The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Black Clouds Over The City

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Things in Crimson Dragon Realm were as usual. Crimson Dragon City and its surrounding cities were running steadily. The scorching sun was high up in the sky, its burning heat illuminating the ground.

There was only day here, never night.

Every day, the sun rose high in the sky.

Li City was in the charge of Emperor Lis Realm somewhere to the west of Thousand Leaves City.

At this moment, somewhere in the far east of Thousand Leaves City, a group of people was cultivating. Demonic will permeated the villa.

A piercing sound rang through the sky. It was a demonic beast diving for the ground! One person in cultivation opened their eyes. Suddenly, the demonic will roared, thundered, and rolled fiercely. The man took a look at the plummeting demonic beast. The beast was brawny and intimidating, but the man below it just sat there like a statue, wearing a demon-like look of his own.

There was a letter in the demonic beasts claw that fell when the beast plummeted. The demon-like man opened it. After he read it, he looked up into the distance with his brooding, completely emotionless eyes.

It seemed that this time he could harvest something. The demonic method he had been cultivating this time should work on the demonic cultivator whod killed the descendants of the Cao Clan during the Battle of the Empty Realm.

Lets go. Cao Kong stood up, his demonic will spreading into the far distance. The other people in the villa rose to their feet. Suddenly, the strong demonic will permeated the air.

These warriors belonged to the Cao Clan, the best demonic cultivation family of the Dali Empire.

This time, Prince Regent had come in person to persuade them to go to the Crimson Dragon Realm and do something for him.

The Cao Clan was a great power in Dali and they didnt have to listen to Prince Regents order. However, this time, Prince Regent had promised a lot of rewards. The letter hed just received had been surprising indeed. It would be worth going there for him now.

Another reason was that, even though Prince Regent was the one whod arranged matters this time, he could tell that what was behind Prince Regents actions was Emperor Lis intention to influence Emperor Xias Realm.

The Crimson Dragon Realm would be the battlefield of the initial confrontation between the two sides.

Although the feud between Li Yao and Ye Futian was the main stimulus, the battle was not about that alone.

Otherwise, the three most powerful figures of Dali would not have shown up together in Crimson Dragon Realm. It was threatening enough to see all of them together, not to mention that the Third Prince had also come along this time.

The Third Prince of the Dali Empire was extremely talented. Emperor Li thought highly of him and considered him as the one most likely to inherit the empire. The Third Princes presence here was undoubtedly meaningful.

They stepped into the air. Suddenly the demonic will seethed and permeated between the sky and the earth. People in the city looked up to the sky, shocked. The sudden strong pressure on the city alarmed and horrified many.

But the demonic cultivators werent coming for them. The entire city was relieved when the people saw that these cultivators were just passing by.

At the same time, Xiang Nan of Xiang City also received a letter from Li City written by Li Yao.

The letter told him that Emperor Lis Realm was ready to take action.

Xiang Nan sneered after he read it. Even though Li Yao knew that Xiang Nan just wanted to be a third party and benefit from the battle, Li Yao still had a slight hope that Emperor Xiangs Realm could help them deal with Emperor Xias Realm.

To be honest, they were taking advantage of each other.

There was no need for sincerity in this kind of alliance. Each side cared only about their interests.

Lets go. All of you, go to Thousand Leaves City with me, said Xiang Nan.

Your Highness, do you mean we will be joining the battle? Although Emperor Lis Realm was there, and their two powers should be able to suppress Thousand Leaves City, it was a feud between two Renhuang Realms. It was not wise for them to get involved directly, and the consequences for doing so would get out of their control as the situation changed.

That was what the warrior standing next to Xiang Nan had to remind him of.

No, were just going there. We dont have to join the battle, said Xiang Nan. They just needed to be present during the conflict between the two powers. That alone would mean a lot.

He just wanted to be a member of the battles audience.

Aye, people answered, nodding. As Emperor Xiangs son, his words carried a lot of weight. Since he wanted to go, his subordinates had to accompany him.

The people of Thousand Leaves City would not dare touch them anyway.

They too started their journey toward Thousand Leaves City.

More and more warriors headed toward Li City and formed a small-sized battalion. Almost all of them were of the Saint Plane.

The Imperial Advisor and the Third Dali Prince stood at the front with serious expressions on their faces as they looked into the distance.

Li Yao was standing behind them. He took a look up at the sky, guessing that the letter should have arrived by now.

The warriors of Xiang City should have already set out.

If his calculation was correct, Xiang Nan would reach Thousand Leaves City before the others.

Li Yao, of course, knew that Xiang Nan was trying to take advantage of and benefit from them. He would let Xiang Nan do it and leave some time for Xiang Nan to negotiate with Thousand Leaves City.

But it all depended on Xiang Nan to get the result he wanted.

If any conflict happened between them during this period, they would be none of his business.

At the same time that hed sent the letter, hed also asked people to release the message to Thousand Leaves City. Since Xiang Nan had sent a messenger to Thousand Leaves City, Li Yao could too.

Your Highness, please remain here, said Yan Yuan to Li Yao.

Li Yao looked toward Yan Yuan and asked, Sir, what do you mean?

This battle will probably be between Nirvana-level cultivators. Although Your Highness has entered the Saint Plane, it will still be risky if Nirvana Saint-Level opponents target you. Thats why I dont suggest that Your Highness enter the battlefield, said Yan Yuan.

Yan Yuan is right. Brother, you stay here, said the Third Dali Prince to Li Yao. I will leave some soldiers here to guard you.

A complex look flashed across Li Yaos face. He was reluctant to stay here. Since he was the instigator of the battle, he couldnt wait to go and see it in person. He craved to capture Ye Futian and kill him.

However, Yan Yuan and the Third Brother had both asked him to stay put.

What theyd said did make sense because Li Yao was only on the first Saint Plane. He would be in danger if a Nirvana Saint aimed at him.

Anything could happen on the battlefield. He needed to be careful.

Lets go, said the Imperial Advisor. All of a sudden, all the warriors set out into the air and headed toward Thousand Leaves City.

The intimidating life force suddenly swept between the sky and earth.

In Li City, people raised their heads and watched these warriors flying through in the air in awe.

The conflict between Emperor Lis Realm and Emperor Xias Realm had begun.

The storm was coming.

It could become a battle, but nobody knew what that would lead to.

Would a war explode between the two realms?

Among the people looking to the sky in Dali City, there was a person in black with no detectable life force. He looked at the upper sky. Over his shoulder sat a demonic beast with shark-like eyes. The mighty troops in the air were reflected in its pupils.

In Thousand Leaves City, Ye Futian received the message that Xiang Nan and the warriors of Li City had set off.

The warriors of the Lords Residence had convened in the Lords Residence, including the warriors of Emperor Xias Realm and some local powers like the Situ Clan and the Mo Clan. Shen Tianzhan and other warriors of the Lords Residence were also present.

Shen Tianzhan had promised to aid Ye Futian. The cooperation between the new lord and the old lord was very influential, so some of the local powers of Thousand Leaves City had decided to join the battle and dedicate their lives to the Lords Residence.

It was a momentous decision, one that could shatter their clans into fragments if anything went wrong.

However, it also represented a considerable opportunity to them if Emperor Xias Realm could get a firm foothold in the Crimson Dragon Realm and prosper after this battle.

Even Shen Tianzhan had dared to take the risk. Why shouldnt they?

Warriors stood solemnly in the Lords Residence. The First Prince of Emperor Xias Realm, Xia Rong, was their leader. The Great Shaman and Xia Qingyuan stood beside him.

What was strange was that Ye Futian hadnt shown up. His absence made many people wonder

Where was Ye Futian?

Many people had just seen him not long before. Besides, it was Ye Futian who had released the news that the warriors of Li City had set out. So why had he suddenly disappeared?

Was it because Ye Futian was the target of Emperor Lis Realm? Was he hiding somewhere?

But that didnt seem to be Ye Futians style. Besides, Yu Sheng and his other friends were still here.

Perhaps Ye Futian had another plan.

Somewhere in the Lords Residence, an intimidating sword will was released, pervading the cultivation temple. The sword will loomed in the air as if it was restrained by something. Upon closer inspection, one could observe a giant pattern of swordsmanship spreading across the ground of the temple like a Matrix.

A lady dressed in white was sitting with her legs crossed in the center of sword matrix. Her body was surrounded by a very powerful sword will. The sword will slowly blended into the Matrix, gradually lighting it up.

It looked like the giant Matrix didnt even fit in the broad cultivation temple.

Besides the strong sword will, a powerful spatial will also emanated from the Matrix.

Incessant waves of Sword Will swept toward the temple from all directions. They no loners seemed able to suppress the blazing sword will.

The young lady in white sitting at the center of the Matrix was Yaya. Her body translucent, as if she was a sword made of pure crystal.

Outside the Lords Residence, numerous people sensed the unusual life force and looked up at the warriors in the sky.

They knew the battle was coming.

Not only the people of Thousand Leaves City, but the people of other cities in the Crimson Dragon Realm had also heard the news. Many people even came to Thousand Leaves City to witness the unprecedented battle between the Renhuang Realms.

Among them, the top figures of the Demon Peacock Emperors Realm, Kong Xuan and Kong Zhan, were included. Although Kong Xuan had declined Li Yaos request to get involved in the battle, she was very interested and had come to Thousand Leaves City early. She hadnt brought many warriors with her to avoid a misunderstanding. Since it was the most sensitive moment for both sides, she didnt want anyone to misinterpret her activity. She was just an audience member.

Who would be the winner in the competition between two Renhuang Realms? Li Yao or Ye Futian?

The scorching sun was high in the sky, but the atmosphere felt as if black clouds were hanging over Thousand Leaves City!