The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 The Message

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The atmosphere in this space felt kind of weird. Suddenly, everyone fell silent.

The people who were present today were from everywhere in the world. The Nine Clans and the warriors, who were invited by them, all had different thoughts.

Even the Nine Clans were not completely united; for example, Wu Yong was on Ye Futian’s side.

“You are right. Since Lord Ye was invited to the Ancestral Lands, we should respect what happened in the Ancestral Lands. If we have to investigate, Lord Ye obtained the secret of Emperor Kua, so is everyone willing to let him lead the Nine Clans?”

At that moment, another voice came. This time, even the warrior of the Zhu Clan couldn’t help but squint his eyes and see the one who was talking.

The speaker was the head of one of the Nine Clans, the Beili Clan.

He didn’t agree to look into the case, either. Inside the Nine Clans, two clans had shown their agreement.

Ye Futian just stood there quietly and witnessed the scene. He saw each one show their attitude and thought that, since all these big figures had their own thoughts, and competition within the Nine Clans was severe, it was likely that the Zhu Clan and the Chong Clan wanted to prosecute him because they wanted to get the secret from him. Other clans also had their own thoughts.

They might not be united as one.

In terms of power, the Beili Clan was just average among the Nine Clans.

However, the current situation seemed like even though the other seven clans wanted to prosecute him, they would not be able to do it.

The Head of the Zhurong Clan with vigorous life force took a glance at the crowd, a glance at warriors of the Wu Clan and Beili Clan, and then a glance at Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao. He let out a laugh, then started talking, “Since you said so, I will not insist on it, but it doesn’t mean I will put it to an end. Some things have to be figured out.”

After saying that, he turned around and said, gesturing to his people, “Let’s go.”

Warriors of the Zhu Clan followed him and left. Seeing them leaving, warriors of other clans no longer insisted and gradually all returned to their respective clans.

Many people of Crimson Dragon Realm gathered and watched the scene from a distance.

Although the incidence had temporarily ended, Ye Futian probably obtained a lot from the relics of Emperor Kua.

However, it would be far from putting an end to it.

Today, although Duan Wuji of Emperor Dong’s Palace and Princess Yin Tianjiao of Emperor Wu had expressed their attitudes, it might simply have been because they didn’t agree with the Nine Clans today. They would not stay with Ye Futian forever so that Ye Futian couldn’t be secure all the time.

If later anything happened, Emperor Dong’s Palace and Emperor Wu’s Realm would not intervene.

Ye Futian watched the people of clans leaving. His eyes were frozen straight ahead. He looked into the distance, absorbed in thought.

“What happened?” asked Xia Qingyuan.

“Nothing,” said Ye Futian, who soon distracted himself from the thought. He cupped his hands as a salute, and said to Duan Wuji and Yin Tianjiao, smiling, “I should thank you both for your support.”

“I don’t like their attitude. Don’t need to take them seriously,” said Duan Wuji with a lazy smile. “I still want to test your real strength if there is an opportunity.”

They only used the Will of flame and Forging to fight when they were in the Ancestral Lands, which could not reflect their real strengths.

Although Emperor Dong’s Palace was good at the God-devouring Fire, the Art of Flame was only one of their cultivation methods.

He was aware of it; so was Ye Futian. Nobody had expected Ye Futian would win, because they had no idea of Ye Futian’s real strength, not to mention his attainment of Flame Art.

Now his attainment of Flame Art had been proved to be strong; his ability in other areas shouldn’t be weak, either.

If there were a chance, he would want to test how strong the Thousand Leaves City Lord’s real strength was.

“Good,” said Ye Futian, nodding with a smile.

Duan Wuji left with his people. Yin Tianjiao took a glance at him and turned around without saying anything.

Ye Futian didn’t keep it in mind, but Xia Qingyuan had a strange look on her face and looked at Ye Futian with her beautiful eyes.

“Why are you looking at me?” asked Ye Futian. He felt something weird; why did she look at him like that?

“Nothing,” said Xia Qingyuan. She turned her eyes away. “Let’s leave as soon as possible.”

After all, the West Land belonged to the Nine Clans.

Ye Futian nodded and looked toward Wu Yong, asking, “Sir, will the Zhu Clan bring trouble to you?”

The Wu Clan used to depend on the Zhu Clan indirectly, but now they had turned on them. Maybe the Zhu Clan would seek revenge.

The possibility was not low.

Wu Yong slightly frowned; obviously, he had such worry, too.

Ye Futian looked toward the people surrounding him and said, “I was invited by the current Head of Wu Clan, Wu Yong, to enter Emperor Kua’s relics and obtain his heritage. During this trip, I received a lot of care from Sir Wu Yong. If one day, the Wu Clan is attacked by any other clans because of this, I, Ye Futian, will regard it as the Nine Clan’s injustice and make Emperor Kua’s heritage open to the world.”

His words stirred people; how dare this guy threaten the Nine Clans?

Emperor Kua’s heritage was stored in the Ancestral Lands and could only be obtained after entering the Ancestral Lands. There were several clans among the Nine Clans who hadn’t obtained it yet.

However, Ye Futian now declared he might reveal the heritage to the world, which the Nine Clans would definitely not allow.

“Of course, if the Nine Clans don’t do so, I will carefully guard the heritage and return it to the Nine Clans and leak it to no one,” continued Ye Futian.

The warriors of the Beili Clan looked toward Ye Futian. The Head of the Beili Clan said, “The Nine Clans are supposed to be united as one. The Beili Clan will not sit by and watch as inner conflict happens.”

“After hearing what you said, I feel much relieved. Thank you very much for your help this time. If the cultivators of the Beili Clan can spare time, please come visit the Thousand Leaves City,” said Ye Futian. “Currently, I have only passed the heritage to the Wu Clan, but if the Nine Clans can be united as one and won’t separate, I welcome all cultivators follow the Wu Clan cultivators and come discuss the cultivation of Fire Art with me.”

Obviously, Ye Futian was indicating that he was eager to return the favor since the Beili Clan had helped him.

Ye Futian was not a selfish person; besides, Emperor Kua’s heritage was supposed to belong to the Nine Clans. He would have no complaints if he passed it to someone he could trust.

Making friends was better than making enemies.

Of course, if the Head of Beili Clan were like the Head of Wu Clan or the Zhu Clan, things would be different.

“Great. I will come to visit Lord Ye in Thousand Leaves City one day,” said the Head of Beili Clan. He offered help to Ye Futian because of this.

Besides, according to Emperor Kua’s doctrine, Ye Futian had the right to rule over the Nine Clans if he had really obtained everything.

It was just because he was still young, and his Plane was not high enough to convince others that the Nirvana-Plane leaders of the Nine Clans wouldn’t accept his rule.

The Beili Clan was not willing to see his rule, either, but it didn’t mean they didn’t want to tie the bond with him now.

Given the talent Ye Futian had shown on this trip, even though his current Plane was low, in the future, he might become a figure like Emperor Kua. If that day came, he might as well lead the Beili Clan since he had inherited Emperor Kua’s relics.

“I should leave now, Sir,” said Ye Futian with a salute.

“Lord Ye, please take care,” said the Head of Beili Clan. Ye Futian then said farewell to Wu Yong and left with his people.

In the void sky, everyone thought that this guy might have again plundered Emperor Kua’s Ancestral Lands.

Xia Qingyuan took a look at him and sent the message, “What did you do? How did you make their Ancestral Lands disappear?”

“Nothing, just with luck,” replied Ye Futian. For him, being able to unlock the gate of Ancestral lands meant he was capable of inheriting the Emperor Kua’s Path.

As for what he did after that, he had just depended on his luck, Life Spirit, and the Emperor’s Will.

Otherwise, he would not have devoured the spirit orb in the sun.

Xia Qingyuan gave him a stare. Luck?

Why did no one else have luck as good as his?

Besides, it was not the first time that he got good “luck.”

“Then what did you obtain?” Xia Qingyuan asked bluntly. Perhaps she thought she and Ye Futian were close enough so she could ask like this.

Otherwise, she should have avoided asking about Renhuang’s secret, just like Shen Tianzhan and others did.

Of course, Ye Futian knew it, too. Xia Qingyuan was not interested in occupying what he got.

“I don’t know, either…”

A strange expression suddenly flashed across Ye Futian’s face. In his Life Palace, the World Tree turned a crimson color. A blazing orb was floating in his Life Spirit, and the Life Spirit was devouring its energy bit by bit.

Above the Life Spirit World Tree, Ye Futian’s Sun Spirit was greedily swallowing the life force of the flame and becoming more dazzling.

What pissed Ye Futian off was that he had forged many Wills, including some wisps of Renhuang Wills. Even though they were not his ability, he could use them to fight and threaten opponents of higher Planes.

But now they were all devoured.

The orb in the sun was like an abyss. When it was triggered, the whole relics was devoured, and the sky and earth disappeared. All the Wills Ye Futian had forged were all swallowed by it. Ye Futian’s heart was bleeding.

The energy of this thing was horrifying. No doubt that Imperial Advisor once tried all methods, even including putting Fei Xue to sleep, to suppress the thing in her body, in case she exploded and died.

If the treasure indeed exploded, no one knew how terrifying the outcome would be. According to her Plane, Fei Xue was unable to endure it.

Thinking about Fei Xue, Ye Futian didn’t know where Yan Yuan and others were in Crimson Dragon Realm. They must have reached and been cultivating somewhere.

Imperial Advisor was imprisoned in Dali Imperial Palace. Yan Yuan and Fei Xue must be working hard to level up their skills.

After Ye Futian and others reached Thousand Leaves City, the news began to sweep across the Crimson Dragon Realm and spread to other realms.

Lord Ye Futian of Thousand Leaves City not only inherited Emperor Kua’s Path but also unlocked the Emperor Kua’s ancient secret and let Emperor Kua’s relics directly disappeared.

It was said that the treasure obtained by Ye Futian was probably of Renhuang-level.

The news immediately caused a sensation after being released.

Even the Crimson Dragon Realm and cities around the Crimson Dragon Realm came to know about it!