The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222 Fall Of The Imperial Advisor

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The emperors move not only showed the magnificence of his imperial bearing and might but also enabled him to use Feixue as a hostage.

There was no way Feixue could have joined the palaces ranks and become a queen.

The imperial advisor said to Emperor Li, I thank you, your majesty, for pardoning the people of the Imperial Advisors Residence. However, Feixue is blind and her body is frail. Im afraid that she would not be worthy of such an honor. As for Yan Yuan and the others, Im afraid that they will have their reservations because of what happened to me. I ask you to allow them to choose their own path.

Emperor Li lowered his head and looked at the imperial advisor with much disappointment. He was confident that he had been very good to the imperial advisor, but it seemed that the imperial advisor had never truly been willing to serve him wholeheartedly.

The imperial advisor outright refused to serve him any further and even asked for his daughter and students to be pardoned. He hoped that none of his students would have to serve the emperor in the future.

The people of the Imperial Advisors Residence are to come to the royal palace at once, Emperor Li said with a booming voice that was heard throughout Dali Imperial City, including the Imperial Advisors Residence.

Yan Yuan, Feixue, and the others were at the residence and heard the emperors decree. They were speechless.

Emperor Li wanted to get rid of the imperial advisor, yet he had other plans for the rest of them.

We all are willing to leave Emperor Lis Realm and never come back. We shall also never become enemies with Dali. Please let us be on our way, Yan Yuan said with a voice that was heard everywhere.

Yan Yuan knew what his teachers choice was, and he respected all that his teacher did for them.

At present, he only wanted to finish what his teacher hoped fortake Feixue and leave that messy place of a nation.

He did not think of going all out to save his teacher, nor did he bother pleading, as all of that would have been pointless.

Yan Yuan, the first student of the imperial advisor of Dali, had indeed inherited everything from his teacher.

Prepare to welcome those from the Imperial Advisors Residence into the royal palace, ordered Emperor Li.

Many mighty ones from the royal palace took to the air and headed for the Imperial Advisors Residence.

They were going to bring Feixue and the others into the royal palace.

However, Emperor Li frowned all of a sudden before looking up at the sky. Boundless might and pressure swept out causing the people in the royal palace to tremble. It seemed as if a Renhuang was shrouding the entire place.

Emperor Li was angered.

What is happening?

He never showed such a severe, solemn side even when he was looking at Li Yaos body or dealing with the imperial advisors treason.

Clouds rolled in and a terrifying might from the heavens arrived.

A single will shrouded the entire Dali Imperial City and made people tremble as they looked to the sky with frightened expressions.

Who is that?

It was Renhuang-level might and pressure, just like that of Emperor Li.

Renhuangs from foreign imperial realms were coming to the imperial city of the Dali Dynasty. It was no surprise why Emperor Li was in such an extreme mood.

Is there a need to force others to go against their own will, Emperor Li? asked a voice from above that all within Dali Imperial City could hear.

They looked up to the sky and saw a group of descending gods.

It was especially clear in the royal palace. A group had appeared in the sky, and the one taking the lead was a supreme Renhuang indeed.

The hearts of the people raced as Emperor Xia arrived.

This is a matter for Dali. Since when did you, Emperor Xia, get to interfere? Emperor Li said in a very calm tone looking at the silhouette in the sky.

The affairs of Dali are indeed none of my business, however, the Dali Dynasty had provoked Emperor Xias Realm time and again. As such, I have brought some of the strongest figures to be found in our realm to spar against the pinnacle figures of Dali. Id like to see how your training had been progressing, Emperor Li, Emperor Xia said, and a group of silhouettes descended from the sky to his side.

Every one of them was at the pinnacle of Saint Plane.

Among them was the Great Shaman, the Swordmaster of Lihen, Lu You, and even the Sacred General of Tian.

All four Holiness of Nirvana saints had arrived in Dali Imperial City with Emperor Xia. That was indeed an extremely powerful lineup.

There was another figure standing quietly behind Emperor Xias backYe Futian.

He turned his eyes to the imperial advisor below in the royal palace and felt pained deep down. When the imperial advisor decided to spare him that day, he had been ready to shoulder all of that.

The imperial advisor rose and looked at the sky, a lot of thoughts were going through his mind.

He never anticipated that Ye Futian would get Emperor Xia to move there, bringing four pinnacle figures to Dali Imperial City.

Emperor Li looked at the young man behind Emperor Xia. A member of the younger generation had not only moved the imperial advisor enough for him to commit treason by sparing him, but this young man affected the imperial advisor so much that he was even willing to be stripped of his honor and give his life to avoid killing him.

That same young man had, at present, been able to get Emperor Xia to show up in the city. It seemed that Emperor Li had underestimated the young man who had disguised himself as the Seventh Swordsman and infiltrated Dali.

Emperor Li had even thought of marrying a princess of Dali to Ye Futian, to make the young man his son-in-law.

If you would like to find that out, Emperor Xia, I shall indulge you. But first, I need to take care of some business in Dali, Emperor Li said plainly and turned his eyes to the imperial advisor.

The imperial advisor knew what the emperor wanted of him. The emperor had declared his sentencethe imperial advisor was to give up his training and be incarcerated.

Emperor Xia took one step, and the heavens shook at that moment as if they were about to crumble. The entire Dali Imperial City shook. Everyone was being overwhelmed with terrifying power. Emperor Li was able to feel that the most.

Emperor Lis eyes were cold as he looked at the figures high in the air. The might of Renhuang was unleashed and spread out with great force.

One step was all it took to bring extreme, imposing pressure sweeping throughout the place and holding the heavens in place.

Are you going to make me do it instead, imperial advisor? Emperor Li then looked down at the imperial advisor below, who was seemingly waiting for the emperor to do it.

The imperial advisor looked up at the emperor. He knew that until he was either dead or crippled, the emperor would not have let him off the hook.

There was no way Emperor Li would have let him leave Dali Imperial City unscathed.

There was a concern about him leaving and siding with Emperor Xias Realm.

Emperor Li had made up his mind, and no one else was going to sway him, not even when Emperor Xia was right before his eyes.

Boom! A frightening explosion was heard, and extreme, devastating powers filled the space around them. The aura surrounding the imperial advisors body ran amok as if there was only devastating power to be had.

Teacher. Ye Futian looked at the scene from high above the air and shook his head at the imperial advisor.

I have been disloyal, and today, I shall be rid of my training to repay my debt of kindness and grace to you, your majesty, but please, let Yan Yuan and the others leave, the imperial advisor pleaded. Devastating power punched through his body as soon as he finished. That raging aura penetrated his body terrorizing it as it went through.

The imperial advisor spit blood, and his face was ashen. His aura weakened drastically, but he remained looking at Emperor Li in the sky.

Emperor Li looked down with a cold expression. Even given his current predicament, the imperial advisor was still occupied with thoughts of his daughter, Feixue, leaving Dali with Yan Yuan and the others.

Am I merely a tyrant who is simply out to eat them alive in his eyes?

Emperor Xia looked down below and sighed deep down. The imperial advisor understood that if he did not make a move, then the emperor would. There was no way he would have been spared.

If he were to rid himself of his training, there would still be hope for the ones in the Imperial Advisors Residence.

It was quite a shame that someone who had the opportunity to pass the trial and become a Renhuang was to fall in the Royal Palace of Dali on that very day.

Please, your majesty, the imperial advisor continued. Yet another burst of immensely devastating power punched through his body. A frightening storm whipped up with him in the center but did not attack the others around him; it was simply crushing him from the inside.

They could hear the sounds of his bones and meridian paths breaking, and red blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth.

His supreme body remained standing tall and firm where he was. Even the indescribable anguish that he suffered at that moment did not cause him to flinch, and he remained adamant in seeing it all through.

Sounds reverberated throughout the area and rumbled the eardrums of everyone around. Several people were on their knees outside of the royal palace, pleading for the emperor to spare the imperial advisor.

Emperor Lis eyes turned even colder, and he looked below.

The imperial advisor shall be granted special parole to attend the wedding of King Zhen, Emperor Li said and took a step towards Emperor Xia in the air.

Emperor Xia willed and the sky changed. A boundlessly large lotus flower enveloped the space where he and Emperor Li were.

Ye Futian was gradually enveloped within, as well. He witnessed how the imperial advisor continued to be harmed, while he continued to suffer intense heartache from above.

That figure who had been standing tall finally bent and slouched over; he was no longer able to stand firmly. His hair turned a lot more silver within a single instant, and he became very withered.

Imprison the imperial advisor. A voice was heard from below. Ye Futian was no longer able to see what was going on down there.

He was dragged by Emperor Xia to where only Emperor Xia and Emperor Li were present, standing against each other.


The imperial advisor was hauled to the prison in the Royal Palace of Dali. A group of mighty ones then began to make a move, heading towards the Imperial Advisors Residence.

They were getting ready to welcome the people of the Imperial Advisors Residence into the royal palace.

However, the four Holiness of Nirvana from Emperor Xias Realm were right outside the royal palace.

When the Prince Regent and the other mighty ones emerged, the Great Shaman stood in their way.

Sword aura and demonic might burst in another direction. The Swordmaster of Lihen struck at Cao Kong.

More mighty ones emerged from the royal palace. King White, one of the Four Kings, emerged as well, and Lu You stood in his way.

You all, get to the Imperial Advisors Residence and get them to the royal palace, the Prince Regent said. Many mighty ones began to head straight for the Imperial Advisors Residence.

Even after the imperial advisor begged, again and again, Emperor Li stuck to his decision to keep his students and daughter around. It was apparent that he still wanted the people of the Imperial Advisors Residence to remain in the realm.

The Sacred General of Tian headed towards the Imperial Advisors Residence. It wasnt long before they arrived.

Yan Yuan and the others were at the Imperial Advisors Residence, and all of them sensed that the mighty ones were heading at them from all directions.

The Imperial Advisors Residence had become the absolute center of the royal palace in an instant.

Father. Tears streaked down Feixues face. She felt worse than death at the moment. The Imperial Advisors Residence was not that far away from the royal palace. The overwhelming aura in the palace was felt all the way to the Imperial Advisors Residence.

Feixue, lets go, Yan Yuan looked said, determined to leave Dali.

His teacher was imprisoned, and Feixues special constitution meant that there was no way she could have entered the royal palace, marry Li Zhen, and become a queen.

The only option for them was to run.

At present, with Emperor Xia holding Emperor Li back, and the four Holiness of Nirvanas that Emperor Xia brought holding back Dalis pinnacle figures, it was the right time for them to escape.