The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249 Expressing Attitudes

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Ye Futian looked up to the warrior of Zhu Clan and said, laughing, “Since I was the one who opened the door of the Ancestral Lands and came inside with warriors of Wu Clan, of course, I am related to the disappearance of Ancestral Lands no matter what reason.

“It’s just I still have no idea how I got related. I received teachings from Emperor Kua and passed it to Senior Wu Yong. I did what I was supposed to do, and what you saw is all that happened.”

There was no way he could tell that his Life Spirit had devoured the Sun.

Otherwise, the crisis he was facing would be not only from the Nine Clans.

Until now, he still had no idea what the dazzling fire spirit orb in the sun was.

But at least he was sure that it was the base of Emperor Kua’s relics, which had devoured the whole Ancestral Lands.

It was probably the treasure used by Emperor Kua for cultivation during his time, which was beyond the Saint level. If such a treasure were exposed, many people in Crimson Dragon’s Realm would covet it.

“What Lord Ye said is true. I received Emperor Kua’s heritage through Lord Ye and entered the Nirvana Plane thanks to it,” said Wu Yong, standing beside Ye Futian.

“Then how do you explain the death of the Head of Wu Clan? Your excuse was not convincing at all,” said a burly middle-aged man of Zhu Clan, his eyes blazing with anger. Ye Futian was invited by Wu Yong to join the Wu Clan, but then Wu Clan betrayed them; they hadn’t settled it with them yet.

But now, Wu Yong and the people of Wu Clan all seemed to be on Ye Futian’s side.

The thing was too coincidental.

What was truth hidden behind it?

How did the Head of Wu Clan die?

Wu Yong stared at him. His pupils turned red, and the horrifying Will directly swept out of his eyes and rushed into that Zhu Clan warrior’s mind. The warrior was of Unblemished Plane and suddenly turned pale when the shock came. He let out a low groan and took a step back.

“You want to know?” said Wu Yong coldly. “After Lord Ye helped us enter the site, the Head wanted to take Emperor Kua’s heritage as his own and kill Lord Ye but got devoured and died. Do you like the answer?”

The place suddenly went quiet after Wu Yong said the words. He didn’t elaborate on the process, but top figures of all clans could roughly figure out what had happened.

Especially the ones who had entered the Ancestral Lands understood what he meant, since they had similar thoughts, too.

It was just that Ye Futian looked like a tough guy. He killed a Nirvana Saint using the Renhuang Will.

“Your Head died because of him, but you don’t seem to care at all,” that warrior of Zhu Clan, who had stepped back, said coldly.

“Everyone needs to be responsible for their own choice; so does our Head. I invited Lord Ye to join the Wu Clan. After the Ancestral Land was opened, the thought of killing came to the Head’s mind. I will not judge who is right or wrong here, but I think you have your answer,” said Wu Yong calmly. “As for the Wu Clan, from now on, I, Wu Yong, will serve as the Head.”

“Very good,” the Head of Zhu Clan walked up and said. The life force from his body was almost intimidating. It exerted huge pressure over everyone.

He looked toward Wu Yong and said, “I will leave the death of the ex-head of Zhu Clan. The Ancestral Lands have been the common heritage of we Nine Clans for many years, but now it just disappeared. Wu Yong, shouldn’t you give us an explanation?”

“I have no idea why the Ancestral Lands disappeared, but if Lord Ye indeed unlocked the secret left by Emperor Kua and became Emperor Kua’s inheritor, shouldn’t the Nine Clans follow the clan doctrine and obey Ye Futian’s order?” said Wu Yong.

The Head of Zhu Clan stared at him fiercely after he asked the question.

There was indeed such a clan doctrine in the Nine Clans.

But how could the Nine Clans let their people submit to Ye Futian and listen to his order?

The Heads of the Nine Clans were all of Nirvana Plane. They were the lords who ruled the west land of Crimson Dragon’s Realm.

If Ye Futian unlocked the secret treasure left by Emperor Kua, should they choose to steal from him or to submit to him?

Such a simple question that everyone should have an answer to.

He didn’t need to overthink it.

“If Lord Ye made it, will the Nine Clans agree to submit? If not, why do you keep asking?” continued Wu Yong, “since the Nine Clans invited all warriors, they are here to help us. Now the site has disappeared, and we should put an end to all this.”

No warriors had expected Wu Yong would defend for Ye Futian like this.

Xia Qingyuan and others had figured out what the whole story was like.

It was simple and banal.

“So you mean, we Nine Clans shouldn’t even ask about the disappearance of the Ancestral Lands? Just let it go?” a warrior of the Chong Clan also said in a slightly hostile tone.

The death of the head of the Wu Clan was Wu Clan’s own business; they could ignore it.

But how could they easily let go of Ancestral Lands left by Emperor Kua?

“What do you want to do?” asked Xia Qingyuan, standing next to Ye Futian in a cold voice.

It sounded like the Nine Clans were reluctant to let Ye Futian go.

“Lord Ye, please stay in Emperor Kua’s City to cooperate with the Nine Clans’ investigation into the thing that happened in Ancestral Lands. If our investigation proves it is not related to you, then we will see you off,” said one person.

Xia Qingyuan released the Cold Will from her body.

Letting Ye Futian stay?

She was certain that Ye Futian had gotten something, and warriors of all clans must have known something about it.

Obviously, they wanted to mug Ye Futian for what he got in the Emperor Kua’s site.

Once they did it, they would wipe him out.

Of course, he couldn’t stay here.

“Go away!” said Xia Qingyuan cold. She released the Cold Will. She said, “We were invited to come to the Ancestral Lands and open the door for you. Is this how you treat us?”

A gust of Will befell after the two words “go away” came out of her mouth. Warriors of Clans thought to themselves that no wonder the Princess of Emperor Xia’s Realm could be so arrogant.

But even though they were not afraid that Nirvana-Plane warriors of Emperor Xia’s Realm would come, they didn’t dare to touch Xia Qingyuan.

If they touched the daughter of Renhuang and Emperor Xia came for revenge, that would be beyond Emperor Crimson Dragon’s governance.

Ye Futian also looked cold; he had already expected the way all these clans behaved.

From their point of view, of course, they wanted to take Emperor Kua’s treasure as their own. It was because they couldn’t take it that they invited them.

The atmosphere became quite depressing. Shen Tianzhan appeared in front of Ye Futian; he stood with Wu Yong. Both of them were of Nirvana Plane.

However, compared with the other eight clans, their power seemed not worth mentioning.

“Lord Ye, you are placing us in a difficult situation,” said the warrior of Zhu Clan slowly.

“Is this your way of treating guests?”

At that moment, a voice came. Many people followed the voice and expressed surprise when they saw the speaker.

The one who asked the question was the Prince of Emperor Dong’s Palace, Duan Wuji.

The people of the clans didn’t expect he would say something. A warrior of Chong Clan said to Duan Wuji, “Your Highness, the issue is about the Ancestral Lands of our Nine Clans. We must be cautious about this thing.”

The Chong Clan used to collaborate with the Emperor Dong’s Palace. This time they didn’t want to offend Duan Wuji.

Since Duan Wuji’s power was not in other realms, he was the Renhuang power, which ruled the East Land in Crimson Dragon’s Realm.

Duan Wuji flashed a smile and said, “We were invited to unlock the secret of Emperor Kua’s relic, but today, it seems that even if one of us succeeds, you will still not let him go. It doesn’t sound like cooperation. If I were the one who had made it, perhaps I would be the one who had to face the situation today.”

The person of Chong Clan didn’t know how to reply after listening to Duan Wuji’s words. If Duan Wuji had been the person who opened the secret of the Ancestral Lands, would they force him to stay?

“Everybody, just let that be the end,” Duan Wuji said calmly. Even Ye Futian took a glance at him in surprise; he didn’t expect that Duan Wuji would speak for him.

During the Battle of Ancestral Lands, Duan Wuji was defeated by Ye Futian and got burned by his Flame of the Way.

“Your Highness, this thing is related to the future of our Nine Clans,” said the warrior of the Chong Clan. Obviously, he still didn’t want to let it go even though Duan Wuji had expressed his attitude.

“As far as I know, if there were no external assistance, the Nine Clans would not be able to step inside the Ancestral Lands,” said Duan Wuji. “If the Nine Clans were indeed so altruistic, how about you work together and share Emperor Kua’s heritage with all of us.”

“Your Highness, this thing is not Emperor Dong’s Palace’s business,” said the Head of Zhu Clan.

“Since I am on the trip, of course, I am involved in this,” said Duan Wuji.

“He is right. Since we were invited to the Ancestral Lands, we are related. Let’s leave the issue aside in case the prestige of the Nine Clans is affected,” another voice said. People of clans all frowned; the speaker was another Renhuang descendant.

Emperor Wu’s Princess, Yin Tianjiao.

The two were Ye Futian’s strongest competitors but were all defeated by him.

Now they both spoke for Ye Futian.

Was it out of respect between heroes?

People of clans began to look uneasy. People from Emperor Xia’s Realm, warriors of Thousand Leaves City, Wu Yong, and others from Wu Clan, besides the powers of two Renhuang Realms, such a team was awesome enough.

Xia Qingyuan saw Yin Tianjiao talk and took a look at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had a strange expression on his face, too.

Obviously, the thing was also out of his expectations. Yin Tianjiao showed no mercy to him in Ancestral Lands.

Who could expect today both warriors could speak for him!