The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 Catastrophe Comes

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The will of the Great Path was everywhere on the battlefield by the Crimson River. Burning flames covered everything.

But in addition to the burning will, there was also terrible dark demon light raging wildly.

Get out of here, came a cold, overbearing voice. Yu Sheng swept his gaze over Dong Chen and Seven Sins, the two cultivators who had come from the Dali Dynasty.

The two of them had probably only participated in this battle to get to him.

But his dark eyes were full of indifference.

Dong Chen and Seven Sins gazes froze when they heard Yu Shengs words. They looked up at him in shock. The oppressive and unpredictable demonic lords dark and cold eyes were filled disdain.

The reason that the three cultivators from the Dali Dynasty had fought in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon and then come here was naturally to attack Yu Sheng.

However, Li Yao had wanted them to stop or even defeat Yu Sheng and his friends. But in reality, Yu Sheng had never even taken them as a serious threat.

If that was the case, what could they do?

Rush Yu Sheng and fight him to the death?

Could they do it?

The misfortune that had befallen Di Hao and Xiang Nan made them realize that it would be a matter of but a single punch.

Should they fight for honor?

Would it be honorable to charge him, only to be smashed to the ground?

When he thought of this, Dong Chen realized how ridiculous it was. He turned and swooped through the air, landing on the banks of the Crimson River. When he went home, he would ask the Imperial Adviser to instruct him.

Sword will whistled around Seven Sins as it wrapped around his body. His whole body shone brightly.

His eyes were like swords as well, stabbing towards Yu Sheng. Yu Shengs domineering eyes were so cold it seemed that within them, Seven Sins did not even exist. Within them, he saw that Yu Sheng looked down on everything.

He had a feeling that was someone who respected neither heaven, nor earth, nor the gods.

Was this what happened when you studied the demonic arts?

A persons cultivation would determine their character, their temperament, and even their natural disposition.

He finally extinguished his sword will and sighed. In the end, he did not dare to attack him. He flashed towards Di Hao and picked him up, carrying him away from the battlefield by the Crimson River. His retreating figure looked lonely and desolate.

In the whole world, there were people more talented than himself.

Back on the battlefield, Jialou Fengs feathers had been torn out, Kong Xuan had abandoned the fight so she could withstand the Divine Catastrophe, and Kong Zhan had no more heart for fighting since Kong Xuan had already tried.

Xiang Nan had been severely wounded.

Ye Wuchen was also crossing through the Catastrophe of the Great Path, and Huang Jiuge and Qin Zhuang were protecting him.

The Clouds of Catastrophe rolled over the sky, emitting a deep resonance that occasionally rumbled down.

The situation on the battlefield was obvious.

The fight between Yu Sheng and Xing Chou would be the climax and would decide who would be able to enter the Regional Palace.

Yu Sheng and Xing Chou stood facing each other, staring across the distance at each other. A terrible storm of Qi burst forth from both of them.

By the Crimson River, a group of cultivators from the Regional Palace rose into the air to watch the battle.

Xing Kai, your strength is unparalleled. Even in the Regional Palace, no one has ever shaken you with a frontal assault. But this demon cultivator seems to be the same. He has unmatched combat ability. How does your brother compare to him? someone asked Xing Kai.

Everyone in the Regional Palace of the same generation as Xing Kai had learned of his strength the hard way. He was a god of war. In a head-on confrontation, he was nearly unbeatable.

Well see after the fight, said Xing Kai calmly as he stood there. There was not even a trace of worry in his eyes.

The person behind him smiled and said, Does that mean that even you have no faith in Xing Chou?

I wont speculate on things that are not certain, answered Xing Kai.

As cultivators of the Regional Palace, personally witnessing this competition had been enough to let them understand how powerful Yu Sheng truly was.

Who would dare to say that Xing Chou was assured of victory?

Not even Xing Kai would.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of loud noises rang out. The two of them had not yet started fighting, but already loud sounds were emanating from Xing Chou.

Brilliant halos of shining lights surrounded him, and they seemed to resonate with the world. At that moment, it seemed that he was representing the heavens themselves.

Xing Chou stretched out his arms, and the body of a mighty god of war appeared behind him. Next, his body grew larger, as well. The Great Path roared as the halos pierced through the air. His own body melded with that of the god of war. It was as if he had become the god of war.

The halos on his body resonated with heaven and earth, making a pattern of brilliant golden halos appear around him. It covered both the sky and him as it resonated with his body.

Everything was silent as everyone watched this final confrontation. Xing Chou had melded himself with his life spirit right at the start. He felt how threatening Yu Sheng was and did not dare to go easy on him at all.

Right now, it seemed that a god of war and a demon were fighting by the Crimson River.


There was a loud sound as the god of war stepped forward.

In the next instant, an equally overpowering sound rang out as Yu Sheng rushed forward.

The two of them were charging towards each other.

This made the battlefield by the Crimson River tremble until it seemed like it would break.

In a flash, the two ancient godlike figures came together. Xing Chou raised his arm and struck out with a fist, and a burst of the intent of battle swept out. His fist resonated with heaven and earth. A wild storm whipped up and swept out towards Yu Sheng. It seemed like all the power in the world was contained within that fist.

Thousands of fist auroras stretched out through the brilliant golden pattern that was formed from halos. The mighty intent of battle destroyed the very air as it rushed towards Yu Sheng.

Demonic power rolled out. Yu Sheng raised his arms without hesitation and thrust out a fist as well. Huangting fist will shattered the air. Countless fist auroras shrieked as the golden fist collided with the black one, causing the battlefield to tremble so hard it seemed like it would shatter.

At the same time, the two of their fists crashed together.

A hurricane swept out over the battlefield.

Dong! A sound rang out through heaven and earth. A droning sound emitted from the golden halo pattern around Xing Chou. It seemed to have taken the blow from Yu Shengs fist will. Yu Shengs arms were trembling slightly. It was the first time someone had had the power to shake him.

Without any hesitation, the two of them struck each other again. As their fists collided again, everyone felt that their ears would split from the loud noise.

Then they struck each other a third time, then a fourth The earth trembled with every collision, and everyones hearts were trembling along with it.

Endless fist will shot towards Xing Chou and seemed to drill a hole right into his body. His halos shot up into the sky, forming a brilliant halo pattern up there then falling back towards the earth.

They both seemed crazy. There was no skill involved in this; they just punched each other time after time.

The Huangting fist will grew stronger and stronger. Yu Sheng knew that Xing Chou could not completely withstand his might. A blinding Renhuang brilliance came from him, and he seemed to be riddled with holes. He could collapse at any time.

But he still did not stop. Brilliant light shot out from him, stretching across the sky. The golden halo pattern in the sky grew larger and larger.


There was a loud noise as another fist thrust out. Xing Chou was sent flying up into the air. He lowered his arms, and he stood proudly up in the sky. He seemed to have become transparent as endless light shot out from him, piercing through the pattern of halos and continuing up into the sky.


There was the sound of muffled thunder as a storm raged at the end of the emitted light. The Light of Catastrophe flashed.

Xing Chou looked up. It had finally come.

He had been waiting for this all along, the chance to break through to the next level.

Who in the world could stop him?

Not even Yu Sheng could.

It is finished, said Xing Kai from the sky above the Crimson River. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes, but his expression was full of satisfaction.

He was very satisfied with Xing Chous display. He was just like him: unwavering in his determination and with an unshakable mind for the Path. Their only mission was to move forward. That was the only one they would undertake.

No one could get in their way.

Not even Yu Sheng.

Xing Chou would come to the Regional Palace to cultivate with him.

This is the third one!

Everyone watching from the banks of the Crimson River felt their hearts tremble. This was the third cultivator who had attracted the Catastrophe of the Great Path during this Battle of the Crimson River.

It indeed was a battle between top figures.

When Xing Chou became a Saint, who could touch him?

Even if Ye Wuchen became a Saint, it wouldnt matter.

Countless people looked up into the sky. The mighty figure stood there like a god of war, preparing to welcome the Catastrophe of the Great Path.

Xing Chou was about to become a Saint.

No one could stop him.

Upon the battlefield, Yu Sheng looked up at Xing Chou as well. Would this be the second person who became a Saint at his hands?

First, it had been Kong Xuan. Now it was Xing Chou.


Yu Sheng looked up, his black eyes full of coldness. He closed his eyes, and the dark demonic light shot wildly into the sky. He let go of his thoughts and let his mind move along with his will up into the sky. He tried to use all the power in the area.

But he soon encountered an obstacle.

He could not integrate himself into the Great Path in this place. It was as if he was lost in darkness. An all-encompassing demonic shadow suppressed the whole area, making it so that he could not control its power as he pleased. Even though the power in this place billowed up into the heavens, he still could not use it completely.

He was strong enough, but his state of mind was not in the right place to become a Saint.

Feeling the Great Path Catastrophes that others were experiencing as well as the demonic shadow suppressing the world around him, Yu Sheng swept out with his demonic airflow. It endlessly rolled out, shrieking and screaming.

He couldnt become a Saint?

He clenched his fists and looked up into the sky. An overpowering look filled his eyes.


There was a loud noise that shook the sky. Many people felt as if their eardrums would split. Demonic power swept out. There seemed to be a massive demonic figure waking up, that neither heaven nor earth could stop.

However, that invisible force seemed to be Heavenly Rule Power, and it could not be broken. The demonic shadow still suppressed the area and blocked him from stepping upon the Divine Path.


What is he trying to do? Many people trembled as they watched Yu Sheng. He rose into the sky and pierced through the clouds as demonic power rolled off him, shrieking.

It seemed as if he wanted to fight heaven itself.

His arms were trembling as even more powerful demonic energy rolled off him.

A massive wild demonic wave swept out through the sky with another roar, making the air itself tremble violently.

Was he crazy?

Everyone was watching Yu Sheng.

Of course, he was not crazy, but his eyes had gone frighteningly dark with demonic light. They were like demon eyes, and they wanted to pierce through heaven itself.

He wanted to become a Saint. If the Dao sought to stop him, if heaven sought to stop him, he would break through them.

A cultivator of the Demonic Path would resist the heavens themselves.

He opened his arms and gave another roar that shook the highest heavens. An even taller and mightier demonic figure rose from thin air around him, growing larger and larger. It was as if a demon god had awoken.


A loud sound rang out as the invisible magical energy holding him back shattered. At this moment, the demon ruled the heavens.

Yu Shengs will extended throughout the world. The Great Path could not stop it.

Up in the sky, the clouds roared. The Catastrophe was coming!