The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 Traveling Together

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For some time afterward, Ye Futian cultivated in retreat at the Cottage Villa.

Not only him, but many at the villa had gained something during this trip, with several of them having broken into the Saint Plane. They needed to comprehend the way of the Saint Plane in earnest and integrate it into their strength.

After Gu Dongliu entered into the Divine Path, his whole person had gone through a great transformation. It was as if his life spirit had once again awoken, rendering his temperament even more remarkable.

The same was also true of Yu Sheng. He was born into the Way, but his changes were more internal. Once in battle, his potential had completely erupted and was completely different from before. Many people in the Crimson Dragon Realm had already experienced his battling method.

After Ye Wuchen entered into the Saint Plane, he had endeavored to refine the Renhuang sword will into his swordsmanship, and was progressing little by little.

After Huang Jiuge comprehended the swordsmanship, he had also begun to try to impact the realm of Sainthood.

Except for Glass Saint, she was still the same as before, unable to get out of the predicament she was in. This made it difficult for her to make progress in her cultivation. Even though she often cultivated with Yaya, she was still trapped by her own demons, as if she really wanted for nothing and felt nothing.

A few months later, news came out of Emperor Xias Palace that the Little Princess Xia Qingyuan broke into the Sainthood.

This news soon spread throughout Emperor Xias Realm. The Little Princess was extraordinarily talented and very young. Among the many top characters in Emperor Xias Realm, she was the cultivator who entered into the Divine Path the fastest. Even compared to her several other brothers, none of them were younger than her when they entered the Saint Plane.

Countless people lamented that perhaps in the future, Little Princess Xia Qingyuan, could match the achievements of Emperor Xia and enter the realm of Renhuang.

Of course, this day was still too far away. Compared to this, the people of Emperor Xias Realm were more concerned about the marriage of the Little Princess. Looking at Emperor Xias Realm, who could be worthy of a peerless figure such as the Little Princess? And many had counted the many geniuses of Emperor Xias Realm.

They found that in Emperor Xias Realm, the only person who was qualified to stand next to the Little Princess was still that person who could slay the saints while in the realm of sage.

Princess Xia Qingyuan entered Sainthood, and Emperor Xia hosted a feast in Emperor Xias Palace to celebrate, like a holy ceremony. Countless people felt the love that Emperor Xia had for the Little Princess.

On this day, inside Emperor Xias Palace, many top principalities of Emperor Xias Realm gathered along with those top figures whose fame was known throughout the world. Its scale was far grander than that of Old Man Xiaos birthday banquet.

This was the celebration of Xia Qingyuans Sainthood. Perhaps, there was a deeper meaning hidden behind Emperor Xias action.

Of course, no one knew exactly what Emperor Xia intended.

On this day, almost all the top figures were there, including the peak existences such as the Swordmaster of Lihen, Lord of Xuanyuan Palace, the master of Jiutian Temple, the master of Tianji Pavilion, and the valley master of Divine Cloud Valley.

At the banquet, Emperor Xia sat high upon his throne, with Queen Xiao and Xia Qingyuan on each side of him. The other princes were sitting below Xia Qingyuan. After all, this was a celebration for Xia Qingyuan.

All the top figures had arrived, but at the banquet, Xia Qingyuans look was calm, and she seemed uninterested. Her eyes sometimes looked far into the distance.

Todays banquet was filled with many cultivators, but one person was missing.

Many people had also noticed Xia Qingyuans look, and these top figures understood. No one mentioned anything about the Princess marriage at the banquet.

It seemed that the crowning jewel in Emperor Xias Realm was now grown up, and her heart had already found its belonging.

But that man was not there today.

Perhaps it had something to do with what happened at the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Emperor Xia had already named him the Lord of Qianye City. Perhaps, soon, he would leave Emperor Xias Realm for Crimson Dragon Realm. After that, it was very unlikely that he would return to Emperor Xias Realm in the future.

After the banquet was over, Emperor Xia asked Swordmaster of Lihen, Lord of Xuanyuan Palace, and other peak figures to stay so he could talk to them.

No one knew what they talked about. Until not long after, people were able to faintly assume one thing, which shocked many in Emperor Xias Realm, and they continued to guess Emperor Xias real motivation.

When Emperor Xias Palace hosted the banquet, Ye Futian was not in the Upper World but went to the Nine States to take a few people to the Upper World.

A few days later, Ye Futian and his party gathered at the Cottage Villa.

Everyone from the Lower Worlds of Nine States was there.

Ye Futian stood in front, holding the hand of a young girl. It was Little Grass, the daughter of the fourth senior brother, Xue Ye, and his wife, Youxi. Linger stood on the other side and took LIttle Grasss other hand.

Loulan Xue stood quietly behind them. Knife Saint, Gu Dongliu, and Zhuge Mingyue were all there. Of course, Ye Wuchen, Huang Jiuge, Xu Que, and Yuan Zhang were also present.

Yaya and Glass Saint stood quietly behind. Obviously, they were prepared to go on a long-distance trip. Otherwise, it would not involve everyone departing.

Ye Futian levitated into the air and glanced behind him. They had stayed here for a few years. After leaving today, it would be unlikely that they would return often.

Although the Red Dragon Realm was chaotic and the strong preyed on the weak, in fact, it cohered more to the principle of survival of the fittest, where everything was more direct. Everything was based on power.

More importantly, the Crimson Dragon Realm was freer. As the primary realm of the Crimson Dragon Region, no other Renhuang could interfere in the affairs of the Crimson Dragon Realm. If one was strong enough, then one could create an empire of ones own; one that no one could shake, just like the City Lords of yore.

During this trip, he prepared to establish his foothold in the Crimson Dragon Realm, and when everything was settled, he would embark to the more distant Supreme Path Region.

Yu Sheng would also cultivate at the Regional Palace of the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Lets go, Ye Futian said. Suddenly, this large group of people moved toward the distance. Soon, the Cottage Villa was emptied and seemed extraordinarily quiet.

There were already many waiting in Emperor Xias Palace. When Ye Futian and his party arrived, they saw a group of people appearing in front of them, the head of which was Xia Qingyuan.

Obviously, Xia Qingyuan was also preparing to leave Emperor Xias Palace and travel to Crimson Dragon Realm.

Aside from Xia Qingyuan, Ye Futian also saw a lot of familiar faces. For example, the first person of Lihen Heaven who once fought with him on the 33 layers of heaven, Wang Chuan.

There were also Xuanyuan Ao of Xuanyuan Palace and Gongsun Zhong of Divine Cloud Valley.

Ye Futian also saw the people from the Nine States, such as Bai Luli.

After these people received the order from Xia Qingyuan to go to the Upper World, they were under the order of Xia Qingyuan. And now, they were planning on traveling with her.

Why are you here? behind Ye Futian, Luo Fan asked another person. Ye Futian looked over there and saw that next to Gongsun Zhong, Gongsun Ni and Gongsun Xuan were there, and Luo Fan was speaking to Gongsun Xuan.

Clearly, he was surprised.

Why cant I be here? Gongsun Xuan retorted.

Uh Luo Fan blinked and saw a pair of enchanting but slightly angry eyes, and he dared not look straight at them.

Ye Futian watched with a smile on his face. Apparently, someone was able to trump the fifth senior brother.

Luo Fan had always been cynical, but now it seemed that his status in the family would be jeopardized in the future.

Ye Futian glanced at the people who were present and immediately understood that Emperor Xia had already talked to all the top forces.

Many people from various forces had sent their youngsters to accompany them on the trip to the Crimson Dragon Realm, but they should also be willing to go.

After all, being able to travel long distances was a trial in itself.

As for Emperor Xias exact command, it was not something he could have known.

However, to be able to see so many familiar faces had lifted his mood.

Is the Princess also prepared to stay in the Crimson Dragon Realm for a long time? Ye Futian asked. In addition to those youngsters, each force had also dispatched some powerful saints to travel with them.

Clearly, this was the result of the last banquet.

This trip is for trials out there. You can rest assured that since my father, the Emperor, named you the City Lord of Qianye City. Everyone will obey your orders in the city, including me, Xia Qingyuan said to Ye Futian.

I would not dare Ye Futian whispered softly, but seeing Xia Qingyuan looking at him, he continued, But thank you, Your Highness.

Obviously, Emperor Xia did so because of what happened last time.

He wanted to travel further, and so Emperor Xia deliberately arranged to secure the foundation of Qianye City. This was truly allowing him to become a lord of the empire, Qianye City was wholly entrusted to him.

As for the result, it would solely be dependent on his ability.

Qingyuan, when are we going? At this moment, a voice was heard, and Ye Futian saw another group coming toward them. It was Yao Xi, who had also brought many people to go along with her.

Xia Qingyuan looked indifferent. She merely glanced at Yao Xi and ignored her question.

Young master Ye, youve been well. Yao Xi was not bothered by Xia Qingyuans treatment towards her and didnt get angry. She smiled at Ye Futian. Yao Xi was clad in expensive clothing. She looked noble and holy, like a real noble princess, even more so than Xia Qingyuan.

After all, Xia Qingyuan was still in mans clothing, casual and simple.

Princess Yao Xi is also going to Qianye City, Ye Futian said.

Yes, Yao Xi said, I have always wanted to go out and see the world. Now that I have a chance, I will come along.

Ye Futian didnt say much. Yao Xi was now the princess of Emperor Xias Realm. Whatever she wanted to do was not something within his control.

Lets go then, Ye Futian said, Xia Qingyuan nodded, and the group set off immediately, moving towards the teleportation grand matrix.

Gongsun Xuan stepped forward, and without realizing it, approached Ye Futian and his party, next to Luo Fan.

Xuanyuan Ao of Xuanyuan Palace walked behind Yu Sheng. He asked him as he was walking, I heard that you decimated the geniuses of the Crimson Dragon Realm during the battle of Crimson River, and will enter the Regional Palace at Crimson Dragon Realm to cultivate?

As the descendant of Xuanyuan Clan, he certainly knew a little about the Crimson Dragon Realm. The ancient books in the family had also recorded what the Regional Palace was like, and many elders even knew about it.

It was known as the first sacred place of cultivation in Crimson Dragon Realm.

What is it? Yu Sheng said, looking at Xuanyuan Ao.

Xuanyuan Ao also had a husky built. Standing next to Yu Sheng, he did not appear any less brawny. He looked at Yu Sheng and said, When we get to Crimson Dragon Realm, can I cultivate with you?

Many people heard Xuanyuan Aos words and turned their heads back to look at him. This proud descendent of Xuanyuan Palace showed no sign of proudness at this moment.

This made many who knew Xuanyuan Ao look rather strange.

No. Yu Sheng spat. It was a resolute refusal. He continued to move forward, leaving a shocked crowd behind!