The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 She Devil

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Cottage Villa, in the Upper World of Emperor Xia’s Realm, had made many new acquisitions.

Ye Futian had already become a saint and gained a firm foothold in Emperor Xia’s Realm. He’d deduced that the last assassination attempt had been meant to get rid of him in the name of Emperor Li’s Realm, but now that he had returned, the others would not be bold enough to try it again. Without Xiao Sheng as a sacrificial lamb, it would be easier for their scheme to be exposed.

Therefore, they had brought some more people from the Lower World to the Palace.

They’d brought with them the four senior brothers, Xue Ye, the entire family of You Xi, Qingxuan, Liu Chenyu, and Goddess Wangyue. Now that the big senior brother was a saint, Goddess Wangyue would naturally follow him and they would cultivate together.

The Cottage Villa was quite lively.

On a green pasture, Ye Futian sat quietly. In the distance, an elf-like girl ran through the pasture toward him, shouting, “Uncle Ye!”

Ye Futian opened his arms, and the girl rushed into them. Ye Futian said with a smile, “Little Grass, what are you doing here?”

“My dad is forcing me to read again, but I have read a lot already, so I need to take a breather,” the little girl said seriously and quite precociously.

Ye Futian squeezed her cheeks and said, “It’s for your own good that your dad asked you to read. It will make it easier for you to cultivate in the future.”

“What do I need to have such great cultivation for?” Little Grass asked.

“To protect yourself,” Ye Futian replied.

“Aren’t you here to protect me?” Little Grassed looked at Ye Futian with her big eyes.

Ye Futian looked at the girl’s innocent eyes, smiled, and nodded. “You’re right.”

“So I don’t need to cultivate so hard in the future, right?” Little Grass continued with her line of reasoning.

Ye Futian had no words to refute her.

Children nowadays were a lot sharper than he had been at that age.

“Uncle Ye, when will Auntie Jieyu come back?” Little Grass asked.

Ye Futian was stunned for a moment, speechless and without a response.

Then he squeezed out a smile and said, “Soon.”

“But my mom said that Auntie Jieyu is now an angel and that she has gone back to heaven.” Little Grass asked with some bewilderment, “But isn’t this heaven?”

Ye Futian looked at Little Grass and was speechless again for a moment.

“Uncle Ye, I kinda miss Auntie Jieyu.” Little Grass’s eyes were slightly reddened. When she was little, Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu had been extremely good to her. Now she was almost grown, but she had never seen Auntie Jieyu again. Was heaven a destination that she would never return from?

“Little Grass,” a voice called out. You Xi was coming toward them. He looked at Little Grass and said, “You are bothering your Uncle Ye again.”

“It’s okay, I was a little bored anyway.” Ye Futian smiled and hugged the little girl who was leaning on him and said softly, “Me too, I miss Auntie Jieyu too. One day we will go and find her together.”

“Really?” Little Grass looked up at Ye Futian.

“Sure, when have I ever lied to you?” Ye Futian asked.

“Okay then.” Little Grass nodded seriously.

You Xi watched Ye Futian and felt some sadness. It had been some years now, but Hua Jieyu was still a source of pain in their hearts. For Ye Futian, it must be even worse.

Even though he was smiling at the moment, there was no mistaking the faint sadness on his face.

Even though he was now a saint, there were still some things and some people that could not be let go of easily.

You Xi looked at Little Grass again. The girl was a teenager now, but her mind was extraordinarily innocent. She understood that this was because of the environment where she had grown up. Although Little Grass had experienced a period of turmoil at the Palace, because of her age, she had always been protected. Coupled with the fact that she had never gone outside by herself, she lacked practical worldly experience. She had rarely even gone outside of Alchemy City or the Holy Zhi Palace.

Ye Futian and the other disciples of the Cottage were extremely indulgent and fond of her, so it was difficult for her to “grow up.”

“Is there still no news?” You Xi asked softly.

Ye Futian nodded slightly. Saint Xihua had not provided much valuable information at all. The only person who might have known the truth, Xiao Sheng, was now dead. Along with him, all the clues regarding the matter had been lost. Not even Xia Qingyuan could obtain too many valuable leads in her investigation.

These days, Ye Futian had a better understanding of the many top principalities in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Although he did not know the truth, he had some hypotheses of his own.

However, these hypotheses were unlikely to be confirmed soon.

In the past, he’d dared to go to the Xiao Clan to confront Xiao Sheng because he was convinced that Xiao Sheng had participated. Although there was no hard evidence, he was still determined to interrogate him. However, this would be more difficult than it had been before.

It would probably be impossible to act like that again.

Of course, he would not stop forever. but even if he was unwilling, he would probably need to let it go for the time being.

Now, many people at the Villa had reached the bottleneck of cultivation just below the Saint Plane, especially the third senior brother, Yu Sheng, and Wuchen. They were already at the peak of the Sages, within reach of the Saint Plane.

The most important thing right now was his hope that everyone would successively enter the Saint Plane.

However, sanctification required the right state of mind and opportunity.

There was a figure coming out from the sky with a sword. Ye Futian turned his head and saw Qin Zhuang, clad in black, standing in front of him. He said, “Yaotai Divine Palace has prepared the Yaotai Divine Feast and sends their invitation.”

“Yaotai Divine Feast,” Ye Futian murmured to himself. The Yaotai Divine Feast was the grandest banquet held in the Yaotai Divine Palace. The banquet was always held with great fanfare, as everyone who was anyone in Emperor Xia’s Realm was invited.

However, Ye Futian was not very interested in this, so he said, “Decline on my behalf. Just say that I am busy with cultivation and have no time to attend.”

“People at Yaotai Divine Palace mentioned that Goddess Yao Xi told them specifically that Master Ye should attend,” Qin Zhuang insisted.

When Ye Futian heard what Qin Zhuang said. He remembered that the woman with stunning beauty, and hesitated for a second. He gave it some thought and nodded, saying, “Very well.”

Strictly speaking, Yao Xi was a friend. Since she had already told him to attend, he would oblige. He would think of it as taking a short break for some relaxation.

Qin Zhuang said nothing more and turned to leave.

In Emperor Xia’s Realm, the news of the Yaotai Divine Feast had caused quite a stir.

Yaotai Divine Palace was the highest power in Emperor Xia’s Realm. The Enchanted Island of the West in Emperor Xia’s Realm was known for its beautiful women and dozens of goddesses. It also gave rise to the top force composed entirely of women.

The lord of Yaotai Divine Palace was known as the Holy Mother of the West and was also the head of all the saints of the Enchanted Island of the West in Emperor Xia’s Realm. She was the most distinguished character in the entire realm. The reputation of her beauty had spread throughout the world when she was young. She was an unusual woman who was able to compete with Queen Xiao for the title of the first beauty in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

The Yaotai Divine Feast was not held every year, only once in a blue moon.

However, every time the Yaotai Divine Feast was held, it signified a major event happening at Yaotai Divine Palace.

Many in Emperor Xia’s Realm speculated that this year’s Yaotai Divine Feast was being held by Yaotai Divine Palace as an occasion to select a Path Companion for the current Virgin of Yaotai, Yao Xi. Although Yaotai Divine Palace was a principality of female cultivation, it did not reject the idea of Path Companions. On the contrary, many of the Goddesses in Yaotai Divine Palace had Path Companions and cultivated outside. Even more so, their standard was extremely harsh, and their selected companions were only people of renown.

It was said that at Yaotai Divine Palace, there were methods that were suitable for couples to cultivate together.

For those who cultivated in Emperor Xia’s Realm, many had fantasies about the Goddesses of Yaotai Divine Palace. Therefore, those who could succeed were rarer still.

This time around, people in Emperor Xia’s Realm speculated that it was Yao Xi who wanted to choose a significant other. As the reigning Virgin, Yao Xi’s beauty was peerless, and many even claimed that she was qualified to compete for the title of the first beauty in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Some had even compared her with Princess Xia Qingyuan, so one could only imagine the outstanding beauty she possessed.

For this reason, how could the announcement of Yaotai Divine Feast not create a sensation all on its own?

Those who received the invitations were the most powerful figures in Emperor Xia’s Realm; ordinary people did not qualify.

People from all corners of Emperor Xia’s Realm set off for the Enchanted Island of the West to the Yaotai Divine Palace.

Ye Futian was prepared to depart and see for himself.

However, before Ye Futian was able to leave, someone came to the Cottage Villa and appeared in front of him.

The man who appeared was the guard of Emperor Xia’s Palace. He’d come carrying orders.

“Saint Ye.” the guard greeted Ye Futian with a bow. Now that Ye Futian was sanctified, Ye being his surname, he could be called “Saint Ye,” if there was no other specific title.

Ye Futian nodded and asked, “What message do you bring?”

“The princess would like to remind Saint Ye that although Saint Ye has already entered the Divine Path, the road of cultivation will only be more difficult in the future, and cautioned against complacency. There are many methods for cultivation in the Golden Hall of the Lotus that could aid in comprehension and further cultivation, and there are now divine methods of cultivation that Saint Ye might want to visit for further enlightenment. Do not forget and neglect your cultivation,” said the messenger.

Ye Futian nodded and replied, “Many thanks to the princess.”

The messenger nodded but made no motion to leave. Ye Futian looked at him; the messenger looked back at Ye Futian. The atmosphere was slightly ominous.

“Is there anything else?” Ye Futian couldn’t help but ask when he saw the messenger making no move to leave.

“No.” The messenger shook his head.

“Then…” Ye Futian saw that the guard looked strange.

The guard asked, “So, Saint Ye is not going to the Golden Hall of the Lotus to cultivate?”

“Ye Futian understands the message of the Princess and will go to visit and cultivate at another time,” Ye Futian replied.

“Oh.” The guard nodded, still showing no intention of leaving.

“Then, you may return with my reply,” Ye Futian said.

“Yes.” The messenger nodded, looked deeply at Ye Futian. He finally turned to leave.

Ye Futian saw the messenger departing and said to those around him, “We should go now.”

“Let’s go,” the Black Wind Condor muttered excitedly. The master was always so authoritative.

Better yet, this time, they would go and collect the Virgin of Yaotai. This thought made the Black Wind Condor even more excited.

The experience of the past was memorable and, to the Black Wind Condor, downright unforgettable.

He had also seen Yao Xi before. Compared to that She-Devil in Emperor Xia’s Palace, Yao Xi was much gentler.

If only Xia Qingyuan knew what the Black Wind Condor secretly thought of her, what would she do with him?