The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 Vigilance

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There seemed to be a massive matrix atop Sun Castle.

At this point, the sun’s fire was not divided into nine rays, but instead, all of it was falling upon Ye Futian and helping him refine the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

Flames burned beneath the brilliant matrix that was formed from the light of the sun. Everyone around them stepped back due to their terrible power and would not dare to draw any nearer.

The cultivators of the nine great tribes and the eight other people that they had invited with them were all staring at Ye Futian and the gate.

The cultivators from the Wu clan were watching closely, especially Wu Yong; his heart was pounding fast.

Wu Yong may have invited Ye Futian twice. But in reality, he would have never thought that the Lord of Qianye City could refine the Flames of the Way and defeat all his opponents, especially Yin Tianjiao, the daughter of Emperor Wu, and Duan Wuji.

But now he had succeeded. He naturally hoped that Ye Futian would go even further and open up the gate to the Ancestral Lands, letting them set foot there.

Over the years, any tribe that managed to enter the Ancestral Lands became much stronger, and their power would increase by leaps and bounds.

They naturally did not want to miss their chance.

The reason that the Wu tribe had attached themselves to the Zhu tribe was both tribes’ power was gradually increasing. When facing external threats, the nine tribes acted as one, but they would also struggle and compete against each other.

Each of the nine tribes was ambitious. They each wanted to unify the nine tribes and become their leader.

However, without entering the Renhuang plane, it would be challenging to make the other eight tribes listen to orders and obey them.

But even if they could not unify the nine tribes, they would still increase their power by entering the Ancestral Lands. Wu Yong would no longer need to look at that Zhu tribe cultivator’s face, nor listen to his orders.

As he thought of this, Wu Yong watched closely. He hoped Ye Futian could do it.

Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao were watching Ye Futian as well. They had all heard of the ruins of Emperor Kua. It was said that every time they were opened, people would go there to undergo trials. Part of the reason was so that they could become stronger. For people who refined Flames of the Way, the path of refining did not allow you to advance to the next level directly; they must first deepen their understanding of flames.

But more importantly, it was rumored that Emperor Kua had left something behind in the ruins. Those who went to the Ancestral Lands would have a chance to find and inherit it.

Of course, very few people had been able to go there in the past. No one had ever heard of anyone finding whatever it was that Emperor Kua had left behind.

Thus, people still came here.

But none of them expected that they would not be able to pass through the gate, as Ye Futian overtook them.

Now they could only be observers.

Both Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao thought that given Ye Futian’s talent, he had a chance of opening the gate. After all, they thought of themselves as quite outstanding, and Ye Futian had beaten them using flames, so they naturally had to admit the extent of his power.

At that moment, there was a divine matrix formed of sunlight in front of Sun Castle. The sunlight helped Ye Futian refine the flames, and his aura began to rise wildly, becoming extremely strong. It seemed to be helping him reach the peak of the Divine Path and refine all the flames that he had seized from his opponents.

It was not only the matrix that was helping him; the figure that had entered into his body previously had turned into a brilliant Flame of the Way and was assisting him as well.

At that moment, Ye Futian had reached the extreme limits of his power. He could even fight with someone at the Nirvana level.

Of course, most of it was power that came from outside him, and it was just there to help him open the gate.

The sun’s flames shot towards the gate to the Ancestral Lands and covered it.

However, the gate did not budge. It stood there firmly, and the flames of the Great Path could not melt it.

Ye Futian wildly refined the will within him. He could even feel that the figure that had entered him was at the Nirvana level and was refining fire as well.

At that moment, he felt that he was at the absolute center of all the fire of the Great Path in the area. He was drawing in all the power of heaven and earth to try and melt the gate.

But he was still unable to do it.

Time passed slowly, and Ye Futian still sat in the center of the matrix, bathed in the sun’s divine fire. He did not stop for a moment.

No one tried to hurry him up. The cultivators of the nine tribes stood there watching. All of them were at the Saint level and thus were very patient. At this point, there was no need to be hasty.

The cultivators who had been defeated in battle did not leave either. They stood there watching as well.

Several days passed in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

However, nothing changed. The flames within Ye Futian’s body became stronger, but the gate was not affected in the slightest. It seemed to be an eternal gate that would never open.

Ye Futian’s eyes were shut tight. He was thinking about what the problem could be.

He had taken all the flames from the matrix. If that were enough to open the gate, it would have done so by now.

But the gate had not opened. So, where was the problem coming from?

“Emperor Kua’s Flames of the Way.” When Ye Futian thought of this, lines of fire entered the furnace that his body had formed and into his will.

In his mind, a fiery god of war stood between heaven and earth, devouring all the flames.

Ye Futian’s will moved, drawing upon the power of the matrix, and began to refine Emperor Kua’s Flames of the Way.

Time continued to pass. When one reached the Saint level, cultivation could take a long time.

Ye Futian refined for ten days without realizing it.

Some of the people there thought about leaving, but stayed anyway, sitting there cross-legged as they cultivated.

The cultivators of the nine tribes were used to this. They were aware of what the gate to the Ancestral Land was like. It was not easy to open.

Even within the nine tribes, no one could open it. That was why they came here all the time and relied on the power of outsiders to open it. That showed how difficult it was.

Ye Futian’s perception of the will was getting stronger and stronger. He had already refined quite a bit. In his perception, he seemed to have transformed into a fiery god of war. A figure was coalescing in the furnace of the Great Path and was gradually growing larger.

This figure looked like Ye Futian, but it was just an illusion formed of the fire of the Great Path.

Its body grew bigger and bigger and swallowed up all the fire in the area. Up in the sky, the sunlight grew stronger and changed even more than it had before. It seemed as if the sun’s fire would flow along the bridge of heaven and earth to the fiery god of war.

Time passed, and the flames burned in the sky. Above the figure that had been formed from will, the firelight reached the sky and merged into the world itself.

A powerful burst of will shot through the world. Gradually, Ye Futian became able to perceive the whole ruins.

After some time, everything in his perception changed. He seemed to see an incomparably immense figure.

It was just like when he had just come to the ruins, but it had become much clearer.

There was a huge face in the sky, and the brilliant sun seemed to be its eye.

The crimson clouds were its hair.

And the vast ruins seemed to be its body, and the fiery magma was its blood.

It seemed as if these ruins had been integrated into a god, or rather, these ruins were, in fact, a god.

“Is that Emperor Kua?”

Ye Futian wondered this. Heaven and earth seemed to change colors as the whole ruins were dyed red. The sun matrix’s power reached its limits, and the figure of the god of war that was formed from flames seemed like it would swallow up the whole sun. There was endless fire everywhere, and it all turned into nourishment for the figure.

Rays of divine light shot towards the gate and finally slammed against it with loud bangs. The gate gradually began to change. It looked like it was melting.

The entire gate gradually became transparent.

“It’s opened.”

The Wu tribe cultivators’ eyes were bright.

Ye Futian had done it. He had opened the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

Wu Yong clenched his fists. Although he was an Unblemished Saint, he was still obviously very excited by this.

He had not expected this stroke of luck that he had invited someone able to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands.

He looked up into the crimson sky and felt his heart pounding.

The Wu tribe would finally have a chance to enter the Ancestral Lands.

“Lord Ye, the gate to the Ancestral Lands is open. Please let us, the members of the Wu clan, enter. You may enter as well, but do not let anyone else,” Wu Yong said to Ye Futian.

“Very well,” answered Ye Futian. Wu Yong looked around at everyone else and saw a powerful figure standing next to him. It was the elder of the Wu tribe. He looked at the other tribes and said, “This time, it is the Wu tribe who will enter the Ancestral Lands.”

On saying this, the whole tribe started forward.

The other eight tribes did not move. This was the agreement that the nine tribes had had for many years, and they would continue to follow it.

Moreover, right now, Ye Futian was controlling the gate to the Ancestral Lands with help from the matrix. At this point, it could be said that Ye Futian was at the extreme limit of his power, and could even kill someone who had reached Nirvana.

He was the one whom the Wu tribe had invited, and thus the Wu tribe had earned the right to enter the Ancestral Lands.

“Open.” Ye Futian opened his eyes, and terrifying light flashed in them. A fiery hole appeared in the gate to the Ancestral Lands. The Wu tribe walked forward entered within it.

Once they had all entered, Ye Futian flashed over there and transformed into a beam of fiery light that shot inside.

In the next moment, the matrix at Sun Castle disappeared. Everything returned to the way it was before. The gate to the Ancestral Lands solidified once again. It was closed.

Everything was calm once again. The Zhu tribe cultivator had an icy look on his face. “B*stard,” spat the burly figure.

The Wu tribe had betrayed them.

If the Wu tribe had obeyed their orders, then the one to open the gate to the Ancestral Lands would have been Yin Tianjiao.

“Should we leave, or should we wait?” asked Duan Wuji. His voice was calm. There was no joy or sorrow in it. It was if this was all perfectly ordinary.

“We will stay here. You can all leave if you want to,” said the Zhong tribe cultivator.

“Is it alright if we stay and cultivate here for a while?” asked Yin Tianjiao.

The Zhu tribe cultivator nodded. “Of course.” Duan Wuji looked at Yin Tianjiao, then smile. He had had no intention of leaving, so he stayed as well.

The gate to the Ancestral Lands had opened. None of them knew what would happen there.

After Ye Futian and the others entered, they looked forward and saw a stairway off in the distance that went up into the sky. The end of the staircase seemed to be the place where the sun rested, the highest point of Sun Castle.

The Wu clan cultivators waited for Ye Futian up ahead. The elder watched Ye Futian walking over. Many thoughts were racing through his mind.

At this point, Ye Futian no longer had the blessing of the matrix. But an incredible aura still flowed over him.

What had he just gained?

After opening the gate to the Ancestral Lands, would he be the only one who had the chance to get whatever it was the Emperor Kua had left behind?

Ye Futian felt the elder’s eyes on him but kept his own eyes forward. He looked extremely calm, but he felt a keen sense of determination.

This whole scene made his heart tremble slightly and gave rise to a sense of vigilance within him.

This elder of the Wu clan had never spoken to him. Could it be that he had some ideas of his own?

For him to pull down the bridge after crossing the river would be nothing new!!