The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 Yan Yuans Plans

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A huge painting was seen high above the sky, embroiling many saints around within. Even Unblemished Saints were caught as well.

That Unblemished Saint royal member attacked ferociously from within the painting, yet the painting itself nullified all of his attacks. The painting was infused with the power of the great path of the world. Celestial bodies were found within, and the heavens and the earth were in motion. Matrixes were also found within the painting, which made it so that the painting had indeed been infused with the power of the great path.

So, this is the Life Spirit of Nan Zhai? Countless looked up in the sky. They witnessed royal members being sucked into the painting bit by bit, and they felt very rattled within.

They had the impression that Nan Zhai, the second student of the imperial advisor, was inferior to Mu Chunyang, the third student, and his presence had not been as strong. Even when Nan Zhai was giving lectures in Dali Academy, he looked carefree and unfettered. Everyone knew that he was very knowledgeable and had different concepts and views regarding training.

However, no one knew that Nan Zhais true powers were something of such formidable magnitude.

He had made painting a way of manifesting his power of the great path. He had the world in his sleeves, which was manifested in his painting.

In yet another battlefield at that moment, Yan Yuan continued to bring his might to bear and blaze the trail. He continued walking forward. No one had been able to stand in his way. Mu Chunyang followed closely behind. The huge painting that Nan Zhai conjured flew in the sky and took off far away.

Any saints who were still standing in their way high above in the air were unable to help but make way, retreating to the sides. They all felt astonished and shaken deep down, not daring to face the students of the Imperial Advisor.

It seemed that no one was able to stand in the way of the students, other than the likes of Holiness of Nirvana.

However, all Holiness of Nirvana found in Dali Dynastys imperial city had been kept busy by people brought by Emperor Xia. There was also some other Holiness of Nirvanas to be found, but they were not in Dali Imperial City.

Many were astonished and thought that if the Imperial Advisor had not been dealt with, he would truly be at the very pinnacle of sainthood in all of Dali Dynasty.

However, he was incarcerated at the moment, which was a situation many found to be a pity.

Yan Yuan and the others cut all who dared to stand in their way down and headed to the sky. Their silhouettes went further and further away from sight, seeming about to disappear before everyones eyes.

Everyone who saw that scene understood that the people of the Imperial Advisors Residence had truly made up their mindthey wanted to leave Dali Dynasty.

There was no longer an Imperial Advisors Residence in Dali from then on out.

Yan Yuan and the others eventually disappeared without a trace as they continued to streak the sky.

However, the Holiness of Nirvanas battles in Dali Imperial City were still ongoing. Every single battle was an astonishing one and caused their surroundings to shake.

Furthermore, the battles continued for quite some time. While there were stronger and weaker ones to be found, none were able to kill their opponents. Fighters from both sides were top-notch. While they were still differences to be had, yet said differences were not great enough to have any of them kill their opponents.

For instance, it was obvious that the Swordmaster of Lihen could overpower Cao Kong, yet Cao Kong was extremely resilient, continuing to fight despite suffering severe injuries. People of such levels had terrifyingly adamant will.

Both Emperor Xia and Emperor Li were still nowhere to be found. It was thought that Emperor Xia intended to keep Emperor Li busy, giving a chance to those from the Imperial Advisors Residence.

He told Ye Futian before that while he was willing to go to Dali Dynasty, the fate of the ones from the Imperial Advisors Residence was eventually up to them and that he was unable to do anything further.

He couldnt take them away personally, after all.

If he were actually to do that, then Emperor Li could have crashed into Emperor Xias Realm and taken them away all the same.

As such, despite having brought people with him, Emperor Xia was still there to teach those from Emperor Li a lesson in name, for they had been provoking Emperor Xias Realm for far too long. Emperor Xia never mentioned those from the Imperial Advisors Residence, despite the fact they were the reasons why Emperor Xia showed up.

The battles raged on and on. Both Emperor Xia and Emperor Li were seen yet again in Emperor Lis Palace, emerging in the palace building they were before.

Ye Futian was behind Emperor Xia.

Emperor Lis expression turned rather cold after he scanned the city with his will. At the same time, Emperor Xia said instead, Lets get back to Emperor Xias Realm.

The Great Shaman and other Holiness of Nirvanas all retreated and left after the order was given, without any intention of fighting any further.

Their opponents intended to pursue them, yet Emperor Li said, Let them leave.

Emperor Li, I know that you have wanted to test Emperor Lis Realms strength for years, but if you are thinking of taking the Emperor Xias Realm for yourself, Dali is still far from being powerful enough to do so. I dont mind if you want to wage war against us. I shall be waiting back in Emperor Xias Palace, Emperor Xia said plainly. He took flight and waved his hand. The Great Shaman, the Swordmaster of Lihen, and others came to his side and were preparing to leave.

A flash of light was seen, and Emperor Xia brought his men away. Ye Futian, who was right behind him, took one look below as if wanting to find where the Imperial Advisor was.

However, they disappeared within an instant, emerging in the sky elsewhere.

The ones from the Imperial Advisors Residence are safe now, but the Imperial Advisor wanted a death sentence, trying to exchange the safety of his people with his own life. I assume that he understands that Emperor Li would have never let him go even if he wanted to. As such, he got rid of his training using his own hands and was willingly incarcerated, Emperor Xia said while looking at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was speechless deep down. He knew, too, that there was no way the Imperial Advisor could have escaped.

However, with his teacher having destroyed his training and being incarcerated, Ye Futian hoped that his teacher was still alive.

While that would have been difficult, there was still hope.

The expression of Emperor Li, who was still in the royal palace, appeared rather glum and severe after they left. He did not pursue Yan Yuan and the others, slowly going somewhere else instead.

The place was a golden prison, which was suppressed by the great path. The Imperial Advisor was imprisoned within. There was the light of chains within the prison of the great path, chaining him within.

The Imperial Advisor had lost all of his brimming appearance from the past. His aura appeared weak. He looked unusually withered, far older than common old people.

Your majesty. The Imperial Advisor lifted his head. The color is his eyes were dim as he looked up at the Emperor.

The Emperor looked at him as well, standing there quietly without saying anything.

One figure after another arrived through the sky. It was King Tiandao, the Prince Regent, and the others. They all bowed and stood there quietly. The people of the Imperial Advisors Residence were able to escape the city in their watch, which meant that they were naturally responsible.

Four Holiness of Nirvana were lost in Dali within a single day. Emperor Li looked at the Imperial Advisor and continued, Im still unable to understand why you would be willing to go to such lengths to let him go. I want the truth from you.

The Imperial Advisor had been at the pinnacle of sainthood in Dali, after all.

Yan Yuan had become a Holiness of Nirvana.

Nan Zhai displayed supreme powers, and Mu Chunyang was extremely formidable as well. Both of them would soon become Holiness of Nirvanas themselves.

As such, Emperor Li claimed that Dali had lost four Holiness of Nirvana within a single day.

The Emperor was still puzzled and wanted to ask the Imperial Advisor; he wanted an answer.

The Imperial Advisor looked up at Emperor Li. A smile was seen in his murky eyes as he said, Your Majesty, Im puzzled myself as well. But maybe, there will be a day where you understand.

Emperor took another look at the Imperial Advisor and then left. The Prince Regent and the others bowed and stood without saying anything.

While they had been able to apprehend the Imperial Advisor on that day, but in actual fact, they had suffered a terrible loss.

No one would have thought that Emperor Xia would have brought mighty ones and descended upon Dali Imperial City.

After Emperor Li left, the Prince Regent took one look at the Imperial Advisor. He was just as puzzled as the Emperor.

Looking at the figure who had once been extraordinarily renowned and prestigious, the one who had been the number figure below the emperor of Dali Dynasty, incarcerated within such a prison and looked little more than an old man on his deathbed, the Prince Regent was exasperated as well.

Why, indeed? The Prince Regent said plainly and then turned around, leaving the place.

Ye Futian had been waiting in Emperor Xias Palace ever since he returned with the Emperor to the royal palace.

Yan Yuan and the others finally showed up.

Yan Yuan came and greeted Emperor Xia in the royal palace.

Ye Futian looked at Yan Yuan and the others, who were standing right before him, and he felt a sense of guilt.

His eyes then turned to Feixue afterward, and Feixue faced him as well.

Feixue, I was the one who got teacher into this mess, Ye Futian said.

Feixue shook her head. She knew what had happened.

His father had been the one who chose to walk that path.

Ye Futian did not choose to kill Li Yao after he had apprehended the prince. He was set up by Xia Rongthe prince of Emperor Xias Realm. Ye Futian had intended to let go of Li Yao. The enmity between them ran deep, and yet he wanted to spare the prince nonetheless, which meant that he had taken her father and the others into consideration.

No one would have been able to anticipate what ensued following that.

Ye Futian, our teacher has made this decision, and he naturally has great expectations for you. I hope you wont let him down, Yan Yuan said.

Ye Futian nodded. He resolved to keep that in mind.

Follow me, Xia Qingyuan appeared and said. Yan Yuan and the others followed her and came to the highest point of Emperor Xias Palace. Emperor Xia was with them as well.

I, Yan Yuan, have brought my brothers and sisters, to express our gratitude to Your Majesty, Yan Yuan and the group bowed to Emperor Xia.

Emperor Xias appearance had no doubt saved them all. There was no way they would have been able to leave otherwise.

I wasnt going to Dali just for your sake, after all. There is no need to thank me. Emperor Xia said, What plans do you have from here on out? If youre willing to stay behind in Emperor Xias Realm, I shall see to it.

Yan Yuan shook his head and said, We are extremely grateful for what you did, your majesty. However, our teacher had never truly betrayed Dali. If we were to stay behind in Emperor Xias Realm and train, it would have been akin to verifying our teachers treason. I hope you understand, Your Majesty.

Right. Emperor Xia nodded and asked, So what are your plans now?

We intend to head to the Crimson Dragon Realm, as such, were here to ask for passage. There is no way the others and I will be able to repay your kindness for the time being. If there is anything you need of us in the future, I shall see the debt repaid, Yan Yuan said to Emperor Xia in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble, making his stance clear.

He did so even if what happened with the Imperial Advisor was actually sparked by Xia Rong, the eldest prince.

The Imperial Advisor is someone truly worthy of respect. Im sure his students will be anything but disappointments in the future. Ive been asked to make the trip by someone else, and there is no need for you all to repay me, Emperor Xia said.

Yan Yuan and the others looked at Ye Futian, and they naturally knew who did the asking. However, they were still somewhat surprised that Ye Futian had been able to get Emperor Xia to make such a trip personally.

Qingyuan, take them to the teleportation matrix, Emperor Xia said to Xia Qingyuan. While he admired Yan Yuan and the others, he saw no need to lean on them. The Imperial Advisor had stayed honorable throughout. Even if they were to enter Emperor Xias Realm right after their teacher was to be sentenced, no one would have had anything to say about it.

However, all of them valued their teachers reputation. At the very least, they were unable to bring themselves to truly make a traitor out of their teacher.