The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 The Divine Catastrophe Reappears

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On the banks of the Crimson River, countless people were watching the shocking scene taking place on the battlefield with pounding hearts.

The massive demon ripped open the Renhuang figure with a horrendous noise and slammed the Prince of Renhuang, Xiang Nan, to the ground.

The once glorious Xiang Nan now did not even know how many of his bones had been broken. He was sprawled out on the ground without even a trace of his former splendor.

He had said that Ye Wuchen was not strong enough to seize this opportunity, and was not worthy of fighting with him.

But now, he had fallen so miserably. If the people watching him had not known who he was, they would never have thought that he was a Prince of Renhuang.

But such was the Battle of the Crimson River, the most crucial battle in the Crimson Dragon Realm. Even those of the blood of Renhuang could be crushed here. It did not mean that Xiang Nan was not strong. Everyone had witnessed the power that had just burst forth from him. He cast spells like a Saint and had even used Renhuang will to suppress his foes.

But even so, he had still been crushed by Yu Sheng.

Right now, that massive demon was too strong. Even a celestial being would be crushed before him.

Everyone else on the battlefield was shaken. He was too strong.

The combat ability that Yu Sheng had displayed today was even more impressive than that which he had shown at the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon. Previously, everyone had thought that Xing Chou was the cultivator who was most likely to enter the Regional Palace and that he would be able to sweep away all his foes upon the battlefield.

But now their opinions were wavering.

Would he be able to block the assault of the wild Yu Sheng?

Yu Sheng did not care what anyone thought. He turned his cold gaze towards Di Hao. Di Hao had been the one who had pierced Ye Wuchen with his sword, wounding him gravely. Later, Di Haos Swords of Kasypa had attacked him, but they had been swallowed up by his demonic power.

Seeing that Yu Sheng was looking at him, Di Haos expression changed.

That incomparable demonic figure and the demonic airflow that raged forth from him gave him a feeling that he could not defeat Yu Sheng.

This made him feel very bitter. There was someone on the same plane as him who could give him such a hopeless feeling. This was a great assault on his state of mind.

A blast of terrible demonic energy rose, and Di Hao felt a wild pressure upon him. The massive demonic figure stepped forward and seemed about to step upon Di Haos chest, trying to crush him.

His sword will flared as much as possible, and the dragon patterned cauldrons before him swallowed up the earthly will as they grew bigger. Brilliant light bloomed upon the battlefield, but it was swallowed up by the dark airflow.

The demonic figure raised its fist, and suddenly the dark airflow surged together. A mighty demonic palm print appeared in the sky and slammed downward, crushing everything beneath it.

The Precious Cauldron shrieked forth towards Yu Sheng, but there was a loud clang as it was blocked, and it and the other dragon patterned cauldrons were sent flying back. Cracks appeared in them. Di Hao groaned, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. Those had been forged from his life spirit.

But the demonic palm print continued downward without waiting for a response from him. Dark clouds filled the sky. Yu Sheng truly ignored the laws of both gods and men.

The swords behind Di Hao rushed out with a frantic howl. He moved backward, will blooming in the space behind him as he tried to escape the demonic palm print that covered everything.

But the space around him seemed to have been frozen. Even drawing upon spatial rule power, he was still unable to escape the palm print.

He watched palm print falling hopelessly. His body was sent flying backward with a loud sound and rolled to the edge of the battlefield, almost falling into the Crimson River.

Watching from the banks of the Crimson River, Li Yao looked furious. Ye Futian, who had transformed into the Seventh Swordsman, had once boasted that he was without equal below the Saint level. Why was it that his friend Yu Sheng was so strong as well?

Had all the luck of the Great Path fallen within Emperor Xias Realm?

Could it be that today Yu Sheng would enter the greatest holy land for cultivating within the Crimson Dragon Realm: the Regional Palace?

Kong Zhan and Kong Xuan rose in the air. They did not launch any more attacks. Before, when the three of them had surrounded Yu Sheng, they still could not beat him, and now he was even stronger.

Kong Xuan floated up before Yu Sheng, and her peacock feathers fanned out with nine colored light flowing through them.

A brilliant light shone from her. The Great Path revolved, and nine colored light shot into the sky, trying to pierce through the demonic dark airflow. It grew brighter and brighter.


The peacock feathers trembled as even more brilliant peacock wings appeared behind Kong Xuan. The divine bird had been unleashed. The whole world seemed colorless under its nine colored light.

At this moment, Kong Xuan was extremely beautiful.

Yu Sheng may have displayed incredible combat ability, but as a Princess of the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm, the blood of the Demon Emperor flowed through her veins. She was not willing to give up like this. She let loose all the power within her. She wanted to see just how strong Yu Sheng was.

Even if she lost, she would have no regrets.

In the sky, all that anyone could see besides the dark, demonic airflow was Kong Xuans nine colored light. It covered the sky, merging with the worldly Great Path and integrating it into itself.

At that moment, there was a long peacock call as a divine peacock appeared in the sky. The nine colored light blotted out the sun as it raged through the air, shooting towards Yu Sheng. There was nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

Everything in the area was caught up in the destruction.

The dark demonic airflow surged wildly. Yu Sheng saw the destructive nine colored light coming towards him and thrust his hands out, piercing through the air. In a flash, countless fist wills stretched out through the sky, each one containing immeasurable power. They collided violently with the nine colored light and were annihilated.

The nine colored light seemed endless as they came on continuously.

Woosh! Yu Sheng stepped forward. The fist wills did not cease, and they shot out yet again. The fist wills were integrated into his demonic body, making it even more terrifying and able to sweep anything away.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Yu sheng continued forward, and everything suffocated under his aura. Kong Xuans peacock feathers trembled one after another. In a flash, she moved, and the destructive nine colored light shot forward towards the demonic figure.

At that moment, a pillar of nine colored light appeared, shattering everything.

Finally, the two of them collided, and the brilliant pillar of nine colored light smashed into Yu Shengs overpowering dark fist wills. The air seemed like it would burst as everything around them shattered. Endless nine colored light slammed into Yu Shengs body, and at the same time, countless fist wills pierced through the air and crashed into Kong Xuans feathers.


There was a loud noise as Kong Xuan was sent flying backward. But the devastating nine colored light died and was reborn. Blood flowed from the corner of her mouth, but she rushed forward towards Yu Sheng yet again.

The demonic figure covered the world. Yu Shengs fist wills had grown even stronger, and it seemed as if they would shatter the very sky.

This time Kong Xuan was thrown up into the air, and much of the nine colored light on her feathers was extinguished.

But she still did not give up and rushed towards him a third time.

She was welcomed by an even stronger fist. She was thrown high up into the air again. She flapped up into the sky and looked up.

Clouds of Catastrophe were rolling in. But these were not Ye Wuchens clouds, but her own.

Everyone looked up into the sky and could sense the gathering Clouds of Catastrophe. Everyones hearts beat fiercely.

A second person in the Battle of the Crimson River had attracted the Divine Catastrophe and would become a Saint.


Everyones hearts beat wildly. This truly was a battle of top figures.

No other battle in the Crimson Dragon Realm between cultivators below the Saint level could match the Battle of the Crimson River.

Kong Xuan had let loose her incredible combat prowess and used the Demon Emperors will to great effect. She still could not shake Yu Sheng and had been sent flying thee times. But each time she had been able to bear it.

And now she had attracted the Catastrophe of the Great Path.

Previously, Xiang Nan had been unable to withstand Yu Shengs attacks because his flesh was too weak.

But Kong Xuan was a descendant of the Demon Peacock Emperor. Her power and her flesh were terrifyingly strong. The nine colored light flowed over her. With such pure power, few could compare with her.

Thus, after receiving devastating attacks, she had not been lain low like Xiang Nan.

She had withstood three powerful blows, and would now become a Saint.

The three blows that had been withstood by her peacock body had wounded her severely, but the Catastrophe of the Great Path would certainly not shake her.

Ye Futian watched the battlefield with a look of surprise.

Kong Xuan was becoming a Saint. This woman was relentless.

He couldnt help but glance at Xia Qingyuan beside him. She seemed to sense it and looked back at him. There was a flash of anger in her eyes. What did this guy mean by looking at her?

Princess, Li Yao and Kong Xuan have both become Saints, whispered Ye Futian.

Xia Qingyuan stared at him for a moment, then looked back to the battlefield. Even though she had some thoughts about this, she did not care too much. Who became a Saint first and who became a Saint later meant nothing.

Master, do you want to take her muttered the Black Wind Condor behind them. Xia Qingyuan frowned and looked back at the Black Wind Condor with an icy gaze. Seeing her expression, the Black Wind Condor weakly lowered its head, then whispered timidly, as a maid.

Good idea, said Xia Qingyuan softly, then she looked back to the battlefield. The Black Wind Condor breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing it was such a quick thinker.

Everyone else was watching the battle. Yu Sheng had defeated three great cultivators in succession and seemed to be almost casual about it. But now, two people were attempting to withstand the Catastrophe of the Great Path.

How would they keep fighting?

In reality, other than Kong Xuan, who was trying to make it through the Divine Catastrophe, the only opponent that Yu Sheng had left was Xing Chou.

At that moment, Yu Sheng cast his gaze upon Kong Xuan up in the air. Seeing those dark eyes, brilliant light bloomed from her, making her look like a goddess. I am leaving the battlefield, she said.

Kong Xuan would cross through the Divine Catastrophe in peace. She had already lost this battle. If she continued to fight, Yu Sheng and Xing Chou would not leave her be.

So, now it seemed that only Xing Chou was powerful enough to face Yu Sheng.

Previously, everyone had that that the reason Ye Wuchen had stayed on the battlefield to face the Divine Catastrophe was so that after becoming a Saint, he could continue to fight.

But now it seemed that he had no intention of fighting Yu Sheng.

Sensing the overall situation on the battlefield, the two top cultivators of Emperor Lis Realm, Dong Chen and Seven Sins, both discovered to their shame that they were almost being ignored.

It seemed that they were not worthy of notice. How ridiculous!

Even those as strong as them seemed invisible on this battlefield!