The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1252

Chapter 1252 Gathering

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Somewhere in Crimson Dragon Realm, in a courtyard.

At this moment, someone was cultivating. She wore plain clothes, and the life force that emanated from her body was horrifying.

There was a kind of mysterious energy like a primitive beast roaring from her body, which elicited the endless Law Will dripping down from the sky and earth. The whole space was enveloped by a kind of terrible energy and compressed to the extreme.

An unclear booming sound came from her fragile body as if the strong power was purging her flesh, bones, and blood.

She seemed to be enduring intense fear and looked to be suffering, but she was still holding on.

Suddenly, as if a gust of energy went out of control, the flow of all the Law Will between the sky and earth was disturbed.

“Ptooey…” She spat out blood and ceased cultivating. Her life force was not stable; even though she tried to restrain the energy in her body, it was still too wild to control.

“Fei Xue,” a person and called. So, the cultivating lady was Dali Imperial Advisor’s daughter Fei Xue. This group of people had borrowed way from Emperor Xia’s Palace and had come to Crimson Dragon Realm. They didn’t expose their identity and focused on cultivating here.

But since they escaped from the Dali Empire, would Emperor Li just let it go?

A mysterious power surged from Sir Nan Zhai’s body, which enveloped Fei Xue and retrained the matrix inside her. Only after did the disordered flow gradually calm down.

“Second Brother, don’t worry, I am okay,” said Fei Xue to Sir Nan Zhai. Even though she couldn’t see, the smile on her face was still sweet, and she didn’t forget to wipe off the blood from her mouth.

“Just look how tired you are!” said Sir Nan Zhai. “Fei Xue, your physique is unique, and that thing was in your body. Although it affects you, it also provides you with an extraordinary condition to cultivate. You were born with the body of Law, and since you have entered the Saint Plane, you don’t need to hurry to achieve anything. Just take your time to cultivate, and your cultivation speed will only be faster than others.”

“Yes,” Fei Xue said, smiling, “I will keep it in mind.”

“Every time you talk like this, but why did you hurt yourself again since you said you would keep it in mind?” a harsh voice asked. Fei Xue turned around to face the speaker. Although she couldn’t see the speaker’s face, she lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “Elder Brother.”

Yan Yuan looked at her. Although he looked emotionless, he worried a lot about her, but he still talked to her in a serious way. “Fei Xue, I know you are eager to grow, but cultivation is not a thing you can accomplish in a day; otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain. Besides, currently, you are not able to endure the energy in your body. From now on, I will not allow you to cultivate using it.”

Fei Xue lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

“Elder Brother, don’t be too harsh on her. Fei Xue doesn’t want to do it, either,” said Sir Nan Zhai to Yan Yuan, but he only met Yan Yuan’s sharp eyes.

Suddenly, Sir Nan Zhai turned his head as if he didn’t notice.

He was older than Yan Yuan, but as the master’s disciple, she should call Yan Yuan “Elder Brother.”

“Fei Xue, Master asked me to take care of you. I don’t want to see that when we go to see Master, he will be fine, but you can’t pull through,” said Yan Yuan. He didn’t want to be so harsh, but Fei Xue was the Master’s only daughter.

For them, an Elder Brother was like a brother as well as a father. He was like a real senior brother to them.

But Fei Xue wanted to level up quickly and deploy the power in his body by force, which was totally out of her control. If anything went wrong and the seal was broken, she would be eternally doomed.

“Okay, I see. Sorry, brother,” said Fei Xue softly with her head lowered.

“Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new year. Don’t tire yourself out. Rest.” Yan Yuan didn’t have the heart to keep putting on a serious face.

“Yes,” said Fei Xue, nodding.

“I need to go outside. Nan Zhai, you, and Chunyang, please take care of Fei Xue,” said Yan Yuan. Sir Nan Zhai nodded and said yes.

Yan Yuan turned around and walked away.

Fei Xue has confusion and asked, “Sir, today is the last day of the year, shouldn’t the Elder Brother have dinner with us? What is he going to do?”

“Nothing. Maybe he is going to find resources for cultivation,” said Sir Nan Zhai in a soft voice.

“Okay.” Fei Xue nodded and stopped asking.

Her father and the Brothers were supposed to gather in the Imperial Advisor’s residence and enjoy a simple dinner at the end of each year.

They didn’t know whether there would be such a day in the future.

The year 10025 of Divine Prefecture Calendar finally arrived. It was the first day of the year.

On this day, a large group of warriors paid an unexpected visit to the Lord Residence of Thousand Leaves City and requested to see Ye Futian.

The visitors were warriors of the Wu Clan, one of the Nine Clans in the West land of Crimson Dragon Realm. Wu Yong led the warriors to come here in person.

Seeing Wu Yong suddenly come, Ye Futian knew something must have happened and went in front of them.

“Lord Ye,” Wu Yong saluted, his expression serious.

“What brings you here, Sir?” asked Ye Futian.

“Things went wrong in Wu Clan,” said Wu Yong.

Ye Futian frowned. He had cautioned the Zhu Clan that if they dared to touch the Wu Clan, he would make the Emperor Kua’s heritage open to the world.

Even so, the warriors of the Zhu Clan still dared to lay a hand on them?

Didn’t they care about their Renhuang ancestor’s heritage?

“What happened?” asked Ye Futian.

“Lord Ye, when we entered the Ancestral Lands, there were several elder warriors who were the core figures of the Wu Clan entering with us. But as the saying goes, a man’s heart is incomprehensible. Now some of them have been enticed by the Zhu Clan, probably promised generous rewards. They have betrayed our clan and turned to the Zhu Clan,” said Wu Yong.

Ye Futian’s face turned slightly pale.

The warriors who entered the Ancestral Lands were the absolute core of the Wu Clan, but even among them, some betrayed the clan. This meant warriors of the Zhu Clan or other clans had known what had happened inside the site.

During that time, he got into the sun and devoured the whole Ancestral Lands. The people who witnessed it, of course, knew that there was some unusual thing inside the sun that triggered the vision.

Besides, the thing was even more precious than Emperor Kua’s heritage of Path; otherwise, it wouldn’t be the most difficult to obtain.

All the people of the Nine Clans must desire it since it was indeed the ultimate treasure or chance left by a Renhuang.

And, on such an occasion, it was very likely that the Nine Clans would want to take it back at all costs.

“What did they do to the Wu Clan?” asked Ye Futian.

They said I colluded with Lord Ye and killed the ex-head. They also caused an uproar within the Wu Clan with the ex-head’s followers. The warriors of the Zhu Clan and the Chong Clan came when we were in trouble and tried to control the Wu Clan, swallowing us completely,” said Wu Yong. “So I had to leave the clan with a group of people and came here. I am afraid they will arrive, too.”

Coldness flashed across Ye Futian’s face. He knew that the Zhu Clan would not dare to attack the Wu Clan for fear of his threat.

That was why they tried to disintegrate the Wu Clan in such a way to force the Wu Clan to yield.

“Sir, how about you temporarily stay with me?” said Ye Futian.

Wu Yong looked toward Ye Futian and asked, “Lord Ye, are you sure?”

This time, since all clans had known about the relics, they must try their best to take the thing back.

So the next time, Ye Futian would not only face one clan or one or two Nirvana Saints.

Even though he had the support of Emperor Xia’s Realm, it would be hard for him to deal with so many powers.

“Sir, I remember you said that since I inherited the relics, I should be able to command the Nine Clans, is that true?” asked Ye Futian.

Wu Yong gave him a surprised look. What did Ye Futian mean?

He should know it well. Even though the ancestral doctrine said so, would the Nine Clans really follow it?

“In principle, it should be so,” replied Wu Yong.

“Good,” Ye Futian said, nodding. If so, it was unjust for the Nine Clans to attack him.

“Sir, the Wu Clan’s crisis is only temporary,” said Ye Futian. “One day, it will prosper again.”

Wu Yong was confused, but he still nodded.

The trip to Ancestral Lands made him somewhat understand Ye Futian’s personality. In the beginning, he didn’t compete with others and even gave way to Yin Tian, but when it was his time to fight, he wouldn’t yield to anyone.

He only wanted what was supposed to belong to him.

The ex-head wanted to take the heritage as his own, so Ye Futian directly enticed him to expose his goal and killed him at once.

Ye Futian said so, which meant he had the confidence.

Did it mean there were top figures of Emperor Xia’s Realm staying in Thousand Leaves City right now?

“Let’s go. Take a rest in the residence,” said Ye Futian. The group of people followed him and entered the Lord Residence.

At this moment, outside the Thousand Leaves City, seen from a distance, there was blazing fire force reaching to the sky. A group of warriors was quickly heading toward the Thousand Leaves Cit and stepping across the gate.

Local people looked up to the sky and only felt a gust of scorching life force sweeping between the sky and earth. Above the sky dome, Golden Ravens were crossing the sky. Vermillion birds spread their wings and covered the sun. Sun chariots were loaded with warriors and rushing forward, of which the Will trembled in the sky.

The intimidating army drove into Thousand Leaves City on the first day of a new year. Suddenly, numerous people in Thousand Leaves City were in shock.

“We are here,” they said to each other.

“Emperor Kua’s Clans in the West Land of Crimson Dragon Realm had no leader since the death of Emperor Kua. Emperor Kua’s heritage, craved by many of them, was obtained by Lord Ye. Now their army has arrived; the Lord Residence will be in danger,” someone said.

They watched the fire deity-like warriors teleporting and heading toward the direction of Lord Residence.

These days, the top figures of Crimson Dragon Realm had been focusing on the Nine Clans’ action as well as the Thousand Leaves City.

Now all the clans had reached, the top figures of Crimson Dragon Realm had received the message beforehand and was ready to take action.

In the following hours, people continued to enter Thousand Leaves City.

Suddenly, at the beginning of the year, Thousand Leaves City became a spotlight of the realm where all strong warriors convened.

At this moment, a group of warriors was coming in the void air. The one who led the group was Xiang Nan of Xiang City. This time he also brought warriors of Xiang City.

The last time they were hard to intervene in the rivalry between Emperor Xia’s Realm and Emperor Li’s Realm since it was a battle between two Renhuang Realms.

But this time, they only needed to aim at Ye Futian.