The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 Resolve

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The nine powerful cultivators had all refined a great deal of will. This was an external force. With it, they could all exert destructive power far beyond their level.

The power of the sun flare that Xi Chan was putting forth was completely different from that which she had used during her battle with Xia Qingyuan.

The part of the air that Ye Futian was in seemed to be within an actual sun. Beams of destructive flame will shot towards him. His body turned into a furnace tripod, and he was covered in flames. When the beams of flame will reached him, they were swallowed up by the furnace tripod, and so they did not even touch his body.

The sun seemed about to explode. Destructive power filled the air, trying to bury Ye Futian within it.

Ancient characters were floating around Ye Futian as he released the Deed of Thought Comprehension. All of his will melded and turned into flames. His body was the furnace that swallowed up Xi Chan’s sun flare, and she was swallowed up within it. The people outside the battlefield could barely see Ye Futian. All they could see was fire.

The burning storm swept out, but the people surrounding him stood firm. No one there was weak.

The terrible storm gradually dissipated. Xi Chan stared forward. The furnace tripod was still there, and Ye Futian’s body was contained within it. A furious look came over her face. The will that she had sent against him had not only not hurt him, but it had also actually been refined by him.

Everyone else looked at Ye Futian and felt a flicker of nervousness. The terrifying furnace tripod surrounded him and refined the power of heaven and earth and all the law power into power that he could use.

This was an incredibly strong technique.

No wonder he had been able to come here. It seemed that his cultivation techniques could be used with flames. The ability to refine things out of flames was also very powerful.

A look of surprise came over the faces of the Wu clan cultivators. It seemed that the Zhu clan might have been underestimating him when they had chosen them.

Even among the flames, he was still strong.

Xi Chan transformed into the Divine Body of Nine Suns, becoming like a sun goddess as she was bathed in divine fire. She shot towards Ye Futian. Her spells could not shake him, so she had to attack him directly.

She gathered her power as she rushed towards him. He reached out, and countless sun fists cut through the air like huge fireballs. They slammed into Ye Futian, containing immense destructive and explosive power.

Boom! The sun furnace on Ye Futian’s body shook endlessly. A huge sword appeared before him, formed from Kasyapa, and forged from the fire of the Great Path. It was a Flame Saint Sword.


There was a loud sound as Ye Futian rose into the air and lashed out with the sword. It cut through the sun fists. This sword of the Great Path was immeasurably brilliant. It cut down from the sky, slicing through the air towards Xi Chan.

Xi Chan raised her arms. The nine suns protected her as her hands rushed up to collide with the sword.

The sword cut down wildly through the fist wills, piercing towards Xi Chan’s arms. Terrible flames suddenly swept out, completely enveloping her and seeming to refine her.

She gave a groan. She felt as if her body was being eroded away by the flames. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. She retreated, but Ye Futian did not let up. His sword continued forward, with flames spitting out of it. Xi Chan went pale. Her tender body fell to the ground, blood flowing continuously from her mouth.

Ye Futian flashed down to the ground in front of her. Xi Chan looked at him and said, “I am defeated.”

But Ye Futian ignored her, and the flames of the Great Path flew overhead. Xi Chan looked at him coldly.

But seeing the resolve in Ye Futian’s eyes, she finally sighed and gave up the Flames of the Way, letting Ye Futian take control of them.

Soon, the divine fire around Xi Chan dissipated, and all was calm once again.

“And?” Ye Futian was not planning on giving up.

“You…” There was a furious look on Xi Chan’s face. She glared at Ye Futian, but Ye Futian ignored her.

When he had obtained Renhuang’s Flames of the Way in Jianmu City, Xi Chan had not been polite to him and had directly attacked him.

If she would not pay attention to the rules and only care about strength, then he would naturally not be polite to her either.

Seeing the cold look that Ye Futian was giving her, Xi Chan’s face grew as icy as frost. But she finally gave him the rest of her Flames of the Way. Ye Futian took them. Only then did Ye Futian let her go.

After Xi Chan was defeated, the sunlight that had fallen upon her went dim. Even the cultivators on the castle walls connected to her were weakened. They would never be as powerful as before. It all looked incredibly magical.

It seemed like when the whole matrix was only missing a single piece, it dimmed until there was no light left.

And Ye Futian’s light shone brighter. The figures on the castle walls that were connected to the Wu clan could breathe a little more.

The nine families of the Vermilion Bird Clan had already withdrawn from this clan dispute.

Xi Chan returned with an apologetic look on her face. The Vermilion Bird tribes did not say much. They just sighed inwardly. Even the descendant of the Xi clan from the Ancient Tree in Jianmu City was not strong enough.

Ye Futian returned to his original position and sat cross-legged, continuing to refine the will that he had seized.

However, refining this will would take time. Even though the Flames of the Way that he had refined for his use were quite strong, he couldn’t mold other wills into them whenever he wanted.

The cultivators of the Zhu clan looked at Ye Futian. He was stronger than they had even imagined. Later, they might be able to use him to deal with Duan Wuji and Saint Jiuyou’s disciples. They were sharp enough to see that these people would be difficult to entangle.

At that moment, Duan Wuji stepped forward and walked to the center of the crowd. Everyone shared a single thought: this Prince was a son of Renhuang in the Crimson Dragon Realm. He dominated the eastern part of the realm, and his Flames of the Way were extremely strong. People called them God-Eating Fire.

As he stepped forward, his gaze fell upon a cultivator of Flaming Prison City, who was allied with the Beili Tribe. The cultivator frowned slightly. He did not want to oppose Duan Wuji, but it seemed to be too late to avoid it. His every step shook the very air.

Burning will swept out, and hellfire blazed. A powerful flaming god of war appeared behind the cultivator from Flaming Prison City, and his body merged with it. He grew larger, turning into a flaming war Saint.

Duan Wuji looked at the tall figure, but his expression was unchanged. The dark green flames around him blazed and flowed, seeming to form a devouring storm. It swallowed up all the flame in the area around them and integrated them into itself.

Bang! The burning god of war stepped forward, and a terrible aura swept out. Duan Wuji stood firmly and rose into the air. He stretched out his hands, and suddenly, the dark green flames formed a terrible storm that grew larger and larger.

In a flash, a dark green vortex appeared in the air above Duan Wuji’s head. In addition, the aura that was swallowing up all the flames in the area grew larger.

The terrible vortex shot towards the god of war and covered him. The cultivator from Flaming Prison City lashed out with a fist, and suddenly, it seemed as if lava and flames were shooting out from him. Firelight shone all around, threatening to melt the vortex before him.

But the vortex swallowed up the lava as well. Endless green light shone from it, falling upon the fiery god of war’s body and slowly eating up the flames upon him. It was turning him dark green as well, making it look like demonic fire.

The cultivator from Flaming Prison City felt that even his soul would be devoured and integrated into that terrible fire. His face grew dark. Did he have no power to resist?

His opponent’s Flames of the Way were crushing his own.

The flames raged wildly, and the fiery god of war’s body began to shrivel. Soon, his figure exploded, the Flames of the Way were all devoured, and the terrifying vortex returned the air above Duan Wuji, after which it wrapped around him and poured into him little by little.

“Give up,” said Duan Wuji. Then he stepped back, just like Ye Futian had. This battle was a contest of flames. It would show who could refine and use flames for their attacks the best.

When facing the cultivator from Flaming Prison City, Duan Wuji had shown complete mastery.

A disciple of Saint Jiuyou stepped forward and challenged a cultivator from Crimson Cloud City, which was allied with the Shang Tribe. There was another battle, and the cultivator from Crimson Cloud City, though he was a descendant of Renhuang, was defeated by Saint Jiuyou’s disciple.

This disciple of Saint Jiuyou was skilled with Black Lotus Karma Fire and had immense destructive power. He could burn away someone’s very soul. All of the Fire of the Way that he seized, he refined into Black Lotus Karma Fire, giving it incredible destructive power that he used to defeat his opponent.

After three battles, there were only three people who had not fought yet. Yin Tianjiao took the initiative to step forward and challenge a disciple of Saint Chiming. Both of them were extremely strong and clashed many times.

But in the end, Yin Tianjiao was able to withstand one more attack, and he defeated the disciple of Saint Chiming.

Sunlight flooded the walls of Sun Castle. The cultivators of four great tribes shone with dark fire. The opportunity to reclaim their ancestral lands had once again passed them by.

Of the nine great cultivators, eight had fought. Only Chang Huai had not yet fought. He frowned and glanced at the four cultivators.

Duan Wuji, Yin Tianjiao, the disciple of Saint Jiuyou, and Ye Futian.

There was no clear choice. He was not assured of victory against any of them.

In fact, he was likely to be defeated.

But he could not avoid going out to fight. His gaze fell upon Ye Futian, who was sitting cross-legged and was busy refining his Flames of the Way. “There was a misunderstanding at Jianmu City,” said Chang Huai. “I never would have thought that you were so skilled with flames, Lord Ye. I ask that you show me what you can do.”

Ye Futian, who had just been cultivating, opened his eyes and glanced at Chang Huai. A loud sound rang out, and his body transformed into an enormous furnace. It rang out as he stood, and his body disappeared. The furnace blazed as brightly as the sun, and he appeared right in front of Chang Huai. He raised his fist to strike, and a powerful wave of Qi swept out, slamming violently into Chang Huai’s body.

A look of shock came over Chang Huai’s face as a burst of powerful spatial will locked his body in place, making it feel as though it was impossible to move. Even though his flame spells were powerful, he could not avoid being affected by other powers.

Chang Huai could only hastily raise his hand to attack. Raging flames burned the sky!