The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Rivals Facing Off

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A series of sounds rang out on the banks of the Crimson River. Everyone was gasping in shock.

Even though he was now going to enter the Regional Palace, Yu Sheng still had his proper place.

The disciples of the Regional palace were all top figures and had swept away all their opponents just like Yu Sheng had in order to get in. But todays Battle of the Crimson River had been even more impressive than many of the previous ones.

Many people sighed with emotion. Their journey to witness this battle had not been in vain.

Yu Sheng had defeated xing Chou of the Ancient Imperial City, and so he could not enter the Regional Palace.

Moreover, after this defeat, it would even harder to get another chance.

Other than exceptional characters, those Sages who had not come here would not be able to participate in the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon or the Battle of the Crimson River. But if they showed great talent and strength in the Crimson Dragon Realm, they would still receive an invitation to enter the Regional Palace when they became Saints.

But this was impossible for Xing Chou, as he had been utterly defeated here.

Most people only had a single chance to enter the Regional Palace, and thus most people chose the best time to do try and do so: the Battle of the Sleeping Dragon.

It was not only Xing Chou. Before him, Xiang Nan of Xiang City and the Prince of Emperor Xiangs Realm had been highly favored to win. But when he had fallen before Yu Shengs pressure, he had lost the right to enter the Regional Palace.

And entering the Regional Palace was not the only opportunity that he had lost. Four great cultivators had become Saints in this battle, but this did not include Xiang Nan. Yu Shengs huge palm print had crushed him before he had the chance to do so. This would probably become something that haunted him for years to come.

After all, Xiang Nan was a Prince of Renhuang and was incredibly proud, which could be seen from what he had said to Ye Wuchen. He had said that Ye Wuchen was not worthy of this opportunity that had been afforded by the Great Path and that he had no right to strive for the chance to become a Saint. He thought that he was the one who was worthy of these things.

But Yu Sheng had taught him how to behave.

This would leave a deep impression on him for a long time.

No one knew if Xiang Nan would be able to let this go. If he couldnt, it would affect his state of mind and delay his ascension to the Divine Path.

Kong Xuan, on the other hand, was an exceptional woman. The Princess of the Demon Peacock Emperors Real knew that she could not shake Yu Sheng, but had still used all of her power to resist his attacks three times. In the end, she had broken through her own limits and become a Saint.

She may have been defeated, but that would not affect her too much.

But the golden Roc who had also come from the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm did not have such good luck. The memory of this battle would trouble him for a long time to come.

All the fighting on the battle platform stopped.

The demonic power coming from Yu Sheng dissipated. He appeared high up in the air, but his aura was different than before. He had ascended to Sainthood through Demonic Power, making him a Demon Saint.

High up in the sky, the crimson-robed head of the Crimson Dragon Army looked down and asked, Will anyone continue to fight?

There were still several people standing: Kong Zhan, Huang Jiuge, Ye Wuchen, and the others.

Lets go, said Kong Xuan to Kong Zhan. Their figures flashed as they left the battlefield by the Crimson River.

Ye Wuchen and the others smiled at Yu Sheng, then prepared to leave, leaving the platform for Yu Sheng.

Wuchen, wont you stay? Yu Sheng asked suddenly.

He had no great desire to enter the Regional Palace. His demonic method was a perfected combat system, and so even the best holy land for cultivating in the Crimson Dragon Realm was not that useful to him.

But Ye Wuchen had ascended to Sainthood with great difficulty. If he could cultivate in a place like that, it would have great benefits for him.

Thus, he was giving this opportunity to Ye Wuchen.

Many people were shocked by what Yu Sheng had said and looked at him strangely.

What did this guy mean?

He had the chance to enter the Regional Palace, the best holy land for cultivating in the Crimson Dragon Realm. Many people came from all over to strive for this chance, and he was going to give it to his friend?

Ye Wuchen looked at Yu Sheng and smiled. He naturally knew what Yu Sheng was thinking.

But this was a stage set for Yu Sheng. Even if he did go to the Regional Palace, he would feel uneasy about it, and it would lose some of its meaning.

The winner of the Battle of the Crimson River may enter the Regional Palace to cultivate. You cannot just let someone else have the victory, came a voice from outside the battlefield. A group of people was walking over to them.

The one who had spoken was Xing Kai. He glanced at Xing Chou with a calm expression. He did not look too distressed.

He had naturally hoped that Xing Chou could come to the Regional Palace to cultivate with him. Xing Chou had performed quite well and had even become a Saint upon the battlefield. But he had had a bit of bad luck when Yu Sheng had smashed through the barriers keeping him from Sainthood and crushed him.

If he had been in any of the previous Battles of the Crimson River, Xing Chou would probably have had no problems. It was just bad luck.

But a battle like this was not a bad thing for him. After all, the enemies they would face in the future might be just as strong as that.

The Great Path was sure to be full of thorns.

Yu Sheng looked up at Xing Kai, then at the cultivator from the Crimson Dragon Army. He had also asked if Yu Sheng knew if what he was doing was wrong.

Ye Futian had asked him to enter the Regional Palace to get closer to the Crimson Dragon Emperor. In the future, they would have to use the Crimson Dragons Emperors power to cross through the realm.

Emperor Xias Realm was one of the realms within the Crimson Dragon Emperors Realm. If they wanted to go to other realms, it would be essential to have good fitting within the Crimson Dragon Emperors Realm.

But when he saw Ye Wuchen, he had wanted to give him this chance. That way, he could walk along the Great Path along with him.

This guy, said Ye Futian with a smile. Neither Yu Sheng nor Wuchen liked to talk much, but their friendship was clear in their hearts.

Lets go. Ye Futian and others flashed over towards the battlefield.

At that moment, Xing Kai was continuing to speak: You may have been unmatched at this Battle of the Crimson River, but those who are in the Regional Palace have all done the same thing as you. Since you will be entering the most powerful holy land for cultivating in the Crimson Dragon Emperors Realm, you should have proper respect for it. His swordsmanship was good, but it was far from good enough to let him enter the Regional Palace.

Yu Sheng frowned and gave Xing Kai a cold look. But Xing Kai did not care and continued to look at him indifferently. There was a flash of golden light in his eyes.

Hes right. You should be the one to go, said Ye Wuchen. He was not angered by Xing Kais pronouncement that he was not worthy to enter the Regional Palace.

Perhaps Xing Kai had spoken a bit too straightforwardly, but he had indeed not been good enough in todays Battle of the Crimson River.

Swordsmen should strive to move forward continuously, but they should also know themselves.

Kong Xuan and the others who had been crushed by Yu Sheng like Xiang Nan were all stronger than him, so if Yu Sheng swept away all his opponents and then granted this opportunity to him, he would feel that he could not accept it.

Yu Sheng nodded and said no more.

Congratulations! said the man from the Crimson Dragon Army up in the sky. He handed a badge to Yu Sheng and said, With this, you may enter the Regional Palace and cultivate there. Once you are there, we will further reward you. Would you like to go now?

Yu Sheng accepted the badge and said, There are some other things I must take care of right now. Once I have finished them, I will come to the Palace.

The cultivator that had come from Emperor Lis Realm at Li Yaos orders had come to attack Ye Futian. He would naturally not be able to relax until this matter was resolved.

The cultivator nodded. Very well. You may come any time you like. He then looked at Xing Kai, who bowed slightly. The man smiled, and they all left.

This Battle of the Crimson River had officially come to an end.

Yu Sheng would enter the Regional Palace.

They would have to wait a year for the next one, at which point one more person would be able to enter.

Ye Futian and those with him descended upon the battle platform. He looked at Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and the others with a bright smile on his face.

Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen looked back at him. Yu Sheng grinned. There was no longer an overbearing look in his eyes. He looked simple and natural.

A look of surprise came over Xia Qingyuans face when she saw this. This guy had just dominated the battlefield with his demonic power. Ye Futian also sometimes had this quality about him.

Sometimes he was cold and cruel, like at Jiutian Temple, the sacred war of the Nine States, and at the battle where he had killed Xiao Sheng, where he was glorious and powerful. But occasionally, she would see that he had a simple and sincere side to him.

Especially when he was together with his friends, then it seemed like even after having experienced so much hardship, they were all still young.

Ye Wuchen smiled brightly as well, a smile that it seemed that only they understood.

They had once been young together, and now they were all Saints.

On the other side of the battlefield, Xing Kai walked up to his brother, Xing Chou.

Xing Chou looked at his elder brother. He stood up straight but bowed his head slightly. He seemed a bit ashamed.

Not bad, said Xing Kai with a smile. Xing Chou looked up at Xing Kai, then said with a smile, A loss is still a loss.

When cultivating on the Great Path, who can avoid losses? asked Xing Kai.

Youve never lost, said Xing Chou.

Someday, I will, said Xing Kai. Moreover, there may be many historical heroes who were undefeated, but once you lose once, you can never join their ranks. So your defeat here does not mean much. If you can enter the Regional Palace in the future and beat him there, it will be even more glorious.

Xing Chou looked at Yu Sheng.

Hearing what Xing Kai was saying, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng looked over at them.

You shouldnt cling to that hope, because youll probably never get a chance to fulfill it in this life, said Ye Futian with a soft laugh. There was nothing wrong with what Xing Kai had said, but if he wanted to prove himself by defeating Yu Sheng, then he was sorry, but he had no chance.

Xing Kai turned his gaze upon Ye Futian.

A look of shock came over the faces of everyone who was by the Crimson River and heard their words. Ye Futian had a close relationship with Yu Sheng. Moreover, the Lord of Qianye City was not Yu Sheng, but Ye Futian.

Even though Princess Xia Qingyuan was there, the position of city lord was still given to him.

So was this man just as dominating as Yu Sheng?

Previously, Xing Chou and Yu Sheng had faced each other. Now Xing Kai and Ye Futian might. This made peoples blood rush faster. Would there be a battle between them?

The thing was, Xing Kai was said to be unparalleled by those on the same plane as him. Perhaps he would be defeated one day in the future, but it would probably not be in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

The Great Path is long. There are no absolutes, said Xing Kai.

Some things are absolute, answered Ye Futian.

Xing Kai stared at Ye Futian, then said, I am Xing Kai of the Ancient Imperial City.

I am Ye Futian of Qianye City, Ye Futian responded.

After they said this, they turned away from each other as if nothing had happened.

But no one knew what they were thinking.

Everyone left the battlefield by the Crimson River, including Ye Futian and the others. After they left, Li Yao returned home with Di Hao and the others. They all had grim looks on their faces.

The news of this Battle of the Crimson River would quickly spread to all corners of the Crimson Dragon Realm!