The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172 Armoring

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It was year 10024 of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, and a lot had happened in Emperor Xias Realm in the past year.

Ye Futian became a saint, and Xiao Sheng had perished. The Xiao clan, which had been extremely renowned for a time, seemed to show signs of decline.

There was yet another princess in Emperor Xias PalacePrincess Xi. It was said that she kicked up a lot of fuss after moving into the royal palace, being at odds with Xia Qingyuan.

Princess Xia Qingyuan seemed to have gotten herself a rival.

There were signs of activity from Dali Dynastys army at the borders of Emperor Xias Realm, and there had been several skirmishes. That alerted Emperor Xias Realm considerably, and armies had been sent there to strengthen border defense, as well as keep a close eye on the movements of the neighboring dynasty.

However, it seemed as if none of that had anything to do with Ye Futian. Ever since he had returned to the Cottage Villa after the Yaotai Divine Feast, he had been focused on his training.

Training at Saint Plane required more time than before to see noticeable progress.

While it was said that being able to step into Saint Plane itself had been an achievement of a different magnitude, it still seemed inadequate to Ye Futian.

It was especially so since he had developed thoughts of venturing far outside of Emperor Xias Realm, and that would have required him to enhance his powers continuously.

If he were to get to the stage like that of the Swordmaster of Lihen, he would have been able to come and go anywhere as he pleased, so long as he did not get on the bad side of Renhuang class of beings.

Emperor Xias Realm seemed extraordinarily lively in the new year.

The Divine Cloud Valley, which was known as the number armoring clan in all of Emperor Xias Realm, was no exception.

Great old halls in the Divine Cloud Valley were glittering with golden brilliance. The place was filled with mighty ones, and the valley master had been one of the followers of Emperor Xia, an armorer serving the emperor, specifically.

The Divine Cloud Valley would have been able to remain a prestigious clan whose status was immutable in Emperor Xias Realm, so long as their people did not commit grave offenses like treason.

There were several silhouettes seen high in the sky above Divine Cloud Valley on that day.

The group of people landed right before they entered the valley as a sign of respect.

The guards outside of the valley were unable to help but gauge one of those who came, one who was dressed in white and had silver hair, looking to be of exceptional bearing.

There was only one person in all of Emperor Xias Realm who sported such an appearance, which made him stand out like the sun at high noon.

Im Ye Futian, and Ive come to pay the valley master a visit. Please inform your superiors, Ye Futian cupped his hands and said as he went through all of the required proprieties.

The guards were shocked to find that the man was Ye Futian.

Please hold on for a moment, Saint Ye. A guard went in to deliver the word. Someone else came out to receive Ye Futians party into the valley not long after.

Please forgive us, Saint Ye. There are honored guests at the valley today, and that was why there was a delay, the one who received them explained to Ye Futian.

No matter. Im only here to pay a visit, after all. Please, lead the way, Ye Futian replied, but he was still curious. From what he heard from the other man, there was already someone here before they did, and it seemed that those people were of exceptional status, and he wondered who they might have been.

Ye Futian and his party came to a grand, old hall, and there was already quite a crowd at the place.

Ye Futian saw several familiar faces in the crowd before him. Gongsun Zhong, Gongsun Ni, Gongsun Xuan, and some others were all there.

Gongsun Zhong looked rather complicated when he saw Ye Futian show up. He had been somewhat dismissive of him at Old Man Xiaos birthday banquet all those years ago. It was a testament to his arrogance, which stemmed from his exceptional talents.

However, he remembered what happened in the Battle of Empty Realm well.

At present, Ye Futian was someone known everywhere.

He had let go of his obsession with Xia Qingyuan back at the Battle of Empty Realm, and he had little to resent Ye Futian for, but what happened left a lasting impression on him nonetheless.

Brother Gongsun. Ye Futian cupped his hands and smiled as he greeted Gongsun Zhong, apparently without care for the scuffles they had back then. He was able to tell that Gongsun Zhong had held back many things himself.

Gongsun was dumbfounded for a moment when he saw Ye Futian greeting him, before sighing deep down.

It seemed that the difference between him and Ye Futian had gotten increasingly large.

Gongsun Zhong then lifted his hands and returned Ye Futians greeting.

Ms. Ni, Ms. Xuan, its been a while. Ye Futian turned to look at the Gongsun sisters. Luo Fan came as well, and Ye Futian had deliberately brought his older brother along. Since both his fifth brother and Gongsun Xuan had taken a liking to each other, he did not mind playing matchmaker and presenting them with more opportunities to meet up.

As for the result, he was not trying to force anything but let things take their course.

Its been a while indeed. Both sisters nodded. They were acquaintances back at the Battle of Empty Realm.

Gongsun Xuan turned her eyes to Luo Fan, who scratched his head for a bit and said, Well, Divine Cloud Valley is a really big place.

Shall I give you a tour? Gongsun Xuan looked at him and said.

Luo Fans eyes sparkled, yet Ye Futian butted in immediately, My fifth brother knows a thing or two about armoring. If youd be willing to give him a tour at Divine Cloud Valley, Im sure hed be delighted.

That so? A brimming voice spoke. If thats the case, have your fifth brother come over more often then. It would do him a lot of good learning armoring arts right here.

Ye Futian turned his head around and found the person who spoke was an elder wearing a golden robe, who smiled as he looked at Ye Futians party.

There was another youth who looked extraordinary at the elders side, looking at Ye Futian with a smile.

Ye Futian, here to pay you a visit, valley master, Ye Futian bowed and said.

He then looked at the youth at the valley masters side and said, Greetings, Your Highness.

While it was the first time he laid eyes on the young man, his bearing and appearance bore some similarities with that of Emperor Xia and Xia Lun. Furthermore, he was an honored guest whom the valley master attended to personally, which spoke volumes of his status.

That young man was none other than the fourth prince, Xia Kun.

Xia Kun took a look at Ye Futian and smiled, saying, Its no wonder that my sisters are getting at each others throats in the royal palace. You really are the number one in my generation in Emperor Xias Realm.

Youre too kind, Your Highness, Ye Futian smiled and said.

His Highness is correct, though. There is indeed none among your generation throughout all of Emperor Xias Realm who would be able to overpower you. The valley master then added with a smile, Anyway, what brings you here to Divine Cloud Valley today?

To tell the truth, Im here to ask for your help in matters concerning armoring today, senior. Ye Futian then continued straightforwardly, However, I dare not ask for such help from you without giving you anything in return. I want to offer a top-notch sword sutra that I acquired at Dali as payment. I shall pay for the material cost of the work in sacred spirit stones as well.

The valley master nodded as he heard Ye Futian talk. Ye Futian was one of the brightest figures in all of Emperor Xias Realm. If he were to go through the Princess with such a request simply, the valley would have had to agree to it.

However, Ye Futian did not do so. He paid a personal visit instead and was requesting services by trading for a fair price. Those actions earned the valley masters affinity, thinking that the young man to be a decent fellow.

No problem. The valley master did not hesitate and agreed to it right away. Since Ye Futian was giving him due respect, he was willing to return it with the same amount of respect.

Thank you, valley master. Ye Futian extended his hand and handed the sutra to the valley master, saying, This is a top-notch sword sutra that was previously lost in Dali. Its called the Sword of Kasyapa.

The valley master took it over and flipped the pages nonchalantly, finding it to be something decent. He then turned to Ye Futian and said, This is indeed a precious piece. What kind of implement would you like forged?

Swords. Ye Futian said, I would like a sword capable of incorporating my Life Spirit into it, as well as a batch of swords of space.

Those swords were something he wanted made for Yaya.

Yayas training had yet to be restored to its pinnacle state. The last battle cost her considerably, and he was unwilling to see something like that to happen again. As such, he wanted a batch of swords crafted in order to help her in future battles.

If he were to request something like that of the valley master, he was naturally expecting the products to be top of the line, which would have definitely come at considerable costs.

They were things that conventional armorers were incapable of crafting, after all.

No problem. The valley master then asked, When would you like them finished?

The sooner, the better, Ye Futian answered.

The valley master then took a look at the fourth prince, who then said, Its completely fine to attend to his request first; Im in no hurry.

Are you here for matters concerning armoring as well, Your Highness? If thats the case, its completely fine for my request to be finished later, Ye Futian added.

Its alright. Lets get yours made first, Xia Kun smiled and said.

Thank you, Your Highness, Ye Futian thanked the fourth prince.

Well, in that case, lets get to it right away. If youd like a ritual implement capable of incorporating your Life Spirit, it would be best that you stay around and help with the crafting process.

Ill be bothering you at Divine Cloud Valley for some time then, senior, Ye Futian nodded.

Valley master, I shall take my leave then, Xia Kun then said.

Very well. Goodbye, Your Highness. The valley master nodded and ordered men to send the prince off while he brought Ye Futian elsewhere and ignited the forge.

Several days later, golden flames shooting up to the heavens were seen at the forging tower of Divine Cloud Valley.

Many were watching the valley master himself at work.

There was a terrifying great matrix at the front where sword aura of their world manifested in a frenzy and melded within the matrix. There seemed to be a leaf-shaped sword appearing above the matrix.

The weather above the sword at that moment change, their surroundings shrouded by stifling might. Terrifying diagrams of sword arts were projected in the heavens, surrounding that sword.

A silver-haired figure sat cross-legged and unleashed his will into the matrix, incorporating his will as a saint while sensing the terrifying power ahead, melding with it.

The valley master formed a mudra in his hand. Boundless sword will in the heavens gushed from the matrix downwards, following the terrifying diagrams and flowed into Ye Futians brow, making him shine brilliantly all over with holy light.

The power of the great path was imbued within the sword. How much of the weapons power could be brought out became solely dependent on Ye Futians power.

Boundless light flowed into Ye Futians brow after quite a while. Sword will coiled around him before their surroundings returned to their usually quiet state. The valley master brought the spectators and everyone else away, leaving Ye Futian sitting cross-legged over there.

Extremely holy light glittered in his mind, causing imperial will to ebb at his brow, which was then incorporated within the sword.

He was there to get a trump card for himself forged, enabling him to gain an extra element of surprise at key moments, which, in turn, would allow him a means to end his enemy without regard to level difference.

The sword will around him gradually dissipated after a while. The light on his brow disappeared as well, and it was only then that he rose and left.

The valley master then began to forge the other swords the next day. The process had taken even more time, and only ended when he had finished crafting multiple swords of space for Ye Futian.

He put the swords away and looked at the valley master, saying, Thank you for all your hard work, valley master. Im forever in your debt.

Im just doing what I can. No need for such gratitude, the valley master replied.

If there shall be anything youd need in the future, please do inform me, Ye Futian said again.

Will do. The valley master nodded with a smile and did not refuse.

Ye Futian then brought his people and left.

The valley master of Divine Cloud Valley had a lot of thoughts as he watched Ye Futian leave. The trip seemed to be one where Ye Futian requested for him to make things, but it was actually one to forge good relations between the two of them. At the same time, it undid the scuffles between Ye Futian and Gongsun Zhong all those years ago.

No one knew whose Emperor Xias Realm it would be in the future, after all.