The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228 Arrangements

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Crimson Dragon Realm, Qingye City.

Ye Futian and his party came forward in a mighty manner and descended directly into the City Lords Office of Qingye City.

After that previous battle, the City Lords Office still seemed to be in ruins.

The ruins were exceptionally quiet. An exhalation of breath seemed to be released from the dilapidated remains of the City Lords Office. Then Ye Futian saw a figure rise up into the sky. It was the previous City Lord, Shen Tianzhan.

Only Shen Tianzhan remained in the City Lords Office. Everyone else was gone.

The City Lord has returned, Shen Tianzhan said to Ye Futian. Hed known that Ye Futian would come back sooner or later.

This time, Ye Futian seemed to have brought a lot of people with him. The princess of Emperor Xias Realm, Xia Qingyuan, was among them as well. In addition, there were many cultivators from every plane, making the composition of the group even more complicated and mixed than it had been the last time.

Elder, what is this? Ye Futian asked, looking at the ruins. Since Shen Tianzhan had stayed to wait for him, it meant that he still recognized Ye Futian as the City Lord of Qianye City. However, if that was the case, why had Shen Tianzhan not ordered for repairs of the City Lords Office? Moreover, why had everyone else disappeared?

It seemed as if Shen Tianzhan was the only one left in this vast City Lords Office.

After the battle a few months ago, the cultivators of Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm both withdrew. Xiang Nan saw that Qianye City was empty and wanted to take Qianye City for Emperor Xiangs Realm. He ordered an attack to kill me. Not only me, but several principalities in Qianye City were also attacked by the people of Xiang City. Situ Zhong, the head of the Situ Clan, was injured during these attacks. Many people lost their lives. I dismissed everyone from the City Lords Office to prevent them from being harmed, Shen Tianzhan said.

When Ye Futian heard what he said, his expression turned blank. In the past, during the battle between the two Renhuang realms, Xiang Nan had wanted to take the opportunity to profit, wanting to gain all the advantages without participating in the war, to use threats to put a squeeze on their resources. He had given him some, but hed been far from able to satisfy Xiang Nans appetite.

On the day of the great battle, Xiang Nan had brought people to threaten them.

However, Xia Rongs iron-wrought determination had deterred Xiang Nan. As soon as hed made a move, hed been caught up in the battle between the two Renhuang realms. The cultivators of Emperor Xias Realm would have killed him at any cost.

Xiang Nan had not dared to make his move. Meanwhile, his followers had not been silly enough to interfere in the battle between the two Renhuang realms.

But after the battle between the two Renhuang realms, they had returned to their respective lands. Xiang Nan had naturally anticipated that fightings would ensue within the two Renhuang realms which would set off a storm, so hed thought of attacking Qianye City.

Emperor Xiangs Realm already required a considerable number of cultivators to guard the one city they occupied. They could not spare too many others to be dispatched to the Crimson Dragon Realm to guard the two cities for a prolonged period. Just like Emperor Xias Realm and Emperor Lis Realm, they did not have many who were of the Nirvana Plane. They could not possibly dispatch them all to guard the Crimson Dragon Realm.

Therefore, it was more likely that Xiang Nan had wanted to vent the humiliation hed suffered during the Battle of the Crimson River, during which hed been scared by Xia Rong into not fighting, which had caused much of his indignation.

As a result, hed sent people to harass Shen Tianzhan, wanting him to submit and agree to defend Qianye City for Emperors Xiangs Realm.

However, Shen Tianzhan had resisted stubbornly, displeasing Xiang Nan considerably. Since Shen Tianzhan had been willing to surrender to Ye Futian but had refused to become an affiliate of Emperor Xiangs Realm, one could imagine Xiang Nans feelings about it. So, hed repeatedly sent people to keep the City Lords office of Qianye City in a state of ruin.

After Ye Futian learned what had happened, he said to Shen Tianzhan, Its been hard for you. Its finally time to rebuild the City Lords Office.

Very well, Shen Tianzhan nodded. He had previously promised to stay on as the deputy city lord because of the defeat, though it had not been a sincere surrender.

But what happened later had made him realize that maybe, by standing beside Ye Futian, he would see things differently.

On the contrary, Xiang Nan, the prince of Emperor Xiangs Realm, was resentful because of his defeat at Crimson River. Hed even gone so far as resorting to retaliation and extortion. His villainous acts were far worse than anything Ye Futian had ever done. Shen Tianzhan would loathe to even be in contact with such a person, much less follow and obey him.

No matter what, he was on the Nirvana Plane, the last realm of the Divine Path.

Suddenly, a surging wind rose up. A group of people was seen walking in the air in the distant void. They stopped a ways off and looked at Ye Futian and the others.

Likewise, Ye Futian and Shen Tianzhan looked at them. They heard the leader of the group say, Shen Tianzhan, we had given you many opportunities, and His Royal Highness had been unceasingly benevolent.

Our paths are different. We cannot work together, Shen Tianzhan said to the people in the void.

Ye Futian turned and said to them, Go back and tell Xiang Nan that if he wants Qianye City, send someone to come and fight me for it. If he dares not, then, by all means, stay quietly in Xiang City.

The messenger stared at Ye Futian. After a while, he turned to leave, thinking that the people of Emperor Xias Realm had arrived too soon.

What had happened in the past did not seem to have caused a division inside Emperor Xias Realm

On that day, Crown Prince Xia Rong, Xia Qingyuan, and Ye Futian had clearly been divided into two different camps.

But now, Ye Futian and Xia Qingyuan had returned together with reinforcements.

This meant that Qianye City would most likely be entrusted to Ye Futian in the future.

The people in Xiang City left, but Ye Futians eyes still maintained their coldness. Xiang Nan had once again exercised his old trick of profiting from others misfortunes. He had no conscience and was not afraid to show it.

The news of Ye Futians return and the return of all the top forces of Qianye City soon spread. Situ Yan and Situ Zhong had both arrived as well.

Elder, I know about Xiang Nan. I will settle the score with him on your behalf, Ye Futian said by way of greeting to Situ Zhong.

I am relieved to hear you say that, City Lord Ye, Situ Zhong responded. I have also brought along some reinforcements to see if we can be of assistance.

As he was speaking, Situ Zhong mobilized his people. Some of the top forces in Qianye City began working together to build the new City Lords Office.

In the world of cultivators, the time spent building was extremely accelerated. In just a short time, a brand-new City Lords Office rose from the ground.

Choose your place of cultivation, Ye Futian said as he walked toward the main hall of the City Lords Office.

Xia Qingyuan chose a hall next to him. Yao Xi did the same as if she was intentionally competing with her.

The other cultivators all chose their places of cultivation in the new City Lords Office.

Those whod come from the top forces of Emperor Xias Realm each set up a camp and chose an area in which to reside.

Ye Futian faced the people next to him and said, Little Butterfly, you should choose an area to be used as a medicinal pool and herb garden.

Next to Little Butterfly was Saint Jiangs eldest disciple, Xu Chehan.

Not long ago when Ye Futian had taken the trip to the Lower World, he hadnt only brought along his relatives. Saint Jiang had ordered Xu Chehan, who had already entered the Saint Plane, to accompany him. The husband and wife, along with Little Butterfly, had followed Ye Futian and cultivated with him.

In the days when the Sacred War was being waged against the Palace, Xu Chehan had fully comprehended the way. Later, when hed finally been able to enter the realm of the Divine Path by his own merit, Saint Jiang taught him everything he knew.

The Great Teacher Xu of today was no longer comparable to the one of the past.

Furthermore, the resources of the Crimson Dragon Realm were incomparable to those of the Lower World of the Nine States. In the future, Xu Chehan and Little Butterfly would need to collect better materials for treatments or medicinal baths.

Ye Futian situated the people from the Nine States into one area. Yu Sheng, Yi Qingxuan, Wuchen and Liu Chenyu, Gu Dongliu, the second senior sister, and the rest were staying in the main house with Ye Futian.

After all the arrangements were made, Ye Futian went over to Yaya and said, Yaya, come with me.

Yaya nodded, walking away with Ye Futian and Black Wind Condor.

In Peacock City of the Crimson Dragon Realm, Ye Futian found Kong Xuan.

Kong Xuan was a little surprised by Ye Futians arrival. She asked, Are you looking for me?

Yes. Ye Futian nodded. There is a matter at hand that requires Princess Kong Xuans help.

What matter? Kong Xuan asked doubtfully. Beside her, Jialou Fengs eyes were extremely cold as he fixed his stare on Ye Futian.

When hed last been on the battlefield of Crimson River, his divine feathers had been plucked by Yu Sheng.

This demonic beast of mine has some gifts in cultivation, but he cant seem to enter the Divine Path. Im not very familiar with the cultivation of the demonic realm and want to send this little condor to the Peacock Demon Emperors Realm to cultivate. Therefore, Ive come to ask for your help, said Ye Futian.

Even though Black Wind Condor already knew what Ye Futian wanted to do, when he heard those words, the Black Wind Condor couldnt help but turtle up his neck and shiver uncontrollably as he stole a glance at Kong Xuan.

It was a truly crazy idea that might cost the little condor his life.

Even Kong Xuan was stunned for a moment. Her cold and sharp eyes swept towards the Black Wind Condor.

While theyd been at the Empty Realm, the Black Wind Condor had not spared her any humiliation. Those words echoed in her head to this day: Kong Xuan, come quickly to serve my Lord

At the time, she could not wait to cut the Black Wind Condor into a thousand pieces to quench the hatred in her heart.

However, since shed entered into sainthood, her state of mind had gone through some changes. Her hatred was not so strong anymore. That was why, when shed first seen the Black Wind Condor, she had not immediately thrown a tantrum.

She looked at Ye Futian coldly and said, Ye Futian, do you know what you are asking?

Have her take this Black Wind Condor to cultivate?

This Black Wind Condor whose mouth spewed out nothing but garbage?

Does this dumb beast qualify? Jialou Feng asked mockingly. A sharp whistling sound came from the mouth of the Black Wind Condor. Suddenly, a great gust of wind whipped up. Its eyes glanced at Jialou Feng as its form morphed into a bolt of dark golden lightning and rushed toward him.

The divine feathers of Jialou Feng glimmered brightly as the extremely sharp golden blades slashed towards them. The Black Wind Condor did not retreat. It turned into frightening lightning and thunder, its wings extended, cutting through the void.


With a loud sound, Jialou Fengs body was thrown backward. The Black Wind Condor returned to Ye Futians side in a radiant arc and glanced scornfully at Jialou Feng.

The Little Condor possesses all the comprehension of my cultivation. It is very talented, but its entrance into the Saint Plane had been delayed. I dont know what should be done next, so I thought to send it to the Peacock Demon Emperors Realm, Ye Futian said. I know that there were several offenses made in the past, but those are inevitable on the battlefield. We beg the princesss indulgence in these matters. I want to send Little Condor to the Demon Emperors Realm in the hopes of building a friendship, not a rivalry.

Kong Xuan looked at Ye Futian deeply, then nodded. Very well.

Seeing that Kong Xuan had agreed, the Black Wind Condo took a secretive look at her beautiful face and shivered again.

Little Condor was unlucky. It had barely escaped the hands of the she-devil, only to face yet another danger!