The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 The Battle Broke Out

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The warriors of Emperor Lis Realm hadnt arrived by the Xiang Nan reached Thousand Leaves City.

Li Yao had intentionally released the message early so that he could arrive first.

Xiang Nan had also figured it out, so he didnt hurry to approach the Lords Residence. However, based on the waves of life force, he could tell that he had been perceived by the warriors of Emperor Xias Realm.

They paused and relocated to further away from the Lords Residence.

Li Yao had his own scheme. Hed let Xiang Nan arrive before Emperor Lis Realm could take action. What a cunning guy.

The warriors of Peacock City were also present. Kong Xuan and several subordinates of hers stood in the upper sky, looking in the direction of the Lords Residence from a distance.

Just then, a group of people strode out of the Lords Residence. The one who took the lead had an outstanding appearance. He looked toward the warriors of Xiang City and Peacock City and asked with composure, May I ask what brings you here today?

I am here to witness the battle, said Kong Xuan. Shed come there to spectate only.

The person whod just spoken was the First Prince of Emperor Xias Realm, Xia Rong.

It was said that he was a tough person.

Same here, Xiang Nan said, smiling.

Xia Rong nodded and said, The battle today is meant to solve the feud between Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm. You are free to spectate, but please be careful of your own safety. However, if anyone wants to intervene in the battle

Xia Rongs voice suddenly turned cold, producing a chilly, invisible pressure. Great Shaman, if anyone dares to take advantage of our perilous state and intervene, we will exterminate them. Even if we lose the battle with Emperor Lis Realm, the ones who stab us in our backs will be punished first. I dont care whether it will bring about a Realm battle or not.

Aye, Your Highness, answered the Great Shaman.

We will follow your order, Your Highness, the warriors behind him echoed. Xia Rong gave Xiang Nan a cold glance and then put on a smile as if nothing had happened.

Of course, I dont believe anyone present will do such a despicable thing. Please spectate at your ease. Xia Rong turned around and left after speaking, ignoring Xia Nans gloomy expression.

Xia Rong was just in the Sage Plane. So far, he had not entered the Saint Plane. Besides, his heart had been injured during his defeat by Yu Sheng. Needless to say, he was not comparable to Xia Rong of the Unblemished Saint Plane.

Hed come here to loot the burning house. He wanted to rip off Emperor Xias Realm.

But he had not expected Xia Rongs style of doing things to be so dominating. Xia Rong just burned his bridges and left no room for negotiation, sealing his mouth before he was ready to talk.

Xia Rong had directly announced that he would kill anyone who dared to sabotage them.

Even if doing so would cause a battle between realms.

How dare Xiang Nan get involved!

Xiang Nan was faced with a dilemma. One of the warriors from Emperor Xiangs Realm took a look at him, thinking the prince was still very immature. Although he was extraordinary among his peers, he lacked the worldliness of figures like Xia Rong.

If they meddled in the battle, they would face severe consequences.

The conflict between Emperor Lis Realm and Emperor Xias Realm was being managed by the highest powers on both sides.

Xiang Nans role was to guard Emperor Xiangs heritage in the Crimson Dragon Realm. They didnt have the right to join such an important battle.

Xia Rong knew it too. That was why his attitude was so aggressive. However, that had been his style in the military for many years.

But the warriors didnt say a word or try to persuade Xiang Nan. If they told him to let the matter go, Xiang Nan would be even more embarrassed.

They would let him cool down first.

Kong Xuan looked at Xiang Nan from a distance. She had no strong feelings about what Xia Rong had said. After all, shed never considered getting involved in it anyway. It was Xiang Nan who was panicked by Xia Rongs words.

Xiang Nan was still too young to fish in these troubled waters.

Even as a prince, he was not qualified to intervene in the battle because he had not reached Xia Rongs level.

Outside the east entrance of Thousand Leaves City, the demonic will wallowed. Demonic will surged forward like roaring black clouds. People retreated as warriors of the Cao Clan arrived.

The demonic life force was horrifying. It seemed as if it could swallow the sky and earth. It indicated the arrival of an ultimate demon.


The flows of demonic will kept surging. Cao Kong and the demonic warriors of the Cao Clan had been marching for a while. He raised his head to take a look at Thousand Leaves City.

Finally, he was here. he didnt know if the Imperial Advisor and Prince Regent had arrived yet.

And how prepared was Emperor Xias Realm?

He hoped that Emperor Xias Realm would not disappoint him. He wanted to have fun on this trip.

His pitch-black eyes looked into the void sky, filled with the vast pressure of will. Even a simple glance from this man at the people on the ground was terrifying. Normal people couldnt bear the pressure of the will contained in just one glance. His eyes alone could seduce them to the demonic path.


A loud sonic boom erupted. Cao Kong and the demonic cultivators behind him paused.

Cao Kong looked up to the sky. His eyes reflected his overbearing nature as they pierced through the void sky.

The man was coming.

Cao Kong hadnt expected anyone to be able to block them.

Beyond Cao Kongs expectations, it was this man.

The demonic warriors of the Cao Clan felt a kind of intimidating will overwhelming their bodies. It was the force of the Lingtian Sword Wills. It was trapping the demonic warriors wills inside.

High in the sky, tens of thousands of shining rays tore through the air in dark, roaring torrents. A crack formed in the sky, revealing a radiant sword.

The sword nearly filled the entire sky. All of a sudden, it lunged toward Cao Kong.

It was a sword that could tear through the sky and earth.


With a roar, Cao Kong rose and pressed a palm to the air. A giant demonic palm print appeared in the air, slapping away the giant sword in the sky.


With a loud explosion, the palm print and the sword both shattered into pieces.

At the same time, high above, blinding light erupted. Innumerable swords appeared, covering the sky.

Seeing this, the people of Thousand Leaves City were in shock. One man was standing amidst these tens of thousands of swords in the sky.

The Sword Master of Lihen! the leader of Demonic Cao Clan, Cao Kong, coldly called his name. His voice resonated in the air, making the warriors of Thousand Leaves City tremble.

Many people had heard the news of the battle between Emperor Lis Realm and Emperor Xias Realm and were heading toward the Lords Residence.

However, they werent expecting to witness the battle here.

Two Nirvana-Plane cultivators were confronting each other on the battlefield.

The demonic will in Cao Kongs eyes was strong. He knew the Sword Master of Lihen was the strongest among the 33 Lihen Heavens and was not ruled by Emperor Xia. It seemed that this battle in Crimson Dragon Realm was more complex than he had first thought.

The Sword Master of Lihen had come to assist in person.

If Cao Kong and Prince Regent hadnt been present, Li Yao would have been in danger.

The eyes of the Sword Master of Lihen were sharp as swords. He looked down on Cao Kong, manipulating the innumerable swords with both hands. The horrifying sword will emanated from the countless spinning swords as if they could tear the whole sky into pieces.

Go. The Sword Master of Lihen waved his hands. Suddenly, billions of swords fell like a giant net covering the sun and sky, ready to exterminate all warriors.

You go first! Let me deal with him, said Cao Kong. He stepped forward. The demonic will kept wallowing, rumbling, and shaking the sky and earth.

A demonic cloud hid the sun and covered the sky. The dark demonic torrents roared across the sky, stretching out in the form of countless demonic palms, striking at the falling swords.

An ultimate demonic shadow appeared behind Cao Kong. it stood ten-thousand-feet tall and let out a low, horrifying roar, resonating between the sky and earth.

Innumerable swords fell. The innumerable swords stabbed the demonic torrents. Somehow, they were all blocked.

At that moment, the dazzling light was released from the innumerable swords. The Sword Master of Lihen held out his palm. Suddenly, a sword of incomprehensible length appeared between the sky and earth. The sword emitted tens of thousands of shining rays. It fell straight toward Cao Kongs body.

The 10,000-foot tall demonic shadow let out a yell that resonated between the sky and earth. It held out a palm and launched countless palm prints.

However, the falling sword transformed into the indestructible light, and under the blaze of the light, the countless demonic palm prints vanished.

The sky was almost ripped apart.

The ultimate demon shadow let out a shout, put his two giant hands together, and grabbed the sword. A terrifying tearing sound rang out. It was as if the hands of the demon were being torn to pieces.

The sword kept falling. The Sword Master of Lihen slightly pushed his finger down on it, exerting his infinite strength on the falling sword.

It was a fight between the two most powerful figures of their respective realms.

The warriors of the Cao Clan tried to leave the scene and keep marching forward. However, they soon encountered a group of swordsmen-in-training.

The swordsmen-in-training secretly encircled them, each giving off a very strong sword will from their bodies.

Obviously, the Sword Master of Lihen hadnt come alone either. Hed been entrusted to block a top opponent during this battle.

No matter who the person was, he was waiting for their arrival.

Apparently, the people he was waiting for were the cultivators of the Dali Cao Clan.

The Sword Master of Lihen needed to achieve his goal. He was in charge of this district, and nobody was allowed to pass through here to assist on the other battlefields.

Even if the person was Cao Kong.

Meanwhile, the Dali Imperial Advisor had led the warriors of Dali to the territory of Thousand Leave City when Cao Kong arrived.

The people of the Thousand Leaves City Lords Residence had been waiting for their arrival since the moment theyd begun their journey.

Theyre here, said the Great Shaman in the mysterious cloak.

He looked into the distance with his brooding eyes.

He could see the Dali Imperial Advisor rushing over with warriors of Emperor Lis Realm. But it was not only the Dali Imperial Advisor.

Prince Regent also seemed to be coming to join this battlefield from another direction. It seemed like there would be a killing spree!