The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 Target

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Someone becoming a Saint had the potential to influence the outcome of the battle and upset the balance.

This was especially true since everyone in previous instances of the Battle of the Crimson River had already been outstanding fighters. Once they became a Saint, they could sweep away all opponents.

Therefore, in previous Battles of the Crimson River, it had not necessarily been a good thing to become a Saint during the battle.

And sure enough, many gazes fell upon Ye Wuchen at that moment.

A cold light flashed in Xing Chou and Xiang Nans eyes, two of the people who were most favored to win.

It was not that they bore any ill will towards Ye Wuchen. It was just that him becoming a Saint during the battle would affect them.

In light of this situation, they would have to deal with him before he completed his transformation into a Saint.

There was still a period in which he would need to comprehend the Divine Path, be baptized in the divine catastrophe, and then wholly step onto the Divine Path. This period was often fatal to those who were becoming Saints unless they gave up.

If they didnt, they would probably be affected by the divine catastrophe.

At that moment, Ye Wuchens sword will had cut through the assault of the Swords of Kasypa. The powerful sword will smashed into the dragon patterned cauldron high in the sky, causing it to shake incessantly.

The mighty sword will wrapped around Ye Wuchen. Wuji Swords appeared around him, covering the battlefield.

It seemed that a catastrophe of swordsmanship was descending. The light of catastrophe blended with the red sky, making everything seem extremely oppressive and frightening.

Ye Wuchen felt all the eyes on him. He knew that now that he had started the divine catastrophe, others would start paying attention to him. Those who had not cared about him before would now want to make him be the first to flee the field.

This is your chance to step onto the Divine Path; you should leave the field, said Xiang Nan to Ye Wuchen. The fact that he was becoming a Saint did not mean much to him. As a son of Emperor Xiang, he did not have any so-called respect for those who were becoming Saints.

As far as he was concerned, it did not matter who among them became a Saint first. The goal of this battle was to enter the Regional Palace.

Ye Wuchen looked at Xiang Nan, and his eyes were as sharp as swords. He then looked towards Yu Sheng. If he fled now, would Yu Sheng be able to make it to the end?

As Ye Wuchen hesitated, the divine catastrophe had gathered together and had arrived. Xiang Nan walked towards him.

He stepped into the air, reached out, and made a grasping motion. In a flash, a terrifying scene appeared in the air above Ye Wuchens head. A divine figure could faintly be made out. It looked like a god. The figure stretched out all its fingers and pressed downward, forming a giant golden palm print in the sky. It rushed down to crush Ye Wuchen.

The sword will around Ye Wuchen shrieked as it rushed up to resist. It collided with the palm print, and intense golden light burst from it. There seemed to be a light curtain flowing around it, slapping away the sword will. It continued downward towards Ye Wuchen.

Ye Wuchen stretched out his single arm and pointed into the sky. His countless swords melded into one, a giant sword that smashed into the onrushing palm print.

As the sword and the palm print collided, there was an explosion of brilliant golden light.

Xiang Nan looked indifferent. He glanced over the scene with eyes full of dazzling light that shone deeply within them. He put his hands out in front of him and formed a special seal.

The divine figure was like a shadow of Renhuang in the shape of Xiang Nan. The seal went out, and suddenly the figure was surrounded by a five-clawed golden dragon. Its massive claws swept downward, blotting out the sun as they tried to swallow Ye Futian up.

Boom! A loud noise rang out as the massive sword was pressed down. Your swordsmanship is not bad, said Xiang Nan. Since youve seized the chance to become a Saint, you should stop here. You wont ever get a better chance than this.

Ye Wuchen had taken the lead at the Battle of the Crimson River, being the first to seize the opportunity to comprehend the Great Path. But he was not the strongest one there; in fact, he was the weakest. Before he could become a Saint, he would need to increase his strength. Staying on the battlefield would be foolish.

That was, unless he was the best cultivator on the battlefield.

But obviously, Xiang Nan did not think he was.

Seeing the great pressure that Ye Wuchen was under, Huang Jiuge, who had repelled Dong Chen, rose into the air. A dazzling radiance bloomed as he pulled back his bowstring. The Renhuang bow had nine arrows on it, and they were locked onto Xiang Nan.

At the moment that he let the arrows fly, there was an earsplitting noise that overpowered everything.

The powerful arrows were able to shoot through the Great Path itself. Xiang Nan glanced at Huang Jiuge, but at that moment, a figure stood between the two of them. It was Xing Chou, who was the favorite to win the Battle of the Crimson River.

Brilliant light bloomed from him, making him dazzling to behold. He stood there casually, like a god of war. He looked unshakable.

Xing Chou stepped forward, and a divine golden light curtain swept out from him. The overpowering arrows cut through the air and slammed into the light curtain, making a horrible noise. The air around them trembled fiercely.

The arrows pierced through the light curtain bit by bit, seemingly able to destroy the will within it. But Xing Chou made a grabbing motion, causing another loud noise. A giant palm print grabbed up all the arrows and snapped them.

Xing Chou did not care about Ye Wuchen, but if he entered the Saint plane, things would be different. He naturally needed to stop him.

Huang Jiuge stepped forward, the power sweeping out from his Renhuang body. He wielded the Renhuang sword. A majestic will swept out from him, striking towards Xing Chou with majestic purpose.

But Xing Chou glanced at him indifferently. The descendant of Renhuang, who had just barely comprehended the Dao, wanted to attack him?

That was like an ant trying to shake a tree.

An extremely tall figure appeared behind him, looking like a god of war and filled with a sense of limitless power.

Seeing Huang Jiuge striking towards him with the Renhuang Sword, Xing Chou stepped into the air. The air around him trembled fiercely, and beams of brilliant light bloomed from him, seeming to resonate with the great worldly path. It seemed that everything in this area was his to use.

The battlefield illusions around Huang Jiuge shattered wildly, and the god of war behind Xing Chou slammed its fist downward. The Great Path was suddenly integrated into its fist, and it seemed that the limitless power of the Great Path was behind this attack. It slammed directly into Huang Jiuges Renhuang Sword.

A destructive storm swept out as the fist, and the Renhuang Sword collided. An overpowering force tried to split the fist apart, but terrible beams of light burst upon Huang Jiuges body. The violent fist sent Huang Jiuge flying backward.

Xing Chou still looked indifferent. The lofty and mighty god of war once again struck out with its fist towards Huang Jiuge as he flew away. In a flash, countless fists were stretching out beside it, pressing through the air. Huang Jiuge looked up into the sky. He felt like his opponents fists were everywhere, and had become one with the Heavenly Path.

The violent attacks fell upon him, and he continued to be sent flying backward until he fell upon the battle platform beside the Crimson River with a thud.

The wind howled as even stronger fists fell from the sky, crushing down along with the god of war. Huang Jiuge looked up and saw that the god of war had the Great Path within it, and his heart trembled slightly. It seemed that he was nowhere near strong enough.


There was a loud noise as Huang Jiuges body bent until he was nearly lying on the ground. His face was pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Ye Wuchens situation was dire as well. Xiang Nans attacks were powerful, and the catastrophe of the Great Path was gathering together. It seemed like it could descend upon him at any moment.

Di Hao also chose that moment to launch his attack on Ye Wuchen. The bell and cauldron rang, and his sword qi cut towards him, cutting through his defenses. The Swords of Kasypa cut directly through Ye Wuchens body, and blood stained his robes.

Get out of her, said Xiang Nan coldly. Suddenly, he struck out with his giant hand, slamming Ye Wuchen to the ground.

Everyone watching from the riverbank trembled within their hearts. The moment of becoming a Saint was a sacred time for any cultivator.

But here on this battlefield by the Crimson River, it was treated as an abnormality and brutally suppressed.

Boom! There was a loud noise as the catastrophe of the Great Path descended, piercing into Ye Wuchens body. His flesh and spiritual will were bathed in sword will. His body trembled slightly. The attacks had seriously wounded him, and so as far as he was concerned, this was a bad time to face the Divine Catastrophe.

Yu Sheng naturally saw what was going on over there. Over on his side of the battlefield, Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan were launching violent attacks on him. Nine colored light shot down, its power shaking heaven and earth, slamming into him time after time. It was truly shocking to behold.

At that moment, Yu Sheng swept out his arms, sending Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan flying back. But a divine bird was swooping towards his head with its talons. It was Jialou Feng.

He stretched out his left arm to block in front of him, and Jialou Fengs talons raked across it, trying to tear it apart. But Yu Shengs other hand shot out like a bolt of lightning, grabbing the golden rocs talons.

Bang! He stepped into the air as the golden roc struggled wildly, trying to break out of Yu Shengs grip. But Yu Sheng was as powerful as a demon, and he suddenly threw the roc towards the ground.

The golden roc tumbled downward, but he suddenly spat a golden sword from his mouth. Yu Sheng covered his eyes with his arm. The wind blew over them as they both fell towards the ground.

He raised his arms, and with a loud noise, he slammed Jialou Feng into the ground.

And before he could do anything, Yu Sheng stepped on his stomach, grabbing his golden wings. He began to pull his feathers out one by one, causing Jialou Feng to scream in pain.

Yu Sheng ignored his cries. He looked up at Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan in the sky. He then the ground shook wildly as he charged towards where Ye Wuchen was.