The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Mighty Imperial Advisor

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Dali Imperial Advisor and the Great Shaman stood opposite each other in the upper sky. Imperial Advisor wore a Taoist robe, and the Great Shaman was dressed in a cloak.

The Great Shaman took off the hood, revealing his fair face.

I know you cherish talents and that you once escorted Ye Futian back to Emperor Xias Realm. Why did you have to come here to suffer today? asked the Great Shaman.

I am the Imperial Advisor of Dali. I must take a stand, replied the Dali Imperial Advisor.

The Great Shaman nodded slightly. He guessed that the Dali Imperial Advisor probably hadnt come willingly. Otherwise, he wouldnt have had to escort Ye Futian.

He knew that Dali Imperial Advisor had taught his own cultivation method, Deed of Thorough Comprehension, to Ye Futian, which meant that he regarded Ye Futian as his successor. Additionally, hed escorted Ye Futian to Emperor Xias Realm in person, which brought the Dali peoples suspicion on him.

The Great Shaman admired him for his big heart even though the Imperial Advisor was now his opponent.

Imperial Advisor, please, said the Great Shaman. He held the crozier in his hand, his expression turning serious.

Although the Great Shaman admired him, they were on the battlefield. The Dali Imperial Advisor was considered the strongest person after Emperor Li of Dali. He was very likely stronger than King Tiandao if he had no match in Dali beside Emperor Li.

Not to mention the Imperial Advisors status in Dali. The Great Shaman would have to do all he could to fight against such a strong opponent.

As the Dali Imperial Advisor had said, he had to take a stand. This battle was not about what was right and what was wrong. It was all about the different sides. He didnt think that the Dali Imperial Advisor would show any mercy, so he wouldnt either.

Please, said the Dali Imperial Advisor. After he said the word, the mind of the Great Law started to flow above the skydome.

All of a sudden, a boundless Five Elements Eight Trigram formed around the Dali Imperial Advisors body. Ancient characters appeared on the pattern in the sky.

Qian, Kun, Li, Kan

The sky and earth had five elements. The Great Law ran between Qian, the sky, and Kun, the earth. The boundless pattern was running by itself. The Dali Imperial Advisors clothes blew in the wind as he stood above the skydome. The mind of the Great Law flew into his body. It seemed as if the whole world was under his command.

It was the Dali Imperial Advisors cultivation method, the Deed of Thorough Comprehension.

Many people perceived this horrifying might of Great Law and looked up to the sky, shocked.

The Dali Imperial Advisor and the Great Shaman chose to battle in the upper air in case their battle affected other people. Of their own record, they left the battlefield and went into the upper sky.

A golden lotus flower appeared around the Great Shamans body. The petals of the lotus flower stretched out and bloomed, expanding as if it was the lotus of the Great Law itself.

An endless boulevard of lotus flowers blossomed in the air, sensing the Great Law. They spread across every corner of the world, lotus flowers growing everywhere.

The endless lotus flowers even surrounded Dali Imperial Advisors enormous Five Element Eight Trigram.

Magnificent golden threads sprouted from the endless lotuses and stretched out to shroud Dali Imperial Advisor. The golden threads moved extremely fast, like thin swords piercing through the void sky, trying to envelop everything inside, including the Dali Imperial Advisors body.

The Dali Imperial Advisor saw the scene and raised both his hands to the sky. Suddenly, the pattern of the Great Law launched, following the movement of his hands. Ancient characters flew from them. The character Qian kept growing until it turned into a spell of the Great Law, enveloping the sky. It lay over the skydome and supported the whole sky.

At the same time, he stomped on the ground. Suddenly, the character Kun fell and turned into the land, sealing the space below it.

The Dali Imperial Advisor was the manifestation of the Great Law. He had nothing to fear between the sky and the earth.

He took a step forward and suddenly turned into the incarnation of the Thunder Deity. The character Zhen darted out and summoned the thunder catastrophe from the Ninth Sky. He dropped it to the Great Shaman, sweeping out and destroying the incoming golden threads.

His body followed the movement of the wind. The sky and earth roared and raised a storm of the Great Law, sweeping out and quickly rushing toward the Great Shamans body with the pattern of the Great Law. Nothing could stop it.

The Great Shaman looked at Dali Imperial Advisor. He was approaching him at an extremely high speed, carrying the Great Law, like a deity arriving.

It was said in Emperor Xias Realm that the Dali Imperial Advisor was trained in various skills, even evil ones. He could do it all and cultivate using different methods.

This was the first time hed ever battled with the Dali Imperial Advisor face-to-face. Of course, the Great Shaman would not take hearsay as truth, but he had to admit that the Dali Imperial Advisor was talented at various cultivation methods.

The lotuses transformed into all the beings of the world. The Great Shaman held the crozier in his hand. Endless golden radiance shone in front of his chest and converged into a sword of the Great Law, tearing apart the void sky. He stretched out the crozier, and the sword of the Great Law moved forward, too. All of a sudden, it pierced through the void sky, tearing it apart. It became tangled by the countless golden threads which ripped the sky and earth in half.


The omnipresent celestial thundercloud of the Ninth Sky was almost trying to destroy the world. The Dali Imperial Advisor was devouring the Great Law of the sky and the earth. The character Zhen surrounded the world as he transformed into an ultimate Thunder God. He pointed his finger, causing countless characters to move. The sword and the fingertips collided. the giant sword that had shaken the void sky and pierced through the thundercloud shattered into pieces. The Imperial Advisor continued walking forward. His eyes looked toward the Great Shaman, telling him that nothing could stop his forward movement.

Below them, numerous people looked up to the sky, still shocked.

How powerful the Dali Imperial Advisor was!

He deployed the Great Law as his matrix. Qian, the Sky, Kun, the Land, and the Five Elements of the Great Law all listened to his order.

The Great Law entered his body. He became an alchemy furnace for the Great Law of sky and earth. His hands could support the sky, his feet could push the land, his body could become a Thunder God, and his power was ultimate. With just one finger, he could eliminate the Great Shamans sword.

There was a holy aura surrounding his body.

Xia Qingyuan looked up to the battle in the sky and felt slightly stirred by the scene. The Great Shamans strength had been acknowledged by her father. Among the cultivators of the Nirvana Plane, he was a top figure.

However, the Great Shaman was obviously having a hard time in this battle with the Dali Imperial Advisor, proving how powerful the Imperial Advisor was.

From this, one could tell that it was very likely that Dali had stronger top figures than Emperor Xias Realm. If a war between the two realms broke out, according to his strength, the Dali Imperial Advisor wouldnt find any equal opponent in Emperor Xias Realm except Renhuang.

While the battle was going on between the Dali Imperial Advisor and the Great Shaman, Prince Li Zhen and Prince Xia Rong were also fighting in the void sky.

On another battlefield, Yan Kun and Shen Tianzhan, two ex-lords of the cities, had also started to fight. Both of them were local cultivators of the Crimson Dragon Realm and were good at using the Great Law of Fire. When they battled, their blazing fires burned the air. The skydome turned hotter as they suppressed the sky and earth. Many people had to retreat further. The ones with weak cultivation ability had to run away. It was not safe for them to stay and watch.

Besides these top figures, many people of the two sides had joined the battlefield. A breathtaking battle between Saint-Plane cultivators had also broken out.

Even the warriors of the two cities, like the people of the Situ Clan, had joined the battle. The scene was becoming more turbulent as the fire of war kept spreading. Fierce battles broke out everywhere in the center district of Thousand Leaves City, terrifying many people.

Who is that person? His ability was so strong! At this time, many people fixed their eyes on one cultivator in particular who was using a sword. His swordsmanship was extremely aggressive. His every thrash showed such strong force that it could have split up the void sky.

Xia Qingyuan noticed him too. The person in black was of the Unblemished Saint Plane. He controlled the sword perfectly when he attacked. He won the battle with the Lord of the Situ Clan and almost chopped the mans arm off.

Mu Chunyang, the Dali Imperial Advisors Third Disciple.

The persons name came to Xia Qingyuans mind. He was Ye Futians Elder Brother while Ye Futian cultivated in Dali.

Xia Qingyuan frowned.

The Dali Imperial Advisors Third Disciple. The message she had received said that, other than the Second Disciple, all of Imperial Advisors disciples would come.

So where was the Dali Imperial Advisors most outstanding First Disciple, Yan Yuan?

Her eyes kept searching the battlefields, but she couldnt find anyone similar to Yan Yuan. If any of the Imperial Advisors disciples were present, they would be very eye-catching. However, on the large battlefields, other than the Third Prince, Li Zhen, she only spotted Mu Chunyang.

Yan Yuan was absolutely not here.

As Xia Qingyuan realized that Yan Yuan was not there, many people of the Dali Empire also lost Ye Futians trace.

This time, Dali hadnt let Li Yao come to protect him, so had Emperor Xias Realm intentionally let Ye Futian avoid this battle, too?

In one spot on the battlefield, so much demonic will surged that it looked like an ultimate demonic figure would soon come. His body violently broke out from the demonic flows. He was only a Doctrine Saint, but his imposing appearance as he took a step forward was terrifying.

A Dali Doctrine Saint raised one hand and sent giant palmprints toward him, but the demonic cultivator directly bumped his body toward the prints. With a loud sound, the palmprints completely smashed. The demonic cultivator threw a punch and punched through the sky and the earth. The Dali member of the Saint Plane defended it by hand. But with a cracking sound, the punch broke his arm and struck through his chest. He was knocked back a distance and dropped to the ground feebly.

That Dali figure was Yu Sheng. Beside him, Ye Wuchen, who had entered the Saint Plane, joined the battle.

At the Lords Residence, Gu Dongliu and Zhuge Mingyue stood shoulder to shoulder in a pavilion.

Gu Dongliu looked up at the battlefields in the void sky. A magnificent light ran around his body, but he did not seem able to perceive it as he looked toward the battlefields above him.

The battle between the Dali Imperial Advisor and the Great Shaman, the battle between Yan Kun and Shen Tianzhan, the battle between Li Zhen and Xia Rong, Mu Chunyangs battle, First Brothers battle, and Yu Shengs battle

All these stunning battles were in full view.

All of these battles were between cultivators of the Saint Plane.

The flow of light around his body shined brighter. The lifeforce of the Saint Plane emanated through the air. Wisps of Saint Might wrapped around his body. His mind traveled into the distance and blended with the air. Above the skydome, a thunderstorm raged. A catastrophe was about to come.

Zhuge Mingyue looked up to the sky, the tinge of a bright smile flashing in her eyes. Finally, he would enter the Saint Plane, too.

Little Brother and Yu Sheng had each gradually entered the Saint Plane, but Gu Dongliu was not anxious and cultivated at his own pace. He believed that he would one day enter the Saint Plane too. He was patiently waiting for the day to come in a natural way.

Now as he watched the battle of Great Law, he was finally able to break the last barrier, get a thorough and intact insight into the necessary state of mind, and enter the Saint Plane.

Many people were surprised when they saw the scene. Hed entered the Saint Plane during the battle!

But even though hed entered Saint Plane, it couldnt affect the situation on the battlefield very much.

After all, the warriors in the battle between the two Renhuang Realms were all on the Saint Plane!