The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Enlightenment

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Di Hao stepped towards Ye Wuchen, his God Burying Bell shaking everyone to their core. Ye Wuchen felt his mind come under serious attack. His Swordsmans Will trembled.

A sword clashed and shrieked in his mind, looking bright and resplendent. But the sword shook under the toll of the bell.

The God Burying Bell wanted to destroy the sword and tear it completely apart.

A beam of brilliant light was melded into the sword, protecting it. The terrible sword will shot out of his eyes, piercing into the eyes of Di Hao, who was still walking towards him.

Ye Wuchens Sword Spirit was a Spirit Elemental. The sword had tempered his willpower. It was firm and unshakable. And his Swordsmans Will was extremely stable.

The swordsmans state of mind was unblemished. His will could not be destroyed.

But even so, the God Burying Bell was still difficult to bear.

But he still took a step forward, single-minded, his sword will moving with him. The world between him and Di Hao turned into a world of illusory swords. There were swords everywhere.

Di Hao swept his gaze over the illusory swords, looking indifferent. The bell still rang, and he knew what was an illusion and what was real.

At the same time as that, the Precious Cauldrons flew over. They were engraved with a pattern like a mighty dragon that had been to be extraordinary. Endless Precious Cauldrons descended, slamming towards Ye Wuchen, trying to break everything around him.

Seventh Swordsman was not there, and so Di Hao was the foremost person in the Dali Dynasty below the Saint level. His power was clear for all to see, and his knowledge of the Great Path seemed infinitesimally close to that of a Saint. He traversed a great distance with a single step.

Ye Wuchen felt like he was under thousands of pounds of pressure. But he still held his back up straight, like the edge of a sword.

He formed a sword mudra in front of him, and instantly, thousands of swords were floating in the air and whirling around his body, pointing up into the air.

The endless swords formed a sword matrix, and they howled as they surrounded Ye Wuchen. One after another, the swords slashed through the air up into the sky, thundering towards the falling Precious Cauldrons.

There was the sound of a shocking collision above Ye Wuchen. The Precious Cauldrons rotated as they fell, seeking to crush everything below them. But Ye Wuchens swordsmanship swallowed them up, trying to destroy the power of the Great Path within them.

An even more powerful sword will wrapped around Ye Wuchen. He was covered in swords.

The thing was, when practicing swordsmanship, more swords did not necessarily make you more powerful; it was all in how powerful the swords were.

I will use my sword for the Path.

Ye Wuchen looked very solemn. He closed his eyes and traced a seal in front of him. Divine light bloomed from him, and threads of will went flying towards his swords and melded into them.

Suddenly, Ye Wuchens body became indistinct. It was as if he was not real.

Threads of sword will flowed from him. He seemed to become a part of all the swords. Each sword appeared in his mind; they were like his hands and feet. They were now a part of his body.

When a sword bore the will of heaven and earth, it could cut through the air.

Block! A sword cut through the air, slamming into a falling Precious Cauldron. The dragon patterned cauldron resonated wildly but kept falling.

Block! After that, another sword came.

The sound of collisions rang out incessantly as sword after sword collided with the falling dragon patterned cauldrons. Each time a cauldron fell into the sword filled air below; cracks appeared in it.

There was a loud noise. It was as if the air itself were splitting apart. All the Precious Cauldrons were shattered. They had been destroyed in an instant.

Di Hao stared at Ye Wuchen. At that moment, the indistinct Ye Wuchen was like a statue, standing there without moving. He seemed to have become a sword of the Great Path himself.

He knew that, at this moment, Ye Wuchen had almost no defensive power. If he could break through his swords, it would go badly for him.

Di Hao stepped forward through the air, towards the space above Ye Wuchens head. His Precious Cauldron life spirit howled as it descended upon Ye Wuchens head. It constantly grew bigger as it fell until it became a divine cauldron that blocked out the sun. The power of the Great Path was within it.

The radiance of the Great Path descended from above the cauldron, powerful enough to destroy anything. Countless illusory Precious Cauldrons fell behind it. The whole area became a deathtrap. The swords rattled. It seemed that they were being crushed and could not move.

But the clattering swords continued to rotate, breaking up and counterbalancing the will of the Precious Cauldrons, and tearing through the air. They rose and shattered the illusions of Precious Cauldrons and shot towards Di Haos Precious Cauldron life spirit.

But just as they reached it, the Precious Cauldron just shook and sped up to suppress it.

Ye Wuchen drew another seal in the air, and thousands of sword wills rose, slamming wildly into the dragon patterned cauldron, slowing its descent. The two forces clashed wildly.

Up in the sky, Di Haos sword spirit clattered and shrieked. The matter around him coalesced into Swords of Kasypa.

The Swords of Kasypa that had just formed shot towards Ye Wuchen, aiming for the finger he was using to draw seals.

The swords shot through the air, seeming to ignore the vast distance between them.

Ye Wuchen seemed to sense this, and his swords suddenly lined up in front of him, protecting his flesh. They shot out in all directions, colliding with the Swords of Kasypa that were flying towards him. The swords cracked and shattered each other.

Di Hao stepped forward, and the ringing of his bell shook the sky. Swords of Kasypa continued to form and shoot, being created as quickly as they were destroyed.

How many swords do you have? Di Haos voice melded with the ringing of the bell of the Great Path, thundering downward. Under the assault of three different powers, Ye Wuchen was subject to an immense amount of pressure. A line of scarlet blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. But he made no sound. He still stood there with his eyes closed.

Not many people at the edge of the Crimson River were watching Ye Wuchens battle. Most of them were watching others, such as Yu Sheng fighting off the three great cultivators of the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm by himself. Their collisions shook the air. Every attack contained unimaginable power. It was truly astonishing.

But Ye Futian was paying more attention to Ye Wuchens battle.

This was not the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. Yu Sheng. There would be no use in Yu Sheng helping Ye Wuchen and the others.

They had insisted on taking part in this battle. They had wanted to experience this kind of fighting. If Yu Sheng came and helped them, what good would it do them?

Di Haos three life spirits had all appeared. He was so close to the Great Path and was using his full power to attack. Wuchen would improve a lot from this, even though he was under so much pressure.

And it was not only Ye Wuchen; at that moment, Huang Jiuge was being crushed by Dong Chen.

Dong Chens vajra body was tall and mighty, like a divine vajra. Its many arms were striking out with many palm prints, crushing everything in their path.

Huang Jiuges life spirit bloomed. His Renhuang body was tall and imperial, but unfortunately, it only had the form of a Renhuang, not the power. But even so, it held a sword pointed at the sky, cutting through the oncoming palm prints. This lasted until the powerful pressure from the palm prints reached him, and it crushed him to the ground, making it difficult to move. His arms trembled slightly.

Dong Chen did not give him a chance to fight back. After he had crushed him, thousands of illusions shrieked forward and descended upon Huang Jiuge. Many shadows overlapped into one. He struck down with one finger towards Huang Jiuges face.

Dong Chens most powerful attack was God Destroyer. This descending finger contained the attack power of the Great Path and could destroy men, gods, and ghosts.

Huang Jiuge stared up at Dong Chen and gave a great cry. Renhuang light flowed from him, and an incomparably overbearing power swept out, slamming into Dong Chen. But it did not stop his finger.

The finger descended, and a terrible strangling force rushed towards Huang Jiuge. It raged in his mind, destroying everything.

At that moment, blood was running down Huang Jiuges brow. His eyes were closed, and his Renhuang will was protecting his spiritual will. But Dong Chens finger continued to assault his spiritual willpower.

You still wont admit defeat? called Dong Chen. The voice shook Huang Jiuges mind.

In Huang Jiuges mind, his spiritual will was constantly bursting and evaporating. Lines of brilliant divine light were flowing, taking him back many years.

At the battle of the Imperial Mausoleum, his father had died protecting the tomb. He had traded his life to allow Huang Jiuge to enter the tomb and inherit the power of his ancestors.

He had inherited the power of the Great Path, and his ancestors had used Renhuang will to cleanse his spiritual willpower and grant the power to him.

So why had he still not reached enlightenment?

He had dishonored his fathers death and his ancestors.

Blood kept running down his brow, but the light still shone brilliantly. Huang Jiuge had not given up.

Ye Futian was uneasy as he beheld this scene. He had nothing to say. After the battle at the Imperial Mausoleum, Huang Jiuges personality had changed. He was no longer as bold and generous as before, but had become more restrained and silent.

In that battle, Huang Xi had traded his life so that his son could inherit the will of their ancestors.

Huang Jiuge was presumably carrying a heavy burden. In this way, Wuchen was much more free than Jiuge. His sword was simple and unblemished.

He hoped that Huang Jiuge could break through one day.

Images flashed in Huang Jiuges mind. He seemed to be able to see the scene of him inheriting his ancestors power.

His ancestors had had the power of Renhuang. Their chariots had thundered across the world, and everyone bowed to them. Wherever they pointed their sword, the heavens paled.

With longsword and longbow, they had raged against destiny and the power of the gods.

How magnificent it had been.

But now, even though he had inherited his ancestors power, he was being crushed. And he had still not reached enlightenment.

The world was in turmoil, and the Renhuang will within him was vast. It spread throughout heaven and earth, and a suffocating force filled the area. It seemed that Renhuang had truly arrived.

Huang Jiuge squeezed his eyes shut even tighter. He seemed to have forgotten that he was under attack. All that he could see was that magnificent scene.

He forgot about rule power; he forgot about the Great Path. He just used all his might to try and feel the images before him. Before his father had died, he had used the power of his ancestor Renhuang to step upon the Great Path. Had he seen the magnificent things Huang Jiuge was now seeing?

Dong Chen frowned. He suddenly felt immense pressure. It was everywhere, like the power of Renhuang was there.

It seemed that this area could not contain any other Paths.

Huang Jiuges Renhuang body seemed to become larger and mightier. A burst of power came from within him, making Dong Chens vajra body come under enormous pressure.

At that moment, Huang Jiuge opened his eyes. They seemed to have changed, becoming more imperious. As he looked at him, Dong Chen felt only that he should bow and submit.

Woosh! A wild aura swept out. Terrifying illusions appeared, a battle matrix that crushed heaven and earth, surging forth and slamming violently into Dong Chen. He felt his will was being dominated.

This was the Path of Renhuang. Dong Chen could naturally see the blood of Renhuang flowing upon the body of the one he was fighting, even though he had never attained enlightenment.

But now, he could feel the power of the Path of Renhuang!