The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 A Master Duel

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Dragons bellowed above Thousand Leaves City.

In the upper sky, holy golden dragons marched forward across the skydome, their rumbles shaking the air.

The people in the city all looked up to the sky, shocked by the scene.

Many people were standing on the holy golden dragons backs. The man who was riding the giant dragon at the forefront was Prince Regent. His gold-embroidered official robe was blowing in the wind. His appearance was solemn, dignified, and imposing.

Those riding on other dragons were all warriors of the Saint Plane, strong cultivators in the Dali Imperial Clan.

As the dragons approached the Lords Residence, far in front of them, a group of people stood in the void sky waiting for their arrival. Obviously, their envoy had been spotted

The man who stood in the front of the group was Lu You, a Nirvana-Plane warrior of Emperor Xias Realm.

In Emperor Xias Realm, Lu Yous name was not known by many people. He was Emperor Xias bodyguard who had followed Emperor Xia for many years. Since Emperor Xia had been accepted as Renhuang, Lu You was in charge of protecting princes and princesses. He took charge of Princess Xia Qingyuans protection during the battle of Empty Realm.

One could even say that he was Princess Xia Qingyuans invisible guard. For him, Xia Qingyuans safety was always the biggest priority.

Today, hed led warriors of Emperor Xias Realm to stop Prince Regent.

Seeing the roaring golden dragons coming, Lu You released purple light. Dazzling golden rays also flashed in the thick purple radiance.

At the moment, seeing the parade of roaring dragons marching forward, Li You moved both hands. Suddenly, a giant halo appeared in the upper sky and kept expanding to encompass the whole sky. The halo lay above the skydome and blocked the roaring dragons way.

Prince Regent stared forward, perceiving a slight threat. He said coldly, Lu You, for so many years youve been following Emperor Xia, but now you have neither fame or status. How about swearing allegiance to Dali today? I promise that His Majesty Emperor Li will confer a noble title to you.

He, as the Prince Regent of the Dali Empire, was familiar with the names of the top figures in Emperor Xias Realm, except for those god-like ones in seclusion.

Whether it was in Emperor Xias Realm or the Dali Empire, there were very few cultivators who could enter the Nirvana Plane. Prince Regent could count them on one hand, so he naturally recognized Lu You.

Lu You ignored Prince Regents voice, drawing two palm prints instead of answering. Suddenly, the giant purple-gold halo expanded. Inside, the horrifying rays of purple and gold rumbled and surged. The might of the law converged and formed thunder clouds above the earth. The sky looked as if it was heralding the end times.

Die. When Lu You said the word, rays of purple and gold shot out of the boundless purple halo, pierced through the skydome, and headed toward the roaring golden dragons.

Everyone, be careful! said Prince Regent as he walked into the air. Countless golden dragons rumbled and fought their ways out, but when the purple light arrived, the rays passed straight through the dragons bodies.

The magnificent purple light was like a celestial blade, chopping the dragons up.


Prince Regent stomped in the air, shaking the sky and the earth. The golden dragons appeared once again, roaring and surging between the sky and earth. After a horrifying shout, a 10,000-foot long golden dragon with five claws appeared behind Prince Regent, circling his body.

Its enormous body spiraled up. Its giant head looked down on all beings in the world below. The dragon was full of imposing might, like the forebearer of all dragons.

The Sword Master of Lihen is also here. It seems like Emperor Xias Realm is fully prepared. You are here to kill the Dali Prince, arent you? Prince Regent asked, sneering. He suddenly realized that if Li Yao had not received the message about going back and had gone to kill Ye Futian, he might have had bad results.

It was very likely that he would have not returned.

The people of Emperor Xias Realm were conspiring against him. That is to say, Ye Futian was conspiring against him.

Emperor Xia and Princess Xia Qingyuan of Emperor Xias Realm treated Ye Futian well. The girl must have been in love with him.

Prince Regents steps made the sky and earth tremble. He extended one palm. The giant holy dragon behind him followed his actions, the five claws smashing down. A reflection of the 10,000-foot long dragon also appeared above the skydome and swiped down with its claws.

In front of the golden claws, Lu Yous figure was so small it seemed like he would be torn to pieces.

Lu You raised his head and looked straight ahead. The purple halo around his body blew up and released a horrifying amount of energy. Endless rays formed a ring and converged into one beam of light that projected ahead like a purple sword, but this was much sharper than a sword.


A loud sound was heard, shaking the skydome. The sharp claws and rays of purple and gold collided violently. The scene froze in time as an aura of destruction arose.

The holy golden dragons claws were torn apart as the rays of light dimmed and broke apart.

Prince Regent snorted and continued forward as if nothing in the world could stop him.

Lu You wouldnt take a step back. The purple rays kept soaring up, roaring through the air.

While the battle was going on, in another part of the world, the Great Shaman was leading warriors into the upper sky to wait for their opponents arrival.

The approaching Dali Imperial Advisor and his warriors formed the main fighting force of this battle.

The Third Prince and other warriors of the Dali Empire were all in this legion. Their powerful might overarched the sky.

The Dali Imperial warriors paused in front of the Great Shaman. They looked straight at their enemies with piercing eyes.

The Dali Imperial Advisor looked at the Great Shaman. Both of them were the most powerful figures of their respective camps.

Another Nirvana-Plane cultivator stood next to the Dali Imperial Advisor. It was the ex-lord of Li City, Yan Kun.

Yan Kuns eyes fell upon the person standing opposite him, the ex-lord of Thousand Leaves City, Shen Tianzhan.

He hadnt expected Shen Tianzhan to join the battle.

The Dali Imperial Advisor hadnt done anything to Yan Kun after taking his city. The Dali Imperial Advisor had treated him with respect, so Yan Kun quite admired him. Li Yao had also provided him with great recompense, so hed decided to join the battle between the Renhuang Realms.

Had Shen Tianzhan had a similar experience?

The Third Prince of the Dai Empire, Li Zhen, looked at the First Prince of Emperor Xias Realm, Xia Rong. It seemed that they had chosen their opponents at first sight.

The Dali Third Prince had an extremely high status in Dali. His talent and cultivation even surpassed that of his two elder brothers. He was thought to be the most likely to inherit Empire Lis empire.

Xia Rong, as the First Prince of Emperor Xias Realm, was also extremely outstanding. Before Xia Qingyuan was born, hed been thought to be the most promising inheritor of Emperor Xias Realm. Hed joined the army for cultivation and had built an iron-blooded charisma and extraordinary martial ability there. Many people in Emperor Xias Realm admired and respected him.

It was because Xia Qingyuan was the only princess that Emperor Xia pampered her a lot. Emperor Xia had once announced that Xia Qingyuans talent was equal to his, so many people thought Xia Qingyuan would become Emperor Xias successor.

But that would all depend on their own cultivation achievement.

Whoever could be proved as being at the Renhuang level would naturally become the successor of the empire.

But at this moment on the battlefield, Li Zhen and Xia Rong were undoubtedly the best opponents for each other. They stared at each other with piercing eyes, the strong battle will emanating from their bodies.

Ye Futian snuck into the Dali Empire under the fake identity of a Dali cultivator the Seventh Sword. He secretly studied our cultivation method and broke the rules. Xia Rong, I will let you go if you hand Ye Futian over to me, said Li Zhen to Xia Rong.

Li Yao sent people to assassinate Ye Futian after he was defeated in the battle of Empty Realm. Didnt that also break the rules? I should ask you to hand Li Yao over, said Xia Rong coldly. Ye Futian didnt do anything wrong in Dali. If Li Yao is killed, it will be because he deserves it. Fight if you want to. Stop talking nonsense.

Li Zhen sneered. Xia Rongs attitude was tough indeed. No wonder he was a prince leading an army.

I have heard a lot about you, First Prince of Emperor Xias Realm. Today, please show me how strong you are, said Li Zhen, taking one step forward like an ancient dragon. The might emanating from his body was horrifying. He looked very handsome. An aura as intimidating as his was rare in that era.

Xia Rong stepped forward, his long hair blowing in the wind. The iron will to kill emanated from his body.

Both of them had dominating halos as noble princes, but their murderous wills were very different.

They stepped forward and walked toward each other. No one came to intervene in their battle. It was a duel between the prince of Emperor Lis Realm and the prince of Emperor Xias Realm. They didnt want to be interrupted either.

Without showy skills, Li Zhen and Xia Rong walked toward each other and both threw a punch.

Li Zhen launched a punch that packed the power of a dragon whose low roar echoed between the sky and earth. When the one punch came out, a horrifying wave swept out, shattering everything in front of him into pieces. It was as if the flow followed the fluctuation of the natural law and was meant to destroy everything. There was an ancestral dragon standing behind Li Zhen. However, at this moment, no one could steal his thunder. He was peerless in the world.

The power was grinding forward, igniting the void sky.

Xia Rong employed the skill of 33 layers of Huangting Fist Will. The first punch he threw maintained 22 layers of Huangting Fist Will. One after another, the following punches grew stronger and stronger, like sea waves smashing the coast.

When the blows landed, the void sky was radically shaken. An invisible air current swept out and shook the sky and earth violently.

The fist will was totally smashed into power. Fierce hurricanes fell upon the princes bodies. Their hair and clothes blew wildly in the wind. Nothing in the world could stop them.

It was a duel between the two most outstanding princes of Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm. All of a sudden, a large space appeared from other battlefields. It seemed as if the other warriors intentionally sought their corresponding opponents to let two princes fight the duel.

Above the void in the sky, two figures appeared over the skydome, far away from anyone else.

It was the Dali Imperial Advisor and the Great Shaman!