The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1251

Chapter 1251 The Undercurrent

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Ye Futian had been cultivating in seclusion after returning to Thousand Leaves City.

He knew this thing would bring about a new tumult. Not to mention that the Nine Clans would not just let him go; many top figures in Crimson Dragon Realm must also have wanted to take it as their own.

Nobody knew what he had obtained, and that was why they were more curious about it.

Besides, since receiving the Emperor Kua’s cultivation law before entering the relics, everyone was speculating.

What thing did Emperor Kua leave that was even more precious than his heritage of cultivation path?

The world of cultivators was always cruel. Few people were willing to offer help, but many people were waiting to kick someone when that person was down or benefited from other people’s misery. As long as someone wanted to lay a hand on him, other people would soon join the pillage.

Ye Futian’s thought was not wrong. Now, there were voices outside saying that although Emperor Xia’s Realm supported ye Futian, a Renhuang Realm would not bring a big surge in Crimson Dragon Realm. As long as Xia Qingyuan was safe, Emperor Xia’s Realm wouldn’t take action.

If many people wanted to lay a hand on Ye Futian at the same time, even Emperor Xia wouldn’t do anything.

The people who talked about this must have had evil intentions, but such remarks were also frank. If a lot of top figures besieged ye Futian, would Emperor Xia’s Realm come to challenge the powers of Crimson Dragon Realm?

It was impossible.

Time flew by, and soon, the year 10024 of Divine Prefecture Calendar was near its end.

During this period, many people flowed into Thousand Leaves City from everywhere in the world. The city was more bustling than ever before.

The newcomers’ levels differed; some were strong, and some were weak. As for their reason for coming, everyone knew the answer.

In addition, there was another piece of news related to Thousand Leaves City, which caused an uproar in Crimson Dragon City.

The news even deterred quite a lot of people who wanted to lay a hand on Ye Futian’s treasure and forced them to give up the idea.

The news came from the Regional Palace that a new name would appear in the Regional King Ranking of this year.

And the name belonged to a young person who just came to cultivation in Regional Palace this year.

It was Yu Sheng of Thousand Leaves City.

He had just come to the Regional Palace for a few months and entered the Regional King Ranking.

People of Crimson Dragon Realm, of course, all knew the value of Regional King Ranking.

The Regional Place was the top sacred land for cultivation in Crimson Dragon Realm, and the Regional King Ranking was perceived as the top ranking in Crimson Dragon Realm.

Besides, the candidates were not restricted to be cultivators in the Regional Palace; all cultivators of Crimson Dragon Realm were included.

Every candidate who entered the ranking would attract great attention.

The ranking only listed candidates of Saint Plane. Cultivators of all levels of Saints Plane were welcome and wouldn’t be judged by levels.

The Regional Palace had never clarified the judgment standard of Regional King Palace, which made it look like an unknown amateur ranking.

Even so, whenever a new name appeared on the Regional King Ranking, it would cause an uproar.

Before Yu Sheng, there were 17 names on the Regional King Ranking. Including him, there were only 18 people.

These people covered all four levels of the Saint Plane.

The elder brother of Xing Qiu of the Ancient Imperial City, Xing Kai, who used to compete with Yu Sheng for the right to enter the Regional Palace, was also one on the Regional King Ranking.

Although the Regional Palace had never mentioned what the Regional King Ranking represented, the people of Crimson Dragon Realm all claimed the ones chosen by the Regional King Ranking probably would become future Renhuangs of Crimson Dragon Realm.

This also meant that the 18 warriors on the Regional King Ranking had the potential to enter Renhuang Realm.

One could tell how meaningful it was that Yu Sheng entering Regional King Ranking.

It was much harder than entering the Regional Palace.

And so, those who wanted to lay a hand on Ye Futian must think twice about Yu Sheng’s existence.

Even if they got rid of Ye Futian, who could beat the person who cultivated in the Regional Palace, entered the Regional King Ranking, and might enter the Nirvana Plane in the future?

Nowadays, all the Nirvana Saints on the Regional King Ranking were almost invincible in the Crimson Dragon Realm.

And this cultivator of the Regional Palace was listed in the Regional King Ranking.

Few people could achieve this in Crimson Dragon Realm.

The Emperor Crimson Dragon was the one who stood behind the Regional Palace.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were both extraordinarily talented, and both belonged to Emperor Xia’s Realm.

Thus, many people decided to give up the thought and not get involved, considering these factors.

Even if they participated, they might not get anything and even become Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s enemy, so they’d better choose to become a quiet audience.

One day, a guest came to visit the Lord Residence and requested to meet Ye Futian.

Ye Futian met him, a warrior of Flaming Prison City.

This time, Flaming Prison City also participated in the trip to Emperor Kua Relics. They acquired the Flame of the Way and entered the relics in cooperation with the Beili Clan.

The warrior of the Flame Prison City was clear about all that had happened.

In the guest hall of the Lord Residence, Ye Futian sat in the host’s seat. The warrior of the Flaming Prison City said, “Lord Ye, allow me to be straightforward.”

“Sure. Sir, please speak freely,” said Ye Futian, nodding. He didn’t like talking in circles, either.

“This time, during the trip to Emperor Kua relics, Lord Ye demonstrated extraordinary skills and must have gained a lot of relics. Whether it was the cultivation heritage or other secrets left by Emperor Kua, the things have already attracted the attention of many powers in Crimson Dragon Realm. Now, many powers have gathered in Thousand Leaves City, and top agents have all arrived,” said the warrior of the Flaming Prison City.

Ye Futian listened to him quietly without a reply. The warrior of the Flaming Prison City paused a second, took a look at Ye Futian, and continued, “I would suggest that there is no need for Lord Ye to wait and guard, just as Lord Ye said in the West Land since the Nine Clans will not simply let you go, how about trading Emperor Kua’s heritage and secrets with others? If so, all powers can be satisfied, and Lord Ye will also receive bountiful resources for cultivation.”

His words seemed to have aroused Ye Futian’s interest. Ye Futian had to admit that this warrior of the Flaming Prison City indeed provided a solution which could help his situation. If he did so, he could probably solve the current plight.

Obviously, the warrior specially came here for this.

The warrior continued, “I think Lord Ye has understood what I came here for. Flaming Prison City is willing to take Emperor Kua’s heritage at a high cost. Of course, if Lord Ye thinks Flaming Prison City is not capable of affording your price, in the future, we can be on your side whenever you have any difficulties, including this time.”

Ye Futian took a look at him; this time, the Flaming Prison City was quite sincere.

If he said yes, from now on, he would have one more friend.

On the contrary, if he refused, he would very likely push Flaming Prison City and make it become one of the powers who tried to grab his treasure.

He tapped his finger on the armrest of the throne; it was indeed an interesting deal he wanted to think over.

He would not possibly take out the Flame Orb devoured by his Life Spirit, but Emperor Kua’s Heritage Path seemed tradable. However, it didn’t seem to be a morally correct thing to do.

If he did so, the Nine Clans below the Emperor Kua would definitely abhor him and try to eradicate him with all their effort.

Ye Futian thought for a moment and soon stopped tapping his finger. He said with a smile, “Sir, I deeply appreciate your kindness. It’s just that, although many people of Emperor Kua Clans behaved unfairly, I believe it was not every clan member’s attitude. The Nine Clans will think that since Emperor Kua left the heritage in the Ancestral Lands, he must have left it to his descendants. I accidentally obtained it, but if I sold it to a random person, that would be extremely disrespectful toward Emperor Kua, His Majesty, and the clans.”

“So,” said Ye Futian, smiling, “please try to understand.”

The warrior paused a second when he saw how resolute Ye Futian was in his rejection, but then he put on a smile without saying anything. Given Ye Futian’s personality reflected during the trip to the relics, he guessed Ye Futian should be a man of determination, and since he had declined, there was no point to keep trying to persuade him.

“If so, we should go now. Sorry to bother you, Lord Ye,” said the warrior of Flaming Prison City. Soon he cupped his hand as a courtesy and left.

Ye Futian seemed lost in thought for a moment after they left. He didn’t know if Flaming Prison City would go to the opposite side.

Flaming Prison City was just the beginning. Later, Crimson Cloud City, Yan City, and other top powers, which specialized in Flame, all came to visit as if they had a tacit agreement.

But their goals were all similar to Flaming Prison City’s. They wanted to get what Emperor Kua had left in a mild approach. However, they were all declined by Ye Futian.

Some people acted politely before they left, but some also left with a hostile attitude.

The year was almost over, and news had spread that the Lord Residence rejected many people. Many people wondered what Ye Futian was thinking.

Was he not worried at all?

Even the normal cultivators in Thousand Leaves City had apparently perceived that there were special, powerful cultivators everywhere in Thousand Leaves City.

Finally, the Year 10024 of Divine Prefecture Calendar had come to an end.

In the Lord Residence of Thousand Leaves City, Ye Futian quietly sat in the courtyard and looked up to the sky.

One year had passed, and as his cultivation had leveled up. It seemed that time passed even faster.

Sometimes, he wouldn’t even realize a period of cultivation would take such a long time.

Many things had happened this year and had much influence on him. Dali Imperial Advisor was deprived of power and imprisoned in the Emperor Li’s Palace. Whether Jieyu was alive or dead was unknown, and he didn’t know when he could go find her.

Currently, he had not been able to have a firm standing in Crimson Dragon Realm, and because of the Emperor Kua’s relic, he roused a huge uproar.

But for this, his reaction was quite calm. Maybe he had been used to it.

After experiencing so many storms, now his state of mind was as calm as still water when he faced things.

Time had changed him a lot.

But the only thing that didn’t change was that he was more and more eager for real strength as his ability grew.

The more powerful he became, the more eager he was for cultivating real strength.

At some time, Xia Qingyuan showed up beside Ye Futian and said, “Now the storm and cloud have converged in Thousand Leaves City. Many warriors have actually arrived. Are you ready to deal with them?”

“No,” replied Ye Futian.

“…” Xia Qingyuan looked at him.

Ye Futian turned around and smiled at her, saying, “Those who should come will come. Just send our generals to defend against their soldiers, let our soil soak their blood. They can’t raise a big tide!”