The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 One Day With Sword In Hand

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It was said that when a cultivator reached the Renhuang plane, they became pure Dao. Dao had given birth to the sky, the earth, and all things. It was as grand as heaven and earth, as brilliant as the sun and moon, and as magical as all creation.

After Renhuang had become pure Dao, he had integrated it into his blood, into his life spirit, and into the magical power of creation. He preached about the Dao, and his descendants continued to become stronger through enlightenment. How much they could ultimately bear depended on their qualifications, experience, power of understanding, and tenacity.

Some people were born with this talent, and some acquired it after birth.

Ones family background determined ones initial conditions, but when cultivating on the Great Path, you had to rely on yourself. As for which was more important, everyone had their own opinion.

At that moment, Huang Jiuge finally knew why he had never been able to achieve enlightenment; it was because the Dao that he had perceived was different than that which had been passed down by his ancestors. He thought he would learn the ways of suppression and power because these were the rule powers that he had cultivated.

But today, he realized that the Dao that his ancestor Renhuang had passed down was different.

It could shake the world and suppress both gods and demons.

The Dao that his ancestors had passed down was the Dao of an overlord.

It could suppress the entire world and threaten even immortals and demons.

Without the inheritance of his ancestors, he would not have been able to comprehend this kind of will. It was now possible for him to understand the Path of Suppression and the Path of Power.

Dao needed to be in harmony with heaven. He had inherited the hegemonic will of his ancestors but had always been focused on the power of repression and strength. Thus he had never been able to step onto the Path.

That was until now, when he had forgotten about Rule Power and forgotten his own Dao. His mind was filled with nothing else but the Renhuang will of his ancestors, and it finally merged with his own will.

Boom! There was another footstep, and a violent airflow swept out, throwing Dong Chen back. At the same time, Huang Jiuges Renhuang sword slashed out. There was a loud noise as the Vajra body was thrown back as well.

Huang Jiuges temperament suddenly changed as well. His eyes became domineering, and will flowed around him, turning into martial phantoms. The illusions were so clear that they seemed real. Chariots surged around him, crushing everything beneath them.

His Renhuang body grew taller and mightier, and hegemonic will swept out from the Renhuang sword as he stepped forward, pressing down on Dong Chen. It seemed that everything in the area would submit to him.

His Hegemonic Will was like suppression, like power, and like destruction, but most of all, it was like strength. It contained the characteristics of the Great Path, and could even suppress the Dao within others. Thus, Dong Chen felt his will being dominated.

This was Hegemonic Will.

As his will was activated, Huang Jiuge felt his life spirit changing. This was still not him truly becoming a Saint. When he did truly become a Saint, his talents would probably change once again to absorb more of the power that he had inherited from his ancestors.

The blood surged through his veins. As he stepped forward, Dong Chen could feel the pressure growing stronger. He struck out, and suddenly, the vajra bodys many arms struck out as well. The air trembled as they swept through it.

Huang Jiuge gave a great roar as he continued forward, and an incomparably violent airflow swept out from him. All the air around him turned into a true battlefield as chariots surged and thundered forward towards where Huang Jiuge pointed with the Renhuang sword. A scene of absolute destruction appeared as thousands of chariots and soldiers charged towards Dong Chen.

At that moment, many people were watching Huang Jiuge. The changes that had happened to him had naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Watching this scene, Ye Futian was naturally happy for Huang Jiuge. Had he finally achieved enlightenment?

They were different now than when they had been in the Nine States. The people of the Nine States had limited talent. After cultivating for many years, many of the top figures had the right states of mind, but they could not comprehend the Dao, and thus could not become Saints. They had to borrow power to break through their limits by participating in the Battle of Proving Holiness and using the opportunity provided by Emperor Xia. But cultivators like them needed to continue in a more steady fashion, advancing towards the understanding of their own Dao step by step.

Only when the Great Path was stable could they advance farther along it.

This was a big change for Huang Jiuge. He was now much closer to becoming a Saint.

Many other battles were breaking out across the battlefield besides those of Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen. Previously, Xing Chou and Xiang Nan had not even started fighting yet, just letting their assistants join the battle, and only getting involved when they were defeated.

Now, Xiang Nan clenched his fists, and suddenly, a god-like figure blasted down from the sky, smashing into one of his opponents.

He turned and looked towards Huang Jiuge.

He was someone who was a pure-blooded descendant of Renhuang.

As a son of Emperor Xiang, he naturally knew the strength of the bloodline of Renhuang. Those at the Renhuang level were so powerful that when they cast a spell, even their descendants would be affected by it.

This Battle of the Crimson River was getting more and more interesting.

Compared to Huang Jiuge, who was transforming on the battlefield, Ye Wuchen seemed to be in great danger at this moment.

Di Hao, the foremost figure below the Saint level in the Dali Dynasty, was attacking him wildly. Drums and bells rang as he attacked with his endless Swords of Kasypa.

Ye Wuchen was currently fighting at the limits of his power. He had integrated every bit of sword will into his own willpower, and was wielding them to their fullest extent. But he was still in danger.

It was just like Di Hao had asked. How many swords did he have?

His Sword Qi might be limitless, but how much Spiritual Energy had Ye Wuchen put into his swords, and would he have enough time?

The Swords of Kasypa wrapped around Ye Wuchen, striking at him again and again, cutting holes in the swords that surrounded Ye Wuchen. At the same time, the dragon patterned cauldron was pressing down bit by bit, seeking to shatter the sword curtain that covered Ye Wuchen and crush the swords below it.

Blood ran down from the corner of his mouth and stained his robes.

But he still persisted. Swords materialized constantly and were integrated into his will. They struck out towards the dragon patterned cauldron and towards the Swords of Kasypa.

One sword after another. Though they became slower, he still kept creating them.

His head seemed like it was about to burst. Even with the blessing of the Renhuang sword will, he still seemed like he was past his limits.

But wasnt cultivation all about breaking through your limits?

He knew that he was one of the weakest people here at the Battle of the Crimson River. Most of the people here were stronger than him, and many of them were a lot stronger than him.

But he had still come.

He wanted this to be a turning point for him.

His goal was very clear. He wanted to get a step closer to the Divine Path.

Since he did not have enough talent, his only option was to seize any chance he could get. That was why he had seized the Renhuang sword will, and why he had come here today.

His talent may be limited, but his will was not.

Moreover, he was not as untalented as he had been in the past. He had received a swordmasters sword and had fought with it. He had felt the true Divine Path and knew what it was like. Now, he wanted to once again seize the chance to feel it.

Wuchen. Ye Futian looked towards where Ye Wuchen was fighting. His heart was in turmoil.

He and Ye Wuchen had walked this path together. They had come from the land of the Hundred Kingdoms to here. He knew him very well.

He knew why Ye Wuchen was doing this. Ye Wuchens state of mind was probably even tougher than his own.

Di Hao frowned. Was it really taking this long to defeat Ye Wuchen?

Also, was Ye Wuchen crazy?

If he pushed himself so hard it might have negative effects on him. And the Battle of the Crimson River did not permit killing, so why was Ye Wuchen being like this?

He waved his hands, and suddenly, more sword will gathered together. Brilliant Swords of Kasypa cut through the air and fell towards Ye Wuchen.

Swords appeared around Ye Wuchen, but they had great difficulty blocking the attack of the Swords of Kasypa. The dragon patterned cauldron continued to press downward. Di Hao said coldly, If you keep this up, you will be destroyed once your defenses collapse, and you will have no one to blame but yourself. At that time, no one will be able to say that I killed you on purpose.

Ye Wuchen was resisting so doggedly that he had to keep increasing the power of his attacks. Once Ye Wuchen collapsed, all his defenses would collapse as well. In that instant, the destructive power would be too great for him to escape.

But at that point, Di Hao wouldnt be able to control it.

Ye Wuchen heard what Di Hao had said, but he still squeezed his eyes shut. His swords were still there, even as blood oozed from his brow. It was truly a shocking sight.

But he had already come this far. A true warrior of the sword did not retreat.

He remembered his masters words.

A swordsman is neither proud nor impatient.

A swordsman is fearless and dauntless.

A swordsmans original nature does not change. It stretches as far as the eye can see.

He did not have the potential that Ye Futian did. He had only his one teacher. At the Fuyun Sword Clan, a teacher had preached the way of swordsmanship to him and taught him how to become a swordsman. After he died, his last thread of sword will had gone into him and given him a message.

He thought of his masters death and the destruction of the Liu Kingdom.

There were so many evil people in this world.

But at the same time, there were swordsmen like his master, and cultivators like the Swordmaster of Lihen, who had shown him the road of swordsmanship cultivation.

One day, he would cleanse the world of evildoers with sword in hand.

His swords, though broken and destroyed, seemed to be endless, and they went from moving slowly to extremely fast.

Di Hao frowned as he saw more and more swords coming into being constantly, and even extending wildly.

Swords were even starting to appear around him.

At that moment, Ye Wuchen felt that everything in all the vast world was filled with swords.

Di Hao had asked, How many swords do you have?

At that moment, Ye Wuchens voice rang through the air.

I have infinite swords!

As he said this, infinite swords were truly born, enveloping heaven and earth.

Up in the sky, the wind whistled through the clouds as sword will descended, shaking the world.

On the banks of the Crimson River, everyone looked up with trembling hearts.

It seemed like he was going to break through to the Saint plane.

It was not uncommon for this to happen during the Battle of the Crimson River; it had happened many times in history.

But no one had thought that Ye Wuchen would be the one to do it. Ye Wuchen, who no one had any great expectations for, was actually going to break through to the next level.

He was going to take his first step onto the Divine Path.

This battle had no rules. From the moment when they stepped onto the battlefield, the Regional Palace would only accept the last one left.

Therefore, even if you became a Saint during the battle, you could continue to fight.

On the path of cultivation, luck was an important factor.

Moreover, with so many top figures on the battlefield, how could they prevent them from becoming Saints?

The Regional Palace only cared about results.

Ye Futian was stunned at first. Then a bright smile appeared on his face.

He would never have thought that after he became a Saint, among Yu Sheng, Wuchen, the three brothers, Huang Jiuge and many others, the first one to break through to the Saint level would be Ye Wuchen.

Of course, this did not mean that Ye Wuchen was more talented than them. The Great Path had no system of seniority.

But no matter what, Ye Wuchen had taken this first step in spite of his limited talent. This was truly a wonder.

And the path of cultivation was full of wonders!