The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 Backing

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Ye Futian paid a visit to the Mo clan after he was done paying a visit to the Situ clan. Since it was the Mo clan that had extended the invitation, he did not see the need to hold back.

It did not matter what the Mo clan thought of the proposal. It would have been great if they were able to agree to it.

Even if they were to not agree to the proposal, there was no way the Mo clan would have leaked the news anyway.

Before the Bliss Palace was destroyed, the top-notch forces in Qianye City would have only dared to stay neutral.

While it was said that the mighty dragon was no match for the native serpent, that still depended on the dragon.

If the other imperial realms were to take a city by force, they could have done so quickly.

However, some imperial realms were reluctant to do so, as not only was the trip difficult to make, but taking down a city meant that they would have had to leave a powerful force behind to manage the taken city. With conflict being a common sight in the Crimson Dragon Realm, they might have run into all sorts of problems.

As such, not all Renhuangs would have been willing to carve out a piece of the land for themselves in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

This time, however, they could have taken the opportunity to do so.

The city lords office organized a banquet several days later, inviting all major forces throughout the city to participate. It was said to be thrown to celebrate Yu Sheng and the others, as well as to welcome Ye Futian and his party officially.

Everyone in Qianye City, however, was able to tell that the young city lord wanted to get close to Ye Futians party.

But then again, their talents were so extraordinary that it was indeed worth the effort.

Guests gathered at the city lords office that day.

Somewhat inferior forces showed up early and waited at the place where the banquet was held.

A group of people was received into the city lords office, and many went up to cup their hands in greeting. Greetings, Senior Situ.

Youre all being too kind. Situ Zhong cupped his hands and returned the gesture. Many were surprised that even the clan leader of the Situ clanSitu Zhongshowed up personally. It seemed that he held the banquet in very high regard.

However, one who was able to destroy the Bliss Palace was indeed worth being taken seriously by the top-notch forces in Qianye City.

If Ye Futian and his people were to stay in Qianye City for prolonged periods, they would have become legends in the city.

Senior Situ. Shen Jun brought his people and walked up to him, bowing politely to him. He said, I did not expect that you would show, senior. I would have greeted you outside if I knew you were coming.

No need for formalities, young city lord. Its quite an event in Qianye City, and so I just thought to come and sit around for a bit, Situ Zhong smiled and replied.

The people in the Situ clan all smiled, and there was nothing out of place with them.

Situ Yan, why didnt you notify me that the elder was coming? Shen Jun smiled and asked Situ Yan.

Situ Yan smiled and said nothing. Shen Jun then said, Please, senior. Have a seat.

Great. Situ Zhong nodded and took a seat at one of the privileged seats. Many who showed up and greeted everyone, making the scene very lively.

The mighty ones from the Mo clan showed up shortly after. What was even more surprising was that the clan leader of the Mo clan was there as well.

Many noted that all the big shots in Qianye City seemed to have all made it to the banquet.

Sir Ye is here. A voice was heard at that moment, and many turned to look in that direction. It was none other than Ye Futian and his group.

They all walked forward, and people from many forces in Qianye City rose. Some smiled and said, Your name has been all over the place, Sir Ye, and you look more extraordinary than youre said to be.

Ye Futian nodded faintly with a plain expression.

Many forces had brought their women with them to the banquet, and they were all very beautiful, exceptional members of the younger generations. Their eyes sparkled when they saw Ye Futian, thinking how handsome that legend known all over the city was. That full head of silver hair of his looked very charismatic, and they all thought he must have had quite a colorful past.

However, Ye Futian walked straight ahead without taking one look at them. After seeing what Xia Qingyuan and the Glass Saint looked like, all of them thought that they were ridiculous for having thought anything in the first place.

Ye Futian naturally did not know what was going on in their heads. He walked forward, and Shen Jun rose as well. He said with a smile, Youre all that is left now. Please take a seat, Brother Ye.

However, Shen Jun did not see any smile on Ye Futians face.

Instead, he looked different from before.

His silver hair billowed, and his white robe looked flawless. His chiseled face looked cold, and those deep eyes of his seemed to be able to see through people.

Shen Jun. Ye Futian went up and halted his steps. The others stood behind him, and they all looked solemn.

The atmosphere changed within an instant.

The smiles on the faces of everyone present rescinded. It was apparent that they all sensed something different was going on.

Ye Futian called Shen Jun by his name.

Furthermore, his eyes were aloof and cold, seeming condescending, even.

At that moment, Ye Futian emanated the might of a saint and looked somewhat supreme.

Situ Yans eyes sparkled. Ye Futians bearing seemed to have changed within that instant; he appeared utterly different.

What is the meaning of this, Brother Ye? Shen Jun had noticed Ye Futians changes as well. He seemed to sense a looming danger ahead.

He came to hold Ye Futian in high regard at the moment. He had been treating him with respect in hopes of reconciling the conflict between him and Ye Futian.

While both parties had been amicable and did not turn on each other, he knew what he did to Ye Futian before, and Ye Futian harbored resentment over it. As such, he did his best to reconcile and mend the relations between the two of them.

He no longer had any thoughts of using him.

However, it seemed to be too late.

He had invited various forces in Qianye City and thrown a banquet to welcome Ye Futian, but Ye Futian did not seem to be of an attitude befitting that of a guest.

He felt that Ye Futian was there to interrogate him instead.

We knew each other somewhere out there, and you invited us to Qianye City. You then set up a meeting between Bai Ze and us, then followed up with testing Yu Sheng and the others, baiting us into participating in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. If Yu Sheng was of inferior powers, he might have ended up killed by Yan Tong and the others. Was that what you meant by the battle being harmless? Ye Futian looked at Shen Jun and said.

Shen Jun frowned after hearing that Ye Futian question him in front of everyone. Ye Futian was indeed there to hold him responsible.

Participation in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon was entirely voluntary. I dont remember forcing any of you to participate. Shen Jun then said coldly, I have gone all the way to welcome you, Brother Ye. So what do you mean by this?

If we lost in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, it would have been our people who would have died. If we won, youd be the one to get awarded, no? Ye Futian asked, Since when have we become your subordinates, Shen Jun?

How about we let the past be the past, Brother Ye? Well drink and let it all slide. Youre free to name whatever compensation you want. If youd like the rewards from the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon, youre free to have them. Well end things at that, how about it? Shen Jun said with a glum face, apparently trying to make compromises.

The lord of a city was lower than that of a Renhuang force, meaning that he was at a disadvantage.

However, he did not know how much power Ye Futian was capable of mobilizing.

I want Qianye City. Are you going to give the city to me? Ye Futian asked.

Shen Juns expression turned completely cold. He glared at Ye Futian and said, Dont go too far, Brother Ye. You might be highly valued by the Renhuang of Emperor Xias Realm, but this is still the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Both men glared at each other for a while. A stifling atmosphere washed all over the place in an instant before the banquet had even started.

Two saintly auras clashed, and all who were present at the banquet shuddered.

Some knew what was going on, and those who did not know dared not get in the middle haphazardly. The situation was tense enough for people to know it was to better wait and see, instead of doing anything immediately.

Ye Futian took one step out, and it was all that was needed to bring a stormy aura of the saint sweeping all over the place. A formless gale swept the entire banquet.

Shen Juns expression was gloomy and dark, finding it baffling that Ye Futian dared to make a move against him in the city lords office.

What is his backing for doing all this? he thought.

There were few others behind Shen Jun who stepped forward, with one of them emanating a very powerful aura.

Yaya stepped from behind Ye Futian as well. A formless gust of sword aura washed all over the space.

The cups in the banquet shattered within an instant. The tables and chairs were then destroyed bit by bit.

Mighty ones from all forces unleashed powerful saintly might for protection. They all retreated. That terrifying storm swept all over the place, and every miscellaneous item crumbled instantly.

Powerful auras burst within the city lords office and swept all over the place. They looked up at the sky and felt many powerful auras descending from above all of a sudden.

They all flashed, intending to leave the banquet.

The figures that appeared high in the air descended, sealing the place and landed on the buildings at the city lords office.

All of them were surprisingly saints.

Shen Juns expression turned especially gloomy. Ye Futian had brought people of Emperor Xias Realm here?

The figures that appeared turned their eyes and looked at the place where the banquet was held. They all bowed in the direction where Xia Qingyuan was and said, Greetings, Princess.


The eyes of many froze, and Shen Jun felt a shudder running all over him. His face seemed rather ashen.

How could this possibly be? he thought.

There is a princess from Emperor Xias Realm in Ye Futians group?

He turned around and saw the figures behind Ye Futian. He eventually turned to Xia Qingyuan.

He recalled the conversation between Xia Qingyuan and Kong Xuan at that very instant.

There was only one line to be had, and he did not think too much about it as a result. Xia Qingyuan had just tagged along with Ye Futian, after all.

He had only discovered that he made a grave mistake at that moment.

Women who were in love would not have cared about their status; they would have been willing to stand by the sides of their beloved as secondary characters, even if the woman in question was a high and mighty daughter of a Renhuang.

If he were to know that the princess of Emperor Xias Realm was in their midst, he might have apologized right away instead of trying to mend their relations through drinking at a banquet.

It was apparent that Ye Futian never intended to give him any chance.

He made a move right after showing up.

Xia Qinyuan turned her eyes to the air and nodded lightly, which seemed to have confirmed the speculations of Shen Jun and the others.

She is indeed a princess of Emperor Xias Realm, they thought.

What does it mean for a daughter of Renhuang willingly standing behind a young cultivator in Emperor Xias Realm anyway?

If they were to be told that Xia Qingyuan had no thoughts about Ye Futian, none of them would have believed that.

Shen Jun is done for this time. A thought crossed in the minds of many present. It was no surprise why that group of people was so extraordinary and dared to wipe out the palace lord of the Bliss Palace without considering the consequences.

They had backing from someone even more powerful!