The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 A Demon That Covered The World

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Upon the battlefield by the Crimson River, Jialou Feng was bleeding golden blood and crying out in pain.

Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan looked furious as Yu Sheng stood upon Jialou Feng and plucked out his golden feathers, throwing them to the ground. It was a shocking sight.

This guy was a madman on the battlefield. No matter what, they could not shake him.

Kong Zhans figure flashed towards Yu Sheng, pursuing him. He had a dark look on his face.

Kong Xuan looked at her brother and moved forward at the same time. Get off the battlefield, she said to Jialou Feng.

Jialou Feng was badly injured. There wouldnt be much point in him staying any longer.

There was a flash of hatred in Jialou Fengs proud eyes. As a member of the Jialou noble family, this was a grave humiliation to him.

The wild Yu Sheng had trampled him to the ground and then rushed to the aid of Ye Wuchen. Up in the sky, Xiang Nan stretched out his hand, and the divine five-clawed dragon struck once again with a roar. Its claws blotted out the sun and covered up half the sky as they sliced towards Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen.

He had already told Ye Wuchen that he was not strong enough to seize this opportunity that had been offered by the Great Path, as he would not be able to enter the Regional Palace. And since Ye Wuchen was hesitating, he would make the decision for him.

At this juncture, if he were injured while facing the Divine Catastrophe, he would probably die. If Ye Wuchen were not willing to give up, this chance he had to become a Saint would become a disaster for him.

Yu Sheng looked up at the charging golden dragon with cold eyes. Dark golden light flowed from him. He thrust his fist into the air, and a huge palm print shot up into the sky, as powerful as the sun, blocking the dragons claws in mid-air.

Xiang Nan looked indifferent when Yu Sheng appeared. He had seen Yu Shengs combat ability. He was very strong. In terms of theoretical power, Xing Chou was the only person on the battlefield who could resist him.

He pressed down with his fist yet again, and suddenly, the divine golden five-clawed dragon circled in the air with a roar. There was a loud sound as its claws pressed down on the palm print, shattering it, and then continued downward.

However, down below mighty demonic power billowed from Yu Sheng, and an endless demonic airflow appeared, rushing towards his body and making him even more terrifying. It was like a demon had possessed him. His body became larger and more powerful, like a demon that covered the world. His dark eyes were full of coldness, and a demonic battleax appeared in his hands.

He looked up and stepped forward, making the ground tremble beneath his feet so fiercely that it seemed like it would split open. He rushed into the air with his battleax slicing towards the sky. The golden claws were split down the middle and shattered in an instant.

The powerful body continued upwards, bursting through the golden dragons abdomen, splitting it in two along the way, then continuing towards the Renhuang-like figure.

Light flashed on the battleax as he swung it, and the figure immediately dissipated as if it had never existed.

Yu Sheng turned and looked at Xiang Nan and saw the Renhuang figure reappear behind him, as tall and mighty as a god.

At the same time, Huang Jiuge and Qin Zhuan had stopped fighting and came to Ye Wuchens side to protect him from the Divine Catastrophe.

Because of this, Xing Chou and Seven Sins found themselves without opponents, and so they rushed over there as well.

At that moment, Yu Sheng and the rest of them seemed to have become targets for everyone as Ye Wuchen tried to cross through the Divine Catastrophe.

Woosh! The Divine Catastrophe continued to descend upon Ye Wuchen, baptizing his spiritual will and his body. The divine light of the Great Path flowed over him, but his eyes were still open, looking as sharp as swords as he watched the figures around him.

Seeing that Ye Wuchen was still trying to overcome the Divine Catastrophe, Xiang Nan and the others hesitated no longer. Xiang Nan drew a seal with both hands, and suddenly, a huge face appeared in the sky. I looked like the face of Renhuang. The divine golden five-clawed dragon roared, and there was not just one of them.

And incomparable purple and golden lightning appeared in the sky, like the lightning of the highest heavens. Thunderbolts descended, filling the air around Yu Sheng and the others.

This was just as wild as the Divine Catastrophe and would kill everything around it.

Woosh! Yu Sheng rushed up into the sky, his demonic figure filling the above Ye Wuchen and the others. He stood their mightily, and there seemed to be a gravitational force that pulled all the destructive power onto him.

The incredibly terrifying divine lightning struck, and dazzling thunderbolts flashed across Yu Shengs body. His armor seemed about to break, but his body was like a black hole, swallowing up all the violet and golden light and the power of the thunderbolts.

Many five-clawed dragons rushed down along with the lightning, roaring furiously, trying to crush Yu Sheng.

Even someone as strong as Yu Sheng was continuously shaken by their assault, and his body seemed about to shatter.

But at that moment, his Demonic Battleaxe disappeared, and he reached into the air with both hands. His huge body turned into a black hole vortex that swallowed up all the power around him. The onrushing dragons roared as they were pulled into the vast abyss, falling bit by bit into the mighty demonic will.

At that moment, Yu Sheng was like a bottomless black hole, swallowing up the destructive divine lightning and the five-clawed golden dragons.

More violent dark magic roared and surged around his body, blocking everyones field of vision. Even their spiritual wills could not penetrate it.

It seemed like he was trying to turn the whole battlefield into a demon world.

Xiang Nan frowned. All of his attacks had been swallowed up?

Had this cultivator of the demonic path cultivated his Path of Devouring up to this level?

Moreover, that mighty demonic power made him feel some pressure.

Beside him, Dong Chens seemed extraordinarily calm. There was no expression on his face.

When he had come forth from Daoli Mountain, he had wanted his name to resonate throughout the Dali Dynasty and defeat the cultivators of Dali Academy, thereby becoming the Imperial Advisers disciple and the most powerful figure below the Saint level.

But Seventh Swordsmans appearance had made all his preparations count for nothing.

To the point that now his state of mind was affected.

Now, he had come to the Crimson Dragon Realm and the Battle of the Crimson River, but he could not beat this Ye Wuchen, and he had even become a Saint.

Yu Sheng was so powerful that he felt he was no match for him.

It seemed that Seventh Swordsman was not the only one who was much stronger than him.

This made him feel frustrated. Even the ones by Seventh Swordsmans side were out of his league?

He stepped forward, and Swords of Kasypa rushed towards Yu Sheng.

Yu Shengs dark eyes seemed able to throw people into the abyss and kneel before him.

He did not block the Swords of Kasypa, as golden lightning snaked through the mighty demonic power like leaves on a tree, then disappeared within it. Di Haos will was connected to his sword, and he had just started to be able to perceive it, but soon he felt that his will was being forcibly scraped away.

His connection to his sword was completely lost.

A deep roar rang out through the dark airflow. A black, five-clawed demon dragon appeared in the air in front of Yu Sheng and wrapped around him. Terrifying black lightning bloomed with world-destroying light.

The Swords of Kasypa turned black as well and swallowed up the destructive sword will.

It seemed that this power did not belong to Yu Sheng, but rather to Xiang Nan and Di Hao.

But at that moment, it was all demonized and put to Yu Shengs use.

This is not the Path of Devouring; this is demonization. As a prince of Renhuang, Xiang Nan was naturally a man of broad experience. This kind of overbearing demonic power was extremely difficult to cultivate and comprehend. It was even more fearsome than the Path of Devouring since it was, in fact, the evolution of the Path of Devouring.

Could it be that Yu Sheng was the descendant of a Demon Emperor?


Yu Sheng strode through the sky, and the very air trembled, resonating with the earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

He continued forward, and the Great Path seemed to be pressed down under his feet. A demonic figure that covered the sky appeared, and its dark demonic airflow blotted out the sun. It seemed to be endless, and that it would swallow up the entire battlefield by the Crimson River.

Every step of the Footwork of Xuanyuan seemed to trample on Xiang Nans heart, making it beat wildly. Seeing the demonic figure rushing towards him wildly, his expression finally became serious, as if he was facing a great foe.

Crush him.

Xiang Nan quickly formed a seal as he spoke this spell.

The power of the Great Path descended as many gigantic written characters fell. However, the black dragon roared as it twisted around Yu Sheng, shattering the falling characters.

Stop! called Yu Sheng. The sound of an explosion rang out, and it seemed that the heavens would collapse. The Renhuang figure that covered the sky seemed to become real and stepped towards Yu Shengs demonic figure.

It was as if Renhuang had manifested in the world, and would suppress everything for him.

At that moment, Xiang Nan was covered in sweat as if he was under great pressure.

Boom! Yu Sheng finally slowed down as the striking black dragon and the sharp swords were all crushed under the foot of the summoned Renhuang figure. His footsteps continued to slow as the tall figure stamped down on him, trying to crush him.

Not only did it contain the power of the Great Path, but it also had divine majesty. It could not be resisted.


There was a loud sound, and Yu Sheng felt that he could not move. But he looked up into the sky, his demonic eyes looking as fearless as ever.

Even if the Sovereign Path could put this much pressure on him, would he really let himself be crushed here?

He had studied the demonic path. He defied the laws of gods and men.

Boom! The dark airflow gathered together, and a massive demonic figure appeared, seeming to overlap with Yu Shengs body, making him into a true demon god.

He gave a great cry, and heaven and earth seemed about to collapse. The demons massive palm print lashed out, covering the gigantic Renhuang figures face and slamming into its head.

Xiang Nan groaned, and his face turned pale. The demon continued forward, and another loud noise rang out. The summoned Renhuang body shattered. Blood ran from the corner of his mouth. His face was ashen.

At that moment, a huge hand stretched out. It was the demons hand. It grabbed him and pulled him up into the air.

Xiang Nan tried to escape, but no matter how hard he struggled, he could not move a bit.

Even as a descendant of Renhuang, at this moment, he seemed insignificant. He looked like he was in his death throes.

The demonic power surged, and the powerful demon slammed its hand into the ground with a great cry, slamming Xiang Nan into the ground just like crushing an ant!