The Legend Of Futian Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254 Explosion Of War

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Ye Futian’s aggressive questioning silenced the vast space around the City Lord’s Office.

For a moment, Zhu Kong had no answer.

There was nothing wrong with what Ye Futian had said. If he wanted to recognize Emperor Kua and the Nine Major Tribes, then he should have fulfilled his last will and testament.

Obviously, this was just a raid; there was no justice in it.

The so-called charges were just made up lies.

“Even the heir of Emperor Kua could only come from the Nine Major Tribes, and how can it have anything to do with an outsider like you?” Chong Lou, the chief of the Chong tribe, said with glaring eyes and stared at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at the other and said, “Chong Lou, Chief of the Chong Tribe, your name came from Chonglou Battle Form, which boasts its legacy from Emperor Kua.”

Chong Lou stared at Ye Futian. Indeed, he had inherited the complete method of Emperor Kua; he even knew of the Chonglou Battle Form.

“If it has nothing to do with outsiders, why would the Nine Tribes invite the winners of the Flames of the Why to enter the Ancestral Lands?” Ye Futian asked, “isn’t it because the Nine Tribes had no one, thus using the power of others to obtain the inheritance for you and then take away from them by insidious means?”

Chong Lou’s pupils contracted slightly and nursed a sense of extreme overbearing will. Between the opening and closing of his pupils, the shadow of a horrible war god of flame appeared in the eyes of Ye Futian, which seemed to intend on crushing him.

Ye Futian’s eyes, likewise, were burning with flames, and the breath bloomed. Although none of them made a move, just one look and breath could give him a sense of extremely powerful oppression.

A man of the Saint Plane from the Nine Major Tribes stepped out with a terrible breath upon him, staring at Ye Futian. Behind Chong Lou, there was also another cultivator stepping forward and bathing in flames.

Ye Futian had claimed that the Nine Major Tribes had no one competent left.

Seeing the man who walked out, Ye Futian cast a glance at him, revealing his contempt.

“Being in the west for many years, it seems that the Nine Major Tribes have forgotten who they were, disobeying the final will and testament of Emperor Kua, lacking in self-awareness,” Ye Futian said indifferently.

“Even without you, our Nine Major Tribes would have gotten the inheritance of Emperor Kua sooner or later. Chong Li of the Chong Clan will now ask where you got your confidence from.” The man saw Ye Futian’s scornful look and walked toward him. He was the premier leader of the younger generation of the Chong Clan, whose combat ability was extremely awesome.

This time when the Ancestral Land was opened, he did not enter. The people within the Nine Major Tribes would re-enter the Ancestral Lands when their cultivation reached a higher level, and the chance of success would be higher then. At the same time, they would continue to invite outsiders, letting them do the bidding of the nine Ancestral Lands.

Ye Futian was not incorrect in saying that the nine Ancestral Lands invited them so that they could use them.

But this time, the flames of the Ancestral Lands was robbed, and the relic of Emperor Kua disappeared.

All Chong Li wanted was to inherit the relic of Emperor Kua. However, before he could even visit the Ancestral Lands, the Ancestral Lands were gone.

The Chong Clan did not stop Chong Li’s confrontation. Chong Li’s talent was top-notch, and he himself was someone who was a likely genius and could open the door of the Ancestral Lands and inherit the relic of Emperor Kua.

The Chong Clan always had high hopes for him.

But now, everything was on Ye Futian.

Chong Li stepped in the void, and the might of Divine Path swept out and pressed against Ye Futian. Every step he took, it was like a flaming war god whose each step landed on top of Ye Futian.

“Who among you will make a move?” Xia Qingyuan said to the people behind her.

Chong Li wanted to fight Ye Futian?

The Nine Major Tribes came here with countless strong cultivators, and yet Chong Lou was just a junior person, so he wanted to fight the City Lord of Qianye City, but was he worthy?

“I’ll go.”

A voice was heard. As the voice trailed off, a sword strike broke the air, like frightful lightning and thunder splitting the void.

In the crowd, there was a figure walking forward. Between heaven and earth, the sword will filled the sky and was whistling forward.

Chong Li’s eyes swept through the sky below, and the horrific flames of the Great Path burned downward, shook the space, and it seemed to be able to kill the other with a single look. But the eyes of the person who stepped out were like swords that tore everything and crushed the swordsmanship piercing him in his eyes.

Boom. The will of war was so horrifying that Chong Li’s body seemed to have turned into a flaming of god of war. With one step, the void roared and trembled, and a large flaming footprint stepped on the void, burning the mountains and boiling the sea.

The sword arrived and pierced directly into the large flaming footprint. Along with a loud sound, it penetrated it and wanted to tear it to pieces.

The surrounding space also seemed on the verge of being torn apart.

Chong Li stepped out again. The Flame of the Way above his body seemed to be even more powerful and aggressive, and his whole person also became more massive. With one more step, the great flaming footprint seemed to overlap with the previous one. Its strength multiplied wildly to destroy the sword will of the other.

The person who stepped out pointed his finger forward, and the Sword Qi was released, turned into a terrible storm. It leveraged the attack of the other and integrated a stronger sword will into the sword and slashed forth.

Chong Li continued forward, and the might of authority became stronger and stronger as his body became more and more powerful. Chonglou Battle Form had thirteen forms and one stronger than the one previously.

Chong Li took seven steps, and seven battle forms were released.

However, his opponent did not back down at all. With the sword will opening the way, from the midst of that flaming footprint, whose power was condensed with the might of massive building, was shining with endless bright sword light, raging violently. At the same time, a giant sword penetrated it bit by bit. Both powers were incredibly overbearing.

Many cultivators of the Chong Clan tribe looked on with a frown. Chong Li, in their clan, was already considered to be an extremely threatening character. Even within the Nine Major Tribes, all the top figures were about equal in strength in this realm. Now the other side had not yet sent out Ye Futian nor Xia Qingyuan, and there was even someone else who could go toe to toe with Chong Li?

At this moment, there was a dazzling sword light. Finally, with a loud noise, everything was destroyed. The flames and sword Qi continued to rage between heaven and earth, causing a destructive storm within the space.

“Who was that?” someone asked. These two people, who were only at the nascent stage of Saint Plane, were very strong.

“Should be a cultivator from Emperor Xia’s Realm,” someone thought.

Ye Futian appeared calm as he watched the battle that was taking place in the void. Chong Li was indeed strong.

As for Chong Li’s opponent, it was none other than the Swordsman who reigned above the 33rd layer of heaven in Lihen Heaven of Emperor Xia’s Realm, Wang Chuan.

The two fought violently, and many cultivators in the midst of the vast space had to release breath to fend off the ripples of the battle between the two.

Zhu Kong and Chong Lou watched the battlefield attentively, but at this moment, yet another cultivator stepped forward and entered the battlefield. It was the genius of the Saint Plane from the Zhu clan, Zhu Nan.

Not only him, but cultivators from all majors tribes successively moved forward toward the battlefield.

These people were all of the Realm of Proving Holiness; it seemed that they wanted to force Ye Futian to make an appearance.

If they could take down Ye Futian, they wouldn’t need the help of the top characters of each tribe; all they would need was to block the top characters of the other side.

Step by step, these cultivators headed directly toward the battlefield where Wang Chuan was. Ye Futian’s brows knitted together, and before he even spoke, there were shadows next to him that went directly to the void.

Knife Saint and Gu Dongliu moved forward first and made a beeline straight for the battlefield.

After that, Ye Wuchen and Xu Chehan also marched toward the battlefield.

In addition, Xuanyuan Clan and the Divine Cloud Valley each sent out a cultivator, corresponding to the number of people sent out by the other side, so that each may go forward to find their own opponents.

In an instant, the Divine Might swept across the battlefield, overwhelming the vast space outside of the City Lord’s Office.

Knife Saint pulled out the demonic blade. He did not regard this as an exhibition of exchanging battle techniques, but the actual battlefield.

Today, the Nine Major Tribes themselves were not here to learn, but to capture and conquer.

For a moment, the demonic might roared into the sky, and the knife will blended into the body of Knife Saint so that his body seemed to be covered with a layer of demonic armor.

The demonic blade puffed out terrible demonic radiance, the turbulent air currents swept through the void. He appeared in front of a cultivator from the Ravine Tribe, the other’s body was brilliant, the light of the Golden Raven bloomed, but when the Knife Saint struck with his blade, the sky seemed to be cut open by a terrible crack from the hill.

His expression changed dramatically, and an immense Golden Raven appeared and dashed out, trying to block the light from the blade. But under the demonic blade, the shadow of the Golden Raven was chopped in two.

The terrible demonic blade struck downward, and with a bang, the fire feathers of the Golden Raven that condensed behind him were cut off, and his whole person was dodging while backing away in a hurry, covered in cold sweat.

“This demonic blade …” Many cultivators stared at the sword in the hand of Knife Said. The Knife Will was far stronger, surpassing the realm of Knife Saint himself, like the blade of all demons. When the blade struck, it was full of violent intention.

Gu Dongliu’s opponent was a cultivator from the Nanli tribe. Floating above his body was a divine light, surrounded by ancient characters, resonated with the Great Path, the atmosphere soared wildly, and when the palm print blasted out, it felt that heaven and earth would explode. It was incredibly violent.

Xung Chehan walked to a cultivator of the Shang tribe. His body floated to the other side, and his breath was not strong. The other saw him coming closer, a sneer flashed in his eyes, and a bright golden flame flowed in his palm.

When Xu Chehan arrived, his palm print blasted out and touched Xu Chehan, palm to palm.

“You are seeking your death.” Seeing Xu Chehan dared to touch his palm, he spoke coldly condescendingly, and his intention to kill was strong.

When the two palms collided, a horrible hot flaming air rushed into Xu Chehan’s arm instantly and even ran all the way into Xu Chehan’s body.

Xu Chehan moaned under his breath. There was a terrible golden Flame of the Way inside his body that could destroy everything. It rushed to all of his internal organs, and his body was blasted backward, blood flowing out of his mouth.

But at the same time, his opponent also made a sound of exclamation, looking at his palm.

His flaming palm turned black, and soon, his arm was the same, the golden flame mixed with the dark. It looked incredibly sinister.

“Poison sorcery.” The same was true of his face. The golden flame melted into the dark air currents.

But even more frightening was that he felt that this poison sorcery seemed to be designed especially for his flames, as it dispersed when met with the fire, invading all the internal organs, limbs, and throughout the body.

It was no picnic for Xu Chehan either. He took out an elixir and fed it into his mouth, then withdrew quickly from the battlefield. He moderated his breath, turning poison into medicine, and a healing light shrouded his body to repair the parts that were damaged.

As far as combat power, he was certainly not as good as the saints selected by the Nine Major Tribes of the Crimson Dragon Realm, but his poison sorcery was unexpected and enough to make the other party suffer.

The situation on the battlefield was obviously not as expected by the major tribes.

They didn’t have any advantages.

And Ye Futian didn’t even make a move!