xiao Sheng once. I sent my people to track down who he had contacted. Still, later, he made a breakthrough in cultivation and experienced the Divine Catastrophe and died in it,” said Xia Qingyuan.

Ye Futian laughed after hearing what she said. “I don’t think Xiao Sheng is the head of the whole conspiracy, either.”

Ye Futian didn’t believe Xiao Sheng had done all this by himself. Although he used to be considered the successor of the Xiao House, after all the events that had happened, his status was undermined, and he was no longer as strong as before.

The scheme was almost perfect.

Every clue was flawless.

Saint Xihua’s attack seemed to have been driven by revenge, and if nothing happened after it, Ye Futian would have no suspicion at all.

Because they were always enemies.

How could anyone relate Saint Xihua’s revenge to Xiao Sheng?

Afterward, Ling’er was almost killed by an admirer who held a grudge against her because of her rejection. His love turned into hatred, and then he tried to use poison to let Long Ling’er die with him. He had ended up killing himself. Long Ling’er and Phoenix were lucky and survived thanks to Long Yitian and Phoenix’s special cultivation. There was no flaw in this case, either.

And now, Xia Qingyuan found a clue and wanted to investigate it, but the suspect died in a Divine Catastrophe.

Was it just a coincidence?

But how could a person devise someone’s death in the way of Divine Catastrophe?

The plot had no flaws.

However, making the plot too perfect itself was a flawed thing.

However, if it was flawed, how was the Divine Catastrophe designed?

Was it just a coincidence? Did it mean that the person knew he was going to enter the Saint Plane, so he sacrificed himself to help Xiao Sheng?

Besides, all that the person had done was not meant to kill Ye Futian. Now, when Ye Futian thought about what had happened, he felt that that person was just trying to test him. That person guessed that Ye Futian probably was in Emperor Li’s Realm.

But who revealed when Ye Futian was coming back?

“What is Xiao Sheng doing recently?” asked Ye Futian.

“He has been cultivating in the Xia House quietly,” Xia Qingyuan said.

“He must be either completely disappointed by Princess or Xiao Clan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so quiet. Which do you think is more likely to happen in the light of Xiao Sheng’s personality?”

If Xiao Sheng remained quiet even when he was wronged, the only possibility was that he was completely disappointed.

Otherwise, he must have been involved in the incident, and that was why he was so quiet.

Xia Qingyuan understood what Ye Futian meant. She thought for a moment and said, “I think the latter is what happened.”

It was more possible that Xiao Sheng was involved in this, and that was why he remained quiet and didn’t go to others for help.

“Yes,” said Ye Futian, nodding, “for some things, we don’t have proof, but we don’t need proof. It is inconvenient for Your Highness to approach Xiao Sheng because of his identity, but I can do it.”

Last time, it was because of Queen Xiao’s mediation that Ye Futian agreed to reconcile with Xiao Sheng.

That was his only choice because Queen Xiao was his weapon to deal with Xiao Sheng; he couldn’t offend her.

No matter how famous he was in Emperor Xia’s Realm, Ye Futian’s status was not comparable with Queen Xiao’s.

Not to mention that Queen Xiao had never used radical approaches; her way was more mild, like rewarding him.

But what about this time?

Saint Xihua led his army to the Barren State to attack the Holy Zhi Palace, and Ling’er and Phoenix were almost killed.

Ye Futian almost died in Emperor Li’s Realm, too. Although he was lucky to come back, the Imperial Advisor’s Residence was involved.

How should they pay for these debts?

Xia Qingyuan looked toward Ye Futian. She understood that Ye Futian couldn’t let it go after all these things had happened.

He wanted to get rid of Xiao Sheng now.

Maybe it was not convenient for her to do it, but it was for Ye Futian.

“I will leave and go to the Villa first, Princess,” said Ye Futian. Xia Qingyuan nodded, and soon, Ye Futian left Emperor Xia’s Palace with Black Wind Condor.

Here was the Cottage Villa. Nobody knew Ye Futian would come today, and neither did they know about the soul-stirring things that had happened in Emperor Li’s Realm.

Because the Condor had been with Xia Qingyuan, Xia Qingyuan was the only person who knew about it.

When Ye Futian and the Condor came, Yaya and the Glass Saint first noticed and looked at him as they were cultivating. Soon, the Village Chief and the Sword Saint saw them, too.

“Little Brother is back,” said the Sword Saint. Very soon, his voice spread across the Villa. People heard and teleported to him. By the time Ye Futian arrived, the people he couldn’t be happier to see all showed up.

He didn’t stay in Dali Empire for a long time. Although he had planned to stay longer, he decided to give up after the state of his heart changed.

However, he still felt it had been a long while since he had been to the Cottage.

And the coziness of the Cottage was nowhere to be found in Emperor Xia’s Palace.

His home was the Cottage, where the Palace people stayed with him.

“Elder Brother,” Ye Futian greeted the Sword Saint. It was a pity that he couldn’t witness the Elder Brother enter the Saint Plane.

The Sword Saint nodded, smiling. They were all worried about him going to Emperor Li’s Realm.

“Many things must have happened to you during this trip, right?” said the Sword Saint.

“Brother, you are underestimating Ye Futian. He must have hit on many women while he was there,” said Zhuge Mingyue, smiling.

“Sister, I am not that kind of person!” Ye Futian was awkward and couldn’t say anything. No matter how much he had changed, he was always the little brother to be mocked whenever he was in front of Zhuge Mingyue Sister.

“Okay.” Zhuge Mingyue made an expression that meant “I am pretending to believe you.”

Ye Futian was embarrassed and had to look away. The Third Brother Gu Dongliu was standing next to Zhuge Mingyue, smiling. Yu Sheng and Wuchen stood beside them quietly. A girl rushed to him and called, “Brother!”

Ye Futian looked at this graceful young lady and put his hands on her shoulders. He stroked her head and said, “I am back.”

“Great.” Long Ling’er nodded. She had really thought she would die back then.

But luckily, it was a blessing in disguise.

Ye Futian took a look at Phoenix, who was standing back. She looked quite calm. Phoenix was a Palace disciple, so she had already experienced many dangerous battles.

However, she and Ling’er were almost fatally poisoned. Whenever the thought came to Ye Futian’s mind, it sent a chill down his spine.

Whether it was Xiao Sheng or the people behind Xiao Sheng who did this, Ye Futian had to figure it out.

Since he couldn’t find a clue, Ye Futian would start with Xiao Sheng.