The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Battle Between The Nine

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High above the Sun Castle and the sun above the castle, Golden Ravens descended upon them like a flood.

Ye Futian and Yin Tianjiao were doing their best to hunt them down and take any manifested will of the great path.

Duan Wuji, prince of Emperor Dong’s Palace, and the mighty ones of the Zhong tribe were there as well. Duan Wuji’s body was surrounded by a terrifying firestorm as if it was able to devour anything it touched. He extended his hand as he charged at the birds. A black fireball manifested in his hand, which turned into a terrifying maelstrom. The maelstrom devoured the birds one after another on the spot before having their will of the great path extracted and absorbed into his body.

There was a mighty one from the Zhong tribe who went on to kill the Golden Ravens with Duan Wuji, who then gifted any will of the great path gathered to him, as the mighty one worked with him in the hunt.

Dazzling holy light glittered far away. It was as if Golden Ravens had swooped down. It was the mighty ones of the Raven tribe, as well as the student of Saint Jiuyou.

The mighty ones of the Raven tribe had the blood of the Golden Ravens flowing in their veins. They were impressed at the scene before them deep down. Such was their ancestral land, where the will of the great path was abundant and turned into countless Golden Ravens.

The student of Saint Jiuyou was extremely powerful. Black lotuses surrounded him, and black fires sprouted from the flowers, burning down the birds and absorbing the manifested will of the great path into the flowers themselves.

He quickly ended up killing quite a number of Golden Ravens. His Life Spirit blossomed, and a pure black lotus appeared. He stepped onto the flower, which subsequently enveloped his entire body. The taken will of the great path gushed within and was absorbed by the black lotus.

After that, the student of Saint Chiming, Xi Chan of the Xi clan, Chang Huai of the Chang clan, and many other mighty ones arrived. All of them charged into the battlefield with the nine tribes without hesitation, hunting down countless Golden Ravens and making nourishment out of them.

The mighty ones chosen by the nine tribes were capable of internalizing all of the wills of the great path taken throughout their journeys, and making them their own, thus enabling them to easily kill the Golden Ravens at Saint of True Self level.

The fire powers of everyone present were very powerful. Ye Futian understood why the nine tribes picked only cultivators who were versed in fire powers. It was not surprising at all that none of them had any expectations for him.

Cultivators who were lacking in firepower had no way of working on and internalizing the wills of the great path in that place to enhance their powers. That meant that they had no way to participate in the later battles.

Ye Futian found, while he was doing battle, that the other mighty ones continuously took wills of the great path while they were doing battle, enhancing their own powers as quickly as they were able to.

The Deed of Thorough Comprehension was in full effect. Ye Futian’s body was like a furnace of the great path, as well as that of the sun at the same time. His sun Life Spirit was infused directly with his body, enabling him to devour the taken wills of the great path on the spot. He became able to easily make such wills at Saint of True Self level into something of his own.

Boom. A huge Golden Raven dived at them. It had extremely sharp eyes, looking as if it had acquired intelligence. That Golden Raven seemed to have harbored will of the great path at Unblemished Saint level. Everything it touched was quickly burned down.

That huge being charged right at Ye Futian.

The grey-robed elder behind Ye Futian stepped out and pointed his finger at the air. Dazzling golden fire spread throughout their surroundings, before penetrating right through the Golden Raven’s huge body. Fiery holes appeared on that huge body of the bird.

Terrifying golden chains of the great path appeared from within the holes, penetrating through the bird’s body and shackling it in place.

“City Lord Ye,” he called. Ye Futian appeared right away. His finger pointed right before him, and great fires shot out right away, devouring the Golden Raven’s body, along with the will of the great path at Unblemished Saint-level.

The Unblemished Saint aura was extremely powerful. Ye Futian felt extremely hot all over when he absorbed the bird. It was as if he was about to be burned to a crisp. The fires of the furnace were unable to make it into the way of fires that he required.

He had internalized too many Saint of True Self level wills of the great path along the way. However, the will of the great path at Unblemished Saint-level exceeded his capacity to easily internalize the flames, due to plane limitations.

That bit of Renhuang will of the great path seemed to have fused within his body, making the light on his body shine even holier. He used that will of the great path of Renhuang with the fires of True Self to work on the Flames of the Way of Unblemished Saint level.

Time passed, and Ye Futian plundered countless wills of the great path of Saint of True Self level, as well as many Unblemished Saint ones. He then stopped fighting altogether, walking up to a spot. He trained with his eyes closed, internalizing the flames in silence.

Among the others, there were some who were still fighting and some working on the flames. All of them were doing their best to enhance their fire powers to the greatest extent.

Ye Futian continued doing battle at times and taking wills of the great path while he was working on the taken wills.

The group plundered and trained in a frenzy at the Sun Castle, forgetting about the passage of time altogether.

They had ended up training there for a month before they realized it. The flames on their bodies had long become something terrifying. While the wills of the great path absorbed exceeded their respective planes, they were nonetheless able to internalize the flames due to having worked continuously on them. Despite not being able to enhance their planes right away, the internalized flames were able to be used in combat nonetheless.

Everyone on the battlefield became unnervingly powerful by then. Duan Wuji, the prince of Emperor Dong’s Palace, stood there. Terrifying fiery whirlpools appeared around him. Boundless aquamarine-colored flames coursed about him. He extended his palm and absorbed it. Golden Ravens around him were all absorbed into his body in a frenzy, which was then internalized by the flames within.

The black lotuses of the student of Saint Jiuyou seemed to have turned huge, and his flames burst in full force, burning everything down. Those Golden Ravens were all burned down.

Every single one of them brought extremely formidable power of the flames to bear until none of the massive flock of Golden Ravens was left flying in the sky.

The ray of the sun above the Sun Castle was cast onto everyone’s bodies. The sun seemed to have a true Golden Raven letting out a shrilled cry. Terrifying light was cast down onto the nine mighty ones as if they seemed to have been embedded with mystical connections.

The battlefield was empty, making the participants realize that there was a limit to the birds’ appearance after all. When they became powerful enough to absorb and internalize those Golden Ravens easily, the spirit of the bird disappeared altogether.

Frightening aura was sensed sweeping out from the Sun Castle before them. All of them began to walk towards the construct. The mighty ones of the nine tribes seemed to be walking up in the front like they were on a pilgrimage.

One mighty one from each of the nine tribes walked to the front and came before a being in front of the Sun Castle’s gates. All nine of the mighty ones stood before that being. The mighty ones bowed slightly and then extended their fingers, drawing papercuts on them and let their blood drip.

The blood was shot to the being on the castle, which then flowed on its body. The being then looked up at the sky, and the sun up there shone on it. The nine glittered with extremely dazzling light. It was as if a blood-colored thread had connected them.

The nine mighty ones of the nine tribes then returned to their respective chosen ones. The grey-robed mighty one came to Ye Futian’s side and said, “Do what you’ve seen me do. You’d be connected to the matrix afterward.”

Ye Futian nodded and pricked his finger as well. Blood dripped from his finger, and a ray of light shone onto his body. The being on the castle connected to him, and a blood-colored thread was seen in the air. Ye Futian seemed to have seen an illusion right there and then, as if he was linked together with that being at the castle, flourishing and perishing alongside it.

All chosen ones of the nine tribes did the same as well. The space seemed to have a huge matrix conjured, engulfing them within. The center of the matrix was that sun in the air, shining on everyone below.

“Only one among the nine of you will be able to enter the ancestral land. It is time for you to battle amongst yourselves,” the mighty ones from the nine tribes said to the people at their side.

All nine of the tribes had chosen their own candidates, and the upcoming battle would determine who would earn the right to enter the ancestral land.

The outcome of the battle would also determine which of the nine tribes would be able to have their ancestral lands opened.

“Who would be the first to do battle?” a mighty one of the Zhu clan said. He turned his eyes at Yin Tianjiao, hoping that they had not chosen the wrong candidate that time and that she would have enabled the Zhu clan to open up their ancestral land.

Many turned their eyes to Yin Tianjiao and Duan Wuji. The scene made the mighty one of the Zhu clan lift his brow slightly.

The mighty one from the Zhu clan took one look at the grey-robed mighty one at Ye Futian’s side as if he was signaling something.

“Let’s see you fight first, City Lord Ye,” the grey-robed mighty one said to him telepathically. Ye Futian noticed the eyes of that mighty one from the Zhu clan. He was hoping to avoid having Yin Tianjiao fight first, as it would attract too much attention.

Ye Futian nodded and stepped out without saying much.

Another figure walked out from the other side right after he emerged. It was none other than Xi Chan, who was working with the Vermillion Bird tribe.

She glared at Ye Futian. Intense flames coursed about in her eyes. She was scorching hot all over her. She naturally noticed that Ye Futian had a sun Life Spirit as well, which meant that he was capable of wielding flames.

She lost to Xia Qingyuan back in the fight in Jianmu City, losing their Flames of the Way. She took that loss as an insult.

At the moment, the match was essentially one that was fire fighting against fire. She was confident in not losing to Ye Futian.

No words were spoken. The sun hung high up in the air when Xi Chan emerged. Nine suns appeared at the same time above her. Terrifying rays of the sun were fired, containing fires of the great path of destruction.

Boom. Flames burst all over Ye Futian’s body right away. But it was as if he was a furnace of the great path, devouring the scorching beams shot at him.

Xi Chan took one step out. The ground rang, and more suns appeared in the sky, hanging high above and surrounded Ye Futian. All of those suns fired frightening will of the great path of flames unendingly right at Ye Futian.

Fiery aura that was even more raging bloomed, and Ye Futian’s body had turned entirely into a furnace of the great path. The beams of fires shot were continuously consumed by the furnace, preventing them from burning his body.

Xi Chan performed hand seals and multiple suns circling Ye Futian to close in on him in an instant as if they were about to merge into a true sun.

She then unleashed the wills of the great path of flames that she had imbued into the sun. Devastating fiery beams shot from that sun, making Ye Futian, who was being engulfed in it, feel that doomsday was near, and he was about to be devoured by the sun.