The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 The Arrival Of The Prince

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The territory of the Western Region of Emperor Xia’s Realm was vast, populated with many enchanted islands and temples of cultivation for saints.

The Holy Mother of the West, who was respectfully referred to as the Holy Mother, indicated the prowess of her cultivation. She ranked first among all the saints in the Western Region with no one close behind. Whether it was cultivation or appearance, she reigned over all of the outstanding figures in the Western Region.

Yaotai Enchanted Island was the temple of cultivation for the Holy Mother of the West.

This enchanted island was surrounded by numerous other enchanted islands. There were countless goddesses and beauties who all regarded Yaotai Enchanted Island as a holy land. Anyone who possessed outstanding talent would come to Yaotai Enchanted Island, hoping that they would one day become a member of Yaotai Enchanted Island.

But the selection of disciples at Yaotai Enchanted Island was extremely stringent. Most people were destined to hope in vain.

Naturally, the Yaotai Divine Palace was not the only principality of Yaotai Enchanted Island. There were countless cultivators on the island. It was one of the most prosperous areas in the Western Region.

On Yaotai Enchanted Island, countless people were discussing the same thing, the Yaotai Divine Feast.

The last time the Yaotai Divine Feast had been held by Yaotai Divine Palace, it was when the Holy Mother of the West had formally taken over the position of Palace Lord of Yaotai Divine Palace, and it had been decades since then. From this, one could assume that the Yaotai Divine Feast always coincided with the occurrence of major events.

But this time, people on Yaotai Enchanted Island thought that the most likely reason for the feast was that Yao Xi wanted to choose a Path Companion.

Therefore, all the renowned figures from all walks of life had arrived, even those who did not receive an invitation were in attendance at Yaotai Enchanted Island.

“If Goddess Yao Xi wants to choose a companion, who is the most likely candidate?” People were talking about it all over the island.

“Who knows? There are so many impressive figures in Emperor Xia’s Realm, but Yaotai Enchanted Island is located in the Western Region. It is some distance away from the center of Emperor Xia’s Realm. It is said that those who are the closest have the best chance. The young master of Shura Palace seemed to have been pursuing Goddess Yao Xi, whether it was talent or family name. He is outstanding, so his odds are good.”

Many people nodded in agreement. Shura Palace was a powerful Demonic Clan of the Western Region, and its strength was truly impressive. Furthermore, Shura Palace also had people at Emperor Xia’s.

Among the Eight Sacred Generals, Sacred General Shura, who was the most skilled at offense, was from Shura Palace and enjoyed a great reputation. The reigning Palace Lord of Shura Palace and Sacred General Shura were brothers, he the elder brother. However, it was believed that it was Sacred General Shura whose cultivation was a level higher.

The young master of Shura Palace was the son of the Palace Lord of Shura Palace, and he had a close relationship with Sacred General Shura, so his status was considered very prominent.

“Although the young master of Shura Palace has excellent talents and comes from an impressive family, ultimately, he cultivates in the Way of Demonic Method, and his temperament is cold and cruel. Goddess Yao Xi is as gentle as the water, so she does not necessarily like that kind of man.” Someone else added, “I am in favor of the romantic man from Hundred Flowers Valley. He is considered to be the most legendary person in the Western Region in recent years.”

Many people remembered this person when they heard this. Hundred Flowers Valley was a force composed of Goddesses, but a few decades ago, the Palace Lord of Hundred Flowers Valley had found an orphan and raised him in Hundred Flowers Valley. As a result, he became the only man among the many hundreds of female cultivators there. He was handsome beyond words, his looks even hinting of feminine beauty. His talents were excellent and he was said to have the most perfect character.

It was said that he had already arrived at Yaotai Enchanted Island, and would be attending the Yaotai Divine Feast.

“Don’t just focus on the cultivators from the Western Region Temple. In the central area of Emperor Xia’s Realm, there are many noteworthy characters. In the Jiutian Temple alone, there are countless proud talents, not to mention the many descendants of Master of Jiutian Temple. Anyone of them would be extraordinary. There is also the Xuanyuan Clan, the descendants of Renhuang, and the swordsmen of Lihen Heaven, and Wang Chuan, whose presence is yet to be determined.”

“What’s more, don’t forget about the most prestigious person in this generation, a cultivator who could slay the saints as a sage. It was rumored that Goddess Yao Xi knew him and that their relationship was not insubstantial. He was also invited this time. If he comes, I am afraid that those many excellent figures in the Western Region will be overshadowed.”

“Don’t just build up other people! Is this Ye Futian really that powerful?” someone asked curiously. After all, they had only heard of him and not seen him with their own eyes.

This new rising star, since the battle with the Xiao Clan, was well-known in Emperor Xia’s Realm. Many others had learned of his name.

“He was able to defeat Xiao Sheng while in Sage Plane and force his death. How can that be false?” someone asked. “You know, Xiao Sheng was not a frivolous character either. Before he became a saint, he was one of the few people in Emperor Xia’s Realm below the Saint Plane who enjoyed great reputation and recognition as Queen Xiao’s nephew. Even so, he was crushed by Ye Futian and was forced to die by his hand. You can imagine what kind of person Ye Futian is.”

“However, many people thought that Ye Futian’s endgame would be the Little Princess.”

The Upper World was vast and endless, but as long as Emperor Xia’s Palace was involved, it would be a major event.

The Little Princess Xia Qingyuan was an unusual character. Unless they were truly peerless, people rarely struck her fancy. But as her relationship with Ye Futian was a close one, and because Ye Futian had been the only person who could walk shoulder to shoulder with the Little Princess in all these years, it had caused many to speculate.

“His Royal Highness, the Fifth Prince, has arrived.”

At that moment, a voice was heard in the distance. Many people were stunned. Someone asked, “What was that you said?”

“From the imperial palace, the Fifth Prince has come down to Yaotai Enchanted Island,” the man said, looking at the space below. Many people trembled in their hearts.

Within moments, the news caused great waves of excitement.

Had the prince come in person from Emperor Xia’s Palace?

Emperor Xia had six children, and the Little Princess was his youngest child and only daughter. The other five were all a lot older than the Little Princess. The five princes were all in the Saint Plane.

Now the prince had arrived in person to attend the Yaotai Divine Feast.

What would happen?

If His Royal Highness the Fifth Prince had an idea, and if Yaotai Divine Palace wanted to choose a Path Companion for Yao Xi, then the Prince would undoubtedly be the most promising choice. If she married a prince, she could enter the Palace and get to the heart of Emperor Xia’s Realm.

However, some others also thought that Yao Xi, as the reigning virgin, would be the future heiress of Yaotai Divine Palace. If she married a prince, she would have to enter the palace and Yaotai Divine Palace would lose Yao Xi.

The Yaotai Divine Feast seemed to be getting more interesting by the second.

Every prominent figure from all corners of Emperor Xia’s Realm arrived at Yaotai Divine Palace.

The Divine Palace was divided into enchanted islands which were interconnected into a whole. Looking down from the void, they were extremely beautiful.

Visitors from many places were put on different enchanted islands.

A mighty procession descended. The head of the group was extremely distinguished, clad in a brilliant robe. From Yaotai Enchanted Island, figures flashed and many goddesses personally came to greet the newcomers. All bowed and said, “Greetings to Your Royal Highness.”

“No need for formalities, goddesses. I came at my father, the Emperor’s, behest to attend the Yaotai Divine Feast, and am just one of many guests. There is no need for the goddesses to pay so much attention.” The Fifth Prince possessed an extraordinary temper, but his voice sounded gentle and polite like a spring breeze.

“Your Royal Highness, please go to the Divine Palace to rest,” said the goddess in the lead. The Fifth Prince nodded slightly, and then followed the goddess to the Divine Palace on the enchanted island.

He looked around at his surroundings. This place was indeed a spiritual treasure for cultivation.

Shortly after the Fifth Prince entered Yaotai Divine Palace, it caused quite a wave of excitement on the islands.

Those who had already arrived from principalities such as Jiutian Temple, Xuanyuan Palace, Qin Palace, Tianji Pavilion, and Lihen Heaven had all heard the news. Many people tried to figure out where the Fifth Prince had settled so that they could visit him later. After all, he was the descendant of Emperor Xia. Respect must be paid.

There was an enchanted island nestled near the Divine Palace where there were many beautiful pavilions and lofty structures. Between the pavilions, there were many lush and ancient trees. The scenery was incredibly ethereal.

A group of people sat in a pavilion under a century-old tree, chatting casually.

One of them had a head of white hair and a handsome visage. It was Ye Futian. He had been there for a while and had been welcomed to rest on this enchanted island. The Yaotai Divine Feast would be held the next day.

On the way over, Ye Futian had heard many people mention that the reason for the Yaotai Divine Feast was to select a Path Companion for Yao Xi, which made Ye Futian speechless. Although Yao Xi was a perfect woman, he had no fantasies about her and was unclear as to the reason why Yao Xi had deliberately invited him to come.

The two hadn’t had much contact at all. He could not believe that Yao Xi might have feelings for him.

When one reached their age and spiritual state, it was not easy to foster romantic feelings like it was for young adolescents. As mentally stable as they were, it was not very easy for them to move their true emotions.

Unless it was to choose the right person, rather than on emotional preferences. Then it was more likely.

Qin Zhuang came over and said to Ye Futian, “The Fifth Prince of Emperor Xia’s Palace has arrived at the Yaotai Divine Palace.”

Ye Futian heard Qin Zhuang’s words with a touch of surprise. Although he knew that Emperor Xia had five sons besides Xia Qingyuan, he had never been in contact with them. After all, Emperor Xia’s Palace was immense and there had been no opportunity for their paths to cross.

What puzzled him was, why had His Royal Highness come?

Did he prefer Yao Xi’s beauty?

If it was simply a matter of appearances, Yao Xi was indeed one of the most beautiful women in Emperor Xia’s Realm.

In the Upper World, of all the women he had seen, only Queen Xiao could surpass Yao Xi. As for Xia Qingyuan, who he had never seen dressed as a woman, it was difficult for him to judge.

“Let’s go and pay him a visit,” Ye Futian said as he stood up. Even though they’d had no interactions before, when they ended up in the same place, a visit was still expected.

Qin Zhuang nodded. As the group got up and prepared to leave, a voice was heard, saying, “Master Ye.”

The speaker was a peerless beauty.

Yao Xi was wearing a long dress today that enhanced her sexy figure to its fullest. Her face revealed a gentle yet charming smile.

“Master Ye’s temperament seemed to have become even more delightful. Since you entered the Saint Plane, you have become even more handsome and extraordinary.” Yao Xi’s voice was as gentle as the water, and he was moved by her every smile and sound. This was a woman who could satisfy anyone’s fantasies without any faults.

“The Goddess flatters me,” Ye Futian said. He saw that Yao Xi’s temperament had also changed slightly. The feeling of being nearly immortal was even stronger, just like a figure in a painting. It made Ye Futian faintly feel that Yao Xi might be just inches away from the Divine Path.

Was the Yaotai Divine Feast being held because Yao Xi was about to enter the Saint Plane?

“We haven’t seen each other for some time. Master Ye seems to be estranged again.” Yao Xi swept a playful side glance at Ye Futian, so charming in her every movement that it could make a man drunk with feelings.

Futian smiled and shook his head. “Yao Xi, I heard that His Royal Highness is here, and we were just about to go and visit. Why don’t we go together?”

“His Royal Highness has other people to receive him. How come I have just arrived and Master Ye already can’t wait to chase me away?” Yao Xi said, joking. Ye Futian still didn’t know how to respond.

“This is Yaotai Divine Palace, how could I drive you away?” Ye Futian laughed and said, “I am afraid that I would be blown out of the Enchanted Islands.”

“Who would dare to blast Master Ye out of the island? I would certainly not let them get away easily.” Yao Xi smiled softly. “I heard Master Ye had not planned on coming, and that you finally acquiesced only after being informed that Yao Xi had insisted on your presence.”

“I have just entered the realm of the Divine Path, and my realm is still unstable. Naturally, I needed to cultivate more. I beg your pardon,” Ye Futian responded.

“The instability of the realm refers to the destruction of the saint?” Yao Xi went directly to the heart of the matter. “It was in the realm of the sage that you defeated Xiao Sheng of the Saint Plane, and Master Ye’s cultivation was quite stable then. It is clear that you did not want to come. Pity, I had always hoped to see Master Ye again. ”

Ye Futian smiled helplessly. “Yao Xi, you are going to make me run away with the way you talk.”

Casual chatting was impossible

Yao Xi laughed softly. She brushed the hair away from her forehead, appearing even more charming and enticing. She looked at Ye Futian and said, “Then I won’t tease Master Ye. I’ll just sit here and we can talk.”

“Of course.” Ye Futian nodded.

The Black Wind Condor sat watching next to them, his eyes wide. He looked at Ye Futian, then looked at Yao Xi. It was as if no one else was around!